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Poor Toyota Service

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Hi All,

I would like to make a complaint about poor Toyota service I received in Malaysia, I've sent in my car twice for Toyota service center personnel to check on my internal car clock for keep on slowing down after a couple of days even though I've adjusted it back to the right time many times, the 1st visit I make to one of the Toyota service center didn't result in a part replacement, the technician was saying he has 'reset' my clock and it was working according to him, later I found the problem came back again, 2nd visit on 27th May 2010 I make to another Toyota service center the technician mention he has 'cleaned the fuse & contact point', but the problem re-occur again in couple of days.(their invoice#150V115370)

Both experience give me an impression that even though customer may have pay a premium to bought a Toyota which 'supposed' to be providing good quality car & world class customer service, but actual dealing with them actually just give customer headache and wasting time on resolving a small problem such as a clock issue which could be fixed by a simple replacement, after all how much is a clock worth compared to our valuable time spend on multiple visit & their reputation in stake ?

In another attempt on 4th June 2010 to sort out this matter with their freephone customer service at 18008869682 to claim my fundamental customer rights to claim defective part under warranty, the lady who handled my case mention she'll check & get back to me soon which she never did, this again shows lack of responsibility & accountability, with above poor technician competency & poor customer service received I hereby advice whoever interested to buy Toyota car please think again and check how many people has complaint about Toyota before you go into misery just like rest of us, its' no wonder so many Toyota car defects and complaints has came up of late, this shows the company is heading for closure soon, so be warn that your new Toyota car may not get the warranty they promise once their company closed down due to bad management & bad customer treatment.

Dissatisfied Customer
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 20th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes

Toyota - never finished work on our truck
toyota of willimgton n.c.
United States

We bought our truck at Toyota of Willimgton on June 2005. We were suppose to have running boards, dvd system, grill deflector, sun roof wind reflector, tonnue cover, jvl subwoofer. As of today we already put in a complaint. We have been to a lawyer in Willimton and had no response. My husband is disabled and I have to now write this complaint again. Is there any help out there that we can get? This is not right. This is my first time I ever had a truck that was mind and I was suppose to be happy. Well I am not and I will not give up. If this lawyer doesn't want to help, I will go to consumer affairs. This is just not right. We live in Myrtle Beach and we went there because the sales person said he had a really nice truck that was perfect for us. We spent the whole day there and wasn't even offered a drink. Then the price he showed us was the wrong price on the paper work that when they went to write everything up the sales person kept messing up the paper work. Listen after all day a car dealership all we wanted to do is to go home which was an 2 hours away. We were tired. Now can someone help us. Sincerely Lisa Ault
 8th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes

Toyota - bab mothor
United States

I have 2003 toyota with 1.8 motor . Its N/g the has 73000 miles has had reg oil chages . I call toyota cs about my motor . They told me they wood give me 1000.00 for a new car or they wood help pay for a new moter when i ask how much i was told it is on case by case .then they told i had get the car to the dealer after phone calls i got them to cove the tow but i still have to pay to have it check out the dealer said he wood work with me about this very nices people a the dealer. I check around the ethernet i found there were a lot of people that have the same thing with this engine. toyota said there motor has no recall on it . the car is a the dealer waiting to hear about more to come
 8th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Some update to the matter above.

Today 8th June 2010 I've made another attempt to lodge a complaint via Toyota malaysia website to claim my consumer right, apparently some customer service manager by the name 'Mr. Saravanan' called me however he was not willing to provide a part replacement for the faulty clock, instead he 'Insisted' I should bring in my car to Toyota workshop again for his 'specialist' to further diagnose & troubleshoot the clock issue, though I've asked him what could his 'specialist' do to diagnose a factory assembled 'electronic clock' which based on my understanding is a non serviceable component, does his 'specialist' have specialised equipment to test the clock ? he can't seem to answer that but still insist on sending my car in for another checkup, I've re-iterated to him this will cause me have to waste another half day to one full day, however he 'promised' he could lend another car of similar make and model if my car need to stay in workshop, with this 'promise' I reluctantly have to schedule another appointment this friday morning (11th June) amidst my busy business schedule for this 3rd attempt to resolve such a small issue.

I do have my reservation this's just another ploy to 'pretend' they've 'checked & confirmed' my clock is working fine after their investigation, to be fair to any company of such business scale like Toyota I'm giving them 3rd chance to get this fixed right, if my prediction proves correct that even after this 3rd trip the clock still not being replaced and problem persisted I'll have to give up any confident left for Toyota, it's a sure thing Toyota is going for closure soon by the way they treat their customer, their customer service personnel have no idea what's constitute good customer service & that every company needs repeated business from satisfied customers to keep their company going, and the reason for such company failing is just because they failed to honor such a small warranty claim, I'm not even claiming for the other car defects I've noticed since the beginning which their service personnel always says 'it's normal for this problem to happen', thing s such as badly assembled door which needs to slam hard to get it closed properly, this type of car quality is similar to proton car, this proves again Toyota QC these days sucks big time.

