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Sheer Cover Complaints & Reviews - Make-up from Hell!

Sheer Cover Contacts & Informations

Sheer Cover

Posted:    Angela

Make-up from Hell!

Complaint Rating:  88 % with 138 votes
Contact information:
Guthy Renker LLC
United States
So there I was one evening at 3 AM watching infomercials (never going to do it again as it apprehends my judgement) and after this 60 minute infomercial I was convinced that Sheer Cover is the only thing in existance that would make me appear to have flawless skin. So I called in and ordered the product.

I ordered the RUSH delivery, which was an additional $10 or so, so that it would arrive within a few days. I didn't get for 3 weeks AND I was still charged for the RUSH delivery. I wasn't too upset over that so I let it slide.

I hurried inside my house like a little girl, so excited to test my new, pretty make up. After carefully following all of the instructions, I looked in the mirror and I've never been more displeased. For starters, the pores on my face felt like they were being suffocated! The powder is VERY cakey and I ended up looking like a hideous pageant reject. Needless to say, I felt utterly stupid for actually falling for the ad. I picked up the letter to find the number to call back (which includes, in very small print, an agreement between you and Guthy Renker that a new shipment will arrive and charge you $60 within 30 or so days) and MAN! The girl on the line was acting as though I had just ran over her pet dog! "WHY would you want to return this marvelous product?" "(ahem) you probably didn't follow the instructions correctly." "how about you try this out a couple of more times and see how you like it?" UH, NO!!! I wouldn't want to subject myself, my skin, or my mirror to that humilition again.

Then she didn't give me an exact date on when I needed to return it. "30 days from when you received it."
Right, but I was away on a trip so I don't know which day it arrived, exactly. "30 days from when you received it." UGH!! So I sent it back the next day and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I don't receive another withdrawl from my account. If that does happen, I can assure anyone who is reading this and all of the complacent reps at Guthy Renker that I will RAISE HELL.
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 30th of Sep, 2008 by   Rita Braddock +2 Votes
I have been using sheer cover for years. I have large pores and love the way it makes my face look so smooth. If you put too much on, it will look cakey. You need very little of this and it goes a long way. I will never 'go back to using regular foundation. I wish they would have had this product when I was in my 20's. I started using it in my late 40's. I will admit I did try buying other brands when I ran out. I tried Jane, Neutrogena, Loreal, Avon, Wet n'Wild. But when it comes down to it, this mineral foundations texture is very smooth. Some of the other brands where grainy in texture. This is the best of the best as far as I am concerned. I also got put on the auto ship program. When I called them to tell them to take it back and send me a return label, they did so without any problem and received a full refund. The product goes a long way. I know that the starter kit lasted me at least 3 months.
 29th of Jun, 2009 by   rip off by Guthy +1 Votes
The other day I received an invoice originate from Guthy-Renker Claiming I own monies for sheer cover - I never made a purchase for this item or have I received anything

I looked up the website for Guthy - Renker where invoice originat from, they seem to be owner/ manager for several skin care products
A Company who likes to rip off people - Issuing billing for none existing sales.
If you need to contact CEO or President of this operation look up Guthy_Renker P O Box 11448 Des Monies IA 50336-1448
Billing received asked for my current credit card number for payment and for additional shipping - Be careful this company can rip off your credit card.
Best not to purchase anything that is promoted through the TV as they manager/own all skin care lines
 29th of Jun, 2009 by   rip off by Guthy +1 Votes
The other day I received an invoice originate from Guthy-Renker Claiming I own monies for sheer cover - I never made a purchase for this item or have I received anything

