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Plenty of Fish Complaints & Reviews - account

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Plenty of Fish

Posted:    cityc


Complaint Rating:  56 % with 86 votes
They deleted my account without reason and or warning. They will not answer my inquiries

Comments United States Online Dating Services
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 2nd of Nov, 2010 by   seetoit +1 Votes
icannot get my password to work with my user name
 16th of Nov, 2010 by   ICESTRONG 0 Votes
i just had my account deleted without any warning, icestrong2@gmail.com, my id is called MANMADEFORYOU, why it was deleted, I am not certain
 20th of Dec, 2010 by   milo1315 0 Votes
 20th of Dec, 2010 by   milo1315 0 Votes
During a corrent banter with one of your fish, I was told to "do myself a favor and put a bullet in my head" --because she didnt have the expressiveness and sophistry to speak as a general member of the civilization. I know that assissting suicide is a crime (though I'm not sure if inciting one is.) Yes she was a perfectly air brushed mag photo--I only bring this up because of my reviews of fraudulence at POF leaving images of comely nyphys(no matter what their scam) whilst automatically un-posting anything of the male gender. That's business--though, hypocritical from the spokeman of the "little guy" who was consistantly misrepresented on these sites. Disregardinging the legalitty aspects-with the currect wave of media incited suicide, I dont think this will take too kindly to the press and the talking heads froathing at the mouths-- from a math-maker site that condones violence against the self or others. To that end if she is not de-listed, I will go to the Chamber of Commerce, local congressman to the attorney general, FCC or whoever it takes. The offenders username is "yourmuse32" BY the way I', m mentally ill and feeling a little shaky...Can you imagine if I told a female member of your service to put a bullet in her head because I didnt like her sophmoric drivel--it would probabably be a criminal matter. As for now it's civil--do the right thing and keep it that way. First amendment does not protest againt "blow your head off." I am monitoring the site--even if you "de-list" me which I'm told is yourMO. THis is not going away.
 21st of Dec, 2010 by   Sean_Nicol 0 Votes
Hey all, anyone from Ontario where we can sue the company for having hypocrite policies and false advertising
 21st of Dec, 2010 by   Sean_Nicol 0 Votes
Hey all, anyone from Ontario who wants to sue them for hypocrite policies / privacy issues and false advertising?
 14th of Jan, 2011 by   teresa79 +1 Votes
POF is horrible. I think my ex called in one day and made up lies abotu me, along with possible other harassers and had my profile removed. Now, everytime I try to get back on- its deleted--if i post my picture. When I asked them why---they said they couldn't state the reason. Apparently, if there aer some crazy men who dont like you POF will side with teh liars and psychopathic men and remove women's profiles---isnt it just amazing how moderating system works---they work to screw over innocent women and give leeway to lying men and disgruntled ex's. Its pretty amazing...if the roles were reversed and I called in abotu a guy who was abusing me, nothing would be done, but lies are listened to. POF sucks and is a terrible website-- so long as a person is a pervert, liar, psycho he's allowed to have a profile--all normal people get removed eventually
 14th of Jan, 2011 by   teresa79 +1 Votes
I sometimes feel this society is up to standards with some female oppressing society in india- they discriminate against women so much and give heads up to any kind of trash, liars etc..unless the women are truly psycho then the psycho women get good or special treatment like the psycho men do
 27th of Jan, 2011 by   bornagnvrjn 0 Votes
