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Tata Sky Complaints & Reviews - Very very poor customer service!

Tata Sky Contacts & Informations

Tata Sky

Posted:    KVN Satish Kumar

Very very poor customer service!

Complaint Rating:  93 % with 44 votes
I have shifted my residence and I sent a fax three days back to tata sky requesting for reinstallation of dish at my new residence. But till now no one has turned up, they even not bothered to call me at least. I have called their shitty call center thrice, they keep on telling "you will get a call from Bangalore office to fix up an appointment". But nothing happened so far. I have never seen this kind of ridiculous customer care. This is really bull s**t.
Comments India Satellite & Cable TV
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 12th of Apr, 2007 by   Max +1 Votes
I've tata sky myself, my neighbors on my insistence took Tata Sky, but suddenly after using it 4 a few days they decided to change the location of the dish, since there were trees which would eventually grow & affect the signal for the dish. they called up tata sky, they got a call back on that particular day, the appointment was fixed the next day. The next day the mechanic called our neighbors 1 hr before coming, & they came right on time, & changed the location of the dish without any hesitation. They were happy!
 15th of Apr, 2007 by   Venkatesh +1 Votes
I am located at Bangalore.I ordered a Tata sky connection and the customer service engineer called to say he would come the next day at 11 a.m to install the equipment. We waited till 3 p.m the next day but he did not turn up. We went out in the evening and when we were back we found a note saying the engineer from Tata Sky had missed us . He arrived at 4.45 p.m for a 11 a.m appointment time. This is depths to which the service has fallen .The service engineer does not even bother to call and inform you.I spent a good 30 minutes trying to reach their helpdesk which is hopeless(I spent 5 minutes trying to reach someone;they put me on hold several times and disconnected me.I had to repeat the whole process of connecting back in and repeating my complaint.) They told me it would take another 72 hours before they could install it. This, for no fault of mine.When i protested and asked to be connected to their superior they hung up on me. For such shoddy service, they should refund the Rs. 1000/- which they charge us as installation fees and pay us for the negligent service they offer us. It is shocking that this kind of service is offered by a reputed house like Tata's. Heaven help us!!
 18th of Apr, 2007 by   Yogiraj.T.C +1 Votes
My remote control is under repair, complaint logged on 24.03.07 & almost daily followup is being made & till now i have not got my remote. Each time i call the customer care, nearly 2-3 officials speak with time gap of 5-10 minutes I have almost spent Rs 500-600/- for my call charges for past 20-25 days.

Customer care center is formed of all useless peoples with no powers at all. They are there just to trouble people out here.

This is the worst service I've ever seen!
 22nd of Jun, 2007 by   Deepak Bahl +1 Votes
I fully agree with you that tata sky is spoiling the reputation of the stable tata group including the image of the dynamic shri rattan tata. Being an ex employee of the tata group i simply feel disgusted that the customer care or the company dont even bother to acknowledge my sincere complaints leave alone solve them.

I pity the tata sky company who have chosen to just install but no service or customer care.

I only hope that this complaint reaches mr tata & his team at bombay house... Deepak Bahl
 23rd of Jul, 2007 by   gireesh kp 0 Votes
I am tata sky user but i not happy in service - no english movie channels in tatasky, but dish tv is good.
 13th of Sep, 2007 by   Kaustav Basak +1 Votes
The service is of the worst quality and they are a bunch of liars. Last week I lodged a complaint regarding about not receiving the signal when it rains or even it starts to rain. Today when I called to enquire about my complaint , I was told that I have been given a call by the technical support team , but the fact is that I did not receive any call. I should have read all the blogs pertaining to the problems before I got hold of it, but I am stuck now......................................
 29th of Sep, 2007 by   MP 0 Votes
Anybody going for a new TATA SKY connection, get in touch to get 1 month free subscription.

 30th of Oct, 2007 by   Ashutosh Shende 0 Votes
I have brought the TATA SKY connection on 13 th October by paying all the charges through credit card i.e (Digicomp+installation+activation+warranty) Total of Rs 3399 (2899+1000) but after 15 days my service was disconnected saying that i have to use the 16 digit number on recharge voucher given with the TATA SKY Package.

Firstly this has not been mentioned clearly anywhere on the TATA SKY website nor any customer care representative told me about this during purchase of TATA sky.

Secondly at the time of installation also engineer didn't handed over me the voucher which they say we have to use it for activation of TATA SKY service within 14 days of installation.

If I have paid all the amount in advance then why I need to have the recharge voucher again to activate my service.
 10th of Nov, 2007 by   Prabhu 0 Votes
I have taken a TATA Sky on 1st Nov, For the past 9 days i am following up with the customer care for changing my pkg, very time i call th e Customer service they say we have registered your complaint and will call back... Nothing has happened so for... very worst customer service...

I never seen such a care less attitude of TATA of repute. Friends pl think before purchasing TATA sky...
 16th of Dec, 2007 by   Praveen Agrawal 0 Votes
Everymonth for recharge I need to buy coupen as I can not pay online. It seems there is some problem in site itself. I am not able to register it page never open.
 13th of Jan, 2008 by   Vivek 0 Votes
I've ordered for TAta sky connection 3 days ago.. No response what so ever by the TAta officials.
 19th of Jan, 2008 by   Nandini 0 Votes
Very poor Service

We had ordered for TATA sky about 10 days back and we are yet to get it installes. We have called up the customer care center atleast 15 times and not once have we been given a convincing answer. They dont even have proper escalation proceddures. There is no way you can escalate the issue to their superiors. You only end up talking to these representatives who do nothing apart from taking your calls.
I never expected this kind of an attitude from a reputed company like TATA.
 22nd of Jan, 2008 by   Brijesh Agrawal 0 Votes
I am located at aligarh (UP) and my subscriber ID is 100022678, and we have purchased a 500 rs. coupon srno 170902457404 on 15th January 2008 and charged thru my mobile which is registered in TATA sky, after register thru mobile we got the sucess retruned message sucessfully, but till date there is the negative balance in my account and flashing 'PAYMENT REMIDER' i.e. Rs. -26.00,
 12th of Apr, 2008 by   laxmikant Dharamsi 0 Votes
I contacted TS for second connection as I have cable connection and my son who is residing with me has your connection at Eden Hall Dr A B Rd Worli Mumbai 400018.I specifically informed your representative that I have cabal connection but my wiring is conceal so if u send your representative to look and see weather it is possible for u to connect without breaking any of my fall ceiling and it was agreed but all of sudden box was sent to me and wanted money for the box without any knowledge of connection.

