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Quick to take your money, will not refund it

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I wanted to travel from where I am working, Naples, Italy to where my family is, Alabama. I wanted to go for my daughter's first Christmas.

I booked using Travelocity. I paid extra for paper tickets and more on top of that for overseas mailing address - even though it is a military post office and therefore, not considered overseas by the USPS.

My paper tickets did not arrive before my travel date. This is the first time I have arranged flight for myself, so I did not understand the significance of this. I had my itinerary and my reservation code. I figured they could print me new boarding passes and I would be off. I went to the airport early to take care of it.

I was told that I could not fly without purchasing new tickets. I couldn't believe it. I made them tell me three times. I finally believed the floor manager. I broke down, in public. A grown man crying because I thought I could not go home for my daughter's first Christmas. I explained that I could not afford to buy a new ticket, considering the price of the first one and what the last minute ticket would surely cost. The clerk explained that I would be buying the same ticket, same price. I could not really afford it, but I decided to risk it. Of course they wouldn't take my Discover Card. Italy remember? So I had to use my company travel card. So now I'm risking reprimand from my company, but they told me I could file for a refund.

Ok. I make the trip home. I find a quiet time and call Travelocity. I only had to wait in the queue for about 15 minutes and I spoke with a polite and helpful young man who informed me that I could request my refund through customer service and that I could scan and send them my receipt and an explanation of what happened, with my Trip ID number and that they would get me a refund.

So I sent them the scanned receipt and explained my problem. Ten minutes later a response. I couldn't believe it. On Christmas Eve too. Happy Holidays indeed! Nope. Just an automated message confirming receipt of my message.

Three days pass before I can check my mail. A courteously worded email with name and address and phone number requesting that I fax several things. I respond with a request for clarification and explain that I do not have access to a fax machine (costs 6-20 Euro to send a stateside fax from here.) Automated confirmation. Remarkably familiar courteously worded email with name and address and phone number requesting that I fax in several things (some are different from the first.)

So I made it really easy, I made a numbered list of my questions and sent it back. So far I have gotten about 4 different responses, mostly canned. The most recent telling me that they did not receive my scanned receipt and telling me that the Italian airline with which I traveled would take a year to process a refund.

I wept again. This time privately. Then I decided to respond, politely, and ask once again that they refund the FIRST ticket not the second one. Attached the scanned receipt again.

Then I went on the web to see if anyone else had had problems like this, and if so, how they got them resolved. Not an excessive number of hits if you consider the amount of business they must do.

But here's the common theme. Travelocity's customer service is very slow, extremely bureaucratic and they simply do not like to return your money. I did find another email address for their 100% guarantee department, and have sent an impassioned plea for help. I do not hold much hope.

Tomorrow I try to contact my credit card company to see if I can dispute the charge that way. Tomorrow night I will probably be posting on blogs across the blogosphere. Hmm, maybe if I pasted together all the email traffic and posted that on a Google page. (Yahoo Travel is where I started...turns out it's a front for Travelocity).
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 28th of Mar, 2007 by    0 Votes
I could not agree with you more. I traveled to Spain in DURING my stay there, Iberia created a charter service for local flights that is cheaper than their regular service. Well, guess what, they switched me to one of these flights without telling me and as it turns out, and if you travel internationally you know what I'm talking about, now I'm on a national flight that conects to an international flight. Duty free is not a problem...checking my bags out four times and back in IS! As is the additional 140Euros I had to pay for excess baggage. See it turns out that although I was connecting to an international flight, I was no longer on a fully booked connection, so my weight limit was national. I tried to go through Iberia, but they sent out confirmations to all travel agents, IE Travelocity, to inform their clients, which Travelocity of course did not do. So Iberia has washed their hands of it. Travelocity has asked me to send all sorts of information via fax and email. They said they would consider my case and although they could not reimburse my full expense as I'd already flown (no, really, I guess they expected me to stay in Seville until this was solved), but that they could probably reimburse the fees. My last contact was in December. It's now the end of March and still no word. I can't get a hold of consumer relations because my emails to them are now bouncing back... I wonder if they've identified my email address and are just rejecting them automatically? Anyway, can't get a hold of anyone willing to tell me if they will refund what I had to pay since technically it would not have been charged had I been on the international flight that I booked to begin with. In short, if anyone has any ideas on how to deal with this in a matter that is legal and won't get me locked up for killing someone, please let me know.
 20th of May, 2007 by    0 Votes
In this day and age of online purchase, consumers are exposed to unscrupulous practices from faceless vendors. Unwary consumers are left to deal with inconveniences, ripoffs without any recourse.