I looked up the website for Guthy - Renker they seem to be owners/ managers for several skin care products
A Company who likes to rip off people - Issuing billing for none existing sales.
If you need to contact CEO or President of this operation look up Guthy_Renker P O Box 11448 Des Monies IA 50336-1448
Billing received asked for my current credit card number for payment and for additional shipping - Be careful this company can rip of your credit card.
Best not to purchase anything that is promoted through the TV - They represent almost all skin care products promoted by TV
 12th of Aug, 2009 by   ChristineMc +1 Votes
Angela - I agree. I ordered ONE MONTH of the Sheer Cover and Vitamins. This, after not liking the product 3 years ago, but after watching another of their infomercials, I fell prey to their claims.
The shipment came and I accepted it, never expecting to receive any other. I STILL didn't like the mineral makeup - it just lays on top of my skin, and I can never get the correct color. A couple of months later, I receive another shipment of vitamins and sheer cover. I wrote REfFSED on both and put them back in mailbox. When my credits for my returns didn't show on my account, I had to call them to find out why. They said I was put on the auto order status, even tho when I ordered the items, I specifically said ONE TIME ONLY! I had to beg for the credits, and even then I was NOT given a credit for the shipping on the vitamins - they said I never cancelled my account.
Now, July 15th I received aANOTHER sheer cover box. I called 8-11-9 for my refund - they show that they never had a request to close my account. CRAP! And today, on my account (this is my checking account, mind you) there is a charge for $29.95! I called S.C. AGAIN, and they don't even see that charge on their end -can I please fax them a copy of that charge!!!
THEY are shifty and full of _____! DO NOT USE THEM!
 3rd of Sep, 2009 by   ihatesheercover +1 Votes
it works okay but they took all my money and have not gave half back i keep calling and sending letters but no one will contact me! i never want to buy anything from them again!! they will rip you off...for sure!
 22nd of Nov, 2009 by   Nina578 +1 Votes
Wowwww...I guess I won't be ordering the stuff. I'm just still suprised by all the celebs, they got backing them up. This is crazyyyy!
 24th of Nov, 2009 by   Unhapy Customer 0 Votes
We were watching an infomercial and decided to try the intro offer for ONE MONTH-less than a month later there was a $97.84 automatic withdrawal from our account!!! I called and canceled the order the day before and the gal I spoke to said it was too late to stop the charge to the account as the order had already been processed. Well they hadn't charged the account when I originally canceled the order so why charge the account the next day? She said I would have to return the product and then they could process the refund but they would have to have the product returned first.Then it would take up to 8 weeks to have the money returned to my account. I said No-just don't withdraw money from my account and I could send the product back to them. Her response again was that the order had already been processed so I asked how much would be taken out of the account and was told $37 and some odd cents. So fine I'll play their silly little game and wait for the $37 refund then I check my account the next day and the assholes had taken out almost $100. Not cool!! Not waiting 8 weeks for that kind of money to be returned to my account!! What the hell!! So I call again and this gal was trying to be cool about it and assured me that the $97.84 would be refunded in 3-5 business days and I can return the product to them when it arrives!! Ya think!!! We'll see what happens. I spoke to Gina the second time-let's see what direction her moral compass points in. You may hear more from me in 3-5 business days!!
 1st of Jan, 2010 by   ProductReviews +1 Votes
Guthy-Renker, LLC.
41-550 Eclectic St, Ste 200
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Direct: (760) 773-9022
Toll Free: (800) 274-4910 x 0 (zero)
WEB: www.guthy-renker.com
 1st of Jan, 2010 by   nanners09 0 Votes
i work for the kiosk comapny who sells proactiv and sheer cover in local malls...may I suggest to all you sheer cover ladies...go to the local Proactiv booth at the mall, ask for a sheer cover makeover to try it out, then if you like it buy it!!...ours in our mall, the starter kit is only $40...try that out!!
 1st of Jan, 2010 by   ProductReviews 0 Votes
I will emphasize that if ANYONE is having serious issues with Guthy-Renker, you should immediately call the Corporate Office. If you're unsure as to which product Guthy-Renker markets, here is a complete list:

- Proactiv Solution
- Principle Secret
- Youthful Essence
- Sheer Cover
- Meaningful Beauty
- Natural Advantage
- In An Instant
- WEN Hair Care
- Dean Martin Celebrity/Variety DVD
- Carol Burnett
- Malibu Pilates
- Midnight Special
- Scalp Med
- Ultimate Edge / Power Talk by Tony Robbins
- Skinny Switch Secret

For more information, visit www.guthy-renker.com.

