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Posted:    chattycathy526


Complaint Rating:  90 % with 287 votes
Contact information:
United States
Companies are using IYogi for their IT support...Microsoft, Shield Deluxe, HP etc. When you call for assistance technician tells you there are more problems and in order for them to help you you must purchase their $139.00 computer repair package. I paid this and the technician started working on my computer and in the middle of the job he said it was time for him to go home. He said he would finish the next day...in the mean time he had taken my virus protection and my spyware protection off my computer leaving me unprotected.
The next day he never called. I called IYogi and they disconnected the call twice...when I finally got someone
they told me the technician was busy and it would be a couple of hours...it never happen. They i was told they would fix it at 8:00 on Friday...never happen. I finally Called Deluxe Sales department and told them what happen and they got me in touch with one of their own technicians...Thank God...someone knowledgeable and from AMERICA to finally fix it. This is so typical Corporate America...outsourcing to India where the labor is cheap and you get exactly what you pay for!! Be ware when you call technical support for Microsoft, HP, Compact, Shield Deluxe you are getting a TERRIBLE COMPANY by the name of IYogi from India and they are scam artists and will try to make you buy their package before they will help. As Americans we need to boycott these companies that are outsourcing...this is why Americans do not have jobs. We need to send these companies a message.
Comments United States Antivirus Software
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 27th of Mar, 2010 by   yhtakm +3 Votes
Same thing happened to me with iyogi. wanted help installing the shield I renewed on net and they too told me my computer was running slow and that they could fix it and the whole scam thing. No difference they take over your computer and say they are fixing it, and it does nothing but take your time because you have to sit by the computer as they are doing it. Not sure where they are from but don's speak english very well. Never again I will purchase from store no more renewing this for me.
 30th of Jun, 2010 by   PKHa +2 Votes
I am having problems with the finacial part of IYOGI also. The tried to sell me a 2 year contract on 2 computers after I had bought a one year contract with them and I okyed it and the charged me 3 times couldn't get it straightened out with them and they kept asking for my credit card number again and I finally called the bank and had them take care of it, . Now they removed my IYOGI Dock and I paid for a one year contract for 2 computers and I have proof so I called them again and they said they needed my credit card and I told them I have a one year contract already paid for. They finally said they had it straightened out and would call back in 15 min and it has been 2 days and no call and not resolved. I will try to call them again when I have time to argue with them but I really think they are a ripoff. They cleaned my computers but now I don't have what I paid for. That sucks.
 23rd of Jul, 2010 by   john00098687 -1 Votes
i have checked the company and the reason the jobs are getting outsourced to INDIA is b'coz INDIANS are way too smarter than you guys and not as DUMB as you are. Check out www.iyogi.net and company is managed by INDIAN...ne way you suck and your comments aldo as they are baseless ...if you are competent enough, thn try to fix your computer issues all by urself asshole!!!
 7th of Aug, 2010 by   MaryEllyn 0 Votes
I googled HP Tech Support because I couldn't print and ended up letting iyogi in India control my desktop computer. A half hour later they found thousands of problems, warned me of potential crashes and funds transfers. They told me of all the wonderful support I would get with them, and I finally asked the cost -- $169.99!. I immediately disconnected the phone and shut down my computer. When I restarted, I removed everything I could find connected with iyogi. I had never heard of iyogi before and figured it was part of HP. Now I see what a scam it is and feel lucky to have gotten off so easy.

 8th of Aug, 2010 by   PIPS33 +1 Votes
 27th of Aug, 2010 by   EGio 0 Votes
They have been great service for me.
Where is other support?
I can't find any and Micro-soft sends you there.
They stuck with me for many hours and once had to send it to a higher support level & called when they said they would.
I tell them I am leaving computer which they agree and then call on phone to tell me to go back to computer.
Great Service
I think it is a great deal for the money and wonder how they can make any money for the hours they put in with me.
I know I should buy a Apple and get away from Windows but once your married it is hard to separate.
 8th of Sep, 2010 by   Piss fire +2 Votes
Well I agree dumb iyogi the biggest scam in the world and I will write microsft and let them know. They helped friends of theres hack my computer then charged me to fix it. Just beware. I still have all there crap on my screen and nothing has been done. Then the man tells me not to call any more. And also if you want to reach them they have companys in different names all over the internet so don't be fooled. Just Different names and different numbers. But all go to the same place. TWI ------- Dock support. and on and on