Complaintsboard is the right forum to expose such practices. It could be of further benefits to the electronic citizens by offering tools to hold vendors accountable for their actions, knowing that legal advices are not allowed.

A good first step would be a link to organizations that regulate this commerce, state and federal offices that can take action against false claims, switch and bait practices, denial of services. It would provide means to effectively file complaints beyond the ineffective contacts of irresponsible vendors who never intend to make things right in the first place because they rather spend the resources on fattening their bottom lines without a trace of human decency.

I feel for those who are ripped off and hope that they can find a fair solution to their problems. We all try to make our money go a little farther (definitely not a situation where greed leads someone to try to buy a $1000 item for $1) and don't deserve to be "legally robbed." I call it legal robbery because the gray area in the contracts doesn't protect the unwary consumers who do not read the fine line (nobody in the right mind would read 10 pages of fine prints on every benign purchase) , can't afford the time or find it economically feasible to fight in the legal arena.

Good luck.
 28th of Jun, 2007 by    0 Votes

TraveloCity - No customer service!
United States

After over 1 ½ hours on the phone most of it on hold with Travelocity VIP customer service which is in India I had no assistance.

I was notified by phone after printing out my boarding pass with American Airlines that my flight was canceled. I called Travelocity and on another phone my husband called American Airlines. When I finally got a Travelocity person they informed me that my flight was not canceled. But in viewing my stuff on the Travelocity it showed the flight canceled. After finally getting them to look at the Travelocity instead of where they were looking they were able to see the flight canceled. They assisted in no way in trying to get us another flight. We did this on our own with the American Airline Represented.

Since our new flight was not getting us to our location on the same day we had to try and redo the vehicle booking through Travelocity/Alamo. Well the VIP representative for Travelocity did this for us by we lost the day rate we received months prior. The VIP representative could not explain this and when we asked for a supervisor, she informed us they did not have one now but if I left the number one would call us in 24 hours. Since we will be gone to our destination this was no help. I called Alamo direct and they will honor the rate.

 30th of Aug, 2007 by    0 Votes

Travelocity - Getting customer service is impossible
United States

Travelocity should be ashamed of itself. It must be so big that they just aren't worried about pissing people off. Like others, I have waited on hold for countless hours to talk to an outsourced customer service representative who will promise the moon and give nothing.

We had to change the dates of our vacation package and although they changed the flight, they never bothered to change the hotel so that the day before we were to leave we had no place to stay. The "customer service" guy told me that we should go ahead and book another hotel through travelocity and that he would refund the original. Naturally this has never happened. I have received numerous emails telling me how my situation will be looked into and someone will contact me. What a crock! Let's get a class action suit against these thieves and put them out of business!
 7th of Sep, 2007 by    +1 Votes

Travelocity - Deceptive ticket sales!
United States

I recently purchase two round trip tickets from Amsterdam to Johannasburg. When I claim my airline miles, over 5200 per ticket, the airline only awarded 1/2 mileage because Travelocity sells 'T' class tickets as economy tickets. They get a price break which is not passed on in the ticket price. There was no documentation of this pricing or class of ticket until after I claimed my mileage from the airline. I will never buy another ticket from Travelocity!!!
 29th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
Has anyone been able to get a refund from Travelocity??? They stole $500 from my husband by issuing paper tickets for a hard-earned trip to visit family in Samoa. Travelocity told us the interisland leg of the trip, between Am Samoa and Samoa required paper tickets. However, upon checking in at the airport were told by the airlines that the paper tickets were no good. Travelocity puts on a front to being sooo helpful on the phone, but now four months later we are still waiting for our refund. We want our money, a demand letter was sent over a month ago, of course they did not respond. We will continue to look for ways to proceed and warn others. And we will never trust Travelocity again.
 14th of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
Travelocity gave me a guaranteed reservation for 3 nights at the Greenview Hotel in Miami Beach, FL. We get there and the hotel decided not to honor our reservation or those of at lease 7 other guests that we know of. They tried to move us to their sub-par, under reconstruction property 5 miles away and we did not have a car. You call Travelocity... India... and they say they will assist. They guarantee they will make your experience a good one... acutally, later... after more than 10 calls and emails... turns out they guarantee that they will try to make the hotel make you happy. In our case the hotel people were/are bad apples and all Travelocity can say is... we guaranteed we'd try and help but we are not responsible for anything. Sorry for the inconvenience. Sorry the only room you could find cost 3 times as much and that you are out more than $700. And yes, Travelocity is still happy to make you a reservation at the Greenview Hotel... they want to make money on you.
 28th of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes
Hey Ronald
I don’t agree with your view about mileage problem with airline and blaming travelocity for it.
I will tell reason why u brought ticket from travelocity reason they offer best price, as this ticket are for lower fare airline doesn’t honor passengers full mileage on them that the reason as ticket u brought would be a bulk deal between agency and airline.

