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Erie Insurance Complaints & Reviews

Erie Insurance - Pennsylvania, Allentown / Claim on Total Loss

Reviewer63273 on 2016-02-03
Our Ehrie experience started when my son's car was totaled by a driver insured by your company. After being completely disrespected by the adjustor as well as his supervisor, and multiple calls later we signed the title over. By the way, we were not given a rental even though the car...

Erie Insurance / This company has cancelled the insurance and when we needed help, they refused to help me

Reviewer34841 on 2015-10-23
I have used the services of Erie Insurance. I wasn’t satisfied with their services at all. I have paid for the insurance and thought that it was ok. But the company cancelled it and I have known about it. When the tree hit my house and I applied for the compensation, this company refused to...

Erie Insurance - Pennsylvania, Erie / they are a rip off company

gene10 on 2015-08-17
I have my home and cars with Eire, after ten years 20, 000 in premiums I hade a problem with car parts being stolen off one of my cars while it was in a shop for repairs, they denied my claim said it was the fault off the shop and I needed to go to small claims court and deal with it...

Erie Insurance - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / Bogus claim reporting / bad faith

Erie Insurance Victim on 2015-07-01
I had what I was told by my agent "excellent coverage" for my rental and home property. My policy got flopped around to another agency. Then when the city put pressure in my water line and blew out both their meter and my handle to turn off water- my sump pump was overwhelmed by the water...

Erie Insurance - Pennsylvania, Souderton / Property Insurance

dpm123 on 2015-04-13
Erie insurance has been the insurance company for 2 rental properties. I luckily changed one of the properties to another insurance company when Erie would not honor a claim due to a Hurricane. They did recorded interviews with many of our tenants and contractor and after a long time of...

Erie Insurance Co / home owners insurance

tim lenhardt on 2015-03-27
the home owners policy is a joke. I had hail damage to my house and they denied coverage to a damaged roof. they common answer is faulty product. they took my money fine to insure this faulty product and paid for my window screens, downspouts, gutters and trees knocked down from winds and...

Erie Insurance / Termination of an auto policy

RaiderMan on 2014-07-17
To whom it may concern. After 37 years of paying auto insurance premium's and a decision to change to a more affordable company I was hit by a collection agency that Erie hired to collect on a cancelled policy. After 90 plus days of telephone calls I have decided to end the debate...

Erie Insurance Company - Ohio, Uniontown / company service, policies, and employees disrespect and unprofessional attitudes towards the homeowners and contractors

Professional Pride on 2012-09-27
Im a saleman for a local property restoration company who specialize in storm damage. I was asked by homeowner to handle this claim and call for a 2nd adjustment of his property damage because he felt that the insurance company didnt do a thorough inspection the first time.. So he called...

Erie Insurance - New York / Claims processing

PM1 on 2011-11-13
Got hit by a driver while PARKED on a residential roadside. ERIE Insurance has placed every obstacle they can in place to keep me from getting a check. The insured has already admitted fault, there was a police report filed, there is nothing else they need. Here it is 3 weeks later and...

Erie Insurance - Pennsylvania, Bethel Park / Erie Insurance failed to do their job.

Amber86 on 2011-10-20
I've been with Erie Insurance for 7 years. I've never had an accident or ticket in my entire driving history, but I was told by my agent that, if I was involved in an accident, the deductible would be waived the first time. I was at an intersection in which another driver ran a stop...

Erie Insurance - Pennsylvania, Brookville / theft/fraud

jo ann glenn on 2011-09-21
erie insurance paid my son for a car they totaled, my son signed title over to erie insurance, in return my son stole the car from where insurance was to pick and took to scape yard for more money, erie insurance is not pressing charges and myy son only has to pay them back when he refuse...

Erie Insurance Exchange - North Carolina, Charlotte / Denial of legitimate claim

Charles C. Wunder on 2011-06-16
I live in a neighborhood that was hit hard in a big hail storm last year. Because of the damage, every one of my neighbors has had their roof replaced by their homeowner's insurance - except us. We are unfortunate enough to have Erie Homeowner's insurance. Even though there wa...

Erie Insurance - North Carolina / Mislead by Insurance

JESik on 2011-05-09
I bought a business that was insured by Erie. The broker made more than one mistake, including sending 3 bills to the former owner even though I called and corrected it twice. I finally recieve the invoice 2 months after I started the insurance. There was also a minimum premium involved...

Erie Insurance / home owner's policy

After 30 years of paying for home owner's insurance with Erie Insurance without a claim, we had a horrible winter with ice build up you would not believe. People all over the neighborhood have gutters down, and we do too. We filed our first claim, Erie confirmed the damage, sent a...

Erie Insurance - Illinois / Misled me about hospital bills

I was involved in an accident in April of 2008. The person who hit me was insured by Erie. They had me sign a release authorizing them to get all of my medical records for the accident. They then sent me a release to sign to settle the accident. There would be two checks, one to settle...

Erie Insurance Co. - Indiana, young america / contents in fire

we had a garage fire and have replacement cost insurance now they our questioning the amout of contents we had in our garage and where and when we bought them. Because our claim is way over the amount of our coverage they are hasseling us on the contents of our loss when they should pay...

Erie Insurance / watch out

Raphael on
i have been through the ringer from Erie, it's been six months since i filed the claim and now the don't want to honor the value of the appraisal

Erie Insurance / No response for claim

Rob on
I do not recommend Erie Insurance to anyone. I was hit by one of their customer and it has been 7 days now nothing has happened. They keep pushing it by saying that they are investigating. Their liability adjuster is so mean and rude. I only have liability insurance, so my insurance said...

Erie Insurance / Sneak attack

I just received a cancellation notice from Erie Insurance. They want $589 from my family. They are billing me "retroactively" for one year. My daughter got her license a year ago but was not driving due to grades. She just started her own policy through Erie Insurance IN August and when...

Erie Insurance Group / Uses Stupid Reasons To Charge More

In using credit scoring for insurace purposes, Erie Insurance used the reason "Number of Accounts Paid As Agreed", as a reason why I was being charged more for my insurance. When I spoke with them and with ChoicePoint I was told that I had to have had dilinquent accounts, foreclosures, or...

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