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Fandango Complaints & Reviews

Fandango - California, Los Angeles / Customer Service/Ticket Refund - Confirmation # 295331485

hchavezrey on 2016-01-29
On December 30, 2015 I had an incident where I inadvertently purchased tickets for a show at a theater of which there are two with the same beginning name (Southglenn). We arrived at the Southglenn theater to the location given to me by the theater finder on the Fandango mobile app 20...

Fandango - New York, New York / Online ticketing

Reviewer84546 on 2016-01-25
In July 2015, Fandango charged my American Express card twice for tickets I purchased online. I called American Express, who immediately canceled the second charge. Subsequently, when I tried to get tickets online, I encountered "error." I wrote to customer service and was informed...

Fandango - California, Los Angeles / Online purchase

Reviewer64220 on 2015-12-31
Haven't ever tried to purchase through Fandango until today. Site seems easy enough to navigate, seems to work okay. HOWEVER - GIVE ME A LITTLE MORE TIME! TIMED OUT REPEATEDLY WHILE TRYING TO JOIN VIP, ENTER CREDIT CARD NUMBER, ETC. IS TEN MINUTES, MAYBE, TOO MUCH TO ASK TO COMPLETE AN ONLINE TRANSACTION?

Fandango / Star Wars tickets

meep591 on 2015-12-28
As far as we are concerned associating with Fandango makes Star Wars franchise look very bad. I purchased Star Wars tickets 39 minutes before showtime. Rushed to theater with kids and was told tickets were for a different theater. Tried to contact fandango from theater and live chat told...

Fandango / Charged for no products and services

Reviewer22522 on 2015-12-26
Fandango charged me $53, gave me the wrong tickets, and when i contacted them immediately they said they cant refund me since the incorrect tickets were for a show that had already started. How is this bate and switch legal? I thought buying bottled water was a ripoff but i think being...

Fandango.com - California, Los Angeles / Refund/exchange

Reviewer63990 on 2015-12-23
Purchased tickets for wrong theater, in another state. Was at work and multitasking, so missed detailed info when ordered months ago. Not sure why website went to theater in NY, when I live in WA and had purchased tickets at that theater before. Found out about error at ticket stand, after...

Fandango / Refund/Exchange Policy

Reviewer38505 on 2015-12-22
As a Christmas present for my children, I went online to order 4 movie tickets for Thursday (Christmas Eve). The session timed out and when I continued, it saved the time and the amount of tickets I wanted, but apparent defaulted the date to today. I realized the error once I got the email...

Fandango - California, Los Angeles / Refunds & Exchanges. Only got through 1 time in 3 days of trying and they disconnected right after I told them I can't make the movie.

Matt Noyes on 2015-12-18
Have tried to contact this company via chat and phone over 6 times! The promise a refund but when I finally got connected this morning they hung up! I have tried to chat 5 times and call three! I have waited over 30 min hold on each call attempt.Chat is even more insane over 350 people...

Fandango - California, Los Angeles / Never use this site!

Meww on 2015-12-14
I booked 5 tickets for with Star Wars premier. Premier supposed to be December 17, but then I got an email that there were some problems and they had to change the date. They also said that my booking was cancelled and there no tickets available at the moment. They added that I needed to...

Fandango / Mac movie month mall

john gary montana on 2015-11-28
I was trying to buy tickets for Brooklyn ...i clickedked twice as their were only two seats available...when i clicked my selection and print tickets...i got scammed by the ap printing out tickets to the movie Trumbobo...and then I was charged $3 for the refund scam...I will never buy...

Fandango.com - California, Long Beach / Tickets double charged

Reviewer97183 on 2015-10-16
i purchased tickets for my parents through the fandago website. when they wanted a different show time, i got my refund but they charged me double on the later show time. i sent them attachments and fax of both the double charge but they deny that they double charged when its obvious on the credit card invoice. will never use fandango ever again!

Fandango / No refund or exchange

spawnedin71 on 2015-07-01
Long story short...gave blood and received two Fandango passes with a promo code. Went online to redeem my codes and schedule my movie(6/30/15). Due to having to work, had to cancel my tickets, which I did so well in advance of movie start time. Got an email after cancellation to choose...

Fandango - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City / Multiple Tickets-No Refund

GDH on 2015-06-21
I purchased 2 tickets to the June 19th 7:05 show for Dinosaur World (real name not allowed). When I finished the guest checkout, The Fandango website said that the session had timed out. So I re-did the purchase and got the confirmation email notice and went to the email to get the number. Now I...

Fandango / Movie Gift cards

LJTucci on 2015-04-18
DO NOT PURCHASE FANDANGO GIFT CARDS. I decided this year to purchase movie gift cards for my whole family for Christmas. They cards are only redeemable on line and out of four couples I purchased them for, only one was able to actually use the cards. They had to download an app to get the...

Fandango Gift Cards / Expired/used cards

bcbizmail@aol.com on 2015-02-18
Purchased Fandango Gift cards (2 x $15.00) only to be told the cards were first expired and then that they had been used. While talking (via live text from the FANDANGO Web site) to resolved the issue, the FANDANGO representative disconnected from the conversation. Written complaints to...

Fandango / BEWARE of Fandango Gift Cards!

AngryinNM on 2015-01-18
DO NOT PURCHASE A FANDAGO GIFT CARD BEFORE READING THIS. I received 3-$15.00 gift cards over the holidays from a wonderful young couple who know I love going to the movies. They were excited to give me what they thought was a great gift that I could use to buy tickets, popcorn, drink...

Fandango / no service

oceanside moviefan on 2014-12-30
I ordered my tickets online to save waiting in line. When I got to the theater I still had to wait in line. It was if I had not purchased my tickets in advance at all. No convenience at all and yet I was CHARGED $1.30 per ticket for nothing. I will not be taken by Fandango again.

Fandango / Steals your money

Andi Faulkner on 2014-11-29
They charge you twice and then refuse to issue a refund, based on policy. I was able to get a refund from the movie theater for the tickets, but was told I would have to contact Fandango to refund the service charge. Fandango refuses to refund the service charge, after they double charged...

Fandango - Illinois, Chicago / Worst service!

amberfe on 2014-11-23
IF I COULD GIVE THIS 0 STARS I WOULD!! Fandango has the worst customer service! I order tickets and never got the confirmation email. They only have you enter your email once, so I wondered if maybe I missed a letter. Why would they only have you input your email once?! I then wanted to...

Fandango - California, Los Angeles / SPAM Violation

ClifG on 2014-10-04
I signed up and purchased tickets last night and specifically asked to not receive marketing emails in the privacy settings. This morning I received two SPAMS and there is no opt-out at the bottom. (a violation internet rules). I rechecked my settings and no communication boxes were checked. So I...

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