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Woodforest National Bank, Katy, Texas Complaints & Reviews - Took money from bank acc unauthorized!

Woodforest National Bank Contacts & Informations

Woodforest National Bank

Posted:    Bernard Myrosznyczenko

Took money from bank acc unauthorized!

Complaint Rating:  43 % with 82 votes
Contact information:
Woodforest National Bank
Katy, Texas
United States
Phone: 281-578-1299
Money was taken from my Bank Account and I don't even know what this company is.
Comments United States Banks
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 16th of Sep, 2008 by   CarolWilk 0 Votes
We opened a credit card acceptance account for our small business with Woodforest Bank. I told their sales rep that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would I sign a contract for more than 6 months. We opened the account in Oct. 2007. I closed the account in Sept. 2008 and they charged me a $375.00 early termination fee. Even after their sales rep agreed that my contract would not be for more than 6 months!! I am so angry that I will complain to every governmental office, BBB, that I can find. On our contract it does not say anywhere that we have a 2 year agreement, they told me that I should have read the "Terms and Conditions" on their website. That the 2 year agreement was not on their contract.
 21st of Sep, 2008 by   Friend 0 Votes
It really cracks me up to see these complaints... Woodforest National Bank is no different than any other banks...NSF charges are $32 there, where almost all other banks are $35.. If you overdraft your account, then it is your falt, not the banks... When you open an account it is explained to you that if a check is out of state or a large amount, there can be an 11 day hold... This is because people try to cash checks where the funds are not available very often, and it isnt very smart to just cash checks without verifying the funds... Most of the Woodforest banks are new, so the tellers must get an override from the managment, bc they have a $500.00 limit to start with... I havent read a good complaint yet. It sounds like everyone is not paying attention to their accounts, and then blaming it on the bank..One last thing..It is not the banks responsibility to watch over everyone's account...I have an account there and they are very convenient, and all seem pretty nice, I havent had any problems..
 22nd of Sep, 2008 by   Caroline 0 Votes
YES, other banks operate the same way. Actually, most other banks have raised their overdraft fees to at least $35 while WF has kept there's at $32. No bank closes an overdrawn account just because you tell them to. The wait on that is usually 30-60 days. Advice to the lady that let her friend borrow her card, go to small claims, because as far as I know the bank does not have to give you your money back when you LET someone dishonest borrow your card. The ignorance is yours.
Most other banks have the same hold policy on large checks as well. It's policy, to keep themselves from getting screwed. Which I would say is admirable. Look at all the other financial institutions going under. While Woodforest, only a couple months ago was named one of the best by FOX BUSINESS along side Wells Fargo.
My husband and I have been with WF for almost 3 years. The bank staff has always been nice and knowledgeable. The only screw up we've had to deal with was when I re-ordered my debit card to say my new last name, the main branch kept sending me one with my maiden. But I can honestly say after watching them order it 3 times, it wasn't the local crew, it was the main office.
 29th of Sep, 2008 by   gfreely 0 Votes
I do not like these practices and have been victimized by them at several banks in the past. What was described regarding Woodforest happened to me at Wells Fargo and SouthTrust (now BoA). So I must give Confused acknowledgement that a lot of these complaints are not specific to any bank, but rather general practices throughout the industry.
I *completely* understand the concept of banks holding out for the NSF charges. I part ways with Confused on that point. I have seen it many times and even been told such by a branch manager of an institution I formerly banked with. The banks are in business to make money. A few extra NSFs may bury one of us individually, but it's like skimming pennies off the top to these huge companies. And when they do it a few million times, it adds up to a tidy side income. (ala Superman 3)
I, for one, am just about fed up with these institutions who run so much of our lives, yet leave us with so little control. I am about ready to forgo the whole industry and work with cash and a reloadable debit card. But like everything else in this country, it is almost impossible to survive without them. It's almost like this years election, choosing between sticking your head in the toilet...or straight into the sewer...you get S%*& on either way, only one is a little less drastic.
