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Selene Finance, Houston, Texas Complaints & Reviews - Helping people stay in thier homes

Selene Finance Contacts & Informations

Selene Finance

Posted:    concernedfamily

Helping people stay in thier homes

Complaint Rating:  86 % with 94 votes
Contact information:
Selene Finance
9990 Richmond Avenue, Suite 100
Houston, Texas
United States
Phone: 1-877-735-3637
Selene Finance is full of deception and falisifing promises. Offering suggestions of what to do which only leads to causing deeper problems in making your situation worse and in an attempt to make it easier for them to foreclose on your property. In the beginning they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (Yes that would be you Kevin...) making small talk, calling you all the time, and assure you that their goal is to place you in a more affordable mortagage when apparently their attempt is to do an appraisal to find out how much equity exists in your home. Once they find out the actual equity in your home they bully and try to force those that don't understand their rights out of their home. Now their story changes...saying, sorry, we can't help you, your home is worth too much! Or you don't qualify, after you have already committed time and effort to them and they have promised to have everything wrapped up within 30 days! Ultimately attempting to destroy your credit so that you cannot go elswhere for another loan! Then you are stuck with this BS scam whose sole purpose was to steal your home in the first place and NOT help you, just to find out how much they can make on your home when they sell it in a short sale or Sheriff's foreclosure. We all need to band together and take LEGAL ACTION against this corrupt group of scam artists that pray on trusting families. By the way...those of you that post the positive comments...we know that you WORK FOR SELENE! What goes around comes around...You know what they say about Karma...
Comments United States Loans
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 24th of Jan, 2011 by   FMurray -1 Votes
They are a horrible company! We can't get anyone to call us back! All of the previous posts are describing what I am going through now...is there anything I can do at all...or do I just give up and let my house go?
 6th of Apr, 2011 by   Schuylaar 0 Votes
Has anyone experienced a successful Forbearance Agreement, made their payments on time and had their loan reinstated with Selene Finance?
 22nd of Apr, 2011 by   Molly Ann 0 Votes
How does this Selene get peoples morgtages from the original loan holder ?
 8th of Jun, 2011 by   MAKE WISER DECISIONS DNT LIVE ABOVE MEAN -1 Votes
Selene has helped many others, and the ones that are complaining are the ones who wants them to make a miracle happen over night when you have not paid your morgatge in over a year. YOU CAN NOT LIVE FOR FREE AND THEN EXPECT SOMEONE TO HAVE PITTY ON YOUR SITUATION. We are all adults and you are held responsible for all decisions you make in life, this is including when you signed your name on that dotted line and agreed that you would be able to financially support your monlty payment. SO NOW YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT!
 21st of Jun, 2011 by   Rancher -1 Votes
We are allowing these companies to take our homes. And being reimburst by our tax dollar. We don't want to live free in our homes-- but we do want a fair process to keep our homes. We have been in our home for 11 years and took out a loan that was design to create the opprotunity to loose our home. We spoke with Selene and as stated before they want to evaluate the home $$$. However to take this home they will have to come down to the local court house. We will have our day in court and be judged by peers of this community. Homeowners don't give up fight for the AMERICAN DREAM.
 22nd of Sep, 2011 by   crashnburn -1 Votes
hello All,
if you want to stop them in their tracks - try every possible resolution in the modification program then push them to the very end of negotiations if you cannot get resolution then file a chapter 13 bankruptcy on the last day before foreclosure. Find out how to do it yourself without an attorney and save even more. This will only cost a few hundred bucks in fees if you do it yourself. After less than 14 days remove yourself from bankruptcy voluntarily. This is the only chapter that lets you do this. When they come at you again - perhaps your wife can do the same if she is on the loan or title. They cannot get around this - period. Also save each mtg payment and put it in your pocket. lawyers will charge you a fortune for this info- but its yours for free. I would love to give you all my tricks so we can collectively break their noses. It is a land grab by the rich so do not fight fair . Cash is power. use the time to find other income while holding onto your mtg. Trust no one. Use the cash and your time to start a business.
 14th of Oct, 2011 by   Maryland Confused 0 Votes
Hey everyone! We have been trying to work with Selene since Dec. 2010. They set up our forbearance payments for four months. We completed the 4 payments. Now we are being referred to companies or banks for our refinance. The first company wasn't even licensed in Maryland to do refinances. Then we were referred to a bank that was to refinance us. After months of working with the bank. Sending all the documents requested to speedily get the refi done. we suppose to have been going to closing by November so that our new mortgage payment would be in affect. Our payment would have decreased by about 800 a month, compared to the elevated payment we are making now. We were contacted today by the bank stating that they no longer deal with Selene's Loans for this particular program!??? I asked why, what happen? He simply said he didn't know but he just got this info from his people. Now we are trying to get a hold of someone at Selene to help. The Bank person said that Selene will just refer you to another bank. I will post another comment after we find out what is next for us... Hopefully, we will be refinanced soon.
