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Posted:    rthomason

Shoes smell like cat urine

Complaint Rating:  95 % with 75 votes
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United States
I am glad to see this forum, I have been battling this for a couple of years, at first I thought the kids left their shoes on the step and the cat urinated in them, we tried to wash it out with no success so we threw them away. Then a friend told us it was the glue that Nike uses because they have had the same problem. My wife is a loyal Nike customer and demands that our kids wear Nike shoes. We have a lot of Nike shoes and only some of them are stinkers. However the brand new pair of T90's I bought for soccer this year are horrible, after the first use they stunk to high heaven. I don't know what to do about it other than put my foot down and forbid any more Nike shoes to be purchased in my house. THESE SHOES SHOULD COME WITH A "DO NOT SWEAT OR GET WET" WARNING ON THE BOX.
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 10th of Oct, 2009 by   Oz Mom +3 Votes
Oh my gosh, our sons football shoes had gotten wet two weeks ago, and what a smell. I took the first pair back to Dicks Sporting goods, they exchanged really thinking I was crazy.

Now the second pair the same, now they wont take back.

I have contacted Nike no response, so I have taken this to Better Business Bureau, the kids cannot wear these, IT IS DISGUSTING.
 16th of Oct, 2009 by   MGarrett +2 Votes
I am in Australia and my son 20 yrs old insists on NIKE footwear that set us back hundreds of dollars for every pair. We have thrown out 5 pairs thinking that he had left them at the front door at his friends houses and cats had urinated on them. My 2 yr old grandson has also lost one pair to the dreaded cat urine issue, leaving people believing that his mother is dirty because of the smell. I have spent many an hour on the internet finding ways to remove urine from leather and just as many hours trying the results of these searches not to mention the cost of the products that did not work. I am disgusted to find that the actual reason for this smell is in the production of the product. NIKE step up to the plate and change the fact that Australia receives your inferior products.
 20th of Oct, 2009 by   Rassmer +2 Votes
I am so glad to see that others have this same problem. My son's new Nike's smell as if a cat urinated in them...we do not own a cat!!!
 27th of Oct, 2009 by   hightower, caroline -1 Votes
Sorry folks its NOT Nike's fault!!! All football cleats smell the same when they get wet. My son has played football for 5 years now & the same smell occurs when they play in the rain. He has had a different brand every year. All the football mom's have had the same complaint. The best way to fix it is to wash them with Lysol 4 in 1 cleaner full strength. Pour about a cup in the wet shoe and scrub the outside with a brush. Let them sit for about an hour then rinse. Let them dry & repeat next time it rains. The shoes have held up for many washings!
 21st of Jan, 2010 by   jungles +2 Votes
it is nikes fault.

myself and a friend in 2001 had air max 95s and same thing.nike told me that i washed them in machine.

(they were brand new and i had not) i argued to no avail eventually being told by nike cust ser manager(joke in that title) that i shouldnt

have got them wet at all!! these were running shoes and at the time i lived in scotland!! my friend went to the expense of sending them to

nike.they sent them back with a letter saying that they had tested them and they had been in the washing machine.trading standards

told us that there was no such test but nike wouldnt have it. i wa a gap manager at the time and as i spoke to people in the retail industry

i found that this was a common problem with many nike models.i did write to watchdog and am glad to see that maybe i helped in some

small way.remember this was 2001 in the uk so shame on you nike.this has been going on for nearly 10 years.
 21st of Feb, 2011 by   ppatrone +3 Votes
I have the Air Pegasus sneakers and they stink like cat pee. I can't wear them. I did not wash them either before the smell. I live in the US in Massachusetts and we get all kinds of weather here as well. I was not informed that the sneakers should never get wet. I am very disappointed as Nike is all I wear and find comfortable. Now what will I get???
 16th of Apr, 2011 by   MinBuggy +1 Votes
yep! have 3 boys and a girl. i live in an area where there are 4 primary schools within a mile radius. so i have lots of friends with kids under 12. it is common knowledge that nikes stink, the runners trainers and boots... Its the glue they use.. Why!
We are all buying Addidas now. and they have become more fashionable with the kids here too.
 10th of Nov, 2011 by   Mom2StinkyFeet -1 Votes
I'm not a big fan of Nike because I can't get my wide feet into them. However, the cat pee smell is probably not the shoe but your (or your kids) feet. It's a common problem in many people for sweaty feet to give off an odor very similar to ammonia (or cat urine). ALL of my son's shoes smell like cat urine and have for quite some time. Google it!
 3rd of Feb, 2012 by   NikeOwner +1 Votes
I bought my son a pair of Nike Shox's for school and spent over $100 for them which is very expensive to us since we have 4 children. About a month ago we smelled a disgusting, soured odor and realized it was the shoes. We bought Oder-Eaters foot spray - that didn't work; we tried baby powder - that didn't work. We thought maybe they just got wet and soured so I put them in the washing machine. After washing them, they smelled clean. But after about 15 mins in the dryer, they started to smell again. They still look new but I don't know what else to do but throw them away. What a waste.
 7th of Feb, 2012 by   FastOnTheTurns +2 Votes
Nike Int USA sucks and in my experience never honors its warranty... why have one ??? I will never buy nike products ever again !!!
 15th of Mar, 2012 by   Mom in PA 0 Votes
I had bought Nike Max Air in January 2012 and my son wore them for a couple of weeks before I started smelling cat pee . I tried cleaning them I even sprayed them with Frebreez to try and get rid of the smell . last month I contacted Nike and they had me send them the shoes so they could test them for product defect . Well a week later I get the shoes back tell me that there is nothing wrong with the shoes so I call them and they tell me that unfortunately my sons ph had a reaction to the product . But that they don't consider that a product defect so I am stuck with a pair of shoes that my son cannot wear . Thanks Nike for nothing !!!
 2nd of Apr, 2012 by   michelleb0803 0 Votes
In Feb. 2012 bofriend my boyfriend and I each purchased a pair of Nike Shox. After wearing the shoes for about two weeks we started to notice an extremely foul odor similar to the way cat urine smells. We do not own a cat and wondered why our new shoes smelled embarassingly horrible to the point we do not want to wear them at all. We feel as though we have wasted over $100 on each pair of shoes to have only wore them for two weeks and have to retire the shoes because for some reason they have a terrible odor. I feel as though Nike knows their shoes contain some type of chemicle that puts off this odor after being worn but does nothing to control it because they are too interested in getting as much money as possible for shoes the consumer can barely handle wearing after Day 1. I would like either a new pair similar to the shoes we have purchased (that do not smell) and for Nike to reconsider how their shoes are made and how many complaints they have gotten on this issue because I am sure my boyfriend and I are not the first to bring this issue to light.
 6th of Apr, 2012 by   Tulsaguy1974 +1 Votes
It is the glue! I have a cat pee smell on my shoes and no cats around at all, and the smell is on the OUTSIDE of the shoe where the soles and leather are glued together. There is no smell on the inside of the shoe where my feet might be sweating. This smell is on my right shoe and not at all on the left shoe. I am wearing NewBalance.

