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Direc TV Complaints & Reviews

DirecTV - California, El Segundo / Worst service in the world!

Kit on 2016-02-10
Back in May 2015 I signed a two-year contract with DirecTv. Unfortunately, I had nothing but problems with this guys. I have had about five technicians come to my house and my TV still freezes up. I called DirecTv customer service many times and all they say is that I need to sign up for...

Direc TV / Being dishonest about the rates ( My rate triple in a one year time frame)

Bobbie Cornett on 2016-02-09
I signed up at our local Boat & Rv show last year when a directv spokes person promised to keep my monthly rate cheaper than my current dish network bill. I have been with Dish for a long time when the Diretv person signed me up for the Choice package that was $64.99 a month. He was also...

Direc TV - Colorado, Greenwood Village / Contract to Stay with Company

MShapiro on 2016-02-05
A few years ago, I called DirecTV for some upgrades, and I committed to stay with them for 2 more years after the upgrade based on their promise that they would provide an HD box for a new TV that we would be getting for our son. They never made good on their promise, and now they won't...

DirecTV / XXX rated commercials

Trish9nard on 2016-01-26
We had just finished watching Broncos changed channels to WGN 307 to watch Jurassic Park as a family, as we were watching - commercial came on saying "watch Jurassic Park and the Outsiders!" As the preview continued they showed two people having sex on a counter- standing up(the man...

DirecTV - Colorado, Englewood / TV service terminated,bill paid, now credit card is being charged almost $300.

Slayton50 on 2016-01-24
I terminated my agreement with DIRECTV for to service in mid Dec. 2015, because their equipment didn't get good reception where I live. After verifying that with a DIRECTV workman, I was told I would not be charged for cancelling before my contract was up, since they couldn't render...

Direc TV / Mastec installation - Theft of jewelry by installer

Reviewer11328 on 2016-01-14
There is not a day that has gone by that I don't think back to November 2011 when I had a Direct TV installer come into my house to install a new cable line to for son's surprise Christmas present. Having a newborn, I stayed downstairs and sent the tech upstairs to put in the...

Direc TV - Michigan, Burton / Wrong bill

directtvstop on 2016-01-14
We ordered Direct T.V. with the promise we would receive a month bill for $19.99 for I believe two years that included free NFL. I made the sales representative promise me that we would not receive a bill for more than $19.99 per month. Not one penny more. We never received a bill for...

Direc TV - Kentucky, Burlington / Worst Cable Service I've ever had

Reviewer66198 on 2016-01-07
From the beginning Direct TV is horrible. Three days after installation it snow, no cable. Had to get up on my roof and beat the snow off. Most of the day I had no cable. Every other month I had to call them about my bill being double. Kept charging me for NFL package and don't even...

Direc TV - California, El Segundo / Telephone Harassment after cancelling service

Reviewer20828 on 2015-12-20
We cancelled our service with this company a year and a half ago. Since then, they've sent people to our house a few times and called us repeatedly, sometimes multiple times in one week. When we tell them that we closed out our account and have no outstanding balance, they say they...

DirecTV - California, Bakersfield / Error in billing - placing bill in collection without notifying customer

muchluv on 2015-12-16
Re: Acct No. 35372815 – Direct TV Account Closed – February 2013 I am writing this on behalf of my direct Tv account listed above. I have two accounts with your company. However, I was never informed that I had a closing amount on this particular account. In order to review the bill...

Direc TV / Upgrade

Reviewer98911 on 2015-12-14
Direct tv just did a software update that made it so I cannot watch a lot of channels in HD. They said I have to switch my HDMI back to the 5 cable component wire (which would require me to redo all my wiring because it's all hidden in the wall) to regain the ability to have HD. which...

Direc TV / Service

Jnice79 on 2015-12-12
This company is a complete joke the sales guys are pushy as can be they are thought to just speed read and ask if that's ok? Every 10 seconds I was promised my service would be completed Friday well I get the call Friday saying they will not be there till Saturday I asked how long they...

DirecTV - Washington, Raymond / $200 rebate as returning

Reviewer10069 on 2015-12-07
I received a letter from Direct TV to return to their services, if I did I would receive a $200 debit card. I signed up within the time period (Oct. I, 2015). I spent two h ours on the phone asking how to get my rebate, I was transferred to five people, they all told me that they...

Direc TV - Illinois, Naperville / Cable

Reviewer21101 on 2015-11-15
Direct TV is the worst! I signed up, had service installed on 11/3, got home, called my current cable company to disconnect service and was told that I'd have to pay a cancellation fee. A fee that the Direct TV rep told me I would not have to pay since I was keeping internet. Direct...

DirecTV / Prepaid Card As Refund on Final Bill

Paulafish on 2015-11-07
I cancelled Directv. During time of service I had a direct payment set up. At the end of service I had a refund due. It was not returned to my financial account nor was a check issued. Instead Directv set up a Cictibank prepaid card. To do so Directv provided my personal information to...

Direc TV - Florida, Dade City / Billed for NFL Sunday Ticket without requesting the service

Shawn Pennington on 2015-10-28
When I established my service in May 2014 I was given NFL Sunday Ticket and HBO/Showtime. I advised the sales representative I did not want the service but he told me it was the best price. He advised me to call back and cancel the services within three months. I call and cancelled the...

Direc TV - California, Helendale / Billing

Reviewer29824 on 2015-10-07
I was moving from California to Arizona. I had direct tv service which I was planning on transferring to new address. I had lived in the residence in California from November till end of july, which time I had their service. I called and requested to transfer service, I was told because I...

Direc TV / Funds taken

Janie R on 2015-10-06
on 10/03/2015 $511.26 were taken from my account. it was my Grocery $$ & Bill $. NOW I have to go to the FOOD PANTRY. Because DIRECTV is SOOOOOO Broke they have to take A Senior Lady's GROCERY MONEY Janie Garcia 317 Hastings Dr Cedar Hill, TX 75104 cell: 817-513-9816 I'm on...

Direc TV - California, El Segundo / TV Pop Up Ads & TV Station Logos On Screen

Auntb on 2015-10-04
I am blaming my tv service provider, Direct TV. I am paying a pretty penny for the channels I watch and now I have to see ads while the show is on. The digital logos disappear during commercials. For example on Sun, 10/4/15 I was watching Stonehenge Decoded on the National Geographic...

Direc TV / Sales policy

James Beall on 2015-10-03
I was offered a special on the NFL channels and the movie channels for 3 months. I agreed but then in the following weeks we sold our house in AZ and I wanted to disconnect the tv service. Direct TV said that I renewed my contract with them with the NFL special so I have to pay for a year...

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