Metairie La
 10th of Sep, 2010 by   Mark Sinatara +2 Votes
Who says iYogi is not a SCAM..let me assure you folks its the biggest fradulent company that you can ever come across;
Let me elaborate you the internal working of this company
a) I have read all these reviews and noticed a stark similarity in almost all off them, most said that they either called in HP or Dell or Toshiba or Sony and their call landed up at iYogi..ever wondered why? Simple..This company invests on "Ad-words in the search engines" so you type search strings like tech shupport or AVG or anti virus ..or HP or dell or any other company name quite often your call will end up at iYogi where you will be scammed off your hard earned money!
b) Virs removal something that they so proudly boast off is nothing but a cheap statement ..Why? because they have kept a dump off almost all the anti virus softwares in their database ranging from Malwarebytes to HijackThis to Trojan remover to Bit Defender to AVAS to AVG and their removal tools too and how do they take a remote connection..well they have very limited licences of logmeinrescue so many a times they end up taking agents off the calls who are not using logmeinrescue...
If you talk about manual virus removal then either they do it by running HijackThis and the log file that is generated is copied and pasted in a website named www.hijackthis.de or they google some known virus infections so spending 169$ or more on their subscriptions is pointless because these are some very basic troubleshooting (t/s) that even you can google out
c) Talking about their cool software known as 'supportdock' its a scam or a gimmick of Dell Supportdock..iYogi has a team off s/w coders who scavenge the online s/w portals search for codes and then compile it to make their own s/w..intelligent huh..i would say again a SCAM they are violating the intellectual propriety rights of the original s/w's
d) they boast of installing free security s/w well they are already free..for iYogi does not have any antivirus of their own and pls god forbid if you happen to install thier AVAS (Anti virus Anti Spyware) or CA antivirus s/w then your pc is doomed to destruction
e) You think their techies know windows installation by heart ...BS..because they all refer to a website 'www.windowsreinstall.com' to perform clean, parallel, repair or even upgrade windows reinstallation..and you call them Techies..what a misnomer!!
f)Ever wondered why they are so pathetic in English..because the company has no Voice and Accent Support staff morever they do not even have a Human Resource management in place... So in an essence your money goes in vain...
g) Recently they have tied up with Dell and they are trying their best to capture the Dell customers market by selling their subscriptions.. One off the features in their Supportdock is Push To Talk..they claim that if you click on it you will get an instant call back in 30 seconds..its all BS..why ..simple because it never works..its a Fake s/w.. I noticeed someone wrote they put in a s/w that saves computer energy..well its known as Green PC..it does not save anything..its useless..
g) The big giants like Dell are not at all concerned with their customer support they are all concerned is with money... Dell has outsourced 9% off its current call volume at this time to iYogi ..and these ppl are trying to capture their business by selling their subscriptions which as i have already elaborated ..if the answers can be googled out why do you want to invest your money ??
Now the big Question ..How do i know all this..
Because im a defector.. I am there and i know how does all this scam works...maybe now you folks also know about it..so once again i will say.."Who says iYogi is not a SCAM...??"
 7th of Oct, 2010 by   fg04 +3 Votes
they stole my check card number idk how these people got hold of it. they charge 169.99 and they say we need your phone number and email to issue you a credit. this company is a fraud especially dealing with complaints for fraud. they dont care and are ruthless...
 8th of Oct, 2010 by   PIPS33 +3 Votes
it cost me £30 in phone calls to try to get my money back, i never recieved a penny, just a complete waist of time and money, they should not be allowed to get away with this as they are con men from india.
 26th of Oct, 2010 by   DineshSinghdeenu +3 Votes
If there is some comments in favor of iYogi, this is also a type of Scam.iYogi approach their employees to drop commnets in favor of company. Managers who is responsible for final round of also demand Bribe for job. I would like to disclose one name Mr Awadhesh ( SEO/ppc department). I m one of victim. He demanded Rs 50, 000 for job een i have good experience in SEO.
 3rd of Nov, 2010 by   ip5 0 Votes