 7th of Oct, 2008 by   John G. 0 Votes
Cathy Dailey, your banking experience must have been in the mail room. Blank cashier's checks aren't just handed to people who ask for them. Formal request for them must be completed. The check itself, being an official check of the bank, must be signed by an authorized employee of the bank. Sounds like your mom has other problems besides the bank involving theft of her identity.
 28th of Oct, 2008 by   Shon 0 Votes
I don't disagree with any of the previous statements...whether they agree or disagree. I would just like to add that Woddforest is not the only bank that has irresponsible, uneducated, and unprofessional people working for them. They may be in the top 5 but Wachovia fall surpasses them. The only difference is that Wachovia has a bit more man power to cover up their junk.
 12th of Nov, 2008 by   shelley 0 Votes
I LOVE WOODFOREST. I have 9 accounts with them and have had nothing but excellent service. My account got overdrafted during the recent hurricane bc i couldn't get internet to transfer money. I emailed them and the next day the money was in my account. I have my personal, business, savings, children's savings accounts and my merchant service account with them and have never, ever had one single complaint with them. I have been banking there for about 10 years. I refer/recommend them to everyone, and they are all satisfied. Usually any unfortunate incidents are usually the customer not paying attention to their own accounts or details. At one time I transferred my merchant account to chase bank bc of promises of lower rates...NOW THERE'S A SUCKY, SUCKY, SUCKY BANK/COMPANY. I would not recommend Chase to anyone. They are pitiful, pathetic, and a bunch of idiots. I do, however, LOVE WOODFOREST!!
 14th of Nov, 2008 by   Nichole 0 Votes
My husband started working at this bank as a career change, he had previously been prosperous in his last career. He was somewhat excited due to he had always wanted to pursue the banking industry and there was a management position open with this company and he was coming from a management position in a different field. The branch opening was the first in our area so we really had not much knowledge about the bank itself. I am here to tell you this bank is a nightmare. The branch manager that he was working under was the worst example of a manager I have even seen. The first time I met her she showed up 1 1/2 hour last for dinner and was dressed completely inappropriately. She would show up on most days at 1 and 3 pm when on the schedule for 9am. As assistant, my husband was told it wasn't any of his business what time she came in because she didn't answer to him. Things got really bad when he discovered the manager was having an affair with another employee there. It was at that time she wanted him out, she stated nothing was going to make her lose her job. So if this is how the manager is operating, can you imagine the branch. You're only as good as your leader. Not much else to say!!! She is still the manager!!
 16th of Nov, 2008 by   seriously? 0 Votes
Nichole? Are you kidding me? Seriously? That kind of comment is inappropriate and not called for on a site like this. If your husband had half a brain he would have gone over her head to the regional manager, and actually as assistant manager that would be his job. This has nothing to do with customer service, this is a personal issue within the employees at the bank, of which you aren't even one. Sounds to me like you're jealous of this manager. Think maybe she's having an affair with your husband too or something? Grow up. These kinds of slanderous posts are high school material. I can only hope your husband, as assistant manager, is not as childish and immature as you.
