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united lending services, New York, New York Complaints & Reviews - charging a fee for loan services

united lending services Contacts & Informations

united lending services

Posted: 2012-08-24 by    ruger09

charging a fee for loan services

Complaint Rating:  86 % with 92 votes
Contact information:
united lending services
244 5th avenue suite200
New York, New York
United States
I applied for a loan and they said I was approved. It would cost me 29.95 referral fee to get my account info. Loan contact is Bill McKinley Went online to support line and questions were answered bye It techs instead of loan staff. Charging a fee $28.00 to $48.00 to answer the questions. Is it illegal to charge for a loan up front? I have been scammed before in my younger days.To me this wire fraud. Do not have copy of loan approval-printer went out.
Comments United States Loans
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 27th of Aug, 2012 by   PaulaEd +1 Votes
I think you have the wrong company fool. They only charge me $29.95, an I DID get a loan for $3000.00 They r good people and they help me a lot.
 29th of Aug, 2012 by   mzfreshness -1 Votes
they did the same thing for me!...but im taking care of it...most people let it go but not me...glad my grandfather works for the government!
 29th of Aug, 2012 by   mzfreshness -1 Votes
I agree they did the same thing to me. Thank god my grandfather works for the government. Im not letting this go like most people would do so i hope they have a good lawyer.
 4th of Sep, 2012 by   PaulaEd +1 Votes
people lie on their applications and then expect miracles, dont lie on your application and you won't have a problem. If we didn't have BAD credit, we wouldn't need them.
 19th of Sep, 2012 by   Dray S. -1 Votes
I am thinking about using ULS for a loan but I'm really trying to find out if they are legit or not. I'm not afraid to admit I'm in need of assistants but i just don't want what little money I do have gets taken away from me by frauds.
 21st of Sep, 2012 by   kiki2007 0 Votes
I was going to do to it but now im not plus they are not accredited with the BBB
 1st of Oct, 2012 by   PaulaEd 0 Votes
They were fine, theres no problem, the bbb has some other united lending something is chicago, there even was a united lending in NY at some point, but isnt them. I got money!
 5th of Oct, 2012 by   aidansmommy08 0 Votes
How long did it take you to get the money after you paid the fee
 10th of Oct, 2012 by   ks1111 0 Votes
Paula-for the $3000.00 loan you received, how long do you have to pay it back and how much a month are your payments?
 10th of Oct, 2012 by   papa900 0 Votes
It look like another low life deadbeat consumer trying to get something free.
 12th of Oct, 2012 by   sberger58 0 Votes
united lending services is charging 29.95 for loan service that people can get by searching the internet. all of the loan companies that they have listed for me, i had already found by myself. (by the way, i have not been approved for a loan as of yet.)
 18th of Oct, 2012 by   TShark515 0 Votes
sorry to say they worked good for me... if you didnt get a loan through their service well your credit must really be shot. I only have a 590 credit score too. sberger: if you could have found the lenders using the internet, why didnt you? why did you use them. I'm happy with them. what do you want a blow job too?
 18th of Oct, 2012 by   shyra 0 Votes
I would like to get a loan from them but they say nothing about payments and interest rates. I am curious to hear from more people that have used them.
 21st of Oct, 2012 by   tishy79 0 Votes
I have just paid them $29.95 and am wondering how long it takes to get the money...I hope somebody can help me...thanks
 22nd of Oct, 2012 by   ShalaylaQ55 0 Votes
it was a good service. I did still have to contact those lenders but United Lending really came through. tishy I think you might be missing your account#/password they e-mailed, check your junk/spam folder otherwise contact them.

when I first signed up the e-mail got sent to my spam folder but I eventually found it.
 23rd of Oct, 2012 by   Donna Font 0 Votes
Do they really loan you the money? I have my doubts because there is no phone number to call. I want to do debt consolidation and just went through a divorce. Can anyone tell me how long it takes once I get the password information?
 25th of Oct, 2012 by   Darnel6550 0 Votes
no they don't loan you the money, they "MATCH" you to lenders who will but they do a good job. out of all the lenders 2 approved me, i got the loan so i the $29 was nothing. I spent more on a few gallons of gas to drive to the store.
 25th of Oct, 2012 by   PaulaEd 0 Votes
Hell Yeah!!! I got my L O A N!!!
 4th of Nov, 2012 by   ally0709 0 Votes
what are the interest rates and how long do you get to pay on it?
 25th of Nov, 2012 by   kitten71 0 Votes
I just applied and was accepted. Bob McKinley is listed as my contact person. I have not paid the fee yet because I wanted to make sure they were legit. I know they have been featured on Yahoo Finance and that gave me the confidence. BUT, I am wary over what I just saw on BBB. The first search I entered brought up a company in Chicago with an alert for advertising. I did another search and put in the exact address for NY and came up with the same complain that could not be settled. How coincidental is it that both companies have the same name, operate the same type of business and have the same 1 complaint? They could have relocated. But then i see all the positive reviews from people on here that got loans. I think I am gonna take a chance and pay the fee but I will not pay dime over what was advertised. They did say that if I didn't pay the $29.95 by Dec 2nd, the fee would increase to $99.95. I will let you folks know how it goes. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!!

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