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Posted:    mobber


Complaint Rating:  73 % with 62 votes
Contact information:
United States
Fraudulant charges of $80.24 to compromised debit card
Comments United States Hosting & Web Design
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 19th of Dec, 2010 by   llewel M 0 Votes
MICROSOFT *XBOX LIVE BILL.XBOX.COMWA, this sit appeard on my bill and charged me twice totalling an amount of $162.00 on my debit card, how can this be fixed?

pls send the answer to this email- l_natasja@yahoo.com
 20th of Dec, 2010 by   Nlc17 +1 Votes
I actually just had the same charge show up on my account. It was called Microsoft XBOX livebill.xbox.com and was for $81.08. I called the bank to report a fraudulent charge and was told my account had been compromised and I had to have my debit check card canceled and a new one reissued. The strange thing is that I had a charge for the payment of my Kohls charge account for the exact same amount about 2 weeks earlier. The bank said the two were not connected, but I still have my suspicions!! Did you notice if the amount was the same as any earlier charges??
 21st of Dec, 2010 by   nthappy 0 Votes
I had a charge of 74.99 charged twice on Dec. 16 and 20th and then they refunded one of them. I dont own an XBox and didnt even know what it was. Dont have a clue where they got my number. Dont use my card on the internet. I used my card at Target and 3 different resturants lately. Would like to have a phone number to call but I dont think this is really Microsoft or XBox. I think the frauds are using them.
 23rd of Dec, 2010 by   Ritesh Shringi 0 Votes
There were 4 transaction made on my account - 3 of $80.24 and 1 of $53.94. dont own an XBox and have a clue where they got my number. i used my card recently at subway and to withdraw money from Bank ATM. Would like to have a phone number to call but I dont think this is really Microsoft or XBox. I think the frauds are using them.
 24th of Dec, 2010 by   alfredos 0 Votes
I just saw a charge of 74.99 a few minutes ago (11pm Dec. 23 2010) from my Wells Fargo checking account # 226100593. The charge was listed as "CHKCARDMICROSOFT *XBBILL.XBCOMWAUS " and is still pending. I was told that I needed to wait until it clears, and then to call back and dispute the charge. The Wells Fargo dude says there have been many fraudulant xbox claims recently. I don't know how it occured- I haven't used that card recently.

