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Direc TV Complaints & Reviews

Direc TV - Maryland, Baltimore / Terrible service

Ciara Mundell-Wiley on 2016-05-26
Two days ago 05242016 @ 910 p.m I received an alert on my phone saying direct tv has removed $443.75 from my account. Not only was this a surprise because I removed the automatic card charge from my plan, my account was over due so they cancelled/terminated my services and sent me return...

DirecTV - Colorado, Greenwood Village / Payment Dispute

Jeannette Price on 2016-05-24
Account # 115296 in the Name of Richard Price DirectTV says our bank returned a payment in the amount of $129.70. DirecTV first stated that it was check #4370(our February payment) that was returned. That check cleared our bank on March 1st. When we called to say that the payment had...

Direc TV / Billing and customer service

SAC118 on 2016-05-16
I had a contract for 48.00 for 12 months. 119.00 the other 12 months. After one year and 6 months my monthly bill was 158.00 it just kept rising. I decided to break my contract and get out of it. I was prepared to accept the consequences of 20.00 per month for months left on contract a...

Direc TV - Tennessee, Cleveland / Cancellation fee

Roger Peterson1 on 2016-05-16
I ordered 2 room service but only got one hooked up. Technician tried to go across Attic and down wall but could not. He then said that he could go around house but it will cost you $50. I told him I would not pay for it. So I ran a wire from other room across hallway to box. 2 month...

Direc TV - Ohio, Chillicothe / Billing Problems

Tammara Buck on 2016-05-15
To whom it may concern, I am voicing my opinion on my father in laws bill that we never even heard of it being that way. We have never ordered ADULT movies EVER and now we are being charged for it, I would like someone to email me to resolve this matter, I am not happy about thi...

Direc TV - Missouri, Sikeston / Wondering where my money is they suppose to put bk on my card that they took off

krissy jones on 2016-05-02
On the 29th of april I called direct tv to see how much there tv service and there internet service and they told me it would be 61.67 to get turned on so I said ok lets do it well when I got off the phone with them I went and called my card the same card they took my money off is the same...

Direct TV - Minnesota, Columbia Heights / Lmn

Mslonda on 2016-04-29
I got to watch the lifetime movie network but I haven't been able to enjoy watching because the same movies play over and over they dont ever play any of the older movies they use to show when lifetime first came on the air there are so many good movies based on true life events I...

DirecTV / Equipment/programming issues

bboycali on 2016-04-24
On 4/23/16 I noticed that all of my stations were showing duplicate programming for example western and eastern channels were showing the same thing, 1st of all I have been with Directv since 2003 and along with have to replace equipment within the last six months the service is really...

Direct TV - Illinois, Carol Stream / Direct TV and ATandT bundle promotion ( A Sham )

Tony Moore on 2016-03-22
Back in November 2015, Direct TV and ATand T offered the bundle service to us with the understanding that we would save money, monthly. Actually, the ATandT bill increased to 500.00 in two months ! Direct TV added 323.00 this month. We have trying to resolve the astronomical charges. We...

Direct TV - Wisconsin, Madison / Did not get $100 ViSA card

20mendota16 on 2016-03-21
Promised #100 VISA card when sighing up Nov., 2015. It was to be mailed to me after 3 months service with no effort on my part. Also my son was to get $100 for referring me & I was to get $ 100 for signing up. Later was told that sales person made a mistake, Son & I couldn't both get...

DirecTV - Connecticut, Windsor / TV Service

tesserct on 2016-03-09
We recently took over possession of my mother's home after she was placed in a nursing home. We decided to go with Direct for our service, apparently after taking my money, they decided since I was related to her (this is enough according to them) and she owed them money, now mind you she...

Direct TV / Charged for NO service

Jacklyn Ewerdt on 2016-02-22
I talk to a Direct TV gal in Madison, WI. At the Alliant Center for a Home and Water show, not sure the name of it. She ask if I would be interested in switching to Direct TV. I said if I could be set up with HD that I would switch. She signed me up with an appointment for someone to come...

Direct TV - California, Los Angeles / Cable internet bundle

Lisa Loepke on 2016-02-17
On 12/22/15 DirectTV (DTV) and ATT sold me an internet/cable bundle deal that has been heavily advertised after Clear Internet went out of business and DTV partnered with ATT. On 1/1/16 ATT didn’t show up for the installation and I lost a day at work waiting for them. After hours on the...

DirecTV - California, El Segundo / Worst service in the world!

Kit on 2016-02-10
Back in May 2015 I signed a two-year contract with DirecTv. Unfortunately, I had nothing but problems with this guys. I have had about five technicians come to my house and my TV still freezes up. I called DirecTv customer service many times and all they say is that I need to sign up for...

Direct TV / Being dishonest about the rates ( My rate triple in a one year time frame)

Bobbie Cornett on 2016-02-09
I signed up at our local Boat & Rv show last year when a directv spokes person promised to keep my monthly rate cheaper than my current dish network bill. I have been with Dish for a long time when the Diretv person signed me up for the Choice package that was $64.99 a month. He was also...

Direct TV - Colorado, Greenwood Village / Contract to Stay with Company

MShapiro on 2016-02-05
A few years ago, I called DirecTV for some upgrades, and I committed to stay with them for 2 more years after the upgrade based on their promise that they would provide an HD box for a new TV that we would be getting for our son. They never made good on their promise, and now they won't...

DirecTV / XXX rated commercials

Trish9nard on 2016-01-26
We had just finished watching Broncos changed channels to WGN 307 to watch Jurassic Park as a family, as we were watching - commercial came on saying "watch Jurassic Park and the Outsiders!" As the preview continued they showed two people having sex on a counter- standing up(the man...

DirecTV - Colorado, Englewood / TV service terminated,bill paid, now credit card is being charged almost $300.

Slayton50 on 2016-01-24
I terminated my agreement with DIRECTV for to service in mid Dec. 2015, because their equipment didn't get good reception where I live. After verifying that with a DIRECTV workman, I was told I would not be charged for cancelling before my contract was up, since they couldn't render...

Direct TV / Mastec installation - Theft of jewelry by installer

Reviewer11328 on 2016-01-14
There is not a day that has gone by that I don't think back to November 2011 when I had a Direct TV installer come into my house to install a new cable line to for son's surprise Christmas present. Having a newborn, I stayed downstairs and sent the tech upstairs to put in the...

Direct TV - Michigan, Burton / Wrong bill

directtvstop on 2016-01-14
We ordered Direct T.V. with the promise we would receive a month bill for $19.99 for I believe two years that included free NFL. I made the sales representative promise me that we would not receive a bill for more than $19.99 per month. Not one penny more. We never received a bill for...

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