With regards
 30th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have just had a very similar experience with travelocity via New Delhi, India. I cannot believe what a scam they get away with. There is no accountability whatsoever. I made a reservation that was billed to my credit card, received an intinerary, and then they cancelled it a half an hour later. I called them in India and they transferred me 5 times over 1 1/2 hours, and I still got nowhere. I demanded that I get rebooked for the same price on the same flight, but mysteriously the price had gone up by $500. I spoke to at least two supervisors, and they all ended up passing me off on someone else. Not one person was able to give me the name and phone number of a person that I could talk to later about the issue. I am completely outraged by this system.

Where does this end? The guy in India is probably making $30 a month while the corporate fat cats are sipping cognac. It is totally disgusting, and there is no recourse for the customer whatsoever.

Are there any formal groups or organizations that are addressing this kind of scam?
 19th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
The fees are unacceptable and i will never use them again and will never refer them to anyone.
 21st of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
Travelocity has very poor customer service. I called and spoke to a person I could hardly understand because of her thick accent. Moments later I was switched to a person trying to sell me airline tickets to China. I then called customer service again only to have another person I could not understand again. I requested to speak to her supervisor, after thirty minutes I was transfered to a person from a Travelocity department that only did bookings for five or more nights stay. Needless to say I never got the service promised on the Travelocity commercials. They don't do things right!
 7th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
I too am still waiting for a $876 refund from Travelocity. Two months ago, after numerous, hourlong calls, I received an email saying that my refund was "being processed". Since then, nothing has happened. The email is one that says "Do not reply". I've been waiting to see if the refund would appear on my credit card statement--it hasn't and I'm trying to steel myself for another round of frustrating calls.

Do they ever refund money?
 15th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
My mother-in-law was diagnosed with a brain tumor 5 days prior to taking a trip to Atlanta. I contacted Travelocity with the necessary paperwork from the physician. I followed up with 4 emails and a fax. They told me someone would call us back within 48 to 72 hours. I have not heard anything yet. This is a awful company and I would suggest that no one goes through this company. I am currently on hold with them and they just told me they have nothing on file besides "they're still waiting for our paper work to be sent to them". THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS!!!
 30th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
I booked an international flight on Travelocity in April for departure at the end of June. 3 weeks prior to my departure I received an email from Travelocity stating my flight was changed significantly and I must call customer support. I called them immediately. The rep I spoke with told me to disregard the message I received because it was an internal error and my flight is still as scheduled. I asked her to please send me confirmation of my itinerary to ensure there isn't a problem.

After a couple days I still had not received the email confirming my flight, so I called them to double check on my flight. Good thing I called them again, because the flight to my final destination had been cancelled! After spending 2 hours on the phone with them, they told me I had 3 options: 1) I could get a full refund, 2) I could leave a day earlier or a day later on the same airline at the same fare, or 3) they could book me on another airline at an additional cost. If I left a day earlier I would have to take another day off of work, pay for a hotel room when I arrive at my destination, and wait for my travel partner to arrive the next day. Either way, I am stuck paying more $$ for my trip.

Since I was done dealing with Travelocity and the language barrier in their "customer care" department, I decided I would get a full refund and go directly to the airline. After spending nearly an hour on the phone with Travelocity again, the agent said he would cancelled my flight, I would be issued a refund, and he would send me an email to confirm. I thought great, I can finally move on with this! I found another flight only $80 more than the original flight, called Continental Airlines (great service!), and had them hold my reservation for 24 hrs until I receive confirmation from Travelocity that I will be getting my refund.