How in the heck do you get into this site to delete your account when you locked out of it? Does this entity have no way of communicating with anyone for problems not covered in there help section? I keep getting privacy screen, have set privacy to stated levels and all of a sudden can not get in, read mail, delete account and get no response from them what so ever to my emails, now password, no acknowledgement of my problem or complaints. I am stuck!! WTF? I can see my profile, is still up and going but is now completely out of my control. I want this account deleted and now am not sure how to do it?? Help anyone? Class action anyone? Are you listening Plenty of fish?
 2nd of Feb, 2011 by   CaptainAlbion 0 Votes
I have been unable to access my account for 3 weeks. I have requested the reasons why & accept all cookies but it makes no difference I am just ignored. Never said one derogatory word against even some of the wierdos you get contacting you on the site. Maybe its because I wont upgrade and pay not sure.
 2nd of Feb, 2011 by   bornagnvrjn +1 Votes
I will now post that, after using every single avenue I could think of, I did finally get someones attention from CSR @ POF when I finally posted a public comment to the Administrator's FaceBook page ( I refused to relent in this matter). You have to "like" the FB page then blast away! Imagine that!
Unfortunately, it also took a threatening stance to gladly contact an attorney for not having access to close that account and protect my info on my own.
I also opened a new account same name altered with one number and same password and refused to fill out all of the info..hoping they would inquire, they finally did. Seemed all was working with that account properly, name, pass, emails and access to info. Strange huh?
I told them for the 20th time about that ridiculous privacy screen that allowed me no access even after altering all settings to their recommendations. Also that I could not get any password resets to my email from that account when requested from them either. They responded that I was using the wrong pass! Idiots! I got that email OK???
I responded that it was strange that new account same password was working for new profile ( no privacy message now?) and so problem has to be in their system.
I also informed them where they could get off in no uncertain terms ( purposeful profanity does have a place in this world unfortunately) and that I would contact my attorney for disallowing me access to close that account to protect my privacy. A right they must allow for.
They have now closed that account! This site has the absolute worst customer relations I have ever experienced in my adult life! Not to mention a proliferation of predators to boot. I would not recommend this site to even people I do not care for.
 2nd of Feb, 2011 by   bornagnvrjn 0 Votes
Correction for above..not sure what happened:
"Administrator's Facebook page..."
"You have to "like" the FB page..."
 17th of Mar, 2011 by   bobbyg1755 0 Votes
On 03/17/11 my POF profile said I was ON-LINE TODAY, when in truth have not been on over 2 months. My GF friend saw it and told my GF (ironically met on POF 5 months ago ) who thinks I am now cheating on her !!! I told her it is not true and that I have never lied to her, but now she will not speak to me cause she ran a hard copy of the POF page showing me ON-LINE TODAY !! I love her but POF is fffnnn me !
Anybody else experience this gross error ?
 2nd of Jun, 2011 by   Jessica443 0 Votes
I was banned from POF this week. I have absolutely no idea why, nor would they tell me. I didn't even know about Chat forums on there. Never used them. All I did was respond to people's emails, had some dates. Very clean photos. I have no clue why they banned me but it is really cruel. No warning, no explanation, just OUT. Are they playing God, or are they a dating site? Gimme a break!
 8th of Jun, 2011 by   }{SirGuy}{ 0 Votes
I just want to thank all that have posted here. For the past seven years I sincerely thought that POF was a bona fide web based social networking sight and that there must be something wrong with me if I can not get a date on POF with some one I am at least slightly intrigued by. For the record male now 43, 188 lb 6' 1" in shape ski, ride, own an apple orchard and my own home, 4 registered vehicles in my name and several small businesses, prior I dated a fetish model and performer . It's not me! You've got 10 million guys, 5 legit female profiles.. do the math.

