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Posted: 2011-03-10 by    Mad in PGH

Customer Service

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
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United States
We had a netgear wireless router for several years and it worked great. Then we started having problems getting bounced off. Son called for techical support. We were told that our warranty wore off, and after getting the model number, the advocate said that he knew what the problem was- we needed an upgrade. For $69 we would get the upgrade to fix the problem and 7 months of technical support. We went for it. 5 minutes later, the advocate tried the upgrade fix and it didn't work. We had no choice but to buy a new router (not a netgear for sure!) We requested a refund for the $69 b/c the advocate was wrong. Truly, it was 5 mins later when we realized it didn't work. About a week later, I received a PARTIAL refund - only $33 because we were charged for the <bogus> tech support. Ridiculous! I disputed the charges directly and threw their customer service survey "because they care about our opinion" - right. Never heard from them again.
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 13th of Nov, 2010 by   swami123 0 Votes
I contact Netgear customer service last night.its 0845 number..i spok to that man for along time, more than hours. he couldn't sort out techinical problem.Not even he speek like a lazy man.he is not showing any intrest to speek.Every minitus he says hold down ...hold down...! nothing he can do..Waisting my time and money.End of the discussion he said to me call back to me in 10 minitus...He not even bothered about the service ...
 18th of Aug, 2011 by   mactopc 0 Votes
I called about a phone that they make and they took all my information just to give me the run around. The guy said that I needed to send him proof of purchase but I did not have that and then all he could say was " sir, sir sir" Netgear is the worst company to buy electronics from. DON'T DO IT.
 18th of Dec, 2011 by   draginjim 0 Votes
called a netgear techie today for support on my 1 year old wndr3400 router...ive gotten a dramatic loss in signal after the router started making high pitched noises and shut off...and apparently they will help you only if you pay for their customer support what?! and the prices $100 for a year, $70 for 6 months, and the lady i could barely understand dared to offer a $40 1 day customer service pass. Whaaaaat the Effffff. I paid $100 for their faulty product and i have to pay THEM to help ME fix it ? Ok Netgear... I heard their customer service was bad but didn't realize they were going to try to rob me... I hope somebody reads this before you buy. STAY CLEAR OF NETGEAR. You must pay even if your netgear product is bad. I was also told by a cs agent they are the only ones that can fix it so dont bother calling a tec to your home. its in our software.
 21st of Mar, 2012 by   N1CK 0 Votes
since feb 2012 i have been on the phone to netgear level 1 level 2 technisian f that thats what the y call themselves. i originally had a stora nas bok that failed so got in touch with them and sent me a new one that was faulty and and sent it back and recieved another one and guess what the was not recongnising my drive so i sent it back, got another one DOA man i was f***in and blinding since then they say they where going to upgrade me for a newer model yhe right still waiting... i have called netgear over 15 times bills up to my eye balls the money spent on phone calls would have bout me a better manufactuered product
 14th of Aug, 2014 by   Tinta 0 Votes
My son and I just got off the phone with Netgear customer service. What a joke. The tech demanded that we part away with $129 for a year of technical service of $199 for two years. I was appalled and asked the tech what criteria he was using to charge me this astronomical amount. He stated that the IP address was not working. I told him to repeat what he told me so that I could explain to my lawyer about their scam. He insisted that whatever we did, buy a new router, new computer, etc... this would not work. What a joke! I asked him if he could justify his demand of my handing him over my hard earned money. I told him I would just go ahead and buy a new router and let my lawyer know. Lo and behold, my Internet came on. I think Netgear is randomly switching off devices so that they can lure in the less suspecting folk to dish out their hard earned money!!!
 24th of Nov, 2014 by   Erus 0 Votes
I am experiencing the same as several above complaints. In a word, "RIPOFF".
I am going back to Belkin. It will be cheaper to replace Netgear rather then pay them for their conncocted issues with high price remedies.

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