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Southern Fidelity Insurance Company Complaints & Reviews - Sfic insurance is no good

Southern Fidelity Insurance Contacts & Informations

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company

Posted: 2011-12-13 by    JOSEPH PENNA

Sfic insurance is no good

Complaint Rating:  81 % with 37 votes
Contact information:
Southern Fidelity Insurance Company
United States
I have been covered by southern fidelity insurance company under homeowners (Condo) insurance for the past 3 years. My unit 203 which was at the alden hotel 2925 indian creek drive miami beach fl 33140 suffered a roof leak which the fire marshal of miami beach closed half the building by turning off the electricity.

As a result, i cannot rent my unit to anyone. I was getting $1500. 00 but now i get nothing until the fire marshall turns on the electricity. I notified southern fidelity insurance company and put in a claim for loss of use as covered in my insurance company.

The insurance company known as sfic southern fidelity insurance company of po box 16029 tallahassee fl 32317 - 6029 tel #18668747342 refused to pay me for loss of use for my unit. The total coverage that the insurance co. Can pay me is $8, 742. 00 and they do not want to pay me one cent.

This is unfair since i have insurance coverage for loss of use for over 3 years. I am forced to pay for insurance due to mortgage obligations and now that i need the insurance to cover my expenses legally— - they won’t pay. Is this justice??? Sfic insurance is no good.

Southern fidelity insurance company – sfic
Www. Southernfidelityins.com
2255 killearn center blvd.
Tallahassee, fl 32309
(850) 521 - 3080
Comments United States Home Insurance / Warranty
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 27th of Jun, 2012 by   Mae East 0 Votes
Thank you for your comment. I also have a condo in the Orlando area and I am starting to shop insurance (a few rental homes and cars) to see if I can get the premiums down. Very helpful information. I understand not all consumers can be 100% satisfied, but the feedback is valuable as many times price doesn't equate to quality.
 16th of Aug, 2012 by   Fight4you48 +2 Votes
Avoid, they are the worst insurance company in the state of Florida, I'm on a mission to have them no longer able to sell in the Sunshine state. Will rape, rob and slander you to your face, then tell you to get an attorney if you don't like what the offer for a claim, which is less than 1/3 of your lowest estimate. Warning, stay away, the CEO is brothers with the owner, the CFO can't help you either, there is no branch in the Florida that will help the homeowner or you have no where to turn for help and they know it. Bottom line they will insult, smear, and defame your name, destroy your claim if you disagree with them. Tragic, our state allows this company to insure anyone, I wouldn't let them near my pets that's how bad they are.
 3rd of Sep, 2012 by   Gypsey 0 Votes
I have them for insurance. I made a claim on Aug 11 2012 due to a fire. This is a joke!!! I live in Louisiana they are the only company that will write in my area due to Hurricane Katrina and I see why. From the first day I have been lied to by this company and the ajuster they sent to me. They helped in no way. I had to find companys to clean repair my home. The adjuster stated his job was to assest the damages take pictures and fill a final review back to SFIC. As of right now there has been no repairs to my home no repayment for loss of use no loss wages but a final review sits on someones desk in FL while I wait. Please stop this company from taking advantage of people not only in your state.
 12th of Oct, 2012 by   Anita Tew 0 Votes
Citizens Ins. which is a State owned Ins. Company is wanting to sell my policy to Southern Fidelity. Doesn"t sound real good at the moment. I do not even have any idea what amount of premium they would charge. If I had been away from home for a reason and not read the letters, it would be taken over without me signing anything? Sounds like a racket to me.??
Anita Tew
 4th of Feb, 2013 by   Mike LLLLLLLLLLL 0 Votes
Dear reader,
I was "low balled" by SFIC on a home policy from the get-go.. AFTER I paid for the years policy in FULL $995.00 they wanted $549.00 more.. I'm contesting this extra charge as they didn't even explain what the $549.00 was for as I paid it anyway otherwise they would cancel my policy and I'd be left without insurance. Did anyone else have similar gripes???

 9th of May, 2013 by   J M Sheedy 0 Votes
My wife and I purchased a home in Polk County, Florida. We were told that we needed homeowners insurance by the mortgage company. We were steered to Southern Fidelity Insurance by a local agent. Approximately one month and a half later we were advised by e-mail that our insurance was to be terminated because this insurance company found faulty plumbing in the house. That decision was contrary to the findings of a home inspector that we hired. Further, the decision was made based on a photograph that the inspector had submitted along with his report. We traveled approx 1400 miles to return to Florida, hired a licensed contractor to replace the objectionable plumbing and were told that there was nothing wrong with the original plumbing. I, fervently wish that I had read these comments prior to accepting this company for the necessary insurance. Their idea of honesty is of serious concern to me. I believe that the prudent thing to do, iis, to look for another insurance agent and company.
 15th of Aug, 2013 by   Robert In Deltona 0 Votes
SFIC had continuosly raised my premiums each year to where I was paying $2400.00 a year on a 1900 sq. ft. home near Deland Fl.
Called them to negotiate lowering my premium but was denied.
Been here 12 years and have never made an insurance claim in my life.

I knew just as soon as I could cancel, I would do so.
Paid off mortgage.
Told SFIC... see ya.

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company hasn't refunded my premium within 15 days of cancellation, as required under Fl. statutes. Called them and was told check is in the mail. Contacted officials with the State of Florida, filed a complaint, started an investigation on SFIC.

Very shady company.
 25th of Aug, 2013 by   Heather I 0 Votes
We have had southern fidelity since we bought our home in Jacksonville Fl. Since we have had them, we have had to put in 3 claims. The first was for a robbery- we lost a lot of electronics, jewelry and other things. They capped my pay out at 3k-which did not even cover my jewelry that I had papers on. The 2nd time, we had a septic tank failure, that flooded the underneath and garage of our home with sewage. They did not pay to have the tank replaced ( I was ok with that) nor did they pay for the clean up or loss of personal belongings that were stored in the garage. The last time was 2 weeks ago, we had a f2 tornado come though here, we had leaking in our roof- and water damage to the inside of our home. They told me because there was no whole made by a falling tree branch- again they Are not covering it. We are now looking for a new insurance company.
 21st of May, 2014 by   Maria Martiel +1 Votes
We have been a customer with Southern Fidelity for our home insurance for a few years and I surely do regret having a policy with them. We had almost same scenario as the one above issues with our ceiling and roof in which turn out to be one our worst nightmare. The claim adjuster was no help and very in responsible, moved on and spoke to the claims department manager, after months not being able to resolved our situation and she was no help either. After all this and also mentioning I would seek for an attorney help to try to solve this issues, we got a cancellation letter and a bad comment in our insurance record done on purposely and not ethical so we would have problems obtaining another policy by insurance comp. Not a good ins and will not recommend at all, becareful!!!
 31st of Jul, 2014 by   P. Murray 0 Votes
I am also horribly disgusted with Southern Fidelity. My area had a severe hail storm. I had serious damage to my roof, sky lights with holes and cracks and outdoor screens with holes also. The insurance adjuster was not from this area and looked like he didn't even know what hail was! I was turned down by Southern Fidelity and told my damage was due to normal wear and tear. In addition, I have to replace my roof or it would jeopardize future coverage. I sit here now, listening to all the hammering of my neighbors getting roofs and repairs while I have to fork out $12, 000! All of our houses and roofs are the same age with the same wear...only difference it that they have a reputable insurance company with decent coverage and a trained adjuster. BEWARE of Southern Fidelity!

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