I request to send your representative to look and and then do the connection without breaking fall structure.


 20th of Apr, 2008 by   Abdul Jaleel 0 Votes
i recharge my tata sky. but i couldnt show anything.what i do?
 21st of Jun, 2008 by   Dr.Vivek 0 Votes
I am a tatasky customer with subscription id:1000390888.Iam using your services uninterruptedly since last 2 years.Recently, for the last 10 days, we are not able to see any channel as the transmission is recvd in broken pieces or with lot of disruptions.Ihave recharged for Rs. 13oo/- two days back but it is not displayed.Kindly help to rectify this grave problem at the earliest.
 13th of Aug, 2008 by   Devashiah Nayyar 0 Votes
we are having a group houcing project of 1400 flats at bhiwadi with name hill View garden. of Thren home Developer pvt ltd. we would like to invite you to share the project if u are int in putting the your system. respected officer who deals in projects can contact on my e mail id . as we are in touch with dish tv too we want to have a best deal witj your organisation too. so hope for the best. for future relations.
 2nd of Nov, 2008 by   ashish +1 Votes
Sub: - Feedback from Customer

Respected Sir,

Happy Diwali to you and your family.

I am living in Rajasthan and recently have become the subscriber of TATA Sky. Therefore I would like to give feedback on this.

Sir, the picture quality is really good than the cable we had earlier. But sorry to say that except this nothing is enough or at the level of satisfaction.

Let me explain it: -

I am all talking about the channels are being provided by the TATA SKY. You are providing India TV, Star Plus and some more channels (10+) in Rs.100/ month, which are not enough since new generation is not watching these channels only.

In terms of your another scheme of Rs.200/month, I would like to say that you are providing 50+ channels in Rs.200/month, but sir your kind attention is invited towards one fact that out of 50+ channels only 20-25 channels are watchable, mean to say that Sony, Max, (being watched by all age group people) Star One, Star Plus, Sahara, Zee TV, Zee News, Star News, Aaj Tak, (being watched by 20-50 above age group people) Disney, Toon Disney, Discovery Animal Planet, Star Gold, Utsav, Zee Cinema (being watched by 15-30 age group people) are watched every day by people, except these channels lots of regional channels (tamil, urdu panjabi, malyalam and some more 20-25 channels) are being provided, which are senseless (sorry to say), no sports channels, no English are being provided in that scheme, that is really shocked and now in global world is not expected from TATA.

Sir, regional channels (tamil, urdu panjabi, malyalam, bangla, napali doordarshan and some more 20-25 channels) were necessary to provide in earlier era but do u think that now a days people are interested watching these kinds of channels? My answer is no (on the basis of the views received by your customers). You have given maximum channels of these kinds, which make no sense.

Sir, lots of new channels have come now a days like colors, 9X, 9XM, bindas and many more but you have put these channels on irregular basis, people have to pay extra amount for this on month to month basis even after having the scheme of Rs.300/month. This is really shocking, maximum people between age group of 18-35 want to watch these channels (may be you are losing maximum customers from this age group).

The people who have bought tata sky could not watch these channels because of channels restrictions.

Sir, I would like to have your attention on one more fact, that in Rs.100/month Big TV and Digital TV are providing 170 channels with all the new channels, sports channels, no need to pay extra amount for colors, 9xm, bindas and lots of sports and English channels.

One more reality I would like to mention is that our cable TV provider is providing more than 70 channels (all new channels, no regional channels, all sports channels, all English Channels and local channels and every day one new film, one old song channel also) in Rs.150/month will you believe on this?, sir this is fact. All the people in our city and / or in Rajasthan are enjoying it, with good picture quality.

Respected sir, these all data have been collected by me (being an MBA student of Marketing field).

Sir, this is really unexpected from the reputed brand of TATA, which is distinguished as Good brand with great reputation in India & abroad as well.

But sir it is really painful to say that with this condition TATA Sky will not able to survive more, among its competitors.

Prayer / Request / Suggestion (if I May): -

Respect Sir, we (group of people have tata sky) were having lots of expectation while buying TATA Sky, but we are really not entertained by this or I may say by your product.

Lots of people now a days are ignoring buying tata sky and emphasizing on buying Big TV or Digital TV.

Respected Sir, I am not saying to reduce the price or high the price but saying for adding more channels so that people can be attracted to buy this product (atleast 9xm, colours, bindas, NDTV Imagine, AXN, star movies, tranz, star sports, neo sports channels, Start Cricket, ten sport) should be added as regular channels for having better amount of customers.

If you reduce the cost of schemes and add atleast above mentioned channels as regular channels, than it would be the positive steps towards having large amount of customers.

Please sir, do the needful so that your customers can enjoy it well and be loyal to your brand, for long.

With Regards,

On behalf your customers or subscribers.
 8th of Nov, 2008 by   Gurpreet singh mathoun 0 Votes
tata sky is very good.
 8th of Nov, 2008 by   Gurpreet singh mathoun 0 Votes

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