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Posted: 2012-04-09 by    chris1963

Unauthorized charges

Complaint Rating:  83 % with 6 votes
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United States
I don't know who are these people, but today they took money from my credit card without my permission. Stay away from them!
Comments United States Online Scams
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 8th of Jul, 2008 by   Dwulkan 0 Votes
I made one online purchase from overseas (India) last December and no less than 3 companies started recurring monthly and unauthorized charges to my credit card account after that. BofA Credit Card would not institute a stop-charges from these companies. I was told I had to contact them directly. DRI Reg.NET for $39.95, PMIdentity.com for $19.95 and Segpayeu.com for $19.95! I will be a regular visitor here at http://www.complaintsboard.com from now on. Please encourage your friends to investigate CC charges that look suspicious. I hope I help others from being scammed like I have been!
 8th of Jul, 2008 by   Dwulkan 0 Votes
UPDATE: the segpayeu.com recurring monthly charge was actually $29.95. They said they would stop the billing and refund the latest charge. I thought this was over a purchase from India but, the segpay people said the authorization came from a purchase made on Vidz.com. I researched this site and it is a porn site. Someone, (possibly a family member) may have made this transaction not knowing these charges would be the result?
 19th of Aug, 2008 by   Kristie 0 Votes
I never ordered this and they are charging my credit card. What do I do??? Plz advise smb!
 27th of Aug, 2008 by   jnuss 0 Votes
The same thing happened to me. I got lucky and my bank's third party watch group caught it for me. If it is an option, through your bank, I would ask for a permanent block on the card they are using and get a new card. That is what they had to do for me.
 16th of Nov, 2008 by   Demetrios 0 Votes
Unauthorized charge of $39.95 from my bank account I called them they sound Indians-I called Chase they told me they open a dispute they protect more the crooks than us the account holders thats why people loose their trust in the F.banking system.Demetrios Astoria NY
 23rd of Nov, 2008 by   CTK 0 Votes
SEGPAYEU.COM charged my Visa for $29 and listed charge as (Services and Merchandise) I never ordered anything from them.
I did order WUYI TEA from Penn. USA (to try for $4.99) which turned out to be from China. I never ordered it again but was charged for the full amount of a box of tea, even though I'm not at the address the first sample was sent to. I tried calling the company but the line is always busy and when I contacted the company in Pennsylvania which was listed on the box, they said they had nothing to do with my product.
 13th of Jan, 2009 by   jax 0 Votes
I don't know where they got it but these people have acquired my Visa card number and charged $29.95 to the card. The fraud department of my Visa card company called us to ask if we had authorized this charge. They canceled our credit cards and issued new one so segpayeu could not add more charges. After doing a Google search it appears that we are not the only ones who segpayeu has done this to. We are going to file a formal complaint with all available, appropriate agencies with the hope that we can create a world of hurt for these crooks. If you are also a victim of these crooks, I encourage you to do the same.
 22nd of Jan, 2009 by   allaro 0 Votes
I have been charged 25 usd dollars for the last 3 months from www.segpayeu.com. I am not sure about how they got my credit card number. I asked my bank to cacelled my credit card and getme a new one.RBTT bank agree to give me a new card but I have to pay 45 usd for it.it is crazy.!!!. I hope something can be done about that website getting money from people credit card.
 3rd of Jul, 2009 by   VERNON D. VANCE 0 Votes
i never said anyone could charge 34.95 to my credit card please put charges back on my credit card. vernon d. vance capitol one credit card
 7th of Sep, 2009 by   florence barnes 0 Votes
why are they taking money out of my visa never agreed to it
 7th of Sep, 2009 by   florence barnes 0 Votes
i cancelled membership ;which i didnt know was a membership was mislead they have taken two payments of my visa #, that i never agreed to to
 12th of Aug, 2010 by   Angry consumer 9999 0 Votes
Unauthorized charges on MC for web purchases never made. Called company and all they want is to get credit card information from you for additional fradulent charges.
Watch your credit card statements carefully and submit fraud/disputed charges to credit card company and change account number.
 21st of Sep, 2010 by   jesus martinez jativa 0 Votes
yo no hice ninguna compra en esa fecha lo cual me tendre que poner en contacto con las autoridades para denunciar una estafa fecha 03 09 2010
 29th of Mar, 2011 by   natelong24 0 Votes
stop charging me
 5th of Aug, 2011 by   booboo58 0 Votes
I was recently charged $29.99, $9.99 and two International fees of 90 cents and 50 cents. I cannot believe that this can happen and I never even heard of the place before. What a scam artist. This should be looked at as downright stealing and they should be prosecuted! My bank is the one that loses the money because they took it off my debit/visa card. Someone needs to pay attention to these complaints. I am forwarding my complaint to the special investigations unit at the FBI and see what they have to say. Not holding my breath though.
 26th of Jan, 2012 by   vermeij.scheltema 0 Votes
segpayeu.com takes money from my visa-absolutely unauthorized they take 39.83 usd (changed into euro's}.How can you stop it??
 7th of Aug, 2013 by   BENEDITO JUSTINO DE MORAIS JUNIOR 0 Votes


 29th of May, 2014 by   Need to Know Basis 0 Votes
Many of you have probably subscribed to some type of service, like "The Erotic Review" for instance, and you are being billed for the service by SegPayEU.com. They handle the billing services for many online subscriptions. So the charges probably are not fraudulent, you probably agreed to a subscription somewhere online but you are not being billed directly by the service you subscribed to.
 31st of Oct, 2014 by   Pissed Offfffff! 0 Votes
SegPayEU.com/Beronata 3 times in an hour. And No most of these people probably did not. What a TROLL! I just got this paypal DbCard this summer Dont really use it! The only time I have ever used that card was sevarl months ago with AliExpress.com to order a tiny $5.00 Scooter Ign Coil. Now Months later this SegPayEU.com Beronata appears on that card 3 times for $74.99 $49.99 $74.99 Bam Bam Bam! 2 of the charges were 2 minutes apart. Then again an Hr later! Do Not Use Alibaba or AliExpress they are UNSECURE! It took me years to get the courage to risk ordering something off Ali fearing overseas Companies like them are not trustable! And sure enough the first time I do I find my worst fears validated! I will never use a CC # with any Overseas Company Ever again! US isn't even secure but overseas EU UkRANE ASIA is a total clusterF@#$%!
 26th of Jan, 2015 by   NikÅ¡a Guina 0 Votes
SegpayEU.com/Ruseful charging my credit card with amount about 30 dollars for months! What is all about? I want my money to be refunded immediately. I didn't agree with those charges. Please answer me

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