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Contact information:
Sears Corporate Office
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, Illinois
United States
Phone: 800-795-5030 800-549-4505
August 28, 2008

Sears Corporate Office
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60179

Attn: Advocate & Corporate
Complaint Department RE: Customer Service

To Whom It May Concern:

During these hard economic times, I found it necessary to purchase a new Dishwasher and Refrigerator. The appliances I had were over 20 years old and were not energy efficient items.

As I have done in the past, I researched the products and looked for discounts. I have owned Kenmore appliances in the past, and found the items that I wanted to purchase were top rated products recommended by www.consumerreport.com.

After my research, I decided to purchase appliances at Sears. On August 13, 2008, I purchased two items totaling $2, 439.57. Quite a substantial amount.

The Salesman, Eddie Barajas, did a wonderful job, as I had to call him a few times with measurement questions, and he was extremely helpful. After I purchased the items, I left the store feeling that I would definitely purchase other items from him in the future.

After discussion of delivery, I was told that I would be contacted within 72 hours with the date and times for delivery. I was concerned about having the deliveries too close, as I have a small kitchen, and did not want to have many delivery people in my home at once. Also, I have a large dog, and during hot weather, do not want him outside too long. I asked for delivery on a Wednesday or Thursday. My salesman told me that I could discuss this with the delivery department and would not have any problems, as the items were available at the local warehouse.


Within the 72 hour period, I was contacted by a company named Service Bench, to schedule the dishwasher installation, which was agreed upon. I was not contacted for the refrigerator delivery during that 72 hour period.

On Monday, August 18, I called Sears delivery at 800-732-7747, and I was told that the “Freezer” that I purchased was delivered on August 15, 2008. I told the person that I had purchased a Dishwasher and Refrigerator, not a Freezer and she advised me that the purchase was not in the computer. That evening I arrived home to have two messages from Sears delivery. One message scheduled the Refrigerator delivery for August 20, 2008, between 2 P.M. and 4 P.M., the Dishwasher was scheduled for August 20, 2008, between 3 P.M. and 5 P.M. I immediately called the automated system to verify, then talked to a person, and was advised to call after 6 P.M. for times.

I was a concerned that the deliveries would overlap and called the 1-800 number after 6 P.M., only to reach a recording. Finally, I reached a person who said to call after 9 P.M. and scheduling would be modified. Again, after 9 P.M., I called repeatedly, only to reach a recorded message. By this time I stopped calling. I only hoped that the day of delivery I would have adequate time to prepare for the two deliveries.

On Wednesday, August 20, 2008, around 11:30 A.M., I was contacted by the delivery men, asking permission to delivery the refrigerator early, as they were in the area. I was doing a project and told him that I needed time to empty out the old refrigerator, freezer, and clean the floor, cabinets and walls. I scrambled to get the items out of the freezer, when I discovered they were at my door. I had to get my dog out into the back yard and get two coolers from my garage for food storage.

The men seemed to be in a hurry, since they were ahead of schedule, and had the new refrigerator at my front door before I was ready for them. I was trying to work as fast as I could to empty and clean, and unfortunately left some items on one of the doors of the old refrigerator.


I pulled out the old refrigerator to clean, and they were standing there watching, not even an offer to help. I vacuumed and barely had time to mop the floor, while they were ushering me out of the way to move away the old appliance. I told them to be careful of the slate floor, as it will scratch. They were tilting it and I said “watch out”, then I knew the slate was scratched.

Meanwhile, I was unaware that I had left items in the refrigerator, and the men did not check or ask me to double check. I feel as though I was so rushed, I did not have the appropriate time to prepare. This was my main concern at the time of purchase, and it was happening.

As the Sears truck was leaving, another truck was backing up into my driveway, with the dishwasher. The time was approximately 1:30 P.M.


As the new dishwasher was being brought into my home, the old dishwasher was being disconnected and a tool chest was placed in the kitchen, therefore, I had no place to stand and put items in the refrigerator. I told the man that I wanted to clean under the area, and he said that would be no problem. He picked up some glass, screws and larger items himself, and then I was able to vacuum the dirt and cobwebs.

