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Posted: 2012-08-13 by    ex pam driver

Rip Off

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
OK i have been working for Pam for 3 Months it has only been a nightmare with them. They have no communication in the main office I have had 4 Dm"s (Dispatcher) in three months. Two told me they was quitting because of bad management and they were treated like dirt.(welcome to the Pams driver world) They have no respect for the driver at all and they threaten to fire you when you have to try and get home fast.(without them taking three weeks to get you home)They say that they pay for your CDL School if you stay with them a year (Well don't believe that) The school cost $5000 when you go to work for them they take $50 a week out of your check to pay toward the school. Thats come to $2600 for a year that half of the cost. But it dont stop there, if you don't pay anything to go to school which is what drivers solutions want when you go to for Pam they pay you .25 cents a mile if you pay for your school they pay you .34 cents per mile that .09 Cents per mile diff. They want you to run team but were going to use a solo as a example here.They say that as a solo you can average 3000 miles per week.(6000 for team) Times 52 weeks that 156000 miles a year. So if you take .09 x 156000=14, 040 a year that they keep for them to pay for your school. Add that to the $2600 they hold out of your check each week that comes out to $16, 640 you are paying for them to pay for your school. As a solo i'm only getting maybe on the best week 1800 miles per week. I have talk to team drivers and they are getting 3500 miles a week.They pay 17.5 cents a mile for team that only $612.50 a week by the time that they take money out for school and other things you might bring home $300 for the week.Use you own judgement about going to work for Pam but if you want to pay $16, 000 for a cdl go ahead I made that mastake.
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 17th of Dec, 2012 by   New trucker's wife 0 Votes
So what do you suggest for someone like my husband who is stuck in a year long contract with PAM? The way is sounds is he would do better to quit and just pay them back for his school.
 7th of Feb, 2014 by   Mrs.in trouble 0 Votes
We are in the same place but only my husband is team driving and they are telling him that he can only get paid for the miles he drive. He is on the truck 24x7 but can only get paid for what he drive. This week his check after taking out for school, insurance etc. His check was under $200. How do they expect a man to take care of his family and himself on the road with that kind of pay. I all sounds so good when they are in school and they tell them what they can make and what the company is about, but once you are in it things changes from day to day.
 31st of Jan, 2015 by   ex-driver for afs 0 Votes
i drove for afs out of jacksonvile fl. pam brough this company and closed the company down in 2007. it was by far the best trucking company to work for the staff at afs were great. dennis tucker, barry carty, all the dispatchers, outo, cory, kim and judy in safety dept. you got the miles with this company. then pam destroyed the company. we lost avon corp. deer park water, k-mart, sears, wal-mart, if you drive for this company. look to be last for you pick-ups and deliveries because they do not know how to run a company. and cushman should be replace with someone that knows how to run a trucking company. drivers took pride in driving for afs. stay away from pam transport out of tonitown ar. no good miles and no good pay. go work at a fast food place. you make more money then you will with pam transport. good luck. shaffer trucking will treat you a hole lot better.

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