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Progress Energy, Lake Mary Complaints & Reviews - ADDITIONAL DEPOSITS

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Progress Energy

Posted:    lcharles


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Lake Mary, United States
My husband and I have been customers with Progress Energy since March 2009. We paid a $380 deposit to have electricity in our name at the home we're renting. We moved here from another state and therefore their reason for charging this deposit fee. We paid our bills each month on time via their website. In August, we both we're let go from the company we moved here to work for. We got behind on our bills (of course) and set up a payment arrangement with Progress Energy. The bill was for $475.00. The payment arrangement was to pay $275.00 on Monday and then on Thursday of that week, we would pay the remainder. The $275.00 was paid as promised on that Monday. On WEDNESDAY, I was sitting at home and the electricity went off. I waiting for several minutes to see if it were a power surge and nothing happened. I called Progress Energy and picked the "report power outage" option. Once connected to a live agent, I was informed that I was disconnected for not paying my bill. I informed this person that payment arrangements were made and that the first payment of $275.00 was paid on Monday. He did see the payment of $275.00, but saw no payment arrangements. He did see where I had spoken with someone, but no notes. I asked to speak with a supervisor who was extremely rude and told me that this wouldn't have happened if I had paid my bills on time. She suggested I go an pawn something to get my electricity turned back on. That is exactly what we had to do. We had to pawn our T.V. set to come up with the other $200.00. To add insult to injury - - - we received a letter from Progress Energy yesterday stating that since we didn't pay our bills in a timely fashion, they are charging us another $105.00 DEPOSIT!!! Can someone please explain to me how this company is able to practice business like this? It's the MAFIA!!!
Comments United States Utility Services
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 30th of Nov, 2009 by   Tia81 0 Votes
I moved here from Ohio last year, they charged me $270 deposit, and I was renting a 1 bedroom apartment approx 850 sq ft, and my monthly bill was always above $150. How is that possible??
They shut off my power on my birthday and once I couldn't pay on a Sunday because I always carry cash, monday morning at 8 am the guy came out to shut off my power, as I was on the phone with them saying I am on the way to pay my bill, they shut it off anyways, had to wait 8 hours to get my power back on, the food in the fridge got completely ruined, and I am a mother of a small child, making very little money, and they just didn't care, and in addition they charged my $40 reconnection fee. (FOR SWITCHING A F**G BUTTON???)

Wonder why they are the only one in the area, why can't the other company in Tampa extend their services here?
 19th of Jan, 2010 by   satof 0 Votes
Progress energy tacked on a 350.00 deposit to my bill stating that I could not be late or have power shut off within a year. Is this legal? Where are the action groups in this state? I have to scrape to pay the bill now.. and I use a minimal amount of electricity. How do they expect another 350.00. This is insane!!
 21st of Jan, 2010 by   Rugerman 0 Votes
Same thing is happening to me. I had my account since 2004. We are going through financial difficulties and paid late a few times, now they added some $250 for a deposit, just when we are struggling to pay all of our bills. It’s incredible.
 25th of Mar, 2010 by   dashingsolo 0 Votes
I went through a similiar experience. I was living in a house with a mother in law suite outback seperate from the house. I paid deposits on both meters totaling OVER $650. . I lost my job and was not even told that they were going to charge me another $650. They simply added it to the new bill without explanation. All I saw was a huge increase in the bill. I told Progress Energy "enough is enough" I am moving, itemize BOTH bills for BOTH meters. They inturn charged me two turn offs and a turn on Total $120., raided my security deposits and are now holding me hostage with over $600 in charges, What can we do as consumers? I sent an official complaint through the state and was contacted by Progress Energy that all was fair and legal from a well versed and tenured employee. This does not help consumers or the state of Florida.
 15th of May, 2010 by   Concerned Pastor 0 Votes
We have been faced with same problum. We have beenwith progress energy for 20years. We had a oversite and we had the power disconnected at our home for non payment. We called and right away had it restored. The next week we got a letter that they wanted additional 762.00 deposit. We were SHOCKED!!! We said there is no way we could afford this. We paid the next bill but we did not have the deposit. They shut off our power for not having the deposit. They would not restore it until we paid it. We are pastors of a local church and we do all we can to make it and help the other families in our church. We all are striving to get thru this tough time and now progress energy wants to make it even harder. They know that they can because there is no where else to go. We have no choice but to pay them. We had to borrow money since we have not only our family, but other church memebers living with us. Then we get a notice at the church as well. That they are adding a another 636.00 deposit to our church account. This is crazy!!! We can not allow this to continue. What are we gonna tell our people when they come in and there is no power here. I am so upset that there is nobody that can help us. Nothing we can do about this robbery. We entered into a agreement with the first desposit when we started service, but this we did agree too and we have been manipulated into having to pay it. Please somebody help stop this.
 30th of Jul, 2010 by   M. Parker 0 Votes
My mother has had an account with them since 1972. I was living with her as her care giver for last 2 years as her health deteriorated. She passed away this past April, and left me her home where I continue to live. Once Progress Energy discovered she passed, they said I had 2 weeks to transfer the account to my name. Once I called them to do so, they stated that I had to pay a security deposit of $385.00 up front in addition to my mothers bill of $299.00 or they will cut service (in the middle of the hottest July in recorded history), $684.00 I had to pay within 2 days. I informed them that I just buried my mother, and that I had no such funding as I work only part-time at $8.00 per hour and that there's no way I can come up with almost $700.00 in 2 days when I am already struggling just to eat. I asked could they please break the security deposit down into payments over several months. The account rep was EXTREMELY rude and stated " if 1 out of 5 customers had that same excuse, we couldn't stay in business". Their first quarter earnings for 2010 was 213 million dollars BTW, yeah they are really struggling. Well, they did cut my power, and now I sit in a house with no power for the past 2 weeks (I am at a friends house on his PC for those who are curious) and to top off this crap, I was let go from my crappy-ass job as it was a temp position anyway and they currently don't have enough business to keep my position. So, I am doomed. Thanks alot PE, you a the epitome of a greed driven monopoly.
 18th of Dec, 2010 by   jesidus 0 Votes
i moved to my new home on 01/2009 i was a customer of ouc another company for a good 9 years but they do not provide service in my new home .i call progress energy to find out that i needed to pay a 550 deposit to get my service .they stated that my credit required a deposit, which i knew was wrong but i paid the deposit .i called on february 2010 to find out when my 550 deposit will be refunded the agent who took the call told me by december 2010 . i asked her twice are you sure she said yes we hold the deposit for 23 months and the only way to not refund your deposit will be paying with bad check or suspension of your service.i proceed to call today 12/17/2010 to find out about it, the agent who took the call made fun of me told me that i will get my deposit after 24 months and that 12+12=24 as he recall of course i asked for a supervisor explain everything to him he apologized and explain to me that i will get my deposit on july 2011 because in 2 occasions i paid my bill 3 days after the due date .
 13th of Apr, 2013 by   Mikono14 0 Votes
Same story as the rest I have had progress energy since 2009 I put a 210 dollar deposit when I moved in, we'll I always have to pay late I am struggling to get by and it's that simple well on Friday my work have everyone a letter with our paychecks saying they are cutting our pay by 6% nice right and the same day I get a letter from progress energy that they want a 135 dollar deposit on top of the original 210 dollar deposit I am the only one working and I live in a tiny apartment this is criminal to let these big corporations walk all over us from my work to progress energy they should all be locked up this is insane please someone help!!!

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