 22nd of Oct, 2011 by   Won't get my house 0 Votes
I've been in "negotiations" with them for over a year. The moment I found out that they bought my mortgage, I contacted them and asked if I could start making my monthly payments and also set up a plan to repay the arreage. They said no. Well, I can promise you, I have RUN THEM THROUGH THE RINGER. I was offered 10K to move out, known as "cash for keys", I declined it. I've also contacted my states Governor, both Senator's and my districts congressman. They are VERY concerned. I gave them all the details and they are NOT PLEASED!! From conversations with my representatives, there may be an investigation of Selen by my state. I am in the process of working with my local gov't officials to start some legislation to prevent compainies like Selene from doing business in the manner they currently operate. I encourage EACH of you to do the same. I was also offerred a forebearance program. I refused it based on the fact that they could not promise a refi much less give details on condtions of refi. Basically you can pay into your forebearance program for 4 months only to be turned down for a refi. It's just smoke and mirrors, they get 4 months of payments, deny a refi "sorry, you're not qualified" and still forclose. They are sneaky. I also suggest hiring an attorney, mine has helped tremendously. Try to find a lawyer that specializes in representing banks in foreclosers, that's what I've got and he knows ALL THE TRICKS!! I am also in the process of taking legal action against them. Good luck to all of you.
 22nd of Oct, 2011 by   Won't get my house 0 Votes
Can someone on here start a webpage about Selene?? Based on my converations with my business and bankruptcy attorny, and my local and state gov't officials, there may be enough evidence to support a CLASS ACTION LAWASUIT!!
 1st of Nov, 2011 by   jenisonmichigan2011 0 Votes
My loan was just transferred to them Oct. 11th. I was approved for a 3 month forebearance and just made the first payment today. WHat happens, if like Won't get my house above says- and after I pay 3 months on time, they reject my refi-- they foreclose right away?
 19th of Nov, 2011 by   tmoser 0 Votes
We are haveing the same kinda problems with selene.They bougth our loan from litton on Jan 2011 been makin payments and ins that adds up to 756.86 and they have accepted everyone until sept they now declined our payment and sent it back because they wont 920.00 now so i sent 1, 000 its been a month hasent posted to acc yet.They say dont seed anymore money until we here from them.dont know what happened to that money!! So now they wont 1, 400.00 a month this was on wensday we call someone else says that lady made a mistake its 2, 000.00 a month.Wonts to send someone to look at house inside and out So they say now we are 3 months behind.What the hell are peolpe like us subposed to do? Fixing to talk to a laywer any saguesstions on how to handle this!!
 9th of Jan, 2012 by   Ca Family Dealing With Selene 0 Votes
My husband and I just filed a lawsuit against Selene. We are in California. Anyone else here in California?
 14th of Feb, 2012 by   Free from Selene Finance 0 Votes
Selene Finance, after 7 months of communication as my home was in foreclosure, ADMITTED that they did Not have to comply with the Presidents plan to stay in my home and I asked for a permanent loan modification amount, before I signed it, I was denied that, then I was told I would also have to pay the amount in arrears in addition to whatever amount they decided on for my payment. My home was included in bankruptcy and Selene Finance company told me that I had better take the loan modification. Unfortunately when third parties are involved and loans are sold off, we as the borrower have no control over what company decides to pick up the loan. Please stay away from this company, also, be aware that the representatives who are trying to force you into a forbearance also net 25% of the loan that is recouped.
 14th of Feb, 2012 by   Free from Selene Finance 0 Votes
My state is Colorado, and I am sorry for everyone in a hardship with Selene Finance. Just remember, God does see all and will deal with them in His time, and thank you Lord for taking me out of this situation! God is good all the time!
 19th of May, 2012 by   ConcernedMortgagePayer 0 Votes
Wait wait. Someone actually said two posts ago that they are upset that their mortgage company wants them to pay the money they haven't paid in the past few months (so probably longer) Omg. You're living RENT FREE and you want that all excused. I don't understand your logic. Your congressman is going to help you? How about you pay your mortgage every month just like I do. I struggle every month to make sure it's the first thing I pay. You've decided it's too much to pay and probably paid most other bills. I bet they'd help you sell your house. I know you may not WANT to but maybe you have too. I don't live in a 350k house because I can't afford that. My 200k is just enough for me to afford.