While I was in the kitchen, putting food items into the freezer before they melted, I realized some items were missing. I went through my coolers and could not find my RX and other items. I immediately called Sears delivery department and was told that the delivery truck was still out, and that I would receive a call from them within the hour. By this time, it was around 2:30 P.M., as the dishwasher people were still here.

During the call, I told Sears that I had neglected to get two prescriptions that needed refrigerated, and I needed the Pharmacy name and RX numbers so I could replace them, as they were expensive.


By 6 P.M., I had still not received a call, again calling customer service, only to listen to a recording. By now I had discovered just how many items were still on the door of the old refrigerator.

The following morning, August 21, 2008, I started calling customer service at around 10 A.M., and by 3:30 P.M., I had talked to 13 people! Two out of the 13 that I talked to offered me a $50.00 gift card and I was told to call the Sears Corporate Advocate and Customer Complaint Department at 800-795-5030 for food compensation. I then decided to wait until my next day off, as this was beginning to frustrate me.

Thursday morning, August 27, 2008, I had the unfortunate opportunity to talk to a woman who said her name was Tina, #563536. She is supposed to be the Advocate for the Complaint department. She was rude, unprofessional, continued to interrupt me as I spoke and down right awful and unhelpful!

I explained to her the situation, as it happened, about the prescriptions and food items; and that someone, during all the conversations with Customer Service, had told me that I would be reimbursed for the food items. She consistently badgered me about who, and how and did I get the misinformation about reimbursement for food items, as this is not policy, and what telephone numbers I had called .

I tried to tell her the names and ID numbers of the people I had talked to and she continued to tell me that she was going to hang up on me. Then I tried to describe the food items to her and she, again, stated that she was going to hang up on me.

I have been in Customer Service for over 35 years, and in all these years, I have learned how to listen and make sure the customer is finished venting before speaking. Had I been that rude, I would surely be out of a job!


The people I talked to from Sears on August 21, 2008, were:

Jack #24201 Unit Supervisor
Randy, Amanda, Clarisa #24201, Lei, John, Jack
Tenesya ##82013, Yuvan #1047
John #1112, Donnecia #79803 (very helpful)
Tina #563536 was the person I talked to on August 27, 2008.
Unfortunately, for me, I did not get every ID number.

Last Thursday, August 21, 2008 I called home delivery, at 1-800-732-7747, and was told that the old appliances were at a warehouse and was given 702-259-4200 to check if the appliances were still there. By now, frantic about the RX, I knew they had begun to spoil and I needed the information.

The girl I talked to informed me that the refrigerator was at Jaco
702-478-8015. Again, I was informed that the GE refrigerator was not there or may have already been shipped.

Now, I feel as though I am entitled to some sort of financial reimbursement. As for all the items that were left to spoil, for the prescriptions that I tried and tried and failed to acquire and mostly for all the unnecessary stress. My husband has been out of work most of the past two years, due to surgeries, and I do not have the $100.00 or more to replace the following food items:

Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Chinese Mustard, Pine nuts, Two prescriptions @ $25.00 each, 5 bottles of Salad Dressing, Soy Sauce, Artichoke Cream Cheese Dip, 1 Box of Arm and Hammer Kitchen Baking Soda, Lemon Juice, One bottle of Marinara Sauce, Clam Juice, Clamato Juice, Coffee, Olives, Sweet & Sour Marinade, Vermouth, Teriyaki Sauce, and Two bottles of Salad Spritzers. Many of these items are not used on a daily basis, therefore it will be quite expensive to replace them.


I do not believe that I am being unreasonable in asking for compensation or a gift card to Vons, Albertsons, Smiths, all Nevada grocery stores, as I did what was required, in writing, by me for this delivery. I did not read anywhere that It was all my responsibility to have everything out of my refrigerator, although, had I had the appropriate amount of time or consideration I would not be writing this letter of complaint. I did everything in my power to talk to the various representatives from Sears for a solution, only to be passed on to another and another and another and another, finally to Tina to be told, basically, that I “was getting nothing!”

I am not asking for compensation for the scratches on the slate floor, as I know I can buff them out. I am asking for monetary help.