 28th of Nov, 2008 by   M Kaiser 0 Votes
This bank is ran by totally incompetent people!!! I went to my Woodforest Branch in Brownsburg, Indiana Wal-Mart on Monday 11/24/2008 in order to make a deposit. The teller at the counter, Matthew Wittmer, took one look at the check which was for $11, 000.00 and said he didn't know how to do this so he got the Branch Manager, Nick Banks to help. It took 40 minutes to make this deposit. I was not trying to withdrawal one dime from my account only deposit the check. Mr. Banks actually asked me what the check was for! (It was an insurance settlement as if it was any of his business!) I actually had to produce a copy of the settlement agreement which he took "in order to verify funds". The check was drawn on Wachovia and was a computer generated check (still attached to the payment stub). Several minutes of these people typing into their computers, checking a microfiche computer and running into the back room with their cell phones while I continued to stand at the counter. Mr. Banks then informed me they could not "verify funds" and they would have to put an 11 day hold on the check (which was acutually 2 1/2 weeks!) They actually printed out a form that said they did not feel the check would clear since they couldn't verify funds!!! The next day I called the Customer Service line and first spoke with Andre and then Toni who assured me someone would get back to me within 24 hours. About 2 hours later Brandy Smith called telling me she was a regional manager and when I explained it had taken a ridiculously long time to just make a deposit - not to make any sort of withdrawl she promised she would counsel the employees and explained to me when the check clears the hold would be lifted from my account. She said the employees would continue to "try to verify funds" so the hold could be lifted and would follow up with me on Friday (Thursday was Thanksgiving). Friday afternoon at 4:06pm Nick Banks called and told me he was following up as his boss Brandy Smith had instructed and told me he and his employees have tried every number they have for Wachovia and could not "verify funds". When I asked how will they know if the check clears he said they wouldn't- they would just have to wait for the 11 days to see if Wachovia sends a notice the check will not clear so therefore they will not be able to release the hold. When I t0ld him that was ridiculous he told me I was welcome to try any of the numbers he had to try to see if I could do any better!!! When I hung up the phone I sat down at my computer and punched in Wachovia and got their home page which had their customer service number on it. I called their 800 number and spoke with a Michael who gave me the business accounts toll free number. I immediately called that number and since I was smart enough to have made a copy of the check before taking it to Woodforest I was able to give Rich the account number and the check number and he was able to "verify" the check actually cleared 11/25/2008 -24 HOURS AFTER I DEPOSITED IT IN WOODFOREST BANK!!! So I called Nick Banks back to tell him the information I was able to get in about 5 minutes and told him the telephone numbers etc to call so he could do his "verification". I gave him about 10 minutes and called back. He said he had talked to Michael at Wachovia and found out YES INDEED the check cleared Wachovia on Tuesday 11/25/2008 and he was going to put a call in to Brandy Smith to see about having the hold lifted from my account and assured me either he or Brandy would call me back. I actually had Brandy's number and left a message on her voicemail stating how quickly I could find out the check had cleared and it took her inept employees four days!!! Needless to say I still haven't heard back from either Nick Banks or Brandy Smith regarding the lifting of the hold from my account. Talk about poor customer service! Woodforest has $11, 000.00 of my money and refuses me access to it!!! If you hold people hostage you go to jail - shouldn't this be a crime as well????
 30th of Nov, 2008 by   seriously? 0 Votes
Nope. It shouldn't. Any sane bank would put an 11, 000 dollar check on hold. Can I ask what your average collected balance is? Probably way less than 11k. It's just the way it goes. IF you wanted it cashed quicker you should have gone to wichovia. It's a very large check. Any bank would have put it on hold. That's how the business runs. All banking. Not just Woodforest.
 4th of Dec, 2008 by   Harold E. Edwards 0 Votes
A bank charging their customer to use their own ATM, is a bad sign!
for worst things to come.
A bank that charges you a fee to help you correct problems that are there fault, is definately a bad sign.
A bank that takes money from you by any means under-handed, is opportunistic!

Don't like them!, take the rest of your money out
& run like hell!
 16th of Dec, 2008 by   jkl_86 0 Votes
Really people. Everything I have read so far sucks. Woodfrest is like any other bank. Actually they charge less than other banks... Haven't you heard other banks and about to be changing their rates to 40+ dollars. Woodforest is staying in the low 30s. All these complaints are YOUR doing not the banks. The bank works with you when they can. I have seem some poor managers at other banks too. Also, other bank are way less personable. What bank can you go in to where most the staff knows you by name?
 23rd of Dec, 2008 by   JayB 0 Votes
I totally agree that these nim wits are morons. what are the qualifications to work here? Breathing? I had a transaction go thru my account 9 times from a company. the bank paid it. well in that sense it caused everything else to overdraft. the company returned the funds BUT the bank still screwed me over with over draft fees etc etc.I think im better off putting my money in a coffee can and burying it in the yard.
 23rd of Dec, 2008 by   A Guy From Texas 0 Votes
Look, whomever the bank serves is their right as a bank and the customers right to choose.
I'm know bigger banks that serve the same type of people and worse types of people.
