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Hayneedle Complaints & Reviews

HayNeedle - Nebraska, Omaha / Fraudulent disgusting company!

Darren Lipp9 on 2016-02-12
I purchased two products from Hayneedle back in December. Those item were supposed to be Christmas gifts. I received my order in reasonable time, but I was extremely disappointed with the quality. I went to their website and checked the return policy that stated that returns/exchanges are...

HayNeedle - Nebraska, Omaha / Still have not received reimbursement

Reviewer40144 on 2015-12-01
i bought a toy and cancelled it within 10 minutes of buying . I spoke with customer service who sent the request to the company to cancel. I called back a couple hours later to see if it was cancelled yet as i had not received a call back. The assured me that a request was sent and i would...

Hayneedle.com - Nebraska, Omaha / Live chat agent didn’t help me and no support from them at all

Stanton on 2014-09-14
My mother ordered dining table and chairs from the website www.hayneedle.com. After 4 days I got email from them that my order was cancelled. WTF? I contacted the live chat agent, but he wasn’t interested in my problem. He didn’t offer any solution or anything else. Total scam...

Hayneedle.com / Order canceled

UserNeedle on 2013-03-13
Ordered a coffee table listed as 'in stock' on the website. After a week, and after the charging my CC hayneedle.com canceled the order without explanation. At least they canceled the charge as well. However, this is not how a serious business operates. I won't be shopping from them again.

Hayneedle.com / I wish I would have read this before my purchase from Hayneedle

Dibikes on 2013-01-24
I wish I would have read this before my purchase from Hayneedle. I purchased a desk/loft/bed combo in mid-November. I was contacted about a week later via e-mail that they were canceling my order because they could not fulfill it. I called and confirmed this and purchased this item...

Hayneedle.com / I don't think I will buy from them again

Yarhove on 2013-01-09
Ordered curtain panels and glass pitchers from the site. The curtains did arrive in a timely fashion and shipping was fine. I did encounter some problems with this company and I don't think I will buy from them again. 1. I was never told that the pitchers would took an extra 2 weeks to...

Hayneedle.com / I will never order from this site again

Tiores on 2013-01-04
I ordered an item on 12/18 and was told it would be here before christmas. 12/26 and no item so I sent an email and was informed that it would send out the next day and be here 1/2. Guess what? it's 1/2 and no item but, I did receive an email saying it is delayed and won't be...

Hayneedle.com / This has been an absolutely awful experience

Arione on 2013-01-03
I ordered a product shipped to my father as a Christmas present, delivery date 12/12. When I visit over the holidays I find that the item never arrived! Apparently my order was canceled due to inventory issues and I was never informed. Hayneedle was unable to even send me an email...

Hayneedle.com / Worst company EVER! EVER

Comire on 2012-12-19
Worst company EVER! EVER! I purchased a $1, 900+ Shufflboard for my employees to enjoy at work. It was supposed to ship within just a few days but after nearly three weeks of delays, they finally placed it in "backorder" status. So I cancelled the order with them over the phone. They...

Hayneedle.com / I wouldn't recommend buying from this site unless you want to get ripped off

Pothem on 2012-11-30
I ordered 2 wardrobes and according to the UPS lost them. As a result of this they went ahead an caceled the order. My husband went ahead and place a second order since the firt one was lost and canceled. A week later we get the first shipment (the canceled one) and when we called to...

Hayneedle.com / I do NOT recommend this website

Akimea on 2012-09-13
Now I know why the price was low and the shipping is free. The cartons were badly damaged upon delivery and consequently so were some of the components (rabbit hutch). I don't really expect any satisfaction from the company, and although damaged, the product is still usable, but...

Hayneedle.com / Save yourself the aggravation and expense

Postured on 2012-09-03
I ordered and item from hayneedle and three attemps later I was continuously receiving the item extremely damaged. Even though they advertise as free shipping, upon refussing to accept the broken item, the delivery men took it away. I was then charged $250. Fee. I disputed the fee with my...

Hayneedle.com / This company is disgustingly shady

Peretaske on 2012-08-17
Please stay away from these crooks!!! I ordered something, it never arrived... I called 2 weeks later to check on it and they claimed my bank declined the transaction. I asked why no one ever called me about it. They couldn't explain. This company is disgustingly shady. Their "supervisor" basically told me to shove it. BUYER! BEWARE!!

Hayneedle.com / Never again, terrible

Damke on 2012-07-23
Awful. I ordered 2 outdoor chairs in slate grey. A free table was offered. What I got was 2 dark brown chairs and NO table. Customer service said, they were out of stock on the table & would give me a credit. He said if they sent the table later - I would be charged for the table ...

Hayneedle.com / This company needs to be taken to small claims court for my case

Tiaomare on 2012-06-26
I ordered a $375 outdoor 2 person orbital lounger (one of two) in April. This past Saturday I was sitting in it with my daughter when we heard a loud snap and then the chair fell about 4 inches lower. We jumped up and saw the the large ball joint that supports the chair had broken in half...

Hayneedle.com / One big joke of a company

Haomy on 2012-05-15
ONE BIG JOKE OF A COMPANY. Their supplier was trying to go around them for the order. They took my order and after 3.5 months I finally canceled. When I canceled and bought the bed from another supplier, they wrote me back that said they have it. BIG JOKE ON ME.

Hayneedle.com / I will NEVER order from them again

Afdole on 2012-05-01
Ordered binoculars for a Christmas gift in the middle of December. Was not advised that the product was on backorder prior to purchase which I found deceiving. Was told that the product would be in shortly after Christmas. Continued to follow up every few weeks (they never reached out to...

Hayneedle.com / Cannot recommend doing business with this company

Torrose on 2011-11-16
We placed an order for an piece of gym equipment. We received an email that our order had shipped and an expected delivery date was given as well as a link to track the package. The day before the expected delivery, we checked the tracking only to discover that our order and shipping had...

HayNeedle / Sneaky free shipping tricks

Gregorybrooke on 2011-06-07
They advertise free shipping but if you return the item you pay for the shipping. It is not stated on the website or when you place the order. It is not even stated clearly in the return policy section, it just says we pay returns if we made the sistake, on section tells how to return the...

Hayneedle.com / You might buy a 3,000 dollar lie

Bassta on 2011-03-09
I'm an ex employee of hayneedle.com. I wasn't customer service I was in sales. I guess I didn't lack enough personality to be customer service for they would never move me into the position. Anyway, yes this company is out for the money only. What do you expect with a CEO...

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