Unfortunately, you have lost a loyal Sears Customer of over 35 years, and I will notify all family members and friends of this unfortunate Customer Service Nightmare.


Margaret Stayen
3608 Broxburn Street
Las Vegas, NV 89108

Cc: Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan
Nevada Attorney General
Clark County Better Business Bureau
Clark County Consumer Affairs
www.consumeraffairs, .com www.complaintsboardcom

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 14th of Sep, 2007 by    0 Votes

Sears - Poor quality product!
United States

I bought 4 gasmatic shocks for my vehicle, we installed them ourselves, 3 were good and one leaked. I took this shock back within the warranty agreement, which is 5 years or 60,000 miles, the shock was only on the vehicle for 3 months. I was told they did not have any in stock, the manager called all the Sears stores and no one had them in stock. He said he would order one which would take about 5 to 7 days, how could we drive this car with 3 shocks. When I asked if he could upgrade to the next level up, he told me no with an attitude, he also told me I live in Brunswick, so go to Autozone and buy 4 shocks and bring ours back. I was shocked to hear a manager talk to a customer in this tone. The manager of the Westfield Mall in Strongsville Ohio, his name was Rick, he would not give me his last name.

I really thought Sears would like to satisfy there customers,, guess not. We will not shop there again.
 25th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
I guess I was right, Sears does not care about the satisfaction they provide for their customers.
 28th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes

Sears - Rip off!
5279 star mtn. rd.
United States
Phone: 8704483048

I ordered a burner bake for by oven on Dec. 8 th. They sent me the parts in 8 or 9 days.When I received the parts, the igniter was broke (the porcealan). So I called sears They send a call slip to pick up the part through u.p.s. in 2 days,they pick it up. Dec. 11 th.Dec 24 th. I receive the new part. It doesn't work, the electrical end is female so is my stove fitting. So I call them, They say the"ll send another call slip to pick it up. Then I'll have to wait tell they receive it. Then call to see if they've got it so they can issue me a credit, then I have to re-order the right part.On Dec.27 th. I call to see why they haven't picked up my part? I'm told if they haven't p/u by the next evening to call. The next evening I stop U.P.S in front of my house,I ask if they have a call slip from sears? They do not. I then call sears they say We'll we weren't sure what to p/u/. So I tell them again the whole story. They say they'll once again send me a call slip to p/u the wrong part.Then I have to call to see when they get it. Then I can Re-order the new/right part, after they issue a credit. Meanwhile I'm still without a stove and a huge hassle from the sears dept. on the phone. Something should be done to help me the customer that's out $ 107.87 and no part.
 26th of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes

Sears - quality
United States

I scheduled an appointment for dishwasher repair under warranty. They called the day of the service and said they couldn't make it. We will try again in 10 days.
I have had to repair my sears brand ice maker numerous times after it had been replaced by sears. Yes, they did show up that time! My Kenmore dryer leaks around the lint trap and fills the shell with lint. Yes, the filter does get cleaned after every load.
I am highly disappointed with the quality of Sears products and service. Our last Sears dishwasher lasted for years without a single problem. I am done with Sears and all of there related companies.
 11th of Mar, 2008 by    0 Votes
What a nightmare! On Feb 24th 2008 my boyfriend and I purchased a new Kenmore washer and dryer. We both work M-F 9-5. The earliest delivery date they had that would work around our work schedule was in 2 weeks! We were scheduled to have them delivered and installed on March 10th between 5 and 9pm and remove our old washer and dryer.

The showed up at 5:30 with the new washer and dryer. One of the guys came into the apartment with me so I could show him where it needs to go (upstairs in the laundry closet within our bedroom). He walked right in with his boots on which he had worn in the alley in the rain. Great. Now I have little rocks and who knows what else from the alley all over my laminate floors!

He then told me that he needed more room in the bedroom to install everything. We had cleared out all that we could the day before and measured to ensure there would be enough space. All that remained in the room was our bed and our wardrobe. I told him that the only way to get more space in there would be to dis-assemble our bed. He said okay, go ahead and take the bed frame apart. He said to give him a call once it was cleared and then he'd come back to install the new appliances and remove the old ones that night.

