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The Salvation Army



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The Salvation Army
Gainesville, Florida
United States
The captains of the Gainesville, Florida mission are discriminatory towards their employees regarding health issues and if you elect not to attend their Church mission they harass you at work and make impossible demands of you. The captain's wife even refers to herself as "Little Hitler". This sounds really Christian right? That has to be the most awful name to call yourself next to satan as a Christian. They use scare tactics as managers and steal items from the donation bins to take home for use themselves instead of selling it through the thrift store as the salvation army code book decrees. These people are giving the local salvation army a bad name :-/

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 16th of Feb, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Well damned if they aren't the best Christians ever.
 20th of Feb, 2009 by    +3 Votes
Yes, agreed totally. The Salvation Army puts these half-wit officers/ministers in charge of some pretty big operations with a lot of money and employees under their control. The officers are usually ego-driven totalitarians and so if you work there, you end up losing. You complain to their bosses? Worthless, just some lip service from one of their "brothers in arms". Go to the papers? Nah, nobody will touch it, the good ol' Sally is revered no matter what they do! Check out their expenses: House (look it up under local online public records for assessor/property tax- under the Salvation Army), utilities free, food free, etc. They have a good thing going, but the officers are usually only high school grads and are pretty insecure, if not mentally ill (I've seen some that had behavior problems, or their wives were well out in left field). They get security from control, by changing everything when they come in new-that includes getting rid of you or anyone that questions them, or doesn't attend their little church parties.
What to do?
Spread the word, write on the net like I do. www.Ripoffreport.com www.glassdoor.com, blogs, etc. Might as well hurt them the most-their pocketbooks!
 5th of Nov, 2009 by    +2 Votes
They're one of the worst...supposed helping companies of the southern region. Discrimenation towards old and new employees. Break the rules every chance they get. Take items from there own store. Hire in family members at every turn. I know of atleast 5 family members working in the East Rome Ga. store, and office. They use money for themselves to go to Red Lobster dinners. Capt. Tim and wife Ferrel are half-way crooks, and should be fired from their position. Id not they will unfortunatly run the East Rome Ga. Salvation Army into the ground. More than already. Inever in my life seen people supposed to be doing good for others, do know more than help themselves. Telling family members of workers they can't be hired on when they've Grandmother/granddaughters, Aunts/nieces, Moms/daughters working together in the same organization. Hypocrites is the word I use. Telling us as family members of employees, that we're not allowed to walk in the store, or in the back, its a "liabilty" to them. Yet they're allowed to bring babies, and small chirldren that I've personally seen almost get hit by cars giving donations. Almost every worker can have there family come up there and sit with them. As for me, the wife of one of the truck drivers, Im not allowed nor are my kids, which are well behaved kids and listen, to even step foot in the donation section of the store. They say my husbands license aren't any good and that he can't drive/ ride in the truck anymore. Well I called the DMV and theres nothing wrong with his license. Capt. Tim Ferrel is telling my husband that hes going to be downgraded to store worker, because the DMV is saying his license are know good. Well all I see is Mr. and Mrs Capt. Ferrels are lying through there teeth. Salvation Army can kiss my butt!!!
 8th of Dec, 2009 by    +2 Votes
somebody needs to straight out the anderson s. c thrift store. i have been there to shop and one of their cashier named ann is always stealing all the good merchantdise she just walk out of the store without paying for it. then she has yard sales with it.i dont think that is right at all. she is so hatefull to the customer. idont understand why they dont get rid of her.she brings her daughter up there and she is laying around on the furniture.customers have call to complaim on her but the major never do anything about it. somebody please check the store out before it go down the hill. the supervisor seen to dont care what she do. she haves got three good workers fired from there and she brags about what she has done. i think this is wrong to have a person like that to represent this place. so someone plesae help so we can have a good place to shop.
 20th of Dec, 2009 by    +2 Votes
this i know and complained about for years? i worked in the SA for years and see this for myself. i have written news program and other with no answer. Again i worked for SA. Good item is just tossed out. i have see people asked for chairs and other house hold item saying they had no money but were in need of be ding or kids clothing and the major says we do not donate and just throw it out. NOW i see it with my own eyes.i have seen up er brass re tier with 6 figures $ .this organization get govement handouts of millions and want the guys who drive truck to be on food stamps. you give the stamps to the kitchen for your food at the center. if that's no wrong. they told me they are a business and not a handout.???????? they will take you donation and toss it. if another organization like breast cancer has a store they will not call and ask if they want there overstock for them...again they say it business. they want donation but won't donate. I ask that you look into the store closely. Al
