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Lifestation Complaints & Reviews - Surprise fees...

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Posted: 2011-01-10 by    Ragspirit

Surprise fees...

Complaint Rating:  90 % with 89 votes
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United States

Their add says no hidden fees... well that is not entirely true... but it is more like they have surprise fees... Here is what I mean...
You go to their website... sign up for the needed service... give them your personal numbers and credit card number and all seems right until the day you get the package... THEN is when you see that there is a $15 charge for a cardboard box the unit was sent in... A surprise note that says... you will have to pay $15 if you lose the box... a stupid cardboard box that it came in... I don't pay $15 for any cardboard box... so I called them and they gave me the 'policy' spiel.. I didn't agree so I canceled the order... Am still waiting for the prepaid sticker to send the unit back and it has been several weeks... You see you will be charged until they get it back... as they have your credit card number already...
I don't like the way they do business... and just thought you all should get a heads up...

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 18th of Jan, 2011 by   LifeStation 0 Votes
From the company: LifeStation allows its customers to cancel their service at any time without penalty. Upon system delivery, LifeStation informs the customer to save their shipping box for future use to return the system upon service completion. This information is given to the customer on both an insert in their box and printed on the box itself. If the shipping box was discarded, the customer has the option of either providing their own box for return shipping or requesting a new box with packing materials. This has a nominal cost of $15 which includes the shipping fee. LifeStation additionally pays for the return shipping of the system upon customer request. This fee is paid by LifeStation regardless of the type of box the system is packed in. If there are any questions about this or any other LifeStation policy, please feel free to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800.884.8888.
 2nd of Jul, 2011 by   Michigan Social Worker 0 Votes
I'm having a huge problem with this company. I am a social worker and I set this account up for a home bound client. It was charged to my credit card. The client has moved...left no forwarding address and I'm still being billed for her services. I have called many times and they will not cancel the billing until they receive the equipment. I don't have and never had the equipment so they want me to pay 300 plus for the system before they will stop billing. I'm a social worker...I don't have the resources to pay that amount. They need to work with the person that has the equipment...they locate it with the test system. We need to find a solution for this that doesn't break me. I work with with clients that need this type of service and would like to recommend Lifestations. It is not always easy to track a client when the family is moving them around. They should be billing the patient and the family not me.
 9th of Oct, 2012 by   postsolipsist 0 Votes
So far after a week or so I have no major complaints. The contract is full of the same extremely prejudicial language common to all legal boilerplate-- terms which you don't even get to see until after you've paid and received your unit. Two minor misrepresentations were made over the phone. I was told that the price was x, but the contract says x plus tax. Why not say so, if that's the case? Second, I was repeatedly told that the agreement was terminable at any time and that the costs would be prorated, but the contract says that you pay for the time it takes to return the system *plus* thirty days. The contract also says that you have to agree that the terms of the contract supersede any representations made to you in getting you to sign up before you even get the contract. All this is fairly normal in the business world and you have to go on reputation. If the internet was awash with narratives of bad acting by this company, then I would not sign this contract.
 26th of Nov, 2012 by   geriberry -1 Votes
Life station is a really lousy company, lots of hidden fees, say they will charge monthly add on fees for shipping $30, who pays that for a box! Refuse to return money they overbill and charge another month after you return it.
 26th of Nov, 2012 by   geriberry 0 Votes
When i ordered lifestation for a friend i understood that i would be charged monthly but instead was charged $538.44 for a year, which included the shipping charge of $30. This was my first shock.Then the item was destroyed in Hurricane sandy and the company want the thing back before i get credit. Its over a month now since the hurricane we just got power, internet last week and still no post office in the area, and no cars, all flooded, no rentals available.we had to search tons of her flooded home to find it but I stil have not returned it, i just cant we have no service in our area. We have got no understanding from the company, they do not know anything about hardship and should not be in the medical field, this is alot of money when you lose so much. My friend will need a new product when she rebuilds but not lifestation!
 28th of May, 2013 by   Jaoli 0 Votes
Would not work with my Mom's phone system. Paid by credit card for three months as a Mothers Day gift. Paid to ship it back. It never was used. I let them know immediately. Cannot seem to get a credit.
They said, as a courtesy to me they would credit me Thirty dollars. I was charged over $70 dollars and $17 to send it back. still have not received any credit. All this... For nothing. Beware. what their site says about no contract and return it at any time does not mean you are going to get your money back.
 30th of May, 2013 by   m swanagan +1 Votes
I purchased this system for my father. He refused to use it saying he didn't want to be a burden I called the company a mere 2 weeks after placing my order. I waiting for over a month to get the return shipping label. Never received it. Shipped it back at my own expense.
It never even came out the box. I ended up being charged for 3 months . then another charge of $10.00 a prorated fee. When I called to complain and ask if I was going to get a credit on my card, She said no. Point blank " you don't get any money back." The worst customer service I have seen in a long time.
 18th of Nov, 2013 by   sshafer 0 Votes
Lifestation has hidden fees. Lousy customer service. Please do not do business with this company. When you call to complain about their "hidden" cancellation policy they will not talk about it. They merely state that you should have read the contract more thoroughly. Please: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY
 7th of Mar, 2014 by   SourTaste 0 Votes
Mixed reviews on this company. We had one falling incident with my mom and they were able to get in touch with us to get her help. However, very disappointed with Lifestation Customer Service. When my mother passed, I called soon thereafter to request 'turning off the service'. The website clearly indicates that you can 'cancel at any time', but what I learned is they will not cancel, and will continue billing, until the unit is returned. The telephone/Internet and Direct-TV companies cancelled service at the time I called them, but Lifestation will not--even though they can tell if a unit has been unplugged/disconnected. Customer Service initially indicated that I must first return the unit, then they will discuss refunding, but the Customer Service Manager was not willing to follow through with any refund after the unit was returned. There was also no offer to pay for return shipping (as indicated above), which I would have at least seen as a jester of compromise. In addition, we had a period of several months, where the company had the incorrect phone information, and had not changed it back after a temporary phone change--with no offer to compensate us for that situation either. Coupling that situation with their cancellation policy has left me with a sour taste for this company. I will not be recommending them to my friends with elderly parents.
 3rd of Dec, 2014 by   CRM2 +1 Votes
My father had this service for several years. Sadly he died three weeks ago. I called Lifestation a few days after his death and cancelled the service. I returned the equipment in their box using their UPS shipping label. Now I find they continue to charge my card even though I have called again. They acknowledge receipt of the equipment, but the greedy bastards continue to charge my account. I am filing a complaint against them. Beware of these greedy jerks!!!
 9th of Jan, 2015 by   Sam Woodward 0 Votes
I have had a contract with LifeStation for the past few years. The service worked OK, but my problem is with the scam they run when you try to cancel the service. In spite of calling to tell them on Dec. 4 2014 to discontinue the service and that the equipment was in the mail, they still charged me for three months of service, beginning on Dec. 5. They claim that they won't actually cut service until they receive the equipment (it arrived at their corporation Dec. 16) and that it is their policy to charge for the entire next billing cycle. I feel totally ripped off for $75, hence am motivated to share my story with you. Next time I'll go with Bay Alarm.

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