Who says the thugs only live in America, they live every where even in India. Go easy on India hard on the actual issue, otherwise you just sound like the regular raciest guy of the western world. As far the jobs are taken by the Indians etc. etc., just don't forget how we got to America and who's jobs we have taken, but that is a part of history. It is happening in favour of India at the moment. All major companies have moved to India not only to save money (cheap labour) but the brain they get for it. This company might be a scam not the Indians. God bless America and India.
 4th of Nov, 2010 by   jim brown11 0 Votes
 6th of Nov, 2010 by   smart_guruji 0 Votes
@ Mark Sinatara
Nice explanation Mark...appreciate that. Now tell me one thing, U can google n understand a techi word, does that means even n 80 yr old can do d same?
Also, please elaborate tell me the difference between a Doctor n Online Technical Support Provider (Could b Iyogi, geeksquad, etc)
Thanks in advance...!
 13th of Nov, 2010 by   Aviator2108 0 Votes
Iyogi to be blamed ? YES. But on the other hand should the employees or Indians to be precise be blamed for the scam running at this company. I dont think so. Me and a couple of my friends have received good service from a lot of Indians from different companies. Some can be good and some can be bad. You cannot just blame a country or there people for the mistakes of a few. I have been to India too and they are good. Blame the company who is destroying the reputation of a country or its people. Just because America is outsourcing does not mean that we can blame India or the Phillipines. What happens if all the support is moved to China or any other country. Still the same problem. Big companies are outsourcing for their profit and they are Americans not Indians, Why? Enough said. Bottom line is Screw Iyogi Management or Owner whoever is the culprit for this kind of a scam. Oh and may that person Rot in hell.
 24th of Nov, 2010 by   P Sarin +3 Votes
Yes... Its is a SCAM...!!
Beware when you call HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Sony or any other computer related companies..
They majorly target on people who are Norton, McAfee, AVG and similar Anti-Virus product for protection against internet threats..
Once you search the Phone Numbers for the above mentioned companies, you'll get a toll-free number flashed at the very top on the search engine page.. Even Google, iYogi pays huge amount of money to Google and other Search Engines to show their phone numbers as a search result.
Whenever you call them, even if it's a new computer, they will access your computer remotely and will show you Errors, Warnings, Viruses which actually doesn't exist in your computer. They will threat you by saying that somebody would hack your computer and all these crap..
Finally, they will show you the charges taken by different other companies and will compare the prices with iYogi.. That is the point where you will come to know that they are not actually Dell, Hp, Norton or McAfee.. They will tell you that those companies are there business partners and they give technical support for those companies.. But it's too late... You will think, you don't have any other choice and you will either sign-up for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years service plan by paying around $ 150 to $ 500..
Don't trust them, it's all Scam...!! Whenever you call a tech. support company.. Please ask them to repeat the name of the company for whom they are working for.. If they say it's iYogi, hang-up the call.. They will call you back from the number 800-237-3901 or any similar toll-free number, just receive the call and say that you would report their name to the Cops.. They will immediately disconnect the call.. ;-) Trust me.. or simply don't receive the call..
US Government should take some action against companies like this.. Somebody sitting thousands miles away can't fool us like this...!!
They will definitely suffer one day if they keep on doing this SCAM..
iYogi is the biggest SCAM ever in Technical Support Business... It's not Good Karma... It's Bad Karma...!!
 7th of Dec, 2010 by   Pollyz +1 Votes
I had almost all the same exact experiences that already have been reported by everyone here. The first bad experience was with a PC Shield download just over a year ago. It took 3 techs and 6 hours; they never completely fixed it; they accidentally deleted my OS program and then replaced it with a lesser OS version and didn't install the firewall leaving my computer unprotected. I called PC Shield the next day and got them to fix it. The second bad experience with iYogi was with an Avast download on a brand new computer about 2 months old with Windows 7 Pro. An assessment was done of my system and they said they found 3 OS files that were corrupt. They offered to fix the problems if I purchased their $139 annual maintenance and support program. I declined the offer; I already had another service. After the support call ended I discovered that my IE browser kept freezing up to the point it was pretty much unusable. I had to switch to Chrome and Firefox in order to work. I had my current service provider fix the problem iYogi caused...

