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Posted:    Valerie

Online fraud

Complaint Rating:  80 % with 10 votes
Contact information:
United States
I use Pay Pal as a way to get paid by a service. I don't pay bills through them. Yesterday morning I received an email from Pay Pal advising me that a company called Plimus had paid themselves $45.50 from my Pay Pal account.

Pay Pal was actually pretty helpful and they should be commended for shutting down the transaction. Of course I advised my bank as well that this transaction was bogus. Plimus may or may not exist as a legitimate company. I can't tell. I filed a report with the Washington State Attorney General on line.

This is pure fraud. I never authorized Plimus to help themselves to any funds from Pay Pal. If anyone is looking to do a class action and needs a plaintiff in WA, don't hesitate to contact me.

Comments United States Online Scams
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 27th of Nov, 2008 by   Derekf 0 Votes
Dear Jennifer,

Plimus is a well-respected online payment and billing service based in the USA. We process several hundred thousand transactions each year, with a total value of around $100 million, and serve leading credit card services and banks across the world.

We have millions of satisfied customers. Many software, digital content and computer game vendors use our services to sell products as our system uses anti-fraud components to provide secure online commerce.

It sounds to me like you ordered a product through a vendor which uses Plimus as their online transaction processor. That transaction could result in Plimus being noted as the final payee rather than your product vendor on your statement.

I suggest that you contact me by return email citing details of the relevant transaction and I will have our customer service section check the process for you notwithstanding the transaction has been cancelled already by Pay Pal.

I think it is important to let our company clear its good name and to set your mind at rest. If in the very unlikely event a fraudulent act has taken place then we can alert the relevant authorities.

If you have already opened a ticket in our customer service system kindly pass me the details.

Finally, I note that an exact version of this post has been made on this site under a different username, and I would welcome your explanation for this.

Many thanks,


 11th of May, 2009 by   harley 0 Votes
i orded facebook chips which was $50us dollars i stil have not received anything at all wat a scaming site dont buy nothing of them
 15th of May, 2009 by   Ravi Verma 0 Votes
I am not sure right now. But I think, I have got a reason to think that plimus is a fraud. I am not declaring that right now.

Let me tell you about my experience:

I signed up as ventor for selling a software called "Forum Poster" which was offering me 20% commission. I told my friend in US to purchase the product using my link. I was on team viewer watching while he purchased the software from my affiliate link.

Two days passed, plimus is not showing any update. I mailed them and they replied:


That depends on several things:

1) That the customer really did complete the order without any technical
difficulties, and that the order entered our system properly.

2) If the order entered our system, it may be approved immediately, or it may
require manual review before it is approved. Manual reviews typically take
anywhere from an hour to a day.

3) The order was properly credited to you and that you have the permission to
sell the contract in question.

When all these conditions are met, you will see the order in your system.

Tony-Plimus Vendor Support

Just now, I mailed them to check it manually. I sent them the customer name and software name and told them to check the status and let me know the reason.

I know that they don't have any reason or proof that will prove that I don't deserve the 20% commission. Maybe they will find that out soon, thats why I am not declaring them as frauds. I am an SEO and when I say declaring them as fraud, I really mean it.

I am not declaring them fraud but still I am writing this review because two days is enough reason. To test the system, I did the transaction. In the future, I won't be knowing who are the people purchasing the software from my website. Therefore, I won't make complaints.

Is that how they make money????

I am not waiting for the 20% commission. That can't keep me quite. I want the reason for delay. If they don't have proper answer to that. Then I am going to declare them as frauds and I have valid reasons and proof because the client is also with me.

Good Luck--Plimus.

Ravi Verma
 31st of May, 2009 by   Justin 0 Votes
I recieved a similar charge on my bank account. Now I did have someone hack the email service I used with paypal, so I started using a new service and changed my password, etc.

Now a few weeks later, I get a charge on my bank account through paypal, and I have only purchased 2 things through paypal, which were both on PayPal buyer credit. So this sent up a red flag for me.

I went to log onto my paypal to dispute the transaction, but it asked me to change my password and security questions again. This caught me a little off gaurd, but when I logged on it informed me my account was frozen because paypal was looking into that transactions themselves.

