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Green Dot Complaints & Reviews

Green Dot - California, Pasadena / Walmart Money Card

Reviewer86949 on 2016-01-19
I called to inquire about my Wal-Mart Money Card that is owned by Green Dot. I got someone in a totally different country that had no understanding of what I was asking in regards to computer format of bank statement that is not in order. The representative had no clue as to what I wa...

Wal Mart Money Card / Green Dot - Louisiana, Lake Charles / security block

angrydad337 on 2015-12-14
well, i tried to make a purchase online and it showed as invalid at first. i checked and it showed that the money was deducted for online items i ordered. a few people complained about this site so i called to see if i could stop payment. i explained to the lady that i heard bad reviews on...

Green Dot Corporation / Lost money - no help

ToriBohrer on 2015-09-30
I bought a greendot card at dollar general in Kent Ohio I went to register it and the site said the card was already registered so I lost the money I deposited. After spending hours on the phone with customer assistance they said there was nothing they could do to help me. I went to the...

Green Dot Moneypak / Pending Deposit

Reviewer71985 on 2015-09-13
I added more money to my card, and it's said pending for a long time now on the transaction info. Not sure if they stole my money or what but I put 41 dollars and they took out a reload fee so it was like 37.05 or something and now I can't use my card because it's "Pending"?...

Green Dot - California, san gabriel / Unauthorized charges on debt card

Christopher Berg on 2015-08-30
I filed a complaint earlier this month for charges that appeared on my Green Dot debt Visa card that I did not authorize. I was credited for 3 of the charges, but there were a total of 5 charges. The unauthorized charges are as follows 8/10/15 - $29.95 7/20/15 - $29.95 6/2/15 - $20.00 5/28/15 -...

Green Dot/paypal / Rip Offs

cominsk on 2015-05-08
Added money to my Green Dot debit card based on the option to add money via Green Dot on the Pay Pal page. Tried to do it including calling Green Dot which promptly says it's now part of Pay Pal. Called Pay Pal who says they no longer accept money for payments via the Green Dot Money...

Green Dot Moneypak / Fraud and False Advertisement

Kate Wish on 2015-02-10
I have purchased 5 cars at three different 7-Eleven Stores, since they have a limit. Only 3 cards had money loaded. Happened in November still trying to get my money back ( It's February ). Had to contact so many different phone numbers to reach Money Pack Customer Support...

Green Dot / Activation

Hodgestinal on 2015-01-21
I bought a green dot card from rite aid when I got home and tried to activate it, a message said remove the tag and enter the card number I noticed then that the 12th number was partially erased and that it also looked like the film was removed and put back I didn't notice anything...

Green Dot Bank /walmart - Alaska, Anchorage / debit card rip-off fees

pissedinanchorage on 2015-01-17
BUYER BEWARE!I a got 50 dollar prepaid green dot at Walmart to use online.i never used it it was in my wallet forgotten for months.i went to cash it out and close today at Walmart.was told i had 26.20 on the card and that there was a 3.00 closing fee... i paid 50 dollars plus a 4 dollar...

Green Dot Money Pak / Loaded 85$ , tried loading pay pal and visa says already Ben used

Angela root on 2014-12-31
Never was able to access any monies from card. Tried loading pay pal web site acted funny skipping through pages then on second attempt stated money already been used. I have receipt w activation amount m transaction id# Please help

Green Dot /money Paks / why do you have them on you shelf

ramonal on 2014-12-26
you still carry them knowing of the scam. I just lots every penny in my Great Northwest fedral CU account to this scam and have to pay them back almost $2000. I will be going to that store hoping they will help m, my hart is broken and I am broke... ramona l lindenberg My worst Christmas ever!

Green Dot / lost money

gaystambaugh on 2014-09-17
they assurd me that there money pack card was loaded with $500 on one card and $500 on the other card when i tried to flip it over to a green dot debt card there was no money on iether one now im out one thousand dollars that i was going to us for a house payment how do i get my money back my name is gaystambaugh@yahoo.com

Green Dot Prepaid Visa / Failure to release my money

DontScamMePlease on 2014-08-29
I purchased a Green Dot cash reload card in the amount of $300 and a Green Dot prepaid card and then opened an account on the web and then loaded my prepaid card with the cash reload card. I then made one purchase on the web for phone time for my cell and within hours after doing so they...

Walmart Money Card (Green Dot Bank) / loading the card

cvanworth on 2014-07-03
i bought the $6 walmart preffered card (the black one with no loading fees) and loaded $50 bucks on it, i went to walmart and loaded it several times with various amounts, but apparently, even though you can load the temporary card while you wait for the permanent card, (says use this temp...

Green Dot Visa Credit Card / unsolicited and unwanted card

Edward Lilly on 2014-04-14
Today I received in the mail an unsolicited and unwanted VISA credit card in Spanish. When I tried to call the company to complain, I could not get through the screens without giving my personal identifying information. The credit card number was even listed on the paperwork and could have...

The Green Dot Prepaid Card - Michigan, Eastpointe / blocked my funds

mschrissywright on 2014-02-25
i saw the advertisement "get your refund up to 2 days faster if you direct deposit with the green dot card " what a joke, i got a text alert saying my refund had arrived, hooray for me and my family, WRONG, the account had a block put on it due to them being unable to verify the...

Green Dot 3 Cash Advance / Dishonest company

DeborahF on 2014-02-24
I decided to apply for the short term loan in company Green Dot 3 Cash Advance. I filled the form and waited for the call, and after several days the agent from the company contacted me. He told me to buy Green Dot card and put $180. After I did it, he called me again and told to put more...

Green Dot Pack Card - Mississippi, Gulfport / stolen money

andre isom on 2014-02-12
I purchased a $450 green dot card for 5$ and went to check it in my car which is located in the parking lot and there was nothing on it! I feel like I was robbed by green dot. I want my money back ASAP because i didn't even have a chance to even spend my own money. If you care about...

Green Dot / Disputed Transaction

KealyRose on 2013-12-05
A few fishy things have happened lately with my Green Dot card. I am a personal assistant and I use it to make purchases instead of carrying around cash or having a credit card (which I now think would be a better option.) Over the weekend I placed and paid for an order at a local Pottery Barn...

Green Dot Money Pak / stolen money

Bronte Parks on 2013-11-28
I just bought the card at 10:30 pm on 11/27/13. It was purchased so i had enough money aside to pay a specific bill. By the morning of 11/28/13 at 8 am the money was no longer on the card i just purchased it several hours before. With no one able to get to the card or the number because it...

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