Some of you might still have stinky feet or chemical sluge for sweat, but try and smelling the inside of the shoe compared to the outside of the shoe.

I highly doubt shoe companies are going to admit this or change this, since it has been part of there glue for about a decade that I know of. Besides... if they can convince you that its YOU and your sweat, they might just convince you to splurge on another pair of their shoes with the pissy-glue.
 25th of Apr, 2012 by   gcsosg +1 Votes
Have same cat pee smell issue with my childs Nike sneakers over the past 3 years and about 8 different pairs. He has a pair of North Face sneakers and does not have the same odor problem with them. By the looks of the dates on the past post it seems Nike is not going to do anything about it.
 1st of Jun, 2012 by   Porkfatrules +1 Votes
I agree I thought it was me as well but.i have clean feet and change my socks all the time. Even washing them only temporarily fixes the problem.
 27th of Jun, 2012 by   Jonesgirls +1 Votes
This is definitely Nike and also found in Adidas Soccer Cleats and to those that believe that this is just the children's feet that smell like an ammonia type smell, sorry but you are wrong. This is a wide spread problem and is caused by the glue that they use when it comes in contact with wet or sweaty feet. My daughter's feet will smell but not like what this shoe produces unless she is in this shoe alone. She has tons of other tennis shoes and casual type shoes all of which smell like typical sweat or older shoes...it is in no way a comparison to the smell of cat urine. I too do not have cats and have no contact with cats in years and my daughter either wears her cleats or placing directly in her bag, a sealed freezer bag to contain the smell. Most of the other girls on thee team have the same problem and it seems more obvious in the Nike 90s but i am sure it is in others. Most of the team changed to Adidas when they believed that the Nike smell was intolerable only to find that the Adidas has the same problem now too. I also want to mention that my daughter is a goalie and her goalie gloves stink and her team started to complain about the smell, i had no idea that you could wash them. Silly me thought that the foam type padding couldn't be submerged completely in water and certainly did not want to buy another pair for $120. This smell was also very gross but not the same type of smell- more like old, wet, moldy grass x 1000. And as disgusting as the smell was mixed with my daughter's sweat, it didn't resemble the smell of cat urine or ammonia like the stinky cleats did. Nike suggesting that you should not wash your cleats or get them wet is really ridiculous. Competitive sports will always brave the elements like rain. My daughter once had a tryout the first week of Dec in three inches of snow because it was on turf. Totally true. The bottom line is that so much time has passed, you would think that the shoe companies would have made an effort to sell insert replacements or even odor eaters to put even more money in their pockets and is clear they don't care about ours...chances are they have tried to fix the URINE SMELL problem and can't solve it either...sad...really sad
 7th of Jul, 2012 by   Jane McGuire +1 Votes
Mine are Nike Pegasus 2B and they stink just like cat urine. Years ago a pair of my son's smelled the same and he blamed our cat, but no cleaning improved them. Our poor Charlie cat got the blame and not one other pair of shoes in the whole house smelled like that! I don't own a cat but my Nikes stink! They didn't smell like this right away but I don't know when they first got wet and if that is what started the problem. This is ridiculous...too much money to have this happen! I can smell them when I have them on! Unacceptable Nike!!
 17th of Jul, 2012 by   GC R +1 Votes
I have been running for thirty years and, for 95% of that time have worn Nike shoes. I have always found that Nike runners smell like cat urine. I have tried everything possible to get rid of the stink, but to no avail. My latest pair, which are nearly two years old are particularly bad.
In this day and age, one would think that Nike would have found a solution! Or are they only interested in their customers' money?

G. Collins
 5th of Sep, 2012 by   MaddieLB -1 Votes
Please. If you think that over the most part of a decade Nike has been sitting back and enjoying people complaining about their footwear, then you need to think again.
Of course Nike has been trying to get rid of the smell! But you try changing the components of a glue without losing on the sticky factor that make Nikes so durable. I'm not saying that what you're saying isn't true, but I find it a but unfair to assume Nike is just watching the money flow in, laughing at all the complaints that are being voiced. Nike is one of the most innovative companies out there and would never, ever dream of being the cruel lazy bums you're making them out to be.
 29th of Nov, 2012 by   hmnevill 0 Votes
My son has the same horrible cat urine smell with his Adidas shoes we bought 8/2012. No amount of washing or baking soda gets rid of the smell. It's horrible.

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