I have a feeling this is happening to many people around the nation, so a class action suit may be a good idea.
 5th of Jun, 2009 by   MrT 0 Votes
Same with me! money taken from paypal without my permission! Suggestion to Plimus: If you are serious company your transactions should have in the transaction name the ID of the seller involved: Ex. if I buy something from MrX, the bill should be address "Plimus-MrX", not only "Plimus".
 12th of Sep, 2009 by   george fowler 0 Votes
I have my doubts about Plimus as well now. I used to think they were a legitimate company but I now see that one of their vendors Is a company called adblaze. They are a well known bunch of scammers who constantly switch affiliate companies and NEVER pay their affiliate or give refunds to clients.

BY accepting companies like those you have to question the legitimacy of Plimus

All they had to do was a quick search of google for Adblaze and this would have been discovered.
 22nd of Sep, 2009 by   TTM 0 Votes
Note that the only positive comments you will find regarding this company are from its own representatives. I have seen several complaints of this company illegally making unauthorized charges to PayPal accounts. This happened to me two days ago. I never even heard of this company or any of their products and somehow they managed to make a charge on my PayPal account. Count me in on the class action suit. These @%^!!@s are evil and every financial institution has had to have numerous complaints; why do they keep allowing unauthorized payments to these bozos?
 22nd of Jan, 2010 by   chikbabygurl99 0 Votes
I also have recieved a completely unwarrented charge from Plimus! I had ordered a few things online, but none amounting to the amount that Plimus had charged my bank account. I filed a claim with my bank and it is currently pending. I had never even been aware of "plimus" until I googled it after the charge appeared on my account!
 30th of Nov, 2010 by   johnny buchling 0 Votes
I agree with a class suite action. Plimus are definately misleading people.I ordered a $1 trial period for"copy live trades" after 7 days they charge me $499 after they stated on my order they will only bill me $1.They also stated in their advert a 31 day no questions ask money back guarentee.Even though I could not access the service copy livetrades to even try it they still billed me without any authorisation.When I told them on the same day they billed me that I dont want this product they did not want to refund me. When I ordered the $1 trial their was no option that they will automatic bill me afterwards .So even though I havent used their product as well as not wanting their product they also dont want to honour their "no questions ask 31 day money back guarentee".This is not their first time that they mislead people.
I suggest we should blacklist them with all the creditcard companies so that they cant mislead and cost people more money. How can you deal with a company that dont honour their promises?

 21st of Dec, 2010 by   Rayne_13 0 Votes
I have recieved an e mail several times telling me about a paypal charge from Plimas and if it is a false transaction to click on the link. I have never clicked on the link but I have gone and checked my paypal account and there has been no activity. I think if you click on the dispute link it will take you to a log in that will look like paypal but is really just a way to get access to your paypal account. I have gotten three differant notices but nothing has come out of my paypal account or my bank account.
 8th of Feb, 2011 by   Sadiesrevival 0 Votes
To all the people complaining about Plimus...You are all so right on the money. I have had a herendous experience with them today and am now worried that I am one, not going to get what I ordered (it wasn't from Plimus but they handle the orders from the site I was at) and secondly, and worst of all, my credit card will be levied with more charges. This Derek Fattal from Plimus that writes in to the Complaints Dept here defending Plimus is so full of crap. If they are such a great company (I emailed him) then how is it that there are so many people (thousands) complaining about their bad experiences. I asked him if he thought we were all lying. I can't wait to find out what his answer is to that. Impossible that many people are all lying. Where is the FTC when you need them. Anyway, thanks for the vent and if anyone out there has any info on how I can contact them could you please let me know. You can't even access thier site. Thanks again. Deb from Vancouver Island Canada. Never screw with a Canadian

 11th of Apr, 2011 by   Peta s 0 Votes
how does this work????
i want my money back...
 5th of May, 2011 by   Karina_K 0 Votes
Hello guys...I'm really frustrated...

It was so hard to sell my educational product and someone paid more than 700$ and guess what?

Plimus is going to suspend my account now...because as they wrote I ignored their e-mail, however I answered it properly 8 days ago! It's all saved in my mail box and I have this evidence!

Could you please help me with your advice?

I really want to undertake legal actions against them, is there any service doing it with on-line services?

I'm based in Sydney.

 22nd of Sep, 2011 by   THELMA DONALD-O 0 Votes
plimus is a fraudulent organisation, i was carrying out a registration with some data entry companies and plimus is thier payment processor, i made a wire tranfer on the 26th of August and 2nd of sep 2011 till date plimus has denied recieving my payments.i had to send telex advice and statement of account from my bank, all i hear is support is looking into it, we will get intouch.please i advice no person should do business with plimus or those affiliate companies they are bunch of scams.Does anyone know the appropriate authorities i shoul take this to?


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