24hrs pass and I still did not have an email from Travelocity. They informed me that I will not recieve the email confirming my refund for up to 48hrs and my refund will take to 30 days. I asked if there was any way I can receive an email sooner than that, because the airline will not hold my reservation much longer. The Travelocity rep then proceeded to tell me I was lying to him about my flight being held by Continental and there is no way any airline would do that for a customer. Upset by his response, I asked to speak to his supervisor. The agent said he would be tranferring me, but hung up on me instead.

As of right now, I do not have a ticket for my trip. Continental has issued another 24hr hold for me, but will not be able to hold my reservation longer than that. I am supposed to receive an email from Travelocity confirming my refund in 24 hrs. After reading the other customer reviews, I am afraid I will not receive a response from Travelocity confirming the refund so I can book my flight on Continental, and I am afraid I will not receive my $700 refund within the 30 days as I was told.

I will NEVER use Travelocity again or any third party for that matter. ALAWAYS BOOK DIRECT!
 18th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
I will never NEVER use Travelocity again.

I was on the phone with customer service for 3 hours -- just trying to get my boss upgraded to 1st class for his return flight.

Sounds simple, right?

3 hours and NOTHING. I was begging the agents to please help me so I wouldn't get fired.

Honestly, it was easier just to call UA directly and purchase ANOTHER 1st class ticket with my personal credit card.

For all of this, Travelocity said they would waive a $30 change fee. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
 22nd of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
On a recent delay out of Tucson I called the Travelocity customer service twice and could not understand the agents. I tried to send Travelocity a comment and their comment page would not execute. I guess they do not want any customer comments.
 9th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Oh wow. We have had such similar experiences with Travelocity. Their customer care and customer response teams are the worst. I waited DAYS to hear from them when our travel needs were only a few weeks away. I had to call them over and over. Only to finally get a call with yet another canned response from someone who didn't read anything about my customer complaints. They don't return money. I had a really legitimate complaint and should have been refunded but they simply put the responsibility on the airline that it's the airline's fee and they can't do anything about it. It really is a big scam. I will NEVER use them again. I only someone would shut them down so this wouldn't happen to all of these good people. We lost hundreds of dollars. I'm going to open complaints with the BBB.
 20th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes

Travelocity / Travel - Terrible Service
United States

Travelocity is terrible stay away from this place!!! Tried to purchase tickets through their web site and after they put 3 authorizations against my account for the same 5 tickest and sent me an itinerary they called me and said they couldn't comfirm my tickets because there was a problem with the names of the travelers. I put this in on line so I went back and looked at my itinerary they sent me and the names were correct but they had them all messed up on their system. Then they sent me another confirmation and itinerary only to call my phone and say they couldn't confirm my tickets because of name issues so I called them back and worked it all out again only to have them call about 4 hours later and tell me that they still wasn't able to confirm my tickets and that I needed to call the airline myself. WHAT!!! Isn't this their job. So I told him that since they had already put authorizations on my account I would just call my credit card company and he said that they hadn't done that. So I told him to cancel my tickets to which he then stated he could do that and at no fee and to expect it to take up to 24 hours to get my money back and the authorizations released from my card. WHAT THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU DID'T DO THAT!!! So I asked for the persons name helping me and he said George uh uh uh Smith and I said no that isn't correct because I can tell you either aren't in the US or at least not from here and then I asked for his ID number so I could call and talk to a supervisor and he hung up on me. NEVER USE THIS TRAVEL COMPANY!!!
 16th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes

TraveloCity - Awful customer service and policiies
United States

I booked an exact flight (same airline, times, days, etc...) that two to three days later sold for $418 per ticket x 2 as opposed to the 471.80 I paid. When I called Travelocity to request a refund of the difference, they said there was noting they could do. They suggested that I call Delta (the airline) directly even though both their phone recordings (I was on hold for over 15 minutes the first time I called them and on the line for another 15 minutes or so) and their written promises of advocacy. I contacted Delta who indicated that had I booked directly with them the would have honored the lower price. Also Orbitz guarantees that if at any time another customer purchases an identical flight they will monitor such purchases and automatically send a check for the refunded difference. Delta suggested I contact Travelocity again, which I did. Again I held 15 minutes for one representative (who lied about the current price being displayed), 15 minutes for another, who then had me on hold for nearly another 30 minutes. Ultimately, nothing was done to correct the price differential, nor was anything else done as a gesture of positive customer service.

Beware of Travelocity and avoid booking with them whenever possible.
 17th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
TRAVELOCITY is the WORST travel business I have ever had to deal with!!! EXPEDIA for now on!!!

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