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Magic Jack, Massachusetts Complaints & Reviews - Doesn't work with DSL as promised

Magic Jack Contacts & Informations

Magic Jack

Posted:    LeoV

Doesn't work with DSL as promised

Complaint Rating:  55 % with 22 votes
Contact information:
Magic Jack
United States
Magic Jack does not have a customer service rep when you call, they try to force you to order on their hotline. They tell you it works with DSL, sure, it does, but you still need your phone service to use your DSL, therefore, you still have two bills. one for their product and one for your dsl. If you have a cable modem, then you may want to get it, but if you google: Magic Jack complaints, you may want to think twice, because the internet is full of complaints from them. Which is how I found this site. BUYER BEWARE!!!
Comments United States Telemarketing
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 2nd of Sep, 2008 by   jhymlog -1 Votes
..Com-on man! ..You don't need phone service for Magicjack!

Magicjack with DSL works perfect.. and you say it don't?

Works with 1000's and 1000, s of DSL users!

Just because you can't talk your Phone service to use DSL only
..You Blame Magicjack!

Plugin Magicjack.. and it works fine. Amazing how many say Magicjack don't work when it does...

If your PC doesn't work with Magicjack you blame Magicjack..?

It couldn't possibly be your PC ...could it? NO NO!

Update your PC Man! ..Try a 220v outlet! ..Repeat as Necessary!

 26th of Oct, 2008 by   bosoxfan -2 Votes
But with DSL you are still using the phone line, therefore the phone company said there will be charges for any long distance made through the DSL connection, even if the line is DSL service only!! People need to know this before they get suckered into this thing.
 24th of Nov, 2008 by   jhymlog 0 Votes
..Well you better get on the stick and tell all the airports, motels, food places and all the free wifi spots about being charged..!
...Try a 220v outlet -one ..more time!
 29th of Dec, 2008 by   David 0 Votes
You're not quite understanding what the phone company is saying. You can cancel your phone service and still have DSL. Magic Jack doesn't make calls via your DSL line itself, it sends the call through the internet - it's called "voice over internet". So the phone company has no objection and won't charge you for using it. In other words, when you are using Magic Jack or any VOIP services like Vonage, the calls are not placed via phone lines, so the phone companies can't charge you for it.
 21st of Jan, 2009 by   MJUSER +1 Votes
Of course you still have a DSL bill DUH!!! its the same DSL bill you always recieved before you got your Magic Jack did you think when you got your Magic Jack that was going to eliminate your DSL bill
 21st of Jan, 2009 by   Sparky6 +1 Votes
You cant be serious that your DSL bill goes away by using MJ can you?? You have DSL to access the internet, you could drop your phone number and still pay only for the DSL service. My MJ is working perfectly. If your worried about them "spying" on you, then sit in a dark corner with the lights off and cut all the wires entering your house!!! Let me let you in on a secret, just about every website you visit spies on you so, save money by using MJ and protect yourself on what you use your MJ PC for, but don't bash MJ for items beyond their control. They NEVER said that they would give you free internet to go along with your inexpensive phone service!!
 24th of Feb, 2009 by   zmannyc2 0 Votes
All I know is mine is working fine, although I only got it a few days ago. It works over my dsl connection, even better than I was expecting. As for customer service, if you paid with a credit card, you have 60 days from the time you received the item to dispute it with your card issuer.
 6th of Mar, 2009 by   problemattic 0 Votes
Unfortunately, my phone company, through which I get DSL service, will not provide me with only DSL. I have to have basic phone service as well; at least a $50 per month charge, plus the cost of the DSL. So I cannot, as the infomercial for Magic Jack states, "fire" my phone company! Some phone companies, I understand, will allow customers to pay for only DSL, but I haven't found one yet. It would be great if Magic Jack made it clear that this is not often an option, and that their product will not save money for those in my situation. The informercial says nothing about the potential problem, and I have yet to find anything about it on their website. I understand the issue...just don't understand why it isn't made clear, and I wonder how many Magic Jacks are needlessly ordered by people in my situation.
 10th of Apr, 2009 by   shjon 0 Votes
I dont have DSL so I wont comment on that. I have broadband (through comcast) I have had magicjack for quite some time now and I have NEVER had 1 single problem with it. I even use a wireless connection and a wireless phone and it works flawlessly. Magic Jack is not a scam and dont forget you paying $20 per yr for this service that comes to about 41 cents PER WEEK. Going into this I thought even if it only works part time or has some dropped calls I always remember that you get what you pay for and for 41 cents per week magic jack is great.
 24th of Apr, 2009 by   jen 0 Votes
yes this is true for those living in my area as well. I understand completely what you are saying. They are not saying they expected their dsl to be free dumb asses. what they are telling you is that they cant cancel their phone service and replace it with magic jack. They have to still pay for a phone line to get the DSL in the first place. So if you are going to already be paying for a home phone line, then there is no point to pay for magic jack as well. This was the case with me as well. I thought i could replace my current phone service with magic jack to save money, but turns out magic jack wont work with my DSL because when I cancelled out my phone service my DSL would no longer work therefore making magic jack not work either. In my area there is only one DSL company to chose from and they require you to have both the phone line and the dsl. They wont let you have either or.So for those of us in this predicament magic jack will not work for us. I guess it depends on where you live.
 10th of Nov, 2009 by   jnjgoss48 +1 Votes
Been using magic jack for over one year now. Works great for me.
One of my pioneer dsl customers had no luck with it so she gave it to me and now my daughter enjoys magic jack calls also. We have ATT DSL service and it works great.
Thanks ATT and Magic Jack.
 28th of Jan, 2010 by   roastbeefalo 0 Votes
Call me naive but doesn't the use of DSL over the MagicJack presuppose an existing internet connection for the MagicJack to work at all? For it to work, at least to my mind, it would seem that the DSL/MagicJack relationship would be like a dog chasing its tail - you need DSL to use MagicJack but DSL requires MagicJack to operate in the first place. Boggles the mind. Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
 6th of Feb, 2010 by   Jayray 0 Votes
BAckground: ATT Elite DSL user. Have newer Tower computer, with Dual N modem and router. Canceled phone service now that ATT provides for DSL service only. I am paying Elite DSL service at $35 monthly because it is bundled with my ATT wireless phone service. In San Jose, Ca ATT starts charging .10 a minute for calls 10 miles and beyond. Go figure. Long Distance costs? Well, we all know...

