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luzerne county children & youth, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Complaints & Reviews - corupt workers

luzerne county children & youth Contacts & Informations

luzerne county children & youth

Posted:    angels in distress

corupt workers

Complaint Rating:  78 % with 9 votes
Contact information:
luzerne county children & youth
111 n. pennsylvania avenue
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
United States
Phone: 570-826871
caseworkers that tell you one thing and do another and using families against one another, cohearsing children into going against their families violating civil rights, constitutional rights, and due process rights. they also dont like to keep you informed of what is going on with the where abouts of your children and they like to keep kids away from family.talk about corruption in luzrne county.
Comments United States Family & Relationships
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luzerne county children & youth - wrongful removal of child


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 22nd of Feb, 2011 by   fedup9002 -2 Votes
It's always the people who have been on welfare for 20 years, have 10 kids from 5 different dads, that run around a filthy house with no supervision that complain that "the children & youth is taking my kids away for no reason" trust me, those caseworkers don't want to take your kids away, it's a HUGE hassle and they don't want to be at your house any more than you want them there. Take care of your kids and there won't be a problem. It's not like children & youth is gonna snatch your kids away for no reason...
 17th of May, 2011 by   anonymus011 0 Votes
hi iv bin dealing with the pottsville children and youth office they have bin keeping my son in foster care for 4 years so they can put him up for adoption iv done everything they have asked me to do but they refuse to let him come home to his real family for 4 years they go by what happend for years ago with my family they made us seem like monsters when we werent and still arnt they never up date there paper work to show one parent doing everything there trying to take my rights away suddenly and@fedup if u where involved with pottsville u would be recanting ur statement cuz they will twist ur words left and right and ur familys words and have u jump through hoops only for you to find out what was the point if there not going to grow a real beating heart and a soul and give parents there children back to parents that real do everything to get there child back instead of keeping them and putting them up for a doption
 26th of Mar, 2012 by   corruption2012 +2 Votes
Luzerne County children and youth are a very corrupt organization. There are caseworkers that buy drugs on the streets. At this point in time I will not mention any of the names. They pretend like they are your friends and pretend like they are the POLICE...then they snatch up your kids. Dont forget to act upon allegations made about your caseworker in Luzerne County. They are partying a little too hard. F$$KLCCAY:}
 3rd of Jun, 2012 by   tiredofC&Ygames +2 Votes
i have to agree with children and youth being corrupt. my boyfriends ex lost her children due to neglect and drug use and instead of putting the children with their father they put the children with the mother's parents. he had called children and youth cause he wished for his children to live with him. now this man has stable income and a clean house and would do anything for them. but instead of them placeing the children with him. they put him through evaluations which he passed his home even passed but they r still refuseing him custody of his children. they even held a hearing that was put on continuance on the day it was continued from and now they put him on supervised visits. and his lawyer has proof it was continued and was signed and dated by a luzerne county judge. his children have emoitional problems and this makes it worse and two of the children have a history of trying to hurt themselves. he asked for the children to seek counciling but none of that has been done. and they haven't even updated him on any appointments or anything about their health or well being and it was all in court order they have too. luzerne county children and youth do whatever they want and it's not them it is hurting it is the children. and then they wounder why their is so much crime cause the children are an emotoinal reck when they become adults they turn to drugs cause they think they will numb the pain. they grow up thinking both parents hate them and abandoned them cause of children and youth.they rally need to be investigated themselves cause i know they will find a very big problem with that agency. and they also go off about parents who drink but yet their were at least five workers talking about getting drunk after work in front of children in the hallway of orphans court. and the caseworker he has was one of them and she is also divorced i see she hates men but that is no reason to punish all men for what went wrong in her marriage. children are just a pay check for them. and don't tell me that the aren't cause i heard this alot but i have seen alot with children and youth. for every case they get the more parents they sue for childsupport and my boyfriends children have showed up on visits with holes and stains in their clothes. his son had shown up with a hole in his shorts where u can see his under wear and it was over his butt. now tell me where that childsupport goes if it isn't on their clothing. wish i can drive the cars those workers drive. oh yeah they complain about homes being in deplorable condition what about the rooms they put those children in for visits. and all the children i see who come in filthy to a visit and bruise. they are not their for the children.
 25th of Aug, 2014 by   sharshar williams 0 Votes
