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Tracfone Complaints & Reviews - Terrible company to do business with

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Posted:    Valerie

Terrible company to do business with

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
TracFone - www.tracfone.com

This company is the most terrible i've ever experienced and has HORRIBLE customer service. I tried to add minutes to my phone on the 17th and a computer message told me I had to call customer service. After speaking to customer service I was informed that my phone I have at present (Motorola V60i) needed to be upgraded to work on their network. (THIS IS THE 2ND TIME I'VE HAD TO DO THIS IN 3 YEARS)...My new (refurbished) phone was sent to me and arrived in 4 days. For this time period I no longer had phone service and was out $20.00 dollars for a card. Even though THEY could not provide me with service and FORCED me to upgrade for the SECOND time they stated the do not give refunds. So i'm charged for a service I am NOT RECEIVING. After getting my "refurbished" phone for a replacement to the NEW ONE I paid $80.00 dollars for 3 years ago, I could STILL not get service. I spent nearly 3-4 hours on phone with "customer service" as they call it. Some customer service,..treated me very rudely as if I didn't know how to use my cellphone that i've operated for a total of 5-6 years. Made me enter numerous codes in phone, took two calls to them JUST to get my minutes transferred and THEN they gave away my old number (which numerous people possess). I was furious, I asked them why they gave my number away. They stated my phone service expired. I told them, your computer would not let me add minutes to my phone without upgrading the model and you still gave away my number? To date its been 24 hours. I STILL HAVE NO SERVICE. Oh sure, my minutes show, and I have a new number that is friggen USELESS to me (all friends and family have old number)and STILL HAVE NO SERVICE! She tells me it will take 24-48 hours for phone service to be in effect. I was floored! I have my OLD phone next to my NEW phone and it receives a PERFECT SIGNAL even though I can't call on it anymore,..and this NEW model (which as I said was forced upon me to continue service) doesn't even pick up a signal!!! And to top it all off, it doesn't even have voice-dial (which my supposed outdated old phone had)! So to top everything off, I have NO service, LOST my number, am OUT $20.00 dollars and possess a cheaper model phone than I originally had that doesn't work! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! It may seem like a lot to spend to go on a plan phone with another company, but in my opinion it is more worth it! I informed them that when my minutes I paid for and have not been able to use yet are done, I and my fiance and my son will ALL be switching companies. I will also be informing EVERYONE I COME INTO CONTACT WITH about my nightmare with this company and NOT to pay for service with them.

Just got off phone with them AGAIN today, (10/24/07). Still NO SERVICE, and i've been informed they need to send me a new SIM card! Now i'm another 3-5 days AGAIN without usable phone service. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Comments United States Telecommunications
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 12th of Nov, 2007 by   Kari Turner 0 Votes
My son received a TracPHONE from a friend. I bought a 120 minute card and it wouldn't activate... my first call to customer service took 45 minutes for them to get my address correct with a promise to have a new SIM card sent in 3-4 days. After 2 weeks I bought a new phone (why not... its only 15 bucks). The minutes went on beautifully. We purchased a second card... and have yet to get the minutes to the phone. This company STINKS!! The SIM card took 4 weeks to get to us.
 27th of Feb, 2008 by   Amanda 0 Votes
Poor service!!

My son received a Tracfone for Christmas. It would not activate. I was told by the customer service rep to mail them the phone, the box, and fax the receipt to get a new phone. It was such a hassle that I threw the phone away and went with a different company.

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