The specified delivery time was 5-9 pm. They left at 6:00, leaving our new washer and dryer in the middle of our kitchen. I took apart the bed, flipped the mattress against the wall and moved the wardrobe completely out of the way. I called him back at 7:00 (as instructed). When I got a hold of him he told me that he is going home. I'd have to re-schedule another delivery time through the store.

We were outraged! We were promised that he would come back and install everything that night. Now all of a sudden he's going home half way through his shift and we're left with no bed to sleep in and a washer & dryer in the middle of our kitchen!

We called every possible Sears number we could find. The only person who answered the phone was some lady who told us that there's no way we were getting anything installed that night and we'd have to wait until Saturday (it was Monday) for someone to come out. The mattress was at the very back of all the bed frame pieces and the wardrobe. There was no way we could even lay it on the floor.

After spending the night sleeping on our now dirty laminate floors, I made quite a few phone calls the next day. I finally talked to somebody who apologized for what happened and they said the best they could do is have the same guys come out to install everything in 2 days. That means 2 more nights of sleeping on the floor.

What we still cannot understand is how after waiting 2 weeks for a delivery time, this guy can be going home half way through his shift one night, and then be 'completely booked' for the next few nights.
Apparently Sears contracts out their delivery service and this service doesn't do overtime. Shows how much they care about their customers. I've had Ikea deliver at 10:30pm to keep their promise of a delivery time and keep their customers happy.

I called the store manager and he apologized for us being lied to by the delivery guy and having to sleep on the floor for a few nights, but explained that there was nothing he could do. We had spent over $1000 on the appliances and almost $200 in delivery / installation fees ($50 delivery, $80 washer installation, $20 dryer installation, and $40 for removal of our old washer and dryer). I asked the manager for some sort of compensation for all this. He said he was willing to give us a %50 refund from the delivery fee - the $50 delivery fee that is.

So in the end they're giving us a $25 refund from a $1200 purchase, dirty floors, and a cold hard floor to sleep on for 3 nights. What a joke and what a nightmare!

I will never step foot in another Sears store.
 17th of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes

Sears - They're a big rip off
United States

Went to Sears and bought a surround sound system. It was late and they reactivated an old card of mine. Tried to change the address but they told me to call a number when I got home and do that. I forgot but about a month later called. I was told I didn't have an account there, asked about my husbands and was told they couldn't talk to me about that one. I said even to verify the address - NOPE. Decided to wait for a bill. Bill never came and I forgot about the whole thing. Got a collection agency letter in the mail - Sears NEVER contacted me - NEVER tried to - but turned me over to a collection agency after they racked up like 6 months of interest so wrote off some astronomical amount. I called Sears they couldn't speak to me about this matter (their Customer Service is something to be desired) not even to verify what it was for or anything. Of course we settled with the collection agency IMMEDIATELY because we would have paid our bill if we could just have gotten it in the first place. HOWEVER it is on my credit report as a write off. So a person with perfectly good credit gets a black mark because some company has shady customer service. I've sent a letter to them and now to Citibank with no response (Citibank has taken over their charges I guess). I will not be shopping at Sears anymore and I would recommend that you not charge anything there if you shop there.

A very unhappy person with GREAT credit until this
 23rd of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes

Sears - Delivery rebate of freezer & refrigerator; rebate mailed to wrong address
sears select
United States

Since January a check was mailed to the delivery site . I called every month to notify the correct mailing address and staff continued mailing the check to place that the ref and freezer was delivered and that I do not receive mail due to is a new subdivision an we do not have access to mailboxe.
 4th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes

Sears - Poor warranty service
United States

We purchased all our appliances from Sears. It seems the customer service these days is terrible. The service technicians just don't show up for appointments. You spend all day waiting at home for a no show. When we called to complain, nothing gets done. We waited home for a service call on our washer on at least five different occasions. The technician was a no show. Apparently he just decided to cancel our appointment without notifying us. It wasn't until I called to see where he was, that I was told the appointment had been cancelled with no reason.