ive been dealing with luzerne county children and youth for abut 4 years now and i can tell you first hand that they destroyed my sons life, he was 10 when they took him from me, i had relapsed after having years of sobriety, and they never gave me a chance, they never said get yourself together or we are going to take your son from you (had they done that i would have stopped immediately, and it was the second day of my relapse when they did this, well when they took him, they put him in the custody of my older son who i believe was 20 years old at the time and his girlfriend, 2 of the most immature people they couldve found, the girlfriend was verbally and emotionally abusing my son when my older son wasnt around, my little boy finally told me this, well than he was put in foster home and from there to so called friend's of his fathers (his father died when he was 5) well these people have been so mean to my son, he was the housekeeper, the babysitter for another child (baby) in which i dont even know where that one came from, also this couple are in thier 70's and very old school, the man was physically abusing my son, nothing was done but he was told he cant put his hands on my son anymore, thye never once allowed him to have a freind over, never no sleepovers at other kids houses, it was school, library and home, that was the life he had, also he gets a death benefit checks and i dont know where they go to now but they are definatley not being used on him, i have supplied everyone of his needs and wants from day one, clothing, toys, game systems, tv, and the list goes on, well up until they allowed these people to adopt him without me even knowing, yes i heard it from my son right before this past Christmas when i took him his gifts, one of the very few times this couple has allowed me to see him, and it was only because i was providing his gifts, they never bought him anything for any holiday, he would look like a bujm when i would see him, i dont know what these people would do with all of the clothing and things i gave to my son. well now my son just turned 14, last year he pulled a prank at school, and i know it was a cry for help, well he was put on probation for it, he started running away from this couples house and one of the reasons for doing so he told me was because the man would watch him take showers "to make sure he was cleaning himself properly" he told this to me and the police office at the time because i had talked him into turning himself in, just recently he ran away from a shelter care place they had him in and he and i had a long talk, i had asked him if this man ever touched him sexually and he said no but mom someone did when i was 5, i immediately went to the scranton police dept, because at the time this happened he was in my custody, now i cant get any answers as to what is going on with the investigation because im not his legal guardian, it gets worse by the day, they put my son in a place called glen mills which i wasnt aware of, well while there 5 crip members attacked and beat him up in the bathroom, they finally took him out of there, now God only knows where hes at, and believe me there is so much more to this story, my sons probation officer and i had a long talk and he did tell me i had a great son, and he also believes three's injustice with the lccys, he said to me that was the fastest adoption i ever seen and we werent even aware of it, he has his suspensions of lccys as well, i really wish there was someone i could talk to, right now i have no idea where my son is, when he does run away the only way i know about it is because he calls me, he just wants to come home to family, they completely blocked every family member from his life before i lost my rights and now they cant get a piece of information on him either, so when the parent loses thier parental rights i guess the whole family does as well, he hasnt had contact with any of his siblings or other family members in years and last year his poppy died, yeah he didnt even have contact with him, he didnt even know for a year that his poppy died because i wanted the opportunity to be alone with him and tell him and talk about it, that never happened, finally he found out by accident, also hes getting into gang activity now, he has tattoos on his knuckles of a gang members motto and i found pics of him on a facebook site with drugs in the pics, im devastated, he is still innocent, i still hear my little boy on the phone when he calls me when he runs away, yes i hear that innocence is still there and i know he is only trying to survive the best way he knows how, if my son was brought home to family members i know there is still a chance to bring the real him back, but if this goes on much longer i might as well say goodbye because the streets are gonna win my son in the long run, please if anyone can direct me where to go or who to turn to i would appreciate it so very much. thank you, sharon
 15th of Oct, 2014 by   1mad momma 0 Votes
call me an ass''''' but i wont b on this site anymore so i dont give ah shhhhh..for you idiots that keep talkin like you know children and youth..why dont you shut the heck up..you dont know ur ass from your face! you dont know wth these families been through! at one point in my life i was ah idiot just like yous and i thought you must of done something terriable in order for your kids to b taken! well stupid of me cuse thats not the case..i seen to much crap go down with children and youth and what they are doin is wrong! no children and youth dont want your kids..UR RIGHT! THEY WANT UR KIDS FOR THEIR MONEY..THEY GIVE THEM TO THE FOSTER FAMILIES! you idiots think that all ppl who had their kids taken care on warfare with ten babys dads and blah blah blah..thats not always the case and so freakin wat if someone is on warfare or has every dam goverment program out there and if they have ten babies dads! sooooo wat! that doesnt make them a bad parent...now does it mean they made poor choices??? sure! but who hasnt!!! so dont go around judgeing ppl or what you dont know! if you aint never been through it bfor then count your dam blessings cuse more then half these ppl that got their kids taken where good parents..some falsely accused and some just made very poor choices like using drugs ...we all are entitled to mistakes..i feel as long as the parent does their plan to the BEST OF THEIR ABILITY then they should b able to have them back..now when it comes to beating your child then i dont know about that cuse id ont see how anyone can abuse their child and expect them to get their child back..but im not the judge of that! Thank God! granite some ppl do need their children taken and some parents dont do nothing to get their kids back..so those kind of parents dont deserve their kids...i
have worked my freakin ass off to get my kids!! im no p.o.s and im not here for pity! if i did something wrong i wuld suck it up and move on and accept it but God knows as well as i do i did my best! but my best wasnt freakin good enough! ima mother that loves my kids..not ah "fake"! im just sooooo sick of hearing ppl talk like they been through this and they have no idea...i have friends who are case workers and they tell me all the stories that go on..one of these case workers i know smoked crack and had plenty d.u.i's...i know caSE WORKERS who told me that wen cys wants your kids they will do watever it takes to get them...children and youth runins lives!!! not rebuilds lives! i wish i culd say children and youth was a good thing..but sadly it aint! i can go on and on about that bs agency but ima shut up...all those who are dealin wit this bs please go to my site on fb 1 mad momma...you can share your stories there and get feed back..CONTINUE TO FIGHT FOR YOUR CHILDREN! DONT GIVE UP! DONT SIGHN UR RITES! GIVE CPS A FIGHT! cg

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