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Sono Bello, Arizona Complaints & Reviews - scam unprofessioanl

Sono Bello Contacts & Informations

Sono Bello

Posted:    zellie oroc

scam unprofessioanl

Complaint Rating:  88 % with 24 votes
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United States
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 15th of Mar, 2010 by   Sono Bello Patient Care 0 Votes
Hi Zellie,

I am the director of patient care here at Sono Bello. I just read your post and wanted to follow up with you to apologize if the experience you had with us was not positive. We work very hard so our patients can enjoy the time and experience they have with us but it sounds like we have fallen down with you. I would like to follow up with you to discuss your thoughts if you are open to this. If you would be willing, please contact me at dirpc@sonobello.com and let me know how best to reach you. Thank you.
 17th of Mar, 2010 by   kris_mal +1 Votes
Hi Zellie,

yes, your comment saved me from wasting me time on going to sono bello. I was going to make an appointment but decided to check out their reviews. It saved me time, money and BULLSHIT. I have also read a news regarding death because of sono-bello traetment...click here for the link http://www.king5.com/home/Woman-dies-following-liposuction-in-bellevue-70210047.html. They sound shady and unprofessional. The quote they gave you is highway robbery. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

 18th of Mar, 2010 by   Stella Michelle +1 Votes
Hi Zellie,

I also went to a plastic surgeon (in Southern California) and she quoted me $9400 for a tummy tuck plus another $3000 for lipo. I then went to Final Inches in Costa Mesa for a consult. I met with the doctor and he told me flat out that I would get better results from a traditional tummy tuck. However, to do my lower abdomen and love handles was less than $6000 at Final Inches. I knew it would be a risk but since it was so much cheaper and there was no downtime, I did the laser lipo procedure at Final Inches. I am THRILLED with my results. While I still have a little bit of loose skin on the lower tummy, the laser really tightened me up and my stomach is WAY flatter than it's been in 15 years. I didn't go to Sono Bello so I can't comment on your experience but I had a consult at another lipo place prior and I can tell you that the procedure itself is pretty awesome. I'm really glad I went to Final Inches since their staff and doctors are awesome. I would urge you to still consider laser lipo but maybe find a better place to have it done. Somewhere where they're not ripping you off and treating you with dignity and respect.
 9th of Apr, 2010 by   rushrb +1 Votes
I have seen SO MANY negative reviews against Sono Bello and after each one there is someone from Sono Bello responding in hopes to counteract that negative comment. Looks like they have paid lots for PR advise. This company seems so shady. I've just learned that they are now in my city, San Antonio and have started advertising. I immediately went the the reviews and they have all been negative. I hope my fellow San Antonians do the same and read reviews before making any appointments.
 17th of May, 2010 by   Bubblies +1 Votes
Dont do it! Do a little research and find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area that offers in office tumescent lipo. This place is a franchise and their office staff is made up of sales people. They typically charge more than a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon as well. You do not get to meet your "surgeon" until you are there for your surgery (after you've paid way too much) They're giving surrounding surgeons a lot of revision work though... It's just sad!

I highly recommend Renew Liposculpting and Center for Regenerative Medicine. They're located at 21 Spurs Lane and are a group of highly qualified, established, and reputable board certified plastic surgeons. The office staff is super friendly and helpful, you consult with your surgeon, they use the same ACLS certified operating room staff to assist. They are a great team! The docs there spend a good amount of time making sure you are educated on the entire procedure. I really loved them, after consulting with a bunch of other hack-shop lipo places popping up in SA, I'm so thankful a co-worker set me up with them, she had revisions with two other places before finding these guys, scary stories!

2108816277 is their number, you can thank me later (plus they cost less then these chop shops, bug $ doesn't mean better, just means they pay a lot of money to get you in the door) I had my surgery by Dr. Garza, friend was with Dr. Ortegon, whatever doctor you go with you'll probably talk to Amanda at the office, super sweet and will usually toss you some extra discounts or laser tightening for after the lipo if she can. The nurse who was there during the surgery, Kathy, was so awesome, took excellent care of me! HIGHLY RECOMMEND RENEW and not the lipo-chop-shops!
 2nd of Jul, 2010 by   michaelcox86 0 Votes
i appreciate the time to comment on your sono bello experience, however i cant help but comment on the fact that it seems like you are window shopping for a service you cannot afford. i think you should stop wasting these professional establishments time and resources with your wishful shopping. you have had several quotes, pick one or quit shopping.
 27th of Jul, 2010 by   Sono Bello Patient Care 0 Votes
Sono Bello would like to address many of the online reviews regarding our procedures and practices. Please visit http://sonobello.com/open-reviews/ for more information.
 5th of May, 2011 by   Netta Lynn 0 Votes
STAY AWAY - the woman who "sales" the procedure, is the only person you meet during your inital consultation. She is by no means a medical professional infact might as well have sold used cars for a living. The paper work that they have you sign, is worded rather tricky so when I inquired about canceling before the two week penalty kicked in she said yes that paragraph only applies to within the two weeks period. If you cancel before the two weeks you get 100% of your money returned. 100% she said. Well guess what she LIED!!! They keep $1000 regardless of the time frame you cancel within and up to 40% of the fee paid if it is within the two weeks. READ READ READ RESEARCH THIS PLACE. PEOPLE HAVE DIED! YES DEATH, THEY KILLED A WOMAN and now they want to keep my money because i want out, well before three and half weeks before I am to have my deadly procedure with them. NO THANK YOU!!! The only time I met with a medical professional was three weeks before Im to go under and all of about 4 minutes. A lot of money I spent, my life on the line and I get 4 minutes! Well my life is worth more than that! 4 minutes and 6 thousand dollars later what the hell am I going to be left with? Well This made me terribly nervous so I did some research and was scared out of my mind! There is no way the before and after pictures are accurate! I saw real pics, ones that were not altered, this claim about tighten the skin is BS. There is no way you won't be left with loose sagging skin if you under go this procedure. LIES LIES over and over again! Does anyone that is a medical professional even work there??? REGARDLESS, I SAW REAL RESULTS AND THEY ARE NOT PHOTOSHOPPED!!! Not worth the headache, not worth the money!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!
 19th of Apr, 2012 by   going on with my life 0 Votes
I too had lipo surgery in July of 2011 at the Sonobello in Scottsdale AZ. I got the same type of treatment and I am still being given the run around. I too was told that I would be up and running in three days. It took more like three months and I lost my job because I couldnt go to work. I am also lopsided in my abdominal area.They told me they will not refund my money and that I must let them perform the corrective surgery and that is all they will do for the client. I don't trust them to touch me again.
 18th of Sep, 2012 by   Gypsea 0 Votes
I had my inner thighs done several years ago. I was and am not overweight, but just have a few stubborn areas that seem to defy vigorous exercise and proper diet. I was very pleased with the results.Yes, this first experience was a little uncomfortable not only because I really didn't know what to expect, but because I don't think they had perfected their customer experience at that time.
I am ready for a little more now, and just met with my rep, Sarah, who was there for me then and is there for me now. We discussed my first experience and I expressed my concerns and Sarah explained how their customer experience process has evolved over the last few years. I am pleased with what I heard and just set the date for round two.
I must say, both during the first time and leading up to my second committment, the staff have been friendly, knowledgable, compassionate, and supportive. They fully respect and honor my privacy which is important to me.
I agree with Cobra N. that if you have a small portion to remove, do it. If it's more than 10 pounds, you might want to consider other options. If you have any concerns about the agreement, they probably would be more than happy to let you read it well before you commit to doing it.
Yes, I am a real person and a real customer, satisfied and willing to go back!

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