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rip off

Complaint Rating:  92 % with 99 votes
Contact information:
United States
The complaint has been removed.
Comments United States Computers & Accessories
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 6th of Apr, 2010 by   Stefen Gates -1 Votes
i am a happy customer for the past nine months. When I first called them
they helped remove my viruses and fix my audio on the laptop. I call iYogi
oftenŠ.tech support is helpful and have a good humor about how I need their
help so often. - Stephen
 7th of Apr, 2010 by   Graham23 -1 Votes
 13th of Apr, 2010 by   gfoxy157 +1 Votes
I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one that has been ripped off by iyogi. Not only are they pushy and rude, I couldn't understand a freakin' thing they were saying. They transfer you to another person "who speaks better english" it's just as bad if not worse than their accent. Why can't they employee people who speak English? All they know is sell that product no matter what.

When this happened to me I didn't have any idea that there were other people out there like me who have been screwed by this iyogi. Please tell everyone you know that this company are a bunch of crooks, all they care about is getting your money and they do whatever they have to to get it.
 16th of Apr, 2010 by   Alexes -1 Votes
i am very happy cause have not the ability to do these task as of this time in life. My computer was infected with viruses and tech support was very helpful
 4th of Jun, 2010 by   GrahamBill -1 Votes
The technical support staff was very professional and offered information in a manner that allowed my wife and I to follow the repair process.
 27th of Jun, 2010 by   Better Technician than them.. +1 Votes
ovbiously the people who are saying they are good are iyogi? you know why because of their grammar. you can tell already thats how much they fail. so i was with a dude and he used remote access to help me with a problem. the dude says that " i can not do this it voids and prohibits my job is not to do this" ( barely understood). So then he gives me steps for how to fix it. " ok i know your tech guy so you will be fine do blahblahblah" i told him if he should watch just incase i do something wrong. he says " no you can do it dont worry it will work" he leaves me, i do it and my computer is freaking messed up. he told me to freaking uninstall windows installer and gave me a broken link to redownload it... now for somereason i can't download windows installer because there is no windows installer for windows 7... and while he was trying to fix my computer he was like " you are suffering from infection" - he saw i had no antivirus( i know silly me) i told him its fine there are no infections- " but you do" ... thats not an infection "technician" and he even saw i have no viruses. seriously dont waste your time with these guys, 1. they obviously dont help you... 2. their English is just TERRIBLE 3. they don't know what they're doing. So good for you if you saw this before they messed up your computer...
 10th of Jul, 2010 by   vonjaymee +1 Votes
Consumer Beware!!!
I actually was trying to install new antivirus software on my laptop which is Norton by the way and the package(it was via internet) I got from Norton was for three computers. I went to install Norton's key product code on the laptop and it wouldn't do it. No prompt to get me to the download so I Goolged Norton phone number and it gave me a phone number. I didn't click on the site I just phoned the number. An Indian man answered and I explained my problem that I couldn't install Norton's on the laptop that it wouldn't prompt me to go any further. He asked my name, phone number, also a second contact number which had my UhHUH guts going WHAT?? then my address and e-mail. After that he told me to go to a site www.logmein.com (something like that) I did so and then came to the page he wanted and you had to enter a code and agree. He told me the code and then he had control of my computer to diagnose the problem. I have done this remote repair with a local computer shop when I had problems with my old PC so I wasn't alarmed. All these problems and issues came up. To be exact they were 5761 issues. He told me that I needed a Optimizer put on the computer and I could buy one at Wal-Mart for a $100 dollars. But then he told me I could get one from him free of charge and buy their antivirus software for the life of the computer for $169.95. I told him I needed to talk with my husband about it. Get this... during the whole conversation I was constantly put on hold no (excuse me can I put you on hold?) dialog just dead silence for short periods. When I mentioned the I need to discuss with my husband I got the dead silence and he was still in control of my computer. I took the battery out of my laptop and disconnect from the wall outlet because my "Spidey Senses" were off the chart. After I did that about a minute later I got an 800 number call. I did not pick up. I got another call again from this number two minutes later. I continued to get calls from this number about 5 more times. Then every flippin hour my phone would ring once and nothing. I seriously think they have a program to call numbers to ring once and hang up just to annoy the person since they didn't buy their product. F*ck them. My husband called the 800 number and the guy asked what his last name was. My husband said, "You know my name and you know my number so stop bullshiting me and take my number off your list!" He said he would. Not more than a minute later the phone rang again with that hang up after first ring. Hubby called back again and this time they knew who he was. They asked for me. Hubby explained that we were trying to get help but no longer needed it. Since that conversation no more annoying hang up calls. Beware people this is the new scam to have control of you. I went ahead and did the total reboot of the computer. It is restored back to factory settings because we had nothing on that computer of importance just for leisure so simple.
 12th of Jul, 2010 by   supportyourlocalpeople +1 Votes
iyogi can screw up your computer(s). I spent 12 hours with them on Sunday, and when I turned on the computer on Monday, it didn't work. COuldn't open any programs. Then I needed to install a virus program they're linked to. They told me my new lap (one month old) was infected. I flatly told them they weren't going to daly with my new computer. Furthermore, I downloaded McAfee virus protection, ran it, and guess what, no viruses. You should have heard all the stuff they were going to do to my new lap. So, I told them "no, " that I was taking my desk computer to Best Buy to fix. Also, I'm going to dispute the recent charge they made on my credit card for servicing my old lap computer since I haven't used them at all. I will never use them again.