 7th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I worked in the Johnstown, PA location for 1 month and ended up being fired because "it just wasn't working". Apparently the other key holder before me had been fired for another reason but was also discriminated against as well. The store manager and assistant do the same things mentioned above. They put items back for themselves/family members. I can't believe that the organization would allow this to happen. I will not shop there anymore. As for being a "christian" organization, it certainly wasn't. The language and attitude of the store manager herself, Peg Artice was OUTRAGEOUS. She made sexual innuedos towards the male truck drivers and in general. She should be FIRED...but it has yet to happen. I even wrote the local chapter and never heard anything at all from them. I should go to the media and see if that gets them off their asses.
 8th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
I currently work for the Salvation Army and have for 8 years years. I currently work for the Northwest Arkansas Area Command which is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Majors Tim and Denise Wiliford are the area commanders and in my opinion are some of the most godless people I have ever met. Well over half of our 50 plus staff have quit or been fired the first year they were here. We have lost some very very good people and even lost some people who have been volunteers for years. I have never served under a good Salvation Army officer as I have seen large amounts of cash and donated items stolen by the officers themselves. One officer (Major Wesley Short) spent over $40, 000 just to renovate his back yard. This is just a small amount of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that officers here have taken. What they don't realize is it is God's money and when they take it they are stealing from God and he will see that they answer for it. I see The Salvation Army turning more and more toward a very greedy corporation run by very insecure ego-maniacs. I have been cussed out by officers and called names (Major Richard Watts). Let me just say for the record I would trade the notorious Richard Watts for the Wilifords any day. Major Tim and Denise Wiliford are evil at best. Our entire staff is stressed and the morale has collapsed. I have complained to DHQ through letter and phone call as has other employees and former employees but nobody will listen to the employee. All these officers are usually a part of the Salvation Army or are recipients of its services when they are (called of God) to go to the Salvation Army officers school in Atlanta. So you have folks with nothing who go to this school and in less than 2 years graduate and become and instant officer in charge of a corp. All these officers protect one another and to complain is a moot point it will get you nowhere except fired. Best way to affect and facilitate change is to hit the salvation army with its image and pocket book. Unfortunately the image of the salvation army in Northwest Arkansas is not good. I pray for my officers that first they get saved because I feel like if you are born again then you will have the love of Christ in your heart and that love is patient and is kind and will not do what the Williford are doing here. I share my opinion on TSA every chance I get and I know others do as well. I feel sorry for anyone working under a officer who is hard to get a long with and is not loving. It makes the ministry we try to do very hard...
 11th of Aug, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Watts is at it again see the video on this web page http://www.wwaytv3.com/coming_tonight_women_say_others_are_prostituting_themselv... />
Major Watts has always been arrogant and self serving since training college. He was mean spirited to the officers and staff in his command in Arkansas and they dumped him in Florida. He barely made it a year in Florida and they dumped him on North Carolina. The SA is starting to act like the Catholic Church with wayward priests. They keep passing Major Watts around the country instead of making him face the music. Watts talks about rules...Jesus's rule was love your neighbor as yourself. Granted the shelter has to try to support itself but if a client is trying there should and normally is consideration and compassion. Major Watts if you are burnt out and have no compassion for the flock GD gave you, it is time to retire and give the staff and clients a break. Maybe someone should write a letter to Maj. Dalton Cunningham at Carolinas Divisional Headquarters, P.O. Box 241808
Charlotte, NC 28224-1808 or call (704) 522-4970. Major Cunningham might be able to Do t
 15th of Oct, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I have found in the uk that the salvation army are being used as an organized stalking group anyone who upsets anybody that has links with with the major or local authority, doctors, churches, Or people that can and do bully people for there own pleasure, If you upset one they use these organizations to bully you and will keep it up as long as you are around sometimes even if you move they will follow or spread there crap easily done for small groups, And don, t forget the drug dealers if these orgs where there to help you they would do something about the dealers they know who they are afterall they help people who have been at the hands of these scumbags . The way i see it without the scumbag dealers you wouldn, t get people going for help, And joining what they think is a truly charatble org . It is the same anywhere in the world where these orgs are around they help themselves and familys freinds at the top first you come last they only do good things for publicity this gets them more money, I am not saying that all members are bad or all the people at the top are but there are a lot of bad people there so watch your back .
 11th of Dec, 2010 by    +2 Votes
"I Feel That The Gainesville Florida (Alachua County) Salvation Army has much illegal activity in it's control by several employees, Naming C.G. & C.J.G. & C. R., Maj. D. W. & Maj. H. W. (11-2009 thru 12-2010) / (Current administration). I have observed, racial conspiracy to discriminate, ie, employees . As well as becoming a victim of Disability discrimination by Majors in 2009, that were outright & flamboyant. " "Everyone is afraid to tarnish the good name & great works of the Salvation Army over a few idiots that are in their employ." "Someone should pursue prosecuting those that violate these laws continually and get away with it." S. R.
