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Mattamy Homes, Cambridge, Ontario Complaints & Reviews - False & Misleading Advertising

Mattamy Homes Contacts & Informations

Mattamy Homes

Posted:    plangan107

False & Misleading Advertising

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
Contact information:
Cambridge, Ontario
Oct 21, 2008 08:30 ET
Citizen Files Complaint Under Competition Act Against Peter Gilgan and Mattamy Homes Inc.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 21, 2008) -

ATTENTION: News Editors

Paul Langan, a citizen of Cambridge Ontario, has filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau of Canada against Peter Gilgan, President of Mattamy Homes of Oakville Ontario under the Competition Act, Section 52, for False & Misleading Representation.

Paul Langan states, "Mattamy Homes, in their Waterloo Region Record newspaper advertisement, Saturday October 11, 2008, in Section H front cover photo and text, were in my opinion, in clear violation of Section 52.4, of the Competition Act. Both the general impression conveyed by the Mattamy Homes advertisement and the literal meaning of the text in the same ad is misleading and false. I look forward to the investigation by the Competition Bureau."

For complete details of the complaint against Mattamy Homes go to the blog. http://paullangan.ca

For more information, please contact
Paul Langan
(519) 654-0089
Email: plangan107@yahoo.com
Comments Canada Building, Construction
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 20th of Nov, 2008 by   George Binaie 0 Votes
This guy may not have to worry. Mattamy Homes is in financial trouble.
 25th of Aug, 2009 by   Dan frim St. Augustine, Florida 0 Votes
Mattamy does suck !!!
They lied to us about a number of items they were going to do on our home. I would never buy a house from them again. They disregard any respect for environmental issues. No, or late in installing, environmental barriers. Dirty crews. They can not seem to find the garbage can when they throw out their garbage.
Just an unprofessional group.
 15th of Feb, 2011 by   danadamon 0 Votes
When I decided to build with Mattamy I was excited - their customer service was amazing and they seemed to really care about the quality of the home! Soon after closing on my new home in the Summers Walk subdivision in Davidson, I realized what they said they stood for was not true or accurate. Since closing on my home I have had issues with the electrical, the wood floors, and a number of other items. Mattamy has turned a blind eye. The most shocking is the wood floors - which are poor quality - and which they refuse to fix. Do NOT be tricked by their up-front service - because once you buy from them the trick is over and you are left with a home with which they do not stand by!
 29th of Mar, 2011 by   Windrush 0 Votes
We are currently a home owner in their brand new community in Airdrie, Alberta. We were going to build another smaller home from them for my siblings and the financing did not go through. My 5K deposit had gone through and they would not give me back my money. Oh, also, I have recommended them to my 2 close friends and bought homes from them. I didn't even get any referral money and now they want to keep my deposit. That is so greedy of them!!! No wonder now they can't build in Chestermere, Alberta because of some issues with the town. What goes around comes around!!!
 18th of Sep, 2012 by   Unhappy in Airdrie 0 Votes
We built quite recently with Mattamy Homes in Airdrie and they are no different than any other builder out there. We listened to the propaganda about how their president was disappointed about a home he had built by another builder so he started Mattamy so he could build "quality homes". Well, to describe it best, we got a mobile home with granite countertops and hardwood flooring.

Mattamy's showhomes are impecable. The finishing is perfect and every detail is covered. The crews who built them paid attention to detail and there are VERY few visible flaws. What we got is a completely different story. There is at least one paint stain in every carpeted room in our house, paint on every carpeted stair except two. The furnace vent is pointing up so rain collects in it and pours into the basement every time it rains. They mortared the fireplace sconces into the fireplace so they can NEVER be removed or even adjusted for that matter and one of them is not even level. Our wood railing was touched up with yes, a JIFFY MARKER!!!

Wrong tile was installed in the shower in the owner's suite bathroom floor, they didn't measure the wall sconce placement to make sure they lined up with the placement of the two sinks in the bathroom counter and since it's granite, they now say it can't be changed. The didn't put the correct taps on the soaker tub, completely omitting the hand held shower that we paid for.

The grout in the shower comes off it you touch it, there are holes in the grout lines all along the base of the bathroom cabinets, as in no grout or silicone at all! The grout was not properly cleaned off the tiles on the shower walls so you see the dark grey marks all over.

I could go on for hours: paint marks on the ceiling, paint marks on the wood cabinets, chunks of paint skin stuck to the walls all over the house, they forgot to put the second coat of paint on one wall, missing base boards etc.

If you buy a Mattamy home, you must be prepared to visit the site EVERY week or they will cut corners like crazy. Their roofers punched holes in our roof with their hammers to strap their equipment to it and they were going to simply shingle right over the 6 inch diameter holes if we hadn't caught them!

They put a window in the wrong place and tried to tell us it was "code" until we pushed the issue. Be prepared also to fight for a long time to get the touch ups done after you move in. They don't phone you back, they make promises about "sending my guy right over" and never show up. Email me if you want photos of what Mattamy's clowns do to your home. You will be doing a lot of touch ups and corrections yourself if you want it done right after you move in. Two points above that are ABSOLUTELY accurate: first, unprofessional, lazy crews who constantly cut corners and second, you have to ride Mattamy like a rented mule to get anything corrected - we are STILL fighting with them and they haven't come out even ONCE to correct anything, let alone give us some left over paint so we can do the work ourselves.
 28th of Sep, 2012 by   Twincitiespurchaser 0 Votes
Anyone that has purchased a Mattamy Home in the Twin Cities area has probably closed the purchase with DCA Title. Some of you may know that it is illegal for them to force you to use that title company. You have a right to choose a title company by law! The law is there in order to have a 3rd party process the paperwork to protect both sides of the transaction. DCA Title was not properly processing the closing statement. We challenged it and found ourselves getting additional money back (significant sum to make it well worth our couple of minutes to request it). This could be a huge class-action lawsuit... Still pondering if we should pursue that.
 23rd of Oct, 2012 by   Zairi 0 Votes
We moved into a Mattamy build house in April with Architectural defects.
Mattamy build this house with revision 3 of the design with flaw, even when the framing crew reported the issues, Mattamy office told these framers to do what they need it to do - finish the house.

House had to go through Major structural repair by lifting up the house using a jack life from the basement and from the main floor.

We had to live through a construction zone and I found this hidden message written on top of my kitchen cabinet

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