If you're having serious account issues with any of GR products, call their Corporate Offices at (800) 274-4910 extension 0 (zero) for Consumer Affairs, leave a message if no one answers. Hours: 9am-5pm M-F Pacific Time.
Their non-toll free number is 1-760-773-9022, when the recording prompts you to say for whom you're calling, just say "Customer Relations" and leave a message. I also suggest that you contact Renee Miller at GR-Corporate, she has been very helpful. Whether you call the toll free or 760 number, enter Renee's extension# 5517 - she's in the office during their office hours mentioned above. I hope this helps.
 14th of Jan, 2010 by   Christie Postema +1 Votes
I wish I would have found this sight before ordering this product. This product is mostly just hype and long story I'll just leave it at that. I am having serious issues and appreciate the numbers you have provided, that is what I was looking for since I could not find it on thier sight. Now the fight for my money back will begin,

Thank You,
Christie Postema

 15th of Jan, 2010 by   stephanie82 0 Votes
I actually like the mineral foundation. I have used bare minerals and sheer cover. I actually prefer sheer cover because it does provide more coverage and looks better in pictures. I just get annoyed that you can only buy it through their website under a restricted membership. I will look for it at the mall though! Thanks
 22nd of Jan, 2010 by   Karen the Artist -1 Votes
I love Sheer Cover. There isn't one product that is going to be perfect for everyone but this one is perfect for me. It covers my age spots, it's light weight and doesn't make me break out. I use Proactiv as well and didn't even realize it was the same company. I'm very happy with the product and the service. Sorry to hear that others have struggled.
 27th of Jan, 2010 by   guest1979 -1 Votes
I have been using Sheer Cover for years and I love it! If you use too much of the concealer then it will get cakey. I like it because its light and doesnt feel like you have anything on. I first ordered from the commercial, and then a month later got charged again so I called and she said that I signed up to pay $30 a month and get more every 3 months. That did make me mad because I didnt sign up for that nor did anyone tell me that, I cant stand the sneakyness off it. Anyway I cancelled and told her I would call back wen I wanted more and she said ok. Now I order online and it works better I think.
But I LOVE the makeup!!
 30th of Jan, 2010 by   tellitlikeitis -1 Votes
I too have been a SheerCover user for several years. I love the product (and have referred several friends and family members, who have now become loyal, long term customers) and have always had the greatest results with their customer service representatives.

Keep in mind there are always bad apples everywhere you go and companies don't always know who they are in order to replace them (people simply like to complain publicly but do nothing to remedy the actual problem).

There are also genuine mistakes (these are humans on the phone, not computers. Mistakes will happen). Think of the mistakes you have made in the past (large and small). Would you like to be judged simply by your few mistakes or by the many things that you do right?