Analysis: Anyways, first time magicJack user and calls/receptions have been no different than if I was on a landline. I bought a good headset with volume controls and it makes a difference. Plug magicjack and headphone into an AC USB hub, not one on the computer. Friends have been pleasantly surprised by the clearness of the voice calls. (ATT sure tried like heck to get me to keep the landline service.) If the computer is off, phone service is off, but calls will go to voicemail. Not a problem, magicjack generates an email with the voice attachment and it is forwarded to my Iphone. Click on the attachement and listen to the voicemail, no problem. Save it, delete or forward it. Tech support is in chat form. So far, faster than the using a phone with endless voice prompts and messages...I have 4 phones through out the house on a wireless set up. Caller Id, and all. Calls are easily made and received just like the hardline setup. I recognize that I have ADSL service only. ATT does not surcharge voip call service. So people should relax on that. I agree with the opinion that one should look at their computer set up, modem/router and speed of their ADSL. Collectively, the newer, faster and cleaner setup should make a difference. Sure does for me...Best of luck everyone.
 22nd of Mar, 2010 by   Francis-CAN 0 Votes
Even if you can not ditch your phone companie (witch i can) but i decided to keep em and still saving a bundle of money just by doing my long distance with the MJ.. As for why i kept my original phone company... Well the number supplied to me by MJ makes it that everyone local would have long distance charges to their phone bill.. Same also applies to my wife when should would call home from her cell phone.. Now that would be the only problem i see with it.. Let's hope they make their phone number range wider for this to not happen..
 16th of Feb, 2011 by   Product User 0 Votes
I have DSL without a phone line (called a drop loop line from verizon at 19.95/mo) and MJ works great.
 1st of Jun, 2011 by   macfleetwood +1 Votes
What you NEED is "stand-alone-DSL" NO phone service needed..althought the DSL and phone service come over the same line into your home and use the same phone jacks in your walls! I just had mine changed over by ATT.. Cost me $24.95 per month NO tax..Eliminated my monthly phone bill of $50 Month...The Magic Jack Works just fine..the quality is as good as att..I can fax through magic jack and receive fax..too many of you people are Professional Complainers..Hell, I'm 70 years of age and it works fine for me!
 25th of Jul, 2012 by   Happy Guy2 0 Votes
I have been using it since 2008 never have a problem got in on 6 years of service for 59.95 when they offered it Awesome deal did not begin using it till 2009 and I have service through 2015 saved a ton of money! I have cable for my internet service, as soon as I pluged it in it went to an auto load program I picked my number and have not had a problem since, I also call forward it to my cell phone so even if my computer is not on I still receive the calls! Awesome invention!!! I am hoping they are working on a new one to pull cable tv through the phone line if they can pull the phone thing off Hats off to them for saving me a ton of Money!Nothing but satisfied with their services and like I said Get the Magic TV out there guys!!! Screw these Outrageous amounts of money these big corporations are charging for Cable TV with shitty customer service reps who take your $$$$$$ but do not provide great Service!!! And as stated in another post stop crying and use it like it is intended it is very simple to set up not sure what the crying is all about!! THANKS MAGIC JACK YOU HAVE DONE ME RIGHT : ) !!!
 13th of Feb, 2014 by   ECRON 0 Votes
Aye folks, so much scrutiny going on about the MJ plan, it's OK, to put money in your pocket, but one thing very important which I noted, some ISP DSL works are not equal, some do not work with the MJ, and some do. Find out which ones. Also make sure your computer is working good.
What do you expect real magic? Even magic like turning wine into buz has hidden mechanics, yes solid of dimensional transference. How's that?
Good Luck!
 18th of Feb, 2014 by   Kappalandi 0 Votes
Best thing - pick it up from a store near you (I know of two) who will allow returns for 90 days. Do not get it by mail! Try it. If it doesn't work, return it. Case closed!
I am buying it mainly to call overseas where the costs can be prohibitive. It is not practical to think that most people can do without the Internet, anyway. So, that part of your cost will remain constant.

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