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Western Union, Englewood, Colorado Complaints & Reviews - Banned from using service

Western Union Contacts & Informations

Western Union

Posted:    TSRaven25

Banned from using service

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 11 votes
Contact information:
Western Union
12500 East Belford Ave.
Englewood, Colorado
United States
Phone: 1-720-332-1000
After having made transfers internationally using Western Union for three and a half years with absolutely no problems whatsoever, with an average of three to four transfers per month, I attempted to make another online transfer and the website told me to call a representative. After doing so, I was informed by the representative that I am no longer permitted to use their service now or in the future. I seek an explanation from the representative but he says he cannot say and for me to write to an address but that it will take months for a reply if I get one at all. The rep claims there is a very good reason for the permanent denial of service but refused to say what that reason was.

This is unbelievable. It is unfair business practice. It is tantamount to accusing someone of something and not specifying for what they are accused. Western Union has benefited from my business for the past three and a half years, and now they refuse to even answer why they permanently bar me from using their service? They are an irresponsible company. They show no consideration for their customers. They claim to have corporate integrity as specified on their website that they "do business each day with an absolute commitment to ethics, honesty and credibility", and that their "employees and Agents foster trust, so [their] consumers are confident their transactions are fast and reliable."

This is false.

Western Union has prevented someone from supporting their loves ones. They have made them encounter hardship. No food, no water, no electricity. And for what reason? What justification?

Western Union offers none, and Western Union offers no means for conflict resolution, so that any misunderstanding may be clarified. This is irresponsible.

Western Union is an irresponsible company because it acts without consideration for its customers. Western Union places corporate interests above those of serving the needs of its customers. If Western Union is going to impose bans on customers, then as a company it is ethically and morally obligated to identify the reason, justify the reason, and provide evidence to substantiate the reason, otherwise it is arbitrary. If it cannot do those things, it acts without integrity, without consideration, and with a blatant disregard for the welfare of its customers and their loved ones.

I strongly discourage anyone from using Western Union. Even after three and a half years of using their service without any problems, they will for reasons they will not disclose block, ban, or otherwise bar you from using their service as it so interests them. Based on my personal experience, they conduct themselves with unfair business practices and should be avoided. There are other money transfer services that act with significantly more integrity, lower fees and better exchange rates than Western Union.
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 24th of Dec, 2013 by   Unhappy Ron -1 Votes
I was banned because I was a part of a class action lawsuit against Western Union that they lost. Soon after the ruling I was banned from using Western Union to send or receive money. Is this legal? It seems like revenge to me.
 17th of Mar, 2014 by   Small Biz can't rely on WU payments -1 Votes
Our company has had every employee banned now and NEVER have we been provided a single reason for any of our people being banned. Moneygram is way better but has a smaller reach. The unfair business practices and extremely poor customer service provided to business accepting this WU payments mean you can't count on this business and if you use them make sure you get your money before they ban you don't leave it with them and collect it later!
 14th of Dec, 2014 by   Bagawire1951 0 Votes
I certainly agree with TSRaven25 as I have experienced the same unreasonable actions from Western Union after sending money to my relatives for the past 5 years now...there should be a way to galvanize the population to fight back against Western Union whether be a Class Action suit or department of Professional regulations that governs their license. I often wonder if upper management is aware of their practice or is this a cavalier action by their security department?..there needs to me a movement to expose this practice because I am sure thousands of customers have been victims of this which was an intent to stop radical groups from funding their operations and money laundering and its the honest customers who are targeted in the effort for their security department I believe to justify their employment...this is really total injustice indeed!
 23rd of Jan, 2015 by   kirk ward 0 Votes
I was banned from sending or receiving money from western union.the money I send is from my job and is for my wifes family in the phillipines.they depend on our financial help for food.i or my family have done absolutely nothing wrong.i have been using western union for years and have sent many thousands of dollars through this company.i totally agree with these post here on this web site.i think its disgusting what they do to people, also im very concerned that they put my name in a bad lite with my government.in this day and age who knows what will happen when homeland security looks at people who are banned from using western union.i intend on filing a complaint with nj dept.of banking, and also seeking an attorney to file a law suit against western union.if anybody has any information please help

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