Think logically.
 31st of Jan, 2010 by   OldJackass 0 Votes
Oh my God...I was watching infomercials at 4am and got sucked in too. I told them in no uncertain terms (JUST ONE SHIPMENT) I hope I do not have additional charges going to my credit card!!! I had to pay more for one shipment because I did not want future shipments before I even know if I like it or not/ I am saving this in my favorites so I will know who to raise Hell with if they charge me again. I have already been burned once on TV ads and I should have learned!!! But ooohhh noooo not me. Should have checked out this site first. No more ideas at 4am...I'll just read a book. I sure hope I at least like the product. It sure cost enough.
Neutral for now...
 2nd of Feb, 2010 by   smy922000 +1 Votes
I too fell victim to their billing scam where they charged me 97.00 after my first shipment arrived (after already paying for the first order) - they do NOT state they will charge you further in the ad. When I called they said the only way I could get a refund for the 97.00 was to send the product back - well I didn't receive the product for several weeks and then they kept saying it would take 8 weeks to credit my credit card back. The makeup is NOT good quality. My advice: always use your credit card to make purchases - I disputed the charges with my credit card co and my account was instantly credited - and I didn't have to wait for them to do it. Don't EVER give a company access to your checking account. You can dispute the charges with your bank if you have problems but you have more protection against unauthorized charges with a credit card.
 9th of Feb, 2010 by   Honest Abbey 0 Votes
SHEER COVER is not a professinal company. THey may get a few good comments possibly written by one of the crooks that we talk to when calling to ask for our money back. I have cancer (March 2008 - 4th stage - major surgery & six months of chemo. I called Sheer Cover since that date and ask them to discontinue everything as they had billing me incorrectly and sent product at wrong price charging high shipping cost which was suppose to be free. They continued to charge my account automatically every month or so. I sent emails, I called and I argued with people on the staff and I continued to pay the charges. They continued to tell me that they would credit, but never did. Then they began to tell me that they could not credit anything over 90 days old. Now I know why they kept telling me that they would credit waiting for teh 90 days to pass but yet still continuing to charge again the next month. Finally I contacted my credit card company to issue credit for all the charges for past year. I received credit on my card for numerous charges, but somehow they choose the last charge I had in Sept. 2009 to turn over to a collection agency. Just got the notice from collection agency. Sorry Sheer Cover my rule is also 90 days; therefore, your ninety days has past. I am not a cancer survivor. I will always have cancer. It is in remission on this date, Feb. 2010, but has 95% CHANCE OF RETURN. Stress is one of the main factors to avoid so that I can stay in remission. Sheer Cover has decided that I am going to be buried with their product. They continued to charge my account, but did not send rhe product. I had the charges cancelled all except one of which they turned over to a collection agency. I have not answered this letter yet. FOr a charge of $18.00, they plan to ruin my credit. I had a friend that owed only 17.00 doctor bill that she had disputed years ago. It caused her all kinds of problems when she tried to purchase her home. I don't think she ever got it straithened out. Well, I do not want to ruin my credit, but these crooks probably know that and there is no telling how many 15.00, 17.00, 25.00 invoices they have turned over to collect money on product that they did not send out. But even if this does ruin my credit, I am not going to pay that $18.00. It has to stop somewhere and I intend to turn over to my local TV station to expose them on national TV. If you watch Clark Howard, you will probably see this exposed within the next month. Good luck to the rest of you. Just don't let them get by with this. Report them to better business bureau in your state or call a troubleshooter to expose on TV. If you have watched Clark Howard, go under his website to get contact information and go from there.
 16th of Feb, 2010 by   snash06 0 Votes
I placed an order with sheer cover today. I wish I had came to this page before I made that mistake. I just recived an e-mail from their customer service department saying the product I ordered was on back order and they would ship the product as soon as they got it in stock. First off what is a company doing selling something that is on back order? I work in retail and if we dont have the product we dont sell it, its as simple as that! So I checked my account and of course the charge had been put through. I called sheer cover and asked how long it would be until I recieved my order and they told me it takes about 1-2 weeks for them to get it back in stock and it would be shipped to me after that. I asked if I would still be charged for the rush shipping I paid for and the guy told me it would be refunded. I also asked why I was already charged for something that wasnt even shipped to me or even in stock! and he told me that the charges would also be refunded but it may take up to 3-5 buisness days. I just dont get it. My sister ordered this product years ago and had no problems and loved it! What happened to this company! The product is great but definetly not worth the hassle!
 18th of Feb, 2010 by   Totally stressed -1 Votes
I know you're supposed to learn from your mistakes and ordering anything from info-mercials never turns out good. It's always a long stressful process to return it and get your money back. I too ordered Sheer Cover, one time shipment. The following month, They sent another kit and charged my bank account: $103.71. I called and cancelled future shipments and sent the kit back the next day. A month later, I called customer service and was told they hadn't received it yet. Once it's received, it takes 4-6 weeks for a credit to my account. I would also be charged for shipping and handling. I never even opened it or used it. What a Shady Company!!! Never again, this time i'm done . I was just diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma ( bone marrow cancer). I don't need the stress or the expense of makeup that i'm not that happy with. BUYERS BEWARE.

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