P.S. Kidding about the account number (it's not real), serious about everything else.
 29th of Dec, 2010 by   edale03 0 Votes
I found 3 charges of 75.74 on my account for the same day from "Bill.XBOX.com. I do not even own an Xbox, nor have I ever purchased one. I just called my bank and they believe these are fraudulant due to there is no phone # to call. I am currently disputing these charges, but it will take time and I will need to change my debit card. I would like to know how they got this info.
 2nd of Jan, 2011 by   adwebb 0 Votes
I noticed 3 charges of $9.99 on my credit card bill - 1 on 12/12/10, 1 on 12/17/10 and 1 on 12/28/10. It's also from XBOX LIVEBILL.XBOX.COM. Did anyone get any results yet? I'll call my bank tomorrow, but want to know if this is a scam/ripoff and what do we do about it?
 5th of Jan, 2011 by   soupsetting 0 Votes
I found 1 charge of 74.99 on my account 12/31/10 from "XBOX LIVEBILL.XBOX.COM". I am a single woman with no kids. If I was to purchase a game system it would be a Super Nintendo not Xbox. I'm guessing they hacked my debit card info after I purchased a Christmas present online. I don't have credit cards so I use my debit card for everything. (But I guess if you have a fraudulent charge on a credit cards its easier to dispute. Now I just use PayPal). I blocked my debit card the same day and the next day I went to my branch so they could reissue me a new card. But I had to go the whole weekend without money! and it was New Years Eve, so I spent it dressed up and nowhere to go! Thanks to those damn hackers. I just hope I get my money returned to me, but I have to wait 10 days for my credit union to investigate.
 8th of Jan, 2011 by   HA9946 0 Votes
Same thing happened to me. I was was charged $74.99 twice, paid to "MICROSOFT *XBOX ####### WA...I had to stop my card and I am now waiting for my new card... I have no idea how these people got my card number
 8th of Jan, 2011 by   HA9946 0 Votes
Same thing happened to me. I was was charged $74.99 twice, paid to "MICROSOFT *XBOX ####### WA...I had to stop my card and I am now waiting for my new card... I have no idea how these people got my card number maybe from online shopping. I still need to file a dispute with my bank but I'm sure I'll end up eating it. I think from now on I will use paypal and never ever use my debit for online shopping again.
 8th of Jan, 2011 by   stevejchi 0 Votes
Same thing happened to me. I was was charged $74.99 three times consecutively, then three more times with amount $00. Fortunately I saw it early enough in the day (noon) to call Bank of America to block the card, then go to my local branch and get a temporary card. They are open till 2:00. A similar situation happened a few months ago with another fraud operation, again I was able to pick up a temporary card. But this has gotten alarming.
 12th of Jan, 2011 by   melissa shaw 0 Votes
This just happened to me. 3 charges for 81.19!!! Three times!!! From 'Microsoft XBOX livebill.xbox.com'. Called my bank. Had to cancel my debit card. Going to get a temporary. Will never use card to buy online again! May not even be from online buying...could be from a restaurant where I used my debit. Who knows. Going to try to use cash as much as I can!!!
 12th of Jan, 2011 by   iamaware +1 Votes
This just happened to me. Three charges of $74.99 each are processing coming through tonight. Called my bank - which is Bank of America and canceled my card. I just used it online at Vista Print & Paypal and at McDonalds & Target. I just received an email this week about not using your card at restaurants, because waiters/waitresses are taking a picture of it with a phone and then using it. Two friends had this happen this month.
 12th of Jan, 2011 by   iamaware 0 Votes
I see about that one other person used their card at Target. How about everyone else?
 12th of Jan, 2011 by   iamaware 0 Votes
Credit Card Skimmers Target Gasoline Pump Point of Sale Users http://www.suite101.com/content/card-skimmers-target-gasoline-pump-point-of-sale-users-a279749#ixzz1ArrHs6gx
 15th of Jan, 2011 by   peewee666 0 Votes
u guys need to call xbox at 1 800 469 9269. U will talk to several people before u get to billings. Once u talk to billings he/she will tell u that someone has stolen ur creditcard number and purchace 6000 $$74.99 or 4000 $$ 49.99 microsoft points. U need to do this so they can flag those account and have the banks filed fraudulent charges so xbox and the bank can go after this sons of guns. good luck people!!
 15th of Jan, 2011 by   peewee666 0 Votes
oh i forgot to tell u all that this has nothing to do with u guys using ur debit/credit cards out in the world. I think they steal ur info once u create a xbox live account. so WATCH OUT !!!
 17th of Jan, 2011 by   workfromhomejohn 0 Votes
I just found 3 charges of $82.11 each from January 12. Called Customer Support at Microsoft per PeeWee's recommendation above. They were very helpful, but if all needs to go through your bank anyways.

Reference: PURCHASE #### ON 01/12 AT MICROSOFT *XBOX #### WA

Over the holidays, I made purchases at the following online retailers:
- buy.com
- newegg.com
- O2gearshop.net

Also made transactions at the following, in person (most in West Seattle)
- Metropolitan Market at Admiral
- Seattle Parking Meters downtown
- Safeway in Bellevue
- Chevron at Admiral
- Admiral Pub
- Bartell Drugs Admiral
- Cash & Carry 4th Ave.
- Jack in the Box Admiral
- Westlake Deli
- 7-Eleven Admiral
- Qwest Field
- Taco Bell Auburn
- Crystal Mountain
- Red Box at 7-11 Admiral
 17th of Jan, 2011 by   workfromhomejohn 0 Votes
P.S. I don't have an x-box either. So it couldn't have been from setting up an account.
 24th of Jan, 2011 by   lewellyngal 0 Votes
two bogus charges on company credit card..both 12/27/10 for 80.99 each.
definitely no xbox at office so no did not come from signing up...called xbox live...no help... they can find the credit card number but no account activity on it...no name on who is account listed on...no connection to the card what so ever but they have credit card number and don't know how they got...go figure...

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