 23rd of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
i have recently found out that the salvation has a dention center which they get men who have minor offences n get them to voluntarily to give up 60 days of thier lives instead of jail. this place is in west palm beach. the men are treated like trash n the officers especially the black obease woman whice has verbally abused friend and he is a sweetheart follows the rules is very respectful. he had an drinkin problem became homeless n had attempted suicide several times . he is human n already feel like a piece of trach because his own lack of worthyness he was severly abesed as a child n had a dad who beat him on a daily basis. he is human n has feelings too and the piece of shit woman n sever others a white woman that works in the kitchen are really creul n pervoke the inmates.. the salvation army claims they provide theese men with mental health help, help with education, , hhelp finding housing and being compassionate and they have done nothing for my friend who suffers from bipolar depression. they dont allow them to make phone calls to thier loved ones..com on even people in prision are allowed the right to call loved ones, this is thier god given right ! this is sad many people think salvation army helps people but they just want the money n hire idiots. i will find a way to have them investigated theese poor men are minor offenders who want to make thier lives right n the salvation army only lowers thier self worth. if only the employees could walk in thier shoes they woul understand. my friend only stole food because he was homeless n didnt know what to doand got into a fight defending himself..what a bunch of mean peolpe, well my friend said some of theese ppl are compassionate. and i want to say thank you to them..THANK YOU!
 14th of Jun, 2011 by    +1 Votes
My complaint is that the SA in Alexander City got in tons of food for the Tornado victims, put it all in storage, have not given it out, cans have brusted from the heat. Those people out there need that food, I don't know who to complain to this about, I thought about the Red Cross, all this info is from an insider, but will not say anything for fear of losing their job. This is a sin, to harbor that food, when the people of Alabama need it so much and are still asking for donation due to the Tornado's that did so much distruction. The newspaper was contacted and they said they did not know what they could do about it.
 14th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I worked for the Salvation Army in Wilmington' NC for the last year and a half and finally had to quit my postion as shelter Aide due to the fact that major Richard watts was the most arrogant and rude man i have ever met. he belittled all of his employees and walked around the shelter with a hateful shadow over him every day. I loved my job there, but he made it impossible to even show up for work. Besides the fact that he only paid 8 dollars a hour and only gave you 29 hours a week so that you would not qualify for company benifits.Something needs to be done about this man now. During hurricane irene I was sent to the outer banks on north carolina to help with relief work. While there Watts called me to ask what i was doing. Upon telling him of the situation of the area i was in. he said and i qoute " They are idiots and should of not lived there in the first place". With in 3 weeks 5 employees have left 3 after me. The salvation army is a wonderful org. but thay have some real problems with thier officers. Its time for Richard Watts to go.
 7th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
 4th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
The same problem happens in Roanoke, VA. The officers also steal toys from Toys for Tots.
 5th of Aug, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Unfortunately the Salvation Army and it's Captains are far from perfect. The new Captain(Earnhardt) of the Salvation Army in Minneapolis is abusing his powers to the point that the great and caring people who have worked there for years helping people are quitting. Counselors are no longer recommending the Salvation Army rehabilitation program because they don't have the heart to subject people to this cruel man. The Minneapolis Rehab facility can house up to 120 men at one time. In less than a month almost 70 men have left leaving only around 40(they weren't at full capacity when he and his wife took over) He has been described as one of the meanest pastors I have ever met but the men and employees at Rehab center. These men are being treated inhumanely by this man and his wife and no one has stepped into deal with the situation even though many of the families and attendees have called the Major to complain. It is a great program until someone like this man and his family step in and crush peoples spirits, not living and representing themselves in a Christian way but by being cruel and setting the example of double standards.
 14th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
Sargent refuses to allow a homeless man to enter, then entices him into the office for arrest. Plenty more in parking lot including dames.
 28th of Nov, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Kodiak Alaska. ..Please pray for this core it has run aground an is awash in idiocy . impossible to point out any short comings in leadership .
 7th of Apr, 2014 by    -2 Votes
I has asked the Salvation Army at the Richmond, Virginia office for help since I will soon be evicted from my home and don't have enough money to pay to get into another apartment. I am a disabled veteran and have desperately tried numerous resources to get some help. I had explained that I will start getting Social in August that will be a big help, but the very unfriendly black dude said they don't have any funds. I know he lied. This organization is now dominated by blacks and you can be certain that most folks who donate to the Salvation are white.
 11th of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
Chilliwack BC / Canada