With CEO's that are draining the banks they serve, I'm completely happy with a smaller bank with a good set of books.
Everyone has the option to choose a bank, so if you dislike Woodforest choose someone else.

All banks asess charges to accounts that rightfully deserve to be charged, it's ridiculous to think that a bank sporadically charges erroneous fees.
 23rd of Dec, 2008 by   TheMrs 0 Votes
Well people, here is my experience and this just happened not 20 minutes ago! I went to the Woodforest in the Walmart in Mechanicsville Va to open a secondary account as I have a joint account with my spouse with a larger bank. Prior to visiting the bank, I reviewed the disclosure and requirements on line so I went in knowing exactly what I wanted/needed. I simply wanted to open a checking account. I brought in all the indentifying information necessary to establish the account. Who knew that it would take the entire staff to open this account! First, the teller said she couldn't verify my identity because my Drivers' License number wasn't my social security number...YOU IDIOT, ITS MY DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER! so she then proceeded to get someone whom was suppose to be a "lead teller" to assist. This lead teller person explained to the young lady the different between the numbers and why the didn't match (wow) however she also told me she couldn't verify my identity because my work ID did not have the name of the company that I worked for on it. This is when I really began to get frustrated. I finally asked to speak with the branch manager. I spoke with this male whom identified himself as the manager and was finally able to verify that I am who my driver's license, social security and work ID say I am. Once the account had been established, I proceeded to make my initial deposit which was a cash deposit in the amount of $250.00. At this point, I was a little frustrated that it had taken almost 2 hours to get this account set up but hey, it was finally done. I walked out of the store with the account, starter checks, and a few free gifts. Once I got to my car, I proceeded to put my new account information away. Something made me look at the deposit receipt that I was given...THESE IDIOTS PLACED A 10 BUSINESS DAY HOLD ON MY DEPOSIT!!! meaning that if I needed to access these funds, I would not be able to do so until 01/09/2009!!! I immediately returned to the branch and asked the branch manager the reasoning for the hold. He explained that with all new accounts, inital check deposits are placed on hold while the funds are verified and if possible, he would be happy to release the hold prior to the 9th if they were able to verify the funds prior to that date. I stated to the branch manager that his statement made 100% sense to me on a check deposit...BUT MY INITIAL DEPOSIT WAS CASH, WHY WOULD A CASH DEPOSIT BE PLACED ON HOLD???? This idiot proceeded to tell me that all new accounts have a standard hold in place to verify funds regardless of the method of the initial deposit. So I asked this idiot standing in front of me, how do you presume you will be able to verify if my CASH DEPOSIT is any good? With a blank face, he just looked at me and said we will verify it again funds within the bank. I WAS FLOORED! I immediately requested to close my account and have my $250.00 of unverifiable cash returned to me. I've read alot of the comments posted and I agree that alot of the errors are not the bank but the consumer, but all of you Woodforest supporters, you tell me, how in anyway was this my error with the exception of considering this bank as an option??????????
 19th of Feb, 2009 by   donna allison 0 Votes
i had a very large su m of money in my account, and because of a bank mgr.by the name of daniel white at the gaffney, sc branch had a dispute with my daughter, he put a negative balance on my account and stole my money.he said he wanted to get my attention, he got it and also my money.do not put any money in that bank, they are crooks, also the people in texas told me they would fix it but never did and they will not give you thier last names, afraid of a lawsuit.
 27th of Feb, 2009 by   Friend 0 Votes
The Mrs...
I find it hard to believe what you are saying...I doubt that there is anyone working at woodforest that doesnt know the difference between a DL and a SS number..Expicially since we open 5-10 accounts a day..so i doubt that yours would have been the first...I also know that cash is never put on hold..I open plenty of accounts everyday, and it takes about 15 min to open an account on average...Most of these complaints are foolish..To blame a bank for giving you a fee when it is your fault doesnt make sense...If you keep up with your account and know how much money you have, it shouldnt matter how long it takes for the funds to clear from your account, bc you have already taken that into account...I know that sometimes there are holds on checks, but that is because we have dozens of bad checks that come in every day...EVERYDAY...so it is smart to hold them considering most people blame the bank for this...My advice for you is to compare Woodforest to other banks..I have worked for Wachovia and RBC bank and our policies are no different..They also put the largest items through first, and charge NSF fees...But when comparing banks, we are open a few hours later every day, and open 364 days a year.. We make everyday is a business days, and make "most" deposits available right away...Every bank is going to have customers that are irresponsible and blame the bank for their mistakes..