Also, the service technicians tramp dirt from the outside through your house. They have also damaged my washer and dishwasher while doing a service call on these appliances. While snapping the front of the washer back in place, they cracked a panel, which Sears refuses to replace. I find this very unsatisfactory, since the washer was almost new and cost allot.

While putting the panel back on the dishwasher, the guy didn't put the panel on properly and the screw at the side completely gauged my front panel.

One time while fixing my washer, they pulled it out and tore my vinyl floor.

I could go on with the damage that has been caused in my home by the service technicians.
 9th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
On April 13th, I dropped off my Craftsman model weedeater to have the trigger replaced. It took me almost 10 minutes before anyone even came over to help me, which should have been my first sign to run out the door. Once someone finally came to help me I told them what was wrong with the weedeater and the work I wanted done. They could not find my name in the system until they looked me up at an old address (from 3 years ago) and did not update my new information. I was told I would have to pay a $30 service charge because the unit was no longer under warranty but that the $30 would be applied to any services. I asked the associate if he knew how much it would cost to replace the trigger and he told me they had no way of knowing but that I could set a limit on how much the service would cost so they couldn't do work without my authorization. I told him I wanted a $30 limit since I had already paid $30. He again said they would call me to get authorization and I asked him to make sure they call my new number so he put a note in the system. He told me the weedeater would be ready on 4/28/08 and they would call me when it was ready to pick up.

4/28/08 came by and I heard nothing from Sears. I called the Customer service number to check on the status of the repair and an Indian woman who I could barely understand could not find my information in the system. I finally gave her my phone number from 3 years and she was able to pull it up but she said it was still not in and could give me no explanation why.

On 5/1/08 I had to go to the Mall for another reason so I stopped into the store and asked about the status of my repair. The associate told me that it was still being worked on and would not be ready until 5/4/08. I again verified that they had my correct phone number in the system and talked to the manager to see if they could update the info since the lady on the phone had been unable to find me in the system. She said there was no way they could do that while the work order was open but assured me that they would call me at my current number and explained the weedeater was out because they had had to order the trigger. She told me it looked like it would be back to the store on 5/4/08 and gave me the number of the store to call to speak to someone who could tell me the status of my weedeater.

I still had not heard from Sears by 5/6/08 so I called the store to see if it was back. They associate who answered the phone said it was there and had been there since Sunday. I asked her why I had not been called and she said she didn't know. I told her I would be in that evening to pick it up.

When I arrived at the store an associate came out and told me I had a balance to pay before I could get my weedeater. I asked him how much and he told me $60!!! I asked him how it could be so much, it was a broken trigger that should have cost, max, $40. I expressed my frustration that I had NEVER been called to authorize them to fix the weedeater at that price. He apologized and said he wasn't sure if they could do anything. My boyfriend and I told him we wanted to speak to the manager and he said he would get her. We waited for about 5 minutes and the associate came back and said the manager had told him that we had no choice, we could either pay the $60 and get our weedeater back or be out our $30 deposit and they would keep it. I again said I wanted to speak to the Manager as both choices were unacceptable and he said he would have her come over. When she came over we asked if she had remembered us from last time and she said she did. We explained how poor our customer service had been throughout the service period and the fact that no one had called us to authorize the repairs. All she would say is that we had the two above choices and there was nothing we could do about it. She kept telling us that either way we were out the $30, which we said we understood, but I kept trying to explain to her that I didn't think I should have to pay the $60 since it had not been authorized by me. She kept interrupting and saying either she couldn't do anything about it or that either way we were out the $30. I explained to her that I could get a brand new weedeater for $90, which is the same price as what I would be paying for my old one for the so-called service. I asked what had cost so much and she would not explain the charges, she would only say that the service was $60/hour. My boyfriend asked her if that was the standard rate and she said it was. I asked why I had not been told that when I had dropped it off, as I had asked the associate, and she said she didn't know why. I told her I was extremely unhappy and that I would never be a customer at sears again. She shrugged her shoulders at me! I asked for phone numbers of her manager so I could talk to them and she gave me a number so I could complain to the service but would not give me any numbers for Sears. My boyfriend suggested to her as a fellow retail employee that she should have her employees tell people the rates, especially when the know them, if they wanted to avoid these kinds of problems. She looked at him like he had a horn growing out of his head, said she there was nothing else she could do, and started to walk away. My boyfriend asked her if she would wait a minute so we could decide if we were going to pay the $60 or get a new one. She said she would and walked into the office.

