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eHarmony Complaints & Reviews

eHarmony - California, Santa Monica / Stay away from eHarmony!

Dina on 2016-02-12
I decided to give eHarmony a try and subscribed to a 3 day free trial. 3 days was enough from me to understand that this website is full of fakes, so I decided cancelled my subscription. I contacted customer service but received no reply. And then they charged $25 from my account and I...

eHarmony - California, Santa Monica / The worst dating site

Kevin0 on 2016-01-29
I have been a member of eHarmony in the past and decided to give it a second chance. I signed up and few days later decided that I don't like it since the website had very few options available to me. So I contacted the customer service and requested to cancel my account. Their rep...

eHarmony - California, Santa Monica / Unauthorized credit card charges

lis williams on 2016-01-20
From April-November 2015, after cancelling my 1 month subscription to eharmony in March, they continued to deduct $64.95 per month till November, when I received a bank statement. Upon investigation with them, they stated yes I did unsubscribe and cancel then ?re activated it, with when...

eHarmony / Unauthorized charge

Reviewer92312 on 2016-01-08
They charged Me Without Warning! This is the transcript of my communication with eHarmony Internet Dating: Dear Sirs, Three transactions have been taken out of my PayPal account without my knowledge or authorisation, they are as follows: EHarmony: 26/09/15 £29.99 Eharmony: 27/10/15...

eHarmony / Safety

Reviewer91385 on 2015-12-29
I joined eHarmony, I went on two dates, the first a lovely guy but not right for a longterm relationship that I was looking for. The second, which I then spent a long relationship with, I found out, lied on his profile. Whilst that should have rung alarm bells it progressed to domestic...

eHarmony - New South Wales, Camperdown / Continual exposure to payment site rather than dating site.

Deborah 10 on 2015-12-26
I have had continuous trouble with the eharmony site since I paid for a six month subscription to this dating website. This has been going on for three months now. Almost every time the page comes up to put in my email address and password I am then passed on to the payment plans. I have...

eHarmony / Internet dating site

Helllp on 2015-12-20
Dear Sirs, Three transactions have been taken out of my PayPal account without my knowledge or authorisation, they are as follows: EHarmony: 26/09/15 £29.99 Eharmony: 27/10/15 £29.99 Eharmony: 26/11/15 £29.99 This is the letter I sent them: Dear Thank you for your prompt response, much...

eHarmony / Unable to cancel the auto renewal billing

Reviewer61583 on 2015-12-10
I made repeated attempts to cancel the auto renewal process and after a detailed review of the fine print in the contract noted the last payment must be collected before you could cancel. So on the last day before the auto renewal would continue for several more months i again tryed to...

eHarmony / Dishonest busines practices

Reviewer76219 on 2015-10-04
Do not, do not, do not sign up with eharmony or upgrade with POF unless you enjoy having money stolen out of your bank account. Their business practices are outrageous. I wish I had read reviews before considering using their sites. Both use trickery to upgrade your account for a longer...

eHarmony / Subscription Fee

Reviewer40823 on 2015-09-28
I have done online dating off and on with various online services such a Match.com, Christian Café, and Christian Mingle. They all work the same: you subscribe to one month, if you don't take the responsibility to cancel, you are billed a second month, etc. I joined eHarmony. It seems to be...

eHarmony / Inability to Refund or Cancel Service

Reviewer73518 on 2015-09-07
There is no option to cancel my account. I did not know this was going to be the protocol when I signed up for the service. There has to be a provision for a customer who is unhappy with the results of the service to no longer pay for this service. It seems unethical to me to not allow for...

eHarmony / Shutting OFF Auto Renewal/Cancel Subscription

Reviewer74724 on 2015-09-01
I just signed up for eHarmony about 1 month ago unfortunately falling into the trap that is an honest dating site. I signed up for the 12 month plan (payment once a month) and I was NEVER told before sign up that I could not shut off the Auto Renewal because of this plan! This is such a...

eHarmony - Florida, Tampa / I want my money back

Krodgers on 2015-08-27
EHarmony is horrible. The matches I have been getting don't have a picture attached to them and they are older than my age range after I changed my restrictions. I was very excited about the site because I have heard so many good stories. My Aunt & Uncle along with a couple friends found...

eHarmony - New York, new york / unauthorized email change

wilma reeves on 2015-06-26
I got a notice sent to my email that I had changed my email and I didn't change it someone is hacking my account. I can't get ahold of anyone at eharmony . I want to cancel my account and I can't find where to contact them. I got the notice 6/26/2015. When I finally got to a...

eHarmony - New South Wales, Sydney / Billing does not stop

AlisonLF on 2015-05-14
When I took a subscription with eHarmony it was for a 3 month period. The matches weren't particularly great, which isn't their fault, so after a few weeks I contacted them to ask how I cancel the subscription. I was advised that the subscription can't be cancelled until the...

eHarmony / Scam scam!

nikkiredsox82 on 2015-05-11
This site is nothing more than a scam! DO NOT sign up for this thing. I signed up and the next day realized that I didn't like it so I went to go cancel my subscription. I drove myself nuts trying to find it and when I didn't I called and asked to cancel. The lady had the nerve...

eHarmony / Not accurate matching!

THJoseph on 2015-03-24
This site DOES NOT provide accurate matching. They simply send you less than a dozen "Matches" a day to go through. They are completely random and DO NOT match up to your profile settings. I am a 47 thin white male, 6'2, athletic, christian, etc... I am constantly being matched up...

E Harmony Online Dating - Victoria, Melbourne / taken fees out of my visa card without permission or authorisation

Bronwin Butler on 2015-03-20
I was registered with e harmony dating service for 12 months from 14/2/14 to 14/2/15 at a cost of $249.00 for a 12 month subscription. This year I did not give them authorisation to take out another yearly subscription. In their fine print, it states that there was supposed to be...

eHarmony / scam dishonest greedy organization

Steve E W on 2015-03-13
eharmony is a dishonest, scam, organization that cares about one thin, their profits. Let me give you several examples. 1. Legitimate organizations with integrity provide an unsubscribe at the bottom of their unwanted dishonest "interest" emails but not eharmony. They make you login as if...

eHarmony / No response to complaint

Kathryn Haering on 2014-12-01
I have paid a subscription to eHarmony and they are displaying incorrect information about me, which I did not provide to them and they have not changed this even after a number of complaints sent to them. The main issue is that I provided my date of birth as 29 June 1978, yet they are...

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