A very dissatisfied Customer.
 23rd of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
I totally agree with you. All the heads will not return calls or answer your calls. Their secretary is like an shield; will give all sorts of excuses from meetings to going outstation and when one asked when is the customer service manager coming back then she will say that your case is transffered to another person and when one asked to speak to the other person, she will answer she/he is not at his/her desk. Try writing in formally...after a few times you can sort the consumer tribunal court for help. I'm pist with their service too. Not even a courtesy call.
 23rd of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
write in to newspapers...not many ppl can read your complaints.
 29th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes

Toyota - FJ acuator
Toyota of bend
2225 Hwy 20
United States
Phone: 541-382-4047

Received a foot of snow at our house only to discover the 4 wheel drive isn't working. Took it in and was told that even though the drive train won't work without the actuator it isn't "considered" part of the drive train and even though the vehicle only has 41, 000 it's not under warranty and will cost almost $800 to fix. All they could say was there is nothing we can do. What about stand behind your product! Now we have a $30, 000 2 wheel drive!
 9th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes

Toyota - Loud engine Voice
Toyota Egypt

Ater making the overall Service 2 on 5-4-2011 a the engine started producing Loud Sound, then i visited the service again they to solve this problem but the engineer responsible of the Car (eng. Ahmed Medhat) said that the reason for this sound is due to the change of Gas filter that was changed in the last service done lately and that he couldnt solve the problem till now and it is really anoying driving the Car with such noise ... i really cant understand that the offical service Center For Toyota in Egypt (Abbasia Branch) Cant solve Such a problem . please i need to solve this problem as fast as possible Because i m lgoing abroad at the end of this week on a Business trip.

Eng. Yasser Shosha

Car Model: Toyta Corolla 2006
Chassis of the car: 460099022
Car no.: 18140
Contact Email: y_shosha@yahoo.com Mobile: +2 0174771619
 9th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes

Toyota - Horrible service
United States

A company and how it deals with keeping track of payments made means a lot to and speaks very loud. My daughter bought a car from Toyota a year ago and it seems that they can not keep track of her payments made. Not only that; she called them to talk to them and gave them her information they needed and thisguy proceeds to talk to her all about her account. Then when she complains to them about her not being able to access her account online because they changed up their site; this idiot she is talking to tells her that he can't discuss her account unless she signs in online. Are they for real??? If they are that incompetent I will NEVER buy a car from them. You know they say word of mouth is the best advertisement so I will tell anyone I talk to never to buy a car from them. THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!

 25th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes

TOYOTA - Stay away
United States

From: alfred1@insightbb.com
You may not know this sender. Mark as safe | Mark as unsafe
Sent:04 July 2007 03:35:20


Security scan upon download alfred1.vcf (0.1 KB)

This is a notification mail regarding a program held on the 1st of July 2007, you are therefore informed that your e-mail address has been picked as one of the winner of 250, 000.00 pounds and a brand new toyota S R 1.8 .
Contact your agent,
Sir Terry Morgan,
E-mail: consultant_ukagentwhite014@yahoo.co.uk

is this a scam, looks like it to me!
 8th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes

Toyota - Repair of vehicle
2113 Longfellow Ln
Flower Mound
United States
Phone: 214-864-1784

Repair shops charge up to an hundred dollars to charge an air-conditioner. 60 dollars for the service and then an arm and a leg for the freon.

One can buy a recharge device and freon for $25 or less.

BUT TOYOTA in their infinite wisdom put the low pressure port in a place that is impossible for a 'civilian' to get to to recharge.

I WILL NEVER, EVER buy another Toyota prouduct EVER again. This is the final straw, this automobile has cost FAR too much AFTER we bought it.
 7th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes

Toyota - vehicle fraud
Durban South Toyota
South Africa

More than a year ago, I bought a Toyota Fortuner from Durban South Toyota. Only months after the purchase did I become aware of the numerous irregularities that took place:
- The excess on the trade in vehicle was, without my knowledge or consent, with the instruction and consent of a third party who was not my spouse or legal advisor, "loaded" onto the new finance for the Fortuner. This "loading" was in the form of extras put onto the vehicle, for example towbars etc, at prices more than double the true value, or even adding charges for things that come standard on the vehicle, for example the plastic side steps. The third party involved signed the invoices for these extras on the vehicle as well.
-the dealership further forged my income quoted on the finance application forms and said that I earned R8000 per month more that I true do, as stated on the payslip that I provided to them.

My second complaint is in relation to MFC, who did not query why the finance application amount was so large for a Fortuner and why there is a discrepancy between my actual income on my payslip and that quoted on the application form.

As soon as I became aware of the irregularities in this deal, I voluntarily surrendered the vehicle back to MFC. MFC undertook to investigate the matter. The vehicle has been standing in their warehouse for months now.

MFC intended to open a civil and criminal complaint against the dealership. The dealership have however ignored all correspondence with MFC and refuses to send the documents requested to MFC.