After we walked over and looked at the weedeater's (and verifying that, in, fact, a new one does cost $90) I told him I had been insulted, by both the process and the manager, that I was not giving Sears one more cent of mine again. He agreed and we went over to let the manager know that we would not be taking the weedeater back but she would not come out of the office (we waited for another 5 minutes). We were so disgusted at that point that we left.
 12th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
I found the Gas Grill I wanted to surprise my husband with for our 36th wedding anniversary on sale at Sears. Total purchase price with extended warranty and tax was $353.23. I purchased it on Saturday May 10th. The cashier tried to sell me the floor display, I asked if they had it in stock for assembly, which was to be done by a Sears employee. Yes they had 6 in stock. I asked if they could have it assembled by Monday around 2:30. The sales person said that would not be a problem, thus I purchased it. Monday at 3:30 we went to the store to pick it up. Well, there was nothing there for me. The had the grill, but not assembled. I spoke to the manager, Marie I think, she said the sales associate made an error and did not indicate I wanted it assembled ! So why did I not take it home on Saturday when I purchased it? I explained that it was an anniversary gift and that we had 18 people at our home waiting to BBQ. She asked that we give her a couple hours and she would have it put together. OK fine we will be back. Well when we returned 2+ hours later, they had put it together alright...looked like grade school kids did it. It was all scratche up, It had 2 doors in the front of which 1 hung down lower by at least 3 inches, and to top it off as they wheeled it out one of the wheels feel off!! Fell right off. At that time we asked to see the Manager, who by the way had already left for the day, so the acting manger Angie came out. She saw all the flaws and said that we could bring this grill home to use and that when the regular employee who puts the grills together returns on the 20th of the month we can bring this one back and he will assemble a new one ! Why in the world would I bring home this piece of junk that I paid over $300.00 for. Or she would give us $30.00 OFF as an inconvenience credit. Are you kidding me? Needless to say I got a full refund, and went to Lowe's who by the way put a grill together for me in 1 hour and the grill is a much nicer one and they meet Sears sales price. I will no longer shop at sears. Lowe's has my business from here on out. There are so many people out of work today, sears needs to fire their incompetent employees and hire people who take pride in their work. Apologies mean nothing when they were so willing to refund my money verses either putting another grill together for me on the spot, (but no, everyone had gone home for the day), or offer to upgrade it. No they would rather loose a sale and a loyal customer. Thats fine with me Sears loss is Lowe's gain. Beware what Sears promises you.
 13th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes

Sears - Never again!
1200 Towne Centre Mall (SIC)
United States

Until now, we have bought all of our major appliances at Sears -- but NEVER again!

We bought a Maytag dryer and the delivery date was set for a week later. On the day of the delivery, I was looking forward to arriving home to find my old dryer gone and my new dryer hooked up and ready to process a week of dirty clothes. Instead I found the dryer in the middle of the downstairs hall, blocking all access. The old dryer was gone but the new dryer wouldn't fit through the door so they just left it! My daughter explained that we would need to solve the door problem (that makes sence) and then call them to have it installed. However, they didn't leave a number to call.

I had to crawl over the dryer to just get in my bedroom!

I removed the door (easy) and moved the dryer into place. I then had no choice except to hook it up myself so we could have some clean clothes to wear.

When I purchased the dryer, I also purchased a new power cord (not included?) and a new exhaust hose. They didn't leave an exhaust hose and the power cord they installed was the wrong one. I spent the evening running back and forth to Home Depot getting the necessary parts, installing the parts and getting the dryer hooked up. WHAT A PAIN!! And I had paid extra to have this done for me!

The next day I called Sears to complain about the incident and get a refund of the extra parts I had paid for. They were nice about it, apologized for the "inconvenience" and promised a quick refund. Then they did nothing.

A number of days later I called back and yelled at them. They apologized again and promised a refund. They even offered a gift card for all the problems. Then they did nothing... again.