 7th of Mar, 2009 by   warg 0 Votes
Bought MasterCard giftcard from Woodforest for 100.00(they charge 5.00 for the card). Since they are open much later than the Chase bank, where I purchase Visa giftcards, I decided to try this option. Bad mistake! The first attempted transaction was an international purchase that was denied. The terms and conditions say that even though it is primarily for use in the U.S., it can be used outside the country. I understand that under the terms and conditions I am liable for the exhange rate and the exchange rate ajustment fee or fees. All of this doesn't matter because it is denied 3x by the company outside of the U.S.. Fine, this card is not the same as Chase's Visa giftcard, but the manager on duty told me I could get a refund if the card did not work in the capacity needed. When I tried to get a refund the next day, a different manager told me I would have to send the card back to the main office with a written request to get my money back. And the fee for this? It would be 15.00usd to get my money back. The manager then told me he could transfer the funds to a different card that might work for 10.00usd! What! He flat out refused to refund my money. He then made several calls to people higher-up on the food chain, but ultimately said that he could not give my money back. I decided to just keep the card and use it for other purposes-gas, food, etc. I tried to use the card at a gas station, took the card to the cashier, and it was denied after 3 attempts to verify it. Now I'm really getting mad! I call the number on the card and make sure there is 100.00usd on it, which there is. This time I was going to get my money back! I took the card to Wal-Mart where this little bank is located and tried to buy a box of corn flakes. Guess what? Denied again! So, with this new information I go back into the bank. This time the manager that assured me I could get my money refunded when I purchased it was on duty. After 15 minutes of trying to figure out why the card would not work, he refunded my 100 plus the 5 it cost me. Why did the other manager give me such a hard time? Why did he have to make 2 phone calls to this guys 0? The guy that gave me my money back wanted to do the right thing, and did. The other guy assumed that I was ignorant of the terms and conditions of the card, and was more concerned about making a profit off of me. A 5 dollar, 10 dollar, or a 15 dollar profit, he wanted something for somebody instead of returning what rightfully belonged to me. Thank you Josh, for giving me my money back. Nathan, learn from Josh. Provide good customer service when it will not cost you or your bank a penny.
 7th of Mar, 2009 by   cheryl 0 Votes
I cannot wait to get out of Woodforest! I have a checking account in New Bern NC. While I understadn that someone is saying there is not a minimum balance, you are wrong, according to Woodforest, there is. I have been charged so many random fees. (I have looked over through online banking in the last year.) Some months they charge me $7 and change, sometimes $13 and change, and sometimes $5 and change. The charges are always listed as 'service fees' I have also noticed that the bank intentionally holds our pay checks (direct deposit) whne there are other transactions (autamatic payments, that are always set for the same day. For example, I get paid the last day of the month. I have 2 bills set up to come out on the 3rd. Every month for the last 3 months, I have been charged overdraft fees for those payments, even though my pay check is far greater than those two bills. According to the bank, those transactions are charged because Woodforest enters them in the system automatically a few days before they come out...immediately before entering my paycheck, usually just an hour apart. I asked if I could change the payments to the 5th to avoid this, they said they would continue to enter them in the order that they do now. Sounds like a ploy to get money from me every month. Also, their fee for these charges went from $32 to $35 without notice.
We have dealt with their holding checks as well, when we have checks to deposit, regardless of the amount, they will hold it until they feel like putting it in. While they tell us 10 days, it is generally more like 15. This is by far the worst bank I have dealt with, and as soon as I can change my husbands and my direct deposit info into the new account I opened elsewhere, I will leave Woodforest. If you are considering opening an account there, don't waste your time.

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