Do I think iYogi is a scam. Yep. BUYER BEWARE. What is really disturbing here is that it appears the scam is supported by the software/technology companies that use iYogi as a customer/tech support vendor - they are in lockstep... So who do we turn to - at least in the U.S. - for investigation and recourse? Is it the FTC?

What I think is really interesting is that I've purchased and downloaded anti-virus and security software in the past and never had a need to get any help. It didn't matter which security software I purchased - Norton, MacAfee, whatever, they always downloaded without problem. The last two purchases from two different software companies needed download assistance and, coincidentally, both companies used iYogi as their tech support fulfillment company. My first purchase of PC Shield downloaded seamlessly, no customer service help needed. The subscription renewal purchase from PC Shield a couple of years later needed download assistance from tech support now iYogi instead of their own support staff.

If iYogi continues down this same path, they are opening the door for a smarter competitor to capitalize on this weakness. I hope it happens fast. There's nothing like good solid competition to change the playing field. Right now they seem to have the market cornered for technical support for software companies and other types of businesses. In the meantime, all we can do, as dissatisfied consumers, is spread the word about iYogi in complaint boards, online product/software reviews - everywhere we can find to tell the story.

But iYogi is not the only offender here. What about the companies that use iYogi and turn a blind eye to all the customer complaints?

I believe the iYogi problem will continue as long as it is enabled by Software companies globally who are using iYogi for their low-priced customer service fulfillment solution. The Software companies (and other companies that use iYogi) are reducing operating costs by reducing employees and related compensation and other loading factors which results in higher profits which in turn makes their stock (for publicly listed companies) more attractive to investors. In my opinion, it all comes down to complicity and greed.

If the software manufacturers do not provide a happy experience for their customers, their customers will and should, take their business elsewhere - which is what happened in this instance.
Personally, I would be happy to pay a little more for a quality product made by a credible company that stands behind their products and provides first class customer service.
 14th of Dec, 2010 by   homegirl +1 Votes
iyogi is not only a scam! It consistently created new problems on my laptop each time they have accessed it, Now they cannot solve these problems. I was lied to by them as well. and was never told of any other subscription but the one for 3 tears! The lady was very good at detecting the fact that I was an easy mark being stuck at home after a severe accident. Beware of any personal questions. They are not being nice. They are smelling out need to serve their greedy, incompetent company.
They never return calls, after disconnecting sessions and leaving one up in the air. My anti virus company is partners with them and I thought I fully trusted this company. My mistake.
My Internet finally became unsecured, by iYogi, and they could not fix this either. I was told that, " it did not matter as long as I did not go online". Well, my computer is always connected to the Internet! This caused it to be infected with 7 malware infections. I had to clean up this mess myself. I finally uninstalled iyogi and my computer is working just fine, with a secured Internet connection and no infections.
Yes, I was taken for $399.00! I hope this post can help others evaluate iYogi and save them from a terrible nightmare. I am connecting the CEO of my anti virus company.
Beware. Scammers are very effective due to lack of a conscious and the ability to detect those who are inexperienced in their area!!!
 14th of Dec, 2010 by   Scam11 +2 Votes
Iyogi also have center in Bangalore (India) company called E4E
 14th of Dec, 2010 by   Scam11 +1 Votes
Iyogi runs 6 different center in which 1 is in Bangalore, they pitch only for renewal of our iyogi existing plan
what they basically tell us is if renew our subscription with Iyogi they will give install Microsoft Security Essentials, Mal ware bytes, Spybot, AVG, Super anti spyware, Hijackthis and Ccleaner for lifetime . i have checked about all this products which are free to download from internet

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