I called back today and spoke to a manager who explained that I had to take this up with the store -- they couldn't do anything about it. AHHHH!!!

So I called the Sears store and wrestled through their ASININE automatic phone system only to be hung up on twice and dropped in a void once. Once I ended up speaking to their credit card service, who (of course) couldn't help me and told me to "call the store". I still have not been able to speak to a human by calling SEARS.


So it is worth it to drive half a hour to the store to get my $30 refund?

I probably will just to vent my extreme anger AT THE ENTIRE STORE, AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!

How is it that a major store like this can have such poor service now?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good place to buy appliances?
 13th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have had very similar issues with Sears, I no longer shop there. They do not care about customers wants and or needs. All they care about is that quick sale.
 21st of May, 2008 by    0 Votes

Sears - Repair not in a timely manner, no following up from customer service
United States

We purchased a comb over /microwave in July 2007. Less than a year, April 2008, the microwave stop working. Contact Sears, appointment was set, they came and said that it was installed incorrectly. And by the way, we paid Sears to do the installing. The tech could not repair it because he had to order a part. In the meantime I talked with our sale agent, Les to get the installer out to reinstall the unit correctly before the part comes in. Les left it with the store manager to follow up. I called the contractors, Lazers and they told me they understand the problem but a sales agent from the store called and hung up on the owner and it is out of their hands and for me to contact Sears. Today is the 21st of July. The service tech has been out to our home 4-5 times and still the microwave is out of order... they order another part. I've been calling the 1-800 number tell them the problem and they hung up on me. I finally called Parts department and the agent contacted Service and she told me nothing else they can do until the part comes in.

This is unacceptable. Why couldn't the part be overnight to correct this problem. I have a build-in loose because the Tech didn't secure the unit because he's waiting on the part.

I just can't believe SEARS... just give me a new unit! My husband is disable who has been getting up every week to support this. We tell them morning and of course they show up at 11:50am. This is a BIG problem each week... throwing my husband medicine routine off. Now its the holiday weekend coming up, relatives and friends over and microwave still out of service. They will hear the stories as well as others who I will be in contact with.

Just unbelievable!
 22nd of May, 2008 by    +1 Votes

Sears - Terrible quality products and service
United States

Customer support does not respond to my complains on a Calypso Elite washing machine. It stains the white clothes and build mold. I first received a letter from SEARS, September / October 2004, requesting the use of HE detergents and monthly washing the machine with Chlorine Beach!!! Wash the washer??? I made the first call November 16, 2004, they told me, we will call you back in 2 days November 29, 2004, I call again, they told me, we will call you back, this time I request person name Marian at 9:30 am.

December 21, 2004, I call them and they do not know about my complain, they are sending a technician December 27??? I call to Erick first and James second 2:20 pm. This machine is a Rip-Off!
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Sears - Won't honor extended service
United States

I purchased a Used Portable AC which had 3 years left on the Master Protection Agreement. No where in the agreement did it state the the original owner had to approved of Transferability. It states that This MPA is transferable to any subsequent owner of the covered products, subject to the terms and conditions of this MPA. I have the original receipt and the MPA what more do they need. I have no way of finding the original owner I bought the thing over a year ago . The original owner paid $539.98 for the AC and $89.99 for the MPA plus tax for a total of $581.56.

So I am stuck with a $581.00 piece of junk
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Sears - Online available, but not!
20701 SW 112th Ave
United States
Phone: 305 378 5100

On Saturday, May 24, 2008 I was searching the web for the Wii Fit and found the Sears @ 20701 SW 112th Ave Item # 05892358000 had on the online "Available". I charge it to my Discover card. I drove 12 miles under rain storm; arrive before 4:00 pm waited 30 minutes to find out they had none in stock. One of the employee call for the manager for assistance but never show up but the employee did reverse the charge

And Sunday, May 25, 2008 around 1:30 I check again, and they still have on their web site "Available"; this time I call but the sale person check the inventory and said none in stock "And said that they have not updated the inventory online"

Thank you,

Maria V Vindas
Miami, Florida.
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United States
Phone: (312) 875-9696

