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Terrible experience

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I was recently terminated from JB Hunt for being involved in an accident that was not my fault according to the police report. But JB fired me they stated that I was still under the 90 days. Thats the only explanation I received from them. I asked why I was terminated and was hung up on. I have been trying to contact some one in HR but every time I call I get hung up on.

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 31st of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I was on the closed loop from ohio to laredo texas, durring this time i had 2 different trucks, the first was a recovery truck, the second i had to get from chicago terminal .
this unit was in fyda freightliner 3 times for the same issue of the low voltage.durring christmas break i refused to drive the truck as it is unsafe with electrical short..i got threatened that they would involve police and charge me with theft for the truck and report on my DAC the truck was abanded..how ever the whole time the truck is parked in my driveway and i had 2 days of communication with fleeet managers..EVERYONE knew where the truck was and why i was not driving. j b hunt is not a good company.we need more drivers involved with wrong doing done to them and we can file a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT
 26th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
I was fired from jb hunt's appliance division (DCS/Whirlpool) when I entered a gated community and the arm came down...I had to make an immediate left turn and did not see it come down. It broke off...and I did not know this until after the fact, when I was fired for "leaving the scene of an accident". They would write u up for anything, on one hot day I had to do a full install and took off my uniform shirt and was down to a T-shirt. A builder specialist who was sent to help me took pictures of me and emailed them to the stupervisor (sic) and I was written up for that and was told it bordered on insubordination which ment I could have got fired then...this company is the worst I ever worked for in my life and I have had my fair share of lousy jobs. Avoid JB Hunt at ALL costs. Have not seen my dac yet no telling what these clowns bled all over it.
 20th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
Henry of KLLM on 2009~03~19 and ALL other Drivers;

I am working on helping the entire trucking industry. I am age 60 with 3 million miles of quality experienced driving. It is not I am any luckier than any other driver. It is my Chinese Wife that made me keep all my documentation. ALL OF IT. Now it is 13 years later, and HireRight/DAC Trucking Solutions is back to bite me in the butt, stick a knife in my back, cause considerable loss of time energy and money. So much effort for nothing. I am one that can win.

I have my passport showing I was in Hong Kong, and MY drivers invoice of linehaul, and even my drivers log book. I NEVER EVER NEVER worked for Morgan DriveAway out of Indiana. They blasted me to DAC Services. Why? I had to run back from my Hong Kong pleasure with my wife's family, stop my truck from getting paid numerous linehaul runs, FOR $.20 CENTS PER MILE. Morgan bankrupted me. Of course I nailed them to the wall, told them Bad Karma is going to put you under. HA! they went bankrupt and under the dirt. So many Owner Operators they cheated, helped throw the shovels.

Yet here I am 13 years later having to deal with this. I can get truck jobs. I have and had a good truck job. Now I after another good trucking position. They use HireRight/DAC and I have to solve this for good, removing this false derogatory information, and pray it never appears again. I decided to make a stand, for all others that have such heartfelt stories of what has been done to them by rotten evilistic truck companies.

I have 3 million miles of KNOWING who those companies are. Most do not know that "MS Word Pad" can copy/paste 65, 000 pages. I am using it to collect all the data from drivers, DAC, DAC Fix, and companies.
Remember this; The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword!

I am not sure yet how much data I can type in this window, and all other such complaint sites i have found. So this is a test. I am making my contact available. Especially, most especially, to help ALL drivers, good drivers, that can not get a job DUE TO DAC or any other situations. I will always post what happened to me, and when/what/how I finally have my DAC fixed, gone, finished with the horror story, for I am no different drivers. Without work, I will starve. I have no money in the bank. No insurance. A 2002 van that will get me to work. Glitches against me. All this at age 60.

However, many people know me. Many people love me. I have impeccable character. I will not hold any truth back. Like how is it I still can live good? Ah, the luck of the Irish again. My Chinese wife is a Master Degree Nurse Practitioner with a yearly salary of $125, 000 going to the bank. However again. It is all coming to a screeching halt. Her job is gone soon, and I am being held up just a wee little bit. As soon as MY PROOF OF DISPUTE is presented to DAC and the company, I should be okay. It is not fun at age 60 to be scrambling for a simple driving job.

Anyway. Here is my info: Running Fire > RunningWolfsRun@gmail / and here is the plan. Your gonna love it. We all, ALL OF US, form CAAD! (opposite of DAC)
CAAD Services * * All trucking Company Aberrations`Against Drivers *
a Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to the Dedicated Drivers of American Highways

To not bother another company: Class A Drivers (also opposite to DAC); It can not be CAD so being used by this service company. It is okay, for we need 2 AA's anyway. This falls under the metaphor: “It is a wise Monkey that never Monkeys with another Monkeys Monkey.” I found this during a search. Such a name for this potential guardian group protecting drivers, is just tentative, after all, does any drivers out there really have any power to join in this battle? I will send out what’s called “An Invitational Consciousness” to such drivers or persons of interest to help fix this wrong. After all, there are miracles in the world, aye.

Any and All may contact me “Running Fire”: RunningWolfsRun@gmail.com
Most especially any of you that are of concrete letter of the law knowledge, that have money to burn to light the fires under these devious truck companies. We will begin the list of companies, promoting the evilistic ruination of drivers and the continued downfall of Americas economy. It starts with the rotten color companies:

Just a few of many: White/Blue ~ Orange ~ Blue ~ Brown ~ Yellow ~ Red ~
(the list is welcome to grow, however, PROVIDE PROOF, aye, Documented Proof)
We BLAST these companies in DIRECT opposition to any and all reports of DAC.
Keeping in the good nature of Good Karma, a better same name could read tentatively as:
CAAD Services * * All trucking Company Aberrations`Against Drivers *

I will see how this makes the post here, and I will visit other sites, with an increase in factual information. It is so sad from the so called USA President all the way down to trucking dispatchers, nobody will help the good truck drivers get a job. So many have forgotten Trucking is one of the backbones of America. Unfortunately with the American Dream GONE, trucking is added to the list of all other American ways added to the list of downfall: Farmers ~ Auto & Truck & Farm Equipment Makers ~ Airlines ~ Steel Makers ~ Ship Builders ~ NASA ~ ALL OF OUR MANUFACTURING GONE (thusly, no promises can be met, for without manufacturing ... THERE ARE NO JOBS), and of course the list of Truck Companies going under is too extensive to list.

What do we do? What real Americans always do, WE FIGHT. How? THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD! Let us see if this is a beginning. I imagine there are at least 3, 000, 000 drivers out there unable to get a job. What a concept that WE could have a company of 3 Million Drivers that DAC can not touch. HA! elect me president and my first order is to bankrupt all the COLOR truck companies. That would provide about 300, 000 jobs that would have NO HIRERIGHT DAC REPORTS!
Bundles of Faith and Compassion;

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