I have a thought. Post some videos on you tube (with their consent) of random interviews on the street of women's comments about POF - my responses have been, "what is plenty of fish? . . . That sight is full of losers . . . . I would never date a guy from plenty of fish . . . I heard of it, I think a friend of mine went on a few dates with guys from it but hey were total creeps'
 16th of Jul, 2011 by   shygirl4u36 0 Votes
I was banned to from plenty of fish after being on site for more than 3 years.
They banned me for no reason at all.I have wrote to them asked why got back
no legitimate reason at all.Im very disapointed and angry.
 16th of Jul, 2011 by   shygirl4u36 0 Votes
They banned me from plenty of fish to without any legitimate reason and I know I did nothing wrong.
I emailed them so many times and they emailed me back with no good answer at all for why they banned me.
Im really disapointed considering the fact I had been with company for over 3 years and had made lots of friends.
And yes come to findout most of the people contacted me their accounts were deleted too.This is a unfair and unjustice site!!!
 25th of Jul, 2011 by   kathywhite55 0 Votes
 5th of Sep, 2011 by   niceguy905 0 Votes
Hi, I have seen these complaints. I notice that some men say they treat men poorly and treat women perfectly and I have seen the exact reverse on here. However, there is definitely something up with this.
I believe my account has been deleted, becuase it no longer recognizes my profile name. out of the blue. I thought ok it is labor day weeknd. Maybe the site is messed up, also today it says they changed from plentyoffshi.com to pof.com and that your browser may reset your password, so I tried the email option. Ok, interestingly enough, my email is "not in the data base" so i got upset and recreated my profile. it accepted, even got me on, I browsed around for 20 minutes, than logged off, couldn't get back on again, and the email was once again "not in the data base" huh? so if I am banned, shouldn't it recoginze your email? hello? Now, I have been using this site for say 2-3 years, maybe more possibly. I have always been extremely nice to everyone I ever talked to. Yes I put my email address and phone numbers in my messages, not even sure if it is a violation because I normally talked first and wanted to set up a date, well, it never warned me this was wrong. ok, that can't be it. using promotions? well for these women that demand I send them a picture and refuse to give me their email address I do have a business website and explain to them I am only giving this website so you can see what I look like, I have no other way to get the picture, I don't trust my pic on these sites, esepeically free ones like pof. Now I am interested in dating, so that is how my profile is set. Well, I hate their site, you click on and send a msg to someon that has intimiate encoutners, suddenly you can't ever msg women who have that setting. What the heck difference does it make, that shouldn't even be in there, unless you specifically say you are looking for that. So since I have never been successful in the dating side, I strated looking for women in that intimate encounters saying and specifically finding ones that basicall spell out that they want some fun times if you catch my meaning, and wrote them dirty emails, why? because they are looking for that. I wanted to see if I could get responses. I worte a lot in the last few days compared to normal. But they takl dirty in their own dam profile. I should takl how they talk right? or is it the fact I wrote to one female who had in her profile seeking "intimate encounter" and in her settings it says "do not contact this user if you are loking for intimate encounter" so I wrote her sayint "hey, I am confused, why are you seeking abc and yet not allowing users that are seeking the same abc?" honestly, I have done absolutely nothing wrong, never ever recieved any warnings or anything. Oh and another thing I hate about these idiots. I must have inadvertantly clicked on the wrong year when I creatd my profile initialy and my age was off by a year. I tried going to the edit page to correct it. It doesn't allow you to. you can edit anything but your age and maybe 1 or 2 other things. I wrote to them explainign the situation, no resonse, nothing. I am trying to correct the age so when I am talking to someone the honesty and integrity is there even though it was a mistake I never noticed, and you can't edit something to correct a mistake which is among th emost vital things? huh? wtf? I want to know what this person's phone number is. I will call them myself. I will get to the bottom of this no doubt. what's his fb page, what other contact info does anyone have for this? this is absolutely ridiculous.
 16th of Oct, 2011 by   xmasbaby2 0 Votes
i really must agree. i used pof for years, was thoroughly miserable enjoying myself ant the fantastic pof parties, had first dates with so many people who were unable to put up with my positivity and inane jokes and compliments.
it is terrible that it is a great way for the bored, lonely, desperate and insecure to met people for free.
I have now been happily married for 12 months months thanks to the site but have to admit- few of us go back to the site to let people know it can work- i kissed a lot of frogs and went to parties full of thigh boots, stockings and mini skirts (that was just the men!) before i met the right girl. i don't know the man (and yes he rightfully deleted my account on one occasion) but hands up to markus for putting in security measures on people.
the sites that make you pay are only interested in your money and insecurities- they son't want you to meet miss right

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