Sold a DEFECTIVE DRYER - took 42 hours before anyone would help - they are willing to lose customer over a dryer and a 300 dollar difference!!! They say now the model is discontinued and WILL NOT - REFUSE to replace it unless I pay the difference !! Never was able to get the ACTUAL store Manager on the phone at the Northshore Slidell Sears!!! Stay away from SEARS!! Warning we were customers for over 20 years and this is what they are willing to allow!!! They refuse to do anything - we picked up the dryer and it is a 26.6 miles one way - they would send a REPAIR person on a dryer that we bought 44 hours ago! WARNING! WARNING!!
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Sears - Their protection agreement means nothing
United States

We are in the middle of an ordeal with Sears repair. We turned on our relatively new air conditioner because we knew a warm up was coming.

It didn't work, so we call the service number on Monday (05/26). I get somebody in India who thinks that if they use an American sounding name I won't realize where my call is going to. Problem is someone forgot to tell her that Doug is NOT a female name!

We schedule an appointment, technician comes out on Wednesday (05/28) and says it’s a bad fan motor and he will emergency order the part. He schedules to come back on Monday (06/02), but adds that if the part shows up earlier to call and see if there are any appointments open.

Saturday (05/31) arrives, no motor I am wondering what exactly "emergency order" means! I call my ever helpful non-English speaking customer service representative. At least the name matches the sex, although they must have been having a *** them day because her name was Foxy. She told me the part was backordered, that didn't make me happy to say the least.

I tell her I'm not happy and I take a long journey back to the states where they ship "difficult" consumers like me. I speak to my first English speaking representative; he says "No, the part isn't backordered it just wasn't ordered till Friday (05/30). I again ask for a clarification of "emergency order" and an answer as to why if the technician was here on the 28th was the part not ordered till the 30th?

No answer to that question! So, I get the pleasure of a third transfer during this call. I actually get another English speaker...whoo hoo, must be my lucky day! She says the part has not yet shipped, but wants to let me know the good news that it is not backordered! She said the part was ordered on the 28th, I see an opening to ask my favourite question, so I am all over it. "What", I ask ever so hopefully is an "emergency order?"

With a tone that reflects her delight in being able to enlighten me she says. "An emergency order allows us to rush the shipment of your part to you." She then adds "we don't do them for everyone; they have to be approved by a supervisor."

At this point I am feeling so special that I almost forget I don't have a part, but then reality sets back in. I ask then why don't I have a motor? She isn't sure, but it should be shipped out Monday (06/02). For those keeping track that is the day it was supposed to be here!

Later on during the day (05/31) I am outside and miss a phone call from the South Asian division of Sears. Miffy, Missy, Mousy???? Something to that affect leaves a message that I need to call and reschedule my appointment.

I call and get another player in the cast of ever changing characters Sears uses for customer support! Much to my utter amazement they have no idea why I am calling! I just don't have the energy, so I just hang up.

Today (06/01) I have the great fortune of getting a call from an English speaking representative who says they need to reschedule my appointment, my motor should be here Tuesday (06/03). The earliest appointment time they have available is Thursday (06/05).

I have no faith in any of this happening. I will never, ever, ever buy a Sears product of any kind again. Clothing, tools, appliances, none of it ever again!
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Sears - warenty
New York
United States

I called sears to report a broken washing machine about 3 weeks ago they told me that they need to send me a part i took a week for the part to arrive. the repair man came two days later to change the part but found that the new part was defective. I waited another two weeks and called sears abour 10 times untill they sent me the new replacement part I calld them to tell them that my part arrived and being that i have no machine for three weeks they send someone tomorrow they refused to accomadate me bus said I will have to wait untill they have a slot available
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Recentl I returned Craftsman screwdrivers to the Sears store in Oklahoma City, at SW 44th & Western. The lady behind the counter did not understand that although the items looked good, that they were unuseable since the tips were worn. This lady gave me hassle and decided to closely look at each tip and give her unexperienced opinion. Finally another lady took over and I was able to exchange the Craftsman tools. This is unsatisfactory. Has Sears changed policy on returns or should sales persons have some knowledge. For example, I would not be qualified to work in the ladies clothing dept.

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