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I hate this cheap home.We bought it in Sept 2011, & its now March '12.This home is built so cheaply its pathetic.I did not want this brand of home, I knew it was cheap, but my husband wouldn't listen. The ceiling is cracked already in 3 places, the linoleum is so thin it pulls up when I'm vacuuming it, the a/c & heating unit is not enclosed in a closet & is so loud I hate it. It doesn't cool our bedroom either, while the rest of the house is too cool, just poor design & quality.The original one never would even work-it had to be replaced, & in doing this they scratched the utility room floor. The carpet is already showing wear, the appliances are very cheap, the bathtub is cheap plastic. I could go on & on. What a waste of money.I will never recommend this. oOak Creek Homes to anyone.BW
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 13th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
These homes are NOT built as well as they boast about. Their warranty is a joke also, oh yeah they have a warranty but it;s when they FEEL like GETTING back to you and then getting out to your home. This company is a scam, if you want a cheap built home that, I think, is expensive, go right ahead but be prepared to have problems and then wait 2-3 weeks for them to call back and THEN come out and that's an extra week or 2!!! This company is a rip off!!!
 10th of May, 2009 by    +3 Votes
Yes, our house was also built poorly. Shortly after our house was set up, we had a 3 page e-mail of problems. Finally after several attempts and threating a law suit someone finally got back with me and corrections were made-but here we are a year and a half after our house was set up, and we have cracking walls, rotting exterior, defective carpet and more, and their reaction was "well we have already made several repairs on that house-so you just need to file a complaint with the state"-which is exactly what we are going to do, along with hire an attorney and take them t0 court.

Their salespeople are definitely educated in deception-we were promised so much, and 0nce they got our money, all sincerity was gone.

My advice to anyone reading this and thinking of buying an Oakcreek Home, do some more looking, because the quality of the home is not worth the cost.
 6th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
It's too late for me! I was an idiot to have paid cash for my Oakcreek home. I wanted a modular home. They pushed me into a mobile. Yeah, they pushed, I caved. I sat with the salesman, trusted his inquiry as genuine when he asked what I was looking for in a house then proceeded to look at homes. It was raining outside as he took me to see several. I didn't see the outside of the house until it was too late; now I'm stuck with black shutters and plastic instead of the hardi-board that I prefer. The houses all ran together as one in my mind. I later realized the pantry I wanted was in one house, the kitchen in another... I did not realize this until after I gave him a deposit. I requested the deposit back. They pushed, I caved because they had my money. Now I'm stuck with a house I don't want. It's too small! There's no pantry. The outside is ugly. There's carpet instead of wood floors.
For all my cash money, I could have had a new home. Instead, I got a four year old house off the lot that has major issues. Cracks in the walls, uneven sink lines, a tear in the roof line, licked on paint-oh, but its Glidden paint-hey. It's all electric!! I wanted gas! I hate how they took advantage of a weakling. The installation was screwed up too. They said they would install the house so how is that I have to pay an electrician to hook up the electric and a plumber to connect to the house. They said they would build the house pad and put concrete runners but when it came down to it they would not bring in dirt to build the pad. They made me use my own. As for the repairs, after closing they said I only get one shot a repairs! How incredible is that!! I'm not supposed to turn on the water until they come out to inspect it either which may take a week or more. That means I pay a plumber to come out twice. Once to connect and again to test the connection. At closing, the lady was ready to go home, it was close to five. She hurried over each page and lied when asked questions. I got to read the documents after the fact. When we went over the page that says stop here if anything was not written that was agreed upon verbally as it will not be honored, I stopped. She pushed and assured me that the damaged door and torn blinds would be replaced as she had already ordered them. Oh, I hate this
 27th of Mar, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I am in Dallas TX. I like my single wide, designed it with 2 master bedrooms/bathrooms. 18’ x 76’ x 10’ ceilings and vents in ceiling.. New 3/2011.
Oak Creek had to cut holes in my roof to correct HVAC duct design. Gave me the opportunity to witness the lack of insulation. BUT, I used the opportunity to pull my surround sound speaker wiring (made a little progress today).
Issues I feel are important to protect your investment,
1. Siding needs to be SCREWED (not nailed) to frame of home. (Excessive cracks in Siding, allowing moisture), caulked (I guaranty all caulking is unacceptable), primed and painted (I used 27 gal). Check bottom of panels, they will soak up water like a wick. ** Manufacturer of Product, Siding Installation Requirements NOT Followed. This was Expensive and time consuming.
2. Seal ALL Roof penetrations. First rain came in thru Fire Detectors. Neither the Maintenance Company nor Oak Creek returned my calls. Cheep fix but very messy. Roof vents not secured correctly either. **I had the reflective barrier installed; Oak Creek used 2 sheets of 3/8” wafer board with the reflective material between the two.
3. All Toilets are leaking, add (Blue Sanitizer) in tank, it will show leaks on floor. Worked on today, cannot get Toilets to seal.
4. Install some form of roof over your Doors, Water and moisture will come in and will damage floors quickly. Working to add patios and covers.
5 Gutters are also required on mobile homes or siding will not last. Installed 2 x 70 foot long gutters with 4 down spouts each side. Aluminum, 5” gutters w/larger 3”x4” downspouts. 1 hour job/ $700.
I can’t tell what your homes elevation is. If your dirt is not at least a Foot/12 inches above grade and covered with plastic, you will have a moisture problem. (DO NOT ADD DIRT NOW; YOU MUST REMOVE DIRT TO CORRECT). I made them raise mine, 2 feet above grade.
If you want an easy project you will love. Add a Whole House Vacuum System; only empty the vacuum cleaner once a month. It is great because we have dogs, cats, and mud.
Another product is a device that alerts you when moisture is present, Amazon 3 for $25. I suggest one for Return Air Vent, Ice maker, and washing machine area.
I also suggest relocating the wash/dryer to the garage, homes on blocks can’t handle the constant vibration. This presents a sensitive and daily issue at my home, good exercise.
 27th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
Missed Agreeing.
 22nd of Jan, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I was a first-time manufactured buyer in 2011. Previous to that I had always lived in site-built, quality homes. Oak Creek manufactured houses are built extremely cheaply. It is almost like living in a tent or shed. In spite of the fact that the house is a piece of junk, I was conned by Remax into paying $95, 000. When I tried to insure the house, I was told it was only worth $29, 000. So here is the first warning: If you plan on buying a new or used Oak Creek, get a full house inspection and appraisal so you dont pay 3X what it is worth. Here are just a few of the problems:
1.) Incredibly poor insulation, thin walls and poor windows. We suffer in winter, with the cold blasting in the paper-thin walls and cheap windows. I have had it 40 degrees INSIDE the house in winter, even with heaters and fireplace running. I have had it 96 degrees INSIDE the house in summer even with the a/c cranked on all day long and an astronomical electric bill. During summer, I can put my hand on an interior wall and feel blazing heat coming thru the wall from the outside! I can hear vehicles from the road 150 feet away like there is no wall at all! It wakes me up all night long.
2.) Junk siding and finishing work. The siding is not much better than painted cardboard. It is peeling up all over and if water hits it, it disintegrates. Around all the windows, the trim is cracking and developing holes
3.) Junk cabinets. Like cardboard with wood-colored stickers pasted on.
4.) Crooked doors, poor seals, wind comes in/drafty. Truly trash doors, I have to hang blankets up over the doors to partially stop the drafts. Had to tape up drafts around the door knobs and edges of doors and still the cold or heat comes in because they are paper thin.
5.) Windows again: very easily get messed up and are impossible to open, or jump out of their tracts and become crooked
6.) Walls again: dont let the kids slam a door or a whole section of the house can cave in. I could build a better house out of cardboard and wallpaper.
7.) Electrical issues, loose outlets, wiring problems, outlets out
8.) Not putting ventilation into all rooms.. Come on, people, how fun do you think it is to take a shower in a room with no heat in the middle of winter? ALL rooms need a vent from the central heat/air
9.) The shower and bath are so cheap I would expect to find quality like that in a rest stop in Mexico. Fail.. Could not even fit in a shower chair for handicapped family member into the 2" wide shower