Mental, Physical and Sexual Abuse

I am a person with disabilities, no criminal record, and 100% bondable. In January 2013 I went into a homeless shelter for the first time in my life and was sexually harassed by an older male worker there within the first three nights after being released from the hospital for running from a man who had tried to harm me. Nothing was done to my knowledge.Within a month following this, a female counselor there released medical information about me that was personally damaging to my reputation and hugely incorrect to a landlord without my knowledge or consent. This resulted in me being stalked and harassed by a manager at the new building who was in possession of a handgun and on 10 different medications. When I filed my complaint, she stated that she and the landlord did this to "help each other out because they were friends", Nothing was done to my knowledge.

In September 2014 I returned to the Salvation Army Shelter after facing harassment at the residence that the Salvation Army suggested I move into - it was another drug ridden building like the previous one. I was sexually harassed by another worker but did not disclose evidence of the incident until March 2014 due to how I was treated the year before when I told on their workers for misconduct. I had to beg to be allowed into the shelter, being told by the director that I was a liability. The worker had requested me to send him pictures of my breasts via text.

I began volunteering when I moved into my new place, a place I chose this time. I cleaned the soup kitchen floors and kitchen floors/garbages 5 days a week for 5 months. During this time I was sexually coerced by a worker into having unprotected sex and possibly exposed to MRSA by him, and in that same time period was groped by his co worker. I filed an RCMP complaint against the outreach worker who groped me, and am currently trying to find out if the other employee has MRSA but am not sure that the Salvation Army is going to provide me with that informed consent to information without a legal battle and court order. He either has it or he doesn't, but it seems they would rather have me find out the hard way than confirm whether or not he has exposed me to an infectious disease. I have seen my doctor and am having blood tests run for EVERYTHING to be certain I am safe physically. The mental harm is another story, but I am getting through it.
The man who sexually coerced me seemed so kind and said absolutely everything he had to so as to get what he wanted. I should have known that meeting someone genuine and loving was never going to be that easy. 4 years of waiting for a relationship...this was not a good experience whatsoever. I think it will be a very very long time before I try to find someone again, and I pray to God that he did not do irreparable harm to me physically. I eagerly await my next doctors appointment in the hopes that my tests will be as good as my 2 physicals received 2 months prior - perfect.

Damn that deplorable place to Hell. The poor are better off without them. I truly mean every word of this. I would have been safer staying on the street than getting anywhere near that place - I thought the street people were my biggest danger...I was so truly wrong on that one. There are too many workers there who are true predators.

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