I am now being held responsible for the outstanding amount including back pay of missed installment land interest while the vehicle has been standing in that warehouse. The restructured installment, taking all the above into account, now amounts to more than R10 000 per month.

I feel like I, the consumer, am taking the fall for this obviously "bad" (to say the least) deal. Doesn't the new consumer act provide some protetcion against this?
 9th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes

Toyota - Equipment Failure
Green's Toyota of Lexington
United States

I purchased a new 2010 Tacoma and within 1 year rust appeared in the engine compartment. The dealer replaced affected parts as a "Good Faith" warranty. I soon noticed that a part on the brake system had been forgotten. I was assured that the part will be ordered. Well after numerous trips to the dealer and the wrong part every time here I am again on 1-9-12. Will they get it right this time? If it wasn't for the standing around and talking or hanging out at the food counter then the customers wouldn't be waiting for hours. Who's in charge here anyway?
 19th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes

Toyota - Toyota need to do better
United States

I have grown up riding in Toyota cars my entire life and now as an adult I have the joy of “owning” a Toyota. I chose the brand for its reliability and comfort. However when a customer service representative calls and tells you your being “difficult” or “laughs” at you while you explain why your payments have been late; is less than comforting. I do not know what the “criteria” for being difficult is to a customer service representative or Toyota Company but I am ashamed to be on the other line, feeling sick and worried about any other call I receive from Toyota Motor group and their associates.

Will I be labeled as “difficult” in the data base? Will the next customer service representative give me the same belittling response when I answer questions? I work for a living and to have another individual that lives in the same country as myself not give me the respect as they would like to receive is very unnerving and sad depiction of what it means to be a working class American citizen that is not getting the respect from their fellow citizen. TOYOTA NEEDS TO DO BETTER.
 12th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes

Toyota - Forced to purchase a very high priced Toyota traditional battery
United States

I purchased a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid at Kendall Toyota a little more than 3 years ago. I decided to buy a new traditional battery because they had told me the average life of my battery is 3 years. I went to Tire Kingdom, Sears, and several gas stations and was told that the only place that I could buy a battery for my car would be at a Toyota dealer.

I went to Kendall Toyota and was shocked to learn that for my car the only battery they could sell me was $354. and it only had a one year warranty. They told me that only Toyata dealers have this battery and this is the only one for my car.

I had to buy it.

I very much resented that Toyota has a monopoly on this battery so that no one else can sell it and that I was forced to pay a very high price(any price they wanted charge) for a traditional battery with only a 1 year warranty.
 14th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes

california classic
United States

I am a loyal customer since this was my 4th toyota in 3 years. Guess my luck ran out on this one! Was in a head on collision at about 40 days after buying. Some one ran a red light and i went to brake when my brakes went out. We crashed. Told toyota about the brakes and they called it normal. happened about 8 more times and i had to cut people off and almost side scrape them to keep from crashing . Took it in to toyota and they called it normal never even checking the brakes to see if they were wrong. Then i was taken out at 65 miles an hour on the freeway by a RN nurse who fell asleep at the wheel. I tried to brake to slow myself down so the impact wouldn't be at such a fast speed, but my brakes fell to the floor and failed once again. This accident took me from my career as a contractor for 2 1/2 years. Called toyota corporation and they refused to check my brakes. (They sent me a letter from legal dept.). My fuel pump system has failed and then transmission needs to be replaced. Toyotas final statement is "Have your vehicle serviced outside of Toyota. I have lost my life from this experience. My Credit is shot. I have to live between my sisters and mothers place. And my body will always have some pain. I am 43 years old and used to kite surf and hike... Couldn't get anyone to help me. Went to court and lost one trial. Its hard when all you want is your full life back... BEWARE of TOYOTA they will not treat you like other auto dealers right now !!! TOYOTA IS INVOLVED IN A COVER UP RIGHT NOW... THEY HAVE INVESTIGATIONS GOING ON ... THEY ARE SELLING CARS WITH PROBLEMS TO THE PUBLIC AND THEY ARE FULLY AWARE OF IT!
 24th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
my vehicle met an accident and we handover the vehicle to the radha madhav toyota at guntur at 15-12-2012.They didn't change the spare parts even not answering properly and i found there some irresponsible fellows at sevice .If the same way will continue after two days i'll take the toyota company to consumer court
 24th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes

Toyota - car battery & ac problam
jai maa electronics

Good day,

sir .
my car is toyota etios 2011 in this model,
this is to inform you that i m not satisfied about the service of the toyota because there are miss comitment about the my car.this is my first toyota car & iam very bad feel in parchase this car, this car go to work shop 10 time but same battery & ac problam still no body reply me,
 18th of Apr, 2016 by    0 Votes

Just had my rear coil springs replaced at a cost of $569.00. The spring broke in half. My van is a 2011 and is under 50, 000 miles. This does not happen unless their is a defeat in the spring. This problem should be payed for by my Toyota warranty or a recall. But it was not covered under either, so I had to pay out of pocket. I have attached a picture of the spring. I want an explanation for why it broke and a refund of my money.

Michelle Legnine

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