I have more complaints but there is no room here. Fair warning to all home buyers: the oak creek mobiles may have a cute floor plan, but they are very shoddy construction, cheaply made, and not for a long-term home. Do an MLS search and find yourself a site built home. You can probably find one for the same price as a "trailer", and you will be much happier.
 29th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
call the better bussiness burea make a complaint it may not fix your house but may save another victum of this scam we are also victims /call we will work together Bill 817 879 0833
 7th of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
Piece of junk is right!!! I'm going to see about getting an attorney! Oak Creek homes claim to have a well built, high quality home and it is far from it. What a joke . 1 year and 3 months in and we already have a roof leak and many other issues
 24th of Apr, 2014 by    +1 Votes
Has anyone pursued a lawsuit Yet?
 20th of May, 2014 by    0 Votes
Please come join facebook group Oak Creek home suckers. get the word out and save others. post Your own comments and pictures
 24th of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
we moved in to our oack creek home december 2014, it is now june 2015 and there is atleast one crack in every wall, the lino floor is coming up, theres a leak in the roof, theres a leak under the bathroom sink, the trim on the inside of the house is falling off and so much more. this is all in 6 months. I have emailed oak creek homes several times and they have told me that our cosmetic warrenty is already up and that they will not come fix anything. I think that is absolutely pathetic. How do you sell someone a home and use such cheap materials and do such a half a** job? I will not be recomending Oak Creek Homes to ANYONE. Oak Creek Homes are worthless theives with no morals that produce nothing but crap homes. if anyone decides to sue please let me know!!
 1st of Nov, 2015 by    +2 Votes
I've had an Oak creek Home 11 months, roof leaks, floor creaks, windows leak due to no caulking around them, all in all a very cheap and poor quality home. Their warranty is a joke. They will not answer the phone and if they do they promise someone will come out but no one ever shows up. When you buy this POS home you are on your own. They won't fix a damn thing.
I tell everyone to not buy one of these sorry boxes at any cost. Piss poor company.
 7th of Nov, 2015 by    +1 Votes
wish i would have read the reviews before purchasing this cheap home!!!
 25th of Feb, 2016 by    0 Votes
Oak Creek is very pour with the setup and warranty. I have been told everything is on backorder and nothing is done the whole year and then they say your year setup warranty is over use the 7 year warranty which doesn't cover anything. Nothing but total frustration as the half finished home crumbles around you from pour workmanship. Run Forrest run.

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