This attitude of "your screwing me by making me pay for my home" is absolutely insane. You lived in it pay for it. What do u do for clothes? Make them from tree bark?
 21st of May, 2012 by   scottyscott1 0 Votes
I came on to this website to see if Selene had treated other people unfairly. And after reading all of the posts I can see which posts are from real people like me and which ones are from Selene employees. I have paid my mortgage on time every month for 4 years and made one late payment, only because I deposited a check from someone that bounced so I have no caught up on my last payment that was only 10 days late. I have been trying to get a loan modification for three years and its nothing but Bullshit from the last three companies that have owned or serviced my loan. They have no interest in helping anyone. I have talked to several people at Selene and I think they are truly a bunch of ASSHOLES!!! I hope there is a class action suit on this company, But I doubt it will happen. I cant wait to sell my house so I don't have to deal with mortgage companies ever again. I have several hundred thousand dollars of equity in my home but cant sell it in this economy and refuse to give my house away. Cant refinance my house cause my income has gone down sufficiently and banks are not easy to get mortgage money from now.The Obama plan is a joke, these banks don't give a shit about all the money they got a couple years ago. They just use it as bonuses to asshole employees to screw over the public. They can do more than they are doing to help people out. I hope when someone they screwed over finds out they have a terminal disease they pack themselves up good and go to a Selene office and goes out with a bang. Maybe then Selene will wake up and smell the coffee!! Until that time FU Selene finance!! I will pay my mortgage and you will never get my home. I will call their office everyday and harass everyone that answers the phone. And I will pay my loan on the last day of the grace period EVERY month and when they call me I will treat them like shit and be a rude as possible to who ever calls me. Karma is a bitch Selene!!!
 3rd of Jan, 2013 by   FruseratedatVMF 0 Votes
I am NOT in forclosure, not are we behind all of our payments have been ontime and extra paid each month. Our mortage was sold from Flagstar Bank to Selene Finance. Do we need to be worried?
 3rd of Jan, 2013 by   hlwaller 0 Votes
Dear FruseratedatVMF -- I'm in the same position. Been with Flagstar Bank for 5+ years, never had a problem and received the letter from Flagstar that my mortgage has been sold. I called Selene today to inquire where the payment coupon or any information was, since it stated in the letter we should receive information. Once I finally got someone, she just raved about how great their company is even though the system wouldn't be updated until Monday with my account info. I told her they've made a lousy first impression --- this board is really having me nervous
 7th of Jan, 2013 by   GruntDoc 0 Votes
Also got the Flagstar letter. What's up with them? Perhaps it time to look into a refi, I sure get plenty of invitations in the mail... It certainly does not sound like this is a company I want to deal with.
 14th of Jan, 2013 by   DontBeABarnaby 0 Votes
My loan from FlagStar was sold to Selene too! Hmm... my wife and I hover at around 800 credit score. We have never been late on a payment for our mortgage, car, etc. I got my letter a month ago and I have not heard anything from Selene. I tried their customer service number only to get " this number has been disconnected or no longer in service (20 times in a row - checking and rechecking the number). I finally got a "back up" number from the complaints department. Here I am on hold for over 15 minutes now. WOW - WHAT A GREAT COMPANY THIS IS GOING TO BE TO WORK WITH! This is the kind of crap that pisses me off.

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