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Emirates Airline Complaints & Reviews

Emirates Airline / Miss my flight

imran8208 on Jan 19, 2017
Dear sir/madam GOOD DAY I have very bad time with emirates. I was travelling to business class from Dubai to London. They off load me because of captain was not satisfy with me. i always travel with emirates. this is first time it happen. i didn't done any thing wrong, just i asked to...

Emirates Airline / Appalling service for honeymoon couple from emirates airline staff

Mia Lynn Percy on Jan 16, 2017
How the hell did you emirates get it sooooo wrong, when my booking reference is exactly the same. We were pinned next to a massive overweight man, who overflowed onto my arm, seat and leg space. He was fed unlimited alcohol which made my situation worse, because he kept rubbing himself up...

Emirates Airline / EK385

Carmo on Jan 15, 2017
On 12/01/17, I boarded A388, to BKK, business class, sat on 8G, and was very disappointed with service: the welcome Champagne was not so good, the red wine (the stewardess covered the label) just undrinkable, and worse the salmon seemed to hail from Chile, completely tasteless. I was thought the...

Emirates Airline / Very poor customer care and service

Arjun Srivatsa on Jan 12, 2017
My e ticket number - 1769166546884-85 Name nikita arjun date of travel I was booked on a emirates flight from savannah to bangalore to savannah. On my return jousrney, I reached boston and after checkin into the savannah flight from boston, was told the flight is cancelled. The jet blue...

Emirates Airline / No inflight entertainment

Kev09 on Jan 11, 2017
Hi, I flew with Emirates from Manchester to Dubai on Jan 8th 2017. My monitor with entertainment was not working so I had no entertainment, I asked the air hostess who said she would restart the screen, after 1 hour I asked her again and she said she would do it again, nothing ever...

Emirates / Customer service

amitvankwani on Jan 11, 2017
Dear emirates, This is with reference to my flight from khi - dxb - cpt on 8th january. I planned to go for my honeymoon to capetown and decided not to take any chances with the flights and supposedly thought emirates would be the best option. I even saved money and decided to travel via...

Emirates Airline / Poor customer satisfaction / delayed flight

Ibrahim Petiwala on Jan 8, 2017
To whom it may concern, I am writing this email to engage with Emirates to find reimbursement for my most recent travels from Karachi to Sydney via Dubai on 31st Dec. It was very disappointing to see how Emirates treated their passengers in an event of an emergency or bad weather. My...

Emirates Airline / Overbooking and early departure

AJMAL0505 on Jan 8, 2017
Dear sir/madam we reached air port 4 hours before departure flight ek624 Dates 2nd jan 2017 dubai to lahore. Raheela ajmal booking reference Pzihi6. Ticket no. 1762193905594. Staff at boarding tool lot of time and Trying us to avoid giving boarding card. After so many arguments they Give...

Emirates Airline / Service in the plane

Ng Siaw Sia on Jan 8, 2017
Date: 06 january 2017 Flight: ek 158 Destination : stockholm - > dubai After having meal I realized that I have to drink medicine bease I feel my cough getting worst and start fever. So I walk to the pantry and I saw 3 air stewardesses, one in black uniform (She is going to clean the toilet...

Emirates / Ground hostesses attitude

Abeer Knio on Jan 8, 2017
Dear Sir, I was flying with you on the 7th of January from Dubai airport heading to Beirut, flight EK955, where I actually faced some problems during my check in at the airport. I accidentally booked my ticket with a baggage allowance for only 20kgs without even realizing that I admit that...

Emirates Airline / Ground hostess at baggage drop

Aseelabdr on Jan 8, 2017
I was traveling yesterday 7th of january 2017 with emirates airlines dubai-beirut flight ek955 seat 30b. (Worst experience ever) I was at the counter around 7:30 pm, and im a regular traveler on emirates airlines and by default when I book a ticket I used to get a 30kg baggage; but...

Emirates Airline / Aircraft defect

Alia Abaza on Jan 6, 2017
Hi, i was flying dubai-cairo last Monday ajn 2nd on flight number Ek923 and seat number. What happnened is something very disappointing for such an airline like Emirates. My son was sitting on a window seat 49b and 49a and his ipad fell by the window and then it tunred out that the part of...

Emirates Airline / Baggage lost / holiday ruined!!!

Paulette Fortune on Jan 1, 2017
Emirates airlines I have highly rated you for many years as a passenger but I have never been more disappointed or frustrated as I am now on my vacation. You have officially ruined my holiday and wasted my money for this trip. I would like full compensation for both myself and my friend...

Emirates Airline / Customer service and support center

Mohamed Elnahaas on Dec 31, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam, This is an official complaint on the treatment I have received from the emirates airlines yesterday where I missed my flight to Brisbane from Dubai due to airport delay on the 31st of December 2016. I had a ticket booked from Dubai to Brisbane on the 31st, and due to...

Emirates Airline / Delayed flights and undelivered baggage

Yolandi Coetzer on Dec 30, 2016
I booked a flight from jhb, sa on 29/12/16 with emirates. (Flight schedule attached. ) flight ek762 and flight ek306 both were delayed. My first layover in dubai was quite long, thus the delay did not have an effect on my second flight. My layover in beijing, which was my second flight, wa...

Emirates Airline / Damage on my luggage through traveling to canada

Hamid Assilzadeh on Dec 29, 2016
Date of incident: 25th dec. 2016 Flight: ahwaz-dubai-seattle-calgary emirates airline After collecting luggage at seattle airport for custom check and flight to calgary-canada - one of the luggage which contained my personal things were raped - one of the luggage which contained a...

Emirates Airline / Flight delays

Yogang on Dec 28, 2016
Dear Sir/ Madam, As A frequent flier of Emirates Airlines, I am extremely disappointed at my most recent experience with your company. We have been traveling from South Africa to Dubai and then to Bali and return x 4 family. Our return flights was delayed for more than 3 hours in total...

Emirates Airline / Very delayed flight from damam to dubai

Malik Kashif on Dec 28, 2016
I am sitting in plane for two hours now and no sign of take of. I am squashed in my seat very tired n crew is also not responding... Need help. Kids are crying n desperate for help. I been awake for 21 hours and very tired. I also doubt that I will miss my connecting flight to...

Emirates Airline / Making me to check in my 20 inches carry on in dubai airport

Mitra kooshki on Dec 27, 2016
My flight from Dubai to FLL on Dec 25 Christmas day 2016. I got my boarding pass at the gate a guy made me to pay 188 US dollar to check in my 20 inches carry on. I resisted and said NO. He told me rather throw away your stuff or pay money and check it in. I could not throw away my stuff...

Emirates Airline / A panasonic tv

khristine1023 on Dec 26, 2016
Completely broken. Reservation number hcj7c6 flight number ek334 eta 2230hours from dubai to manila passenger khristine ahmed. My mobile number is 0504115691. If someone can contact me as this is not acceptable. It was marked as fragile. I did not bring anything just to bring this tv and...

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