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US Cash Advance, Houston, Texas Complaints & Reviews - payday loan

US Cash Advance Contacts & Informations

US Cash Advance

Posted: 2011-06-14 by    K. Dowthard

payday loan

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
Contact information:
wood law firm
20160 main street
Houston, Texas
United States
Phone: 713-559-1757
This company has been harrassing me saying I got a payday loan over internet, this is a scam I never received any loans period from the internet. These people barely speak english except for the amount you supposedly owe. I have filed a police report, and Federal Trade Commission report, this is a shame, and calling my job multiple times.
Comments United States Scam & Fake Checks
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 6th of Aug, 2010 by   annoyed31 0 Votes
I have been receiving multiple calls a day coming from several different numbers... The most recent was from 0000... I was left a nasty message from someone stating that I needed to call Tony Brown back NOW or have my attorney contact him now @ 919-424-5888 or all he could tell me was good luck..When i called back and asked to speak with Tony Brown, they couldn't find him & they stated that they would try to help me. They are stating that I took out a payday loan with this company..I told them that I didn't have any payday loans with this company and the man said that they were the mother company of a lot of other companies. When I asked him what company said that I had the loan he couldn't tell me.. He kept asking me what were my intentions on this matter... I told him I had none cause I didn't take out a loan with the company.. I hung up the phone and within 5 minutes, I received another call from the same company leaving yet another message this time stating that his name was Officer Mike Jones with the Bureau of Credit Investigations.. And that if I didn't return the call with my account number that they would put it in the system as a no intention response and have me picked up..This is the 2nd kind of call I have received..The first one said that I owed $30, 000 & this one today said I owed $545... How do these people get away with this and who can we contact to make it stop...This is not right.. It's funny too how the case #'s are the same...
 23rd of Aug, 2010 by   Suz_z 0 Votes
I, too, got a call like this just this morning. The area code of the number was 203. The person with the heavy accent was supposedly named Mr. Gibson. I did, in a moment of weakness, apply for some payday loans earlier this year online. Take my advice, do not never do this! I will be the example for you. This person had my date of birth and would only divulge the last 4 numbers of my social, but they were correct. He had a date that I received money, supposedly $300 that had bloomed into $634 that I "owe" them now. I never received money, I have access online and get texts every time something happens with my checking account and there is no record of receipt of any money, let alone exactly $300, on that date or any dates within 5 days + or - either way. I told the person that I didn't owe, he responded that I had made a legal contract and I owed it. He stated that the "case" would be "downloaded" and I could expect a warrant for my arrest within 2 days. Now, having said all that, I asked him questions to help him with his English to tell him what the terms were. He was using extremely general terms such as, "The law will have your name and will come to your address for you." I put the words "warrant" and "arrest" in his mouth. I hope I did not help them in making others' lives hell. I happen to have a lawyer on retainer at this point in time, and I had him call them. He confirmed it is a ridiculous scam. Please be aware of these scams. Any comments or suggestions of how to deal with these people so they will stop?
 28th of Jul, 2011 by   The Wheelers 0 Votes
I received a phone call this morning from, Albert Johnson, representing a law firm in California. He had such a thick middle eastern/indian accent it was difficult to understand him. He said I was being taken to The Supreme Court of California, for fraud and a few other charges, pertaining to a payday loan, in the amount of $3, 000.00 that I took out and never paid back. He said the paper work was being sent out, along with a warrant for my arrest. OR, I could pay back the $3, 000.00 plus his attorney fee of $450.00, right now, and no further action would be taken against me. I told him that I never took out this loan and asked if he could give me the Cash Advance phone number and loan number, so I could call them and get this straightened out. He didn't have any of this information. I told him I would have to look at my records and get back to him. I told my wife what the call was about and she said it sounds like a scam. Since when do attorneys go "looking for work"? When you are served with warrants, you don't get a call from a lawyer first, offering assistance. When I called them back, I spoke with several people, all claiming to be Albert Johnson, and I couldn't really understand them because of their accents. That's when I told them I needed to try and contact US Cas Advance myself, to resolve this. When I started to look up their phone number, I came across all of these complaints that were very similar to my experience. I'm sure they will be calling me again. It is a little unnerving to know these people had all of my personal inormation, ie. social, bank account, etc. They need to be stopped, but how?
 25th of Jan, 2012 by   Sharon Cosgrove 0 Votes
I agree we need to stop these people & I will do anything to stop them. Just let me know what I can do because the same problem is happening to me.
 23rd of Mar, 2012 by   Jerry Meschen 0 Votes
I just got the same call from george taylor saying he had to have the money today or they would send the police out with a warrant for my arrest, I call 911 and they refered me to the sheriff's office and there was no warrant!!! they have call at least 4 or 5 times harrassing me!!! DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY most companies will work with you and not threaten you with police maybe with going to court to make take care of the bill. Companies want there money if at all possible
 19th of Jul, 2012 by   K. Stewart 0 Votes
I received a call from Sr. Officer John 408.256.8021 that I took out a payday loan from US Cash Advance 2 weeks ago and a payment of $200 was August 1 and should be paid to Jonathan Mercado via Western Union in Tampa, Florida. When I asked for this information in writing I was advised that he (John) would call me back with the date & time that I should make this payment or they would sue me in a court of law. I have not taken out a payday loan from this company however this person had the last 4 of my social security number and my address. I believe that some type of legal action should be taken out against these people and I'm going to file a complaint with my state's attormney office. I will not be harassed for no reason especially for something that I didn't do.

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