learned my lesson
 15th of Jul, 2010 by   iMREAL +1 Votes
If only people knew.. They called my phone telling me that my NEW 2week old computer were sending them signals that it had a virus on it.. ( was thinking what the hell) I think they called themselves techsupport24 or something like that.. took me to the iyogi website and performed the free scan. there were a few errors an then told me that he needed access to my computer.. I was like okay anything to take the virus off.. He went to the my computer tab and right clicked it and clicked the MANAGE button and told me that the logs were viruses.. ME knowing a lil something about computers was starting to catch on.. as he proceeded thru my computer he started saying "OH MY GOD" OH MY GOD" " LOOK AT ALL THESE VIRUS" I started question'n him<- didnt like that too well and said "I will take this off for you dont worry" I was like okay how much ? Thats when things got nasty.. He gave me a figure like 139 or so and I said well I will have to talk it over with my parents and he told me well you can just give me your credit card number and then tell them you saved money by getting the plan instead of letting my computer crash.. I said NO. I will discuss it with them he then proceeded and asked its your computer rigght? I said yea he said well what type of card do you have I said I will call yu back he then told me that if i didnt get it that my computer wpuld crash 2mar and I will have to get another one, I laughed and knew he was not serious at all .. Too summ it all up he tried to get money from me and trick me into thinking there were viruses on my computer I dwnlded mcafee and ran a virus scan NOTHING was found.. He called me back I dint pick up and when i did the iyogi scan everything was col DOOOONT BELLLIEEVVEE Thheessee ppl PLEAASSE!! AND DONT LET THEM TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR COMPUTER BECAUSE THEY WILL PUT A VIRUS ON THERE THEMSELVES IF YOU DONT TAKE PRECAUTIONS
 27th of Jul, 2010 by   cldaboll +1 Votes
I am trying to get iYogi off my computer and am having no luck. You can't reach them by E-Mail to log a complaint and calling them only subjects you to more hard sell. How do you get rid of these people. I bought a contract that runs out Jan. 2011 but I will forfeit that service to have them out of my computer now. Please help.
 1st of Aug, 2010 by   Lori Cincinnati +1 Votes
Lori, Cincinnati

IYOGI is absolutely a SCAM. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND YOUR TIME. I was on the phone with them for 4 hours and they didn't do anything to fix my problem. As a matter of fact they made a carbonite of my entire system. They said don't worry, only you can get to the information with a password and log-on you set up. I ask where the information was being stored and how to get to it...I NEVER GOT AN ANSWER. So now they have my entire compture's information backed up SOMEWHERE! Long story short, I ended the "session" from the remote log-on with them and they STOPPED ME. They continued to do something to my computer even after I had told them to stop that they NO LONGER HAD MY PERMISSION TO BE ON MY COMPUTER...TOO LATE, they ignored me. So I disconnected my computer from the internet and restored my computer back to a previous date. HOWEVER, before I did that I found a Trojan they loaded to my computer that automatically dials their computer system back and send them my backfile (this is the work from each day)...I'M CALLING THE FCC and the FBI or anyone else I can. FOR SURE!!

Problem: Having trouble downloading Microsoft Silverlight...I actually got the Iyogi number from the Microsoft Silverlight site. I wonder if they know Iyogi put their number there?

 5th of Aug, 2010 by   rock loddo -1 Votes
iYogi is not a scam .Americans are celver people and they know how to get work done wid out paying up a single money .
I have seen many american people who go ahead and subscribe wid iyogi and when their issue gets resolved, they ask for REFUND on some pretext or the other . Some americans are such a cheapsters
 8th of Aug, 2010 by   PIPS33 +1 Votes
 12th of Aug, 2010 by   Elroy101 +1 Votes
iYogi RUINED my laptop!!!
Their tech did not know what she was doing and she erased some boot files in Windows XP and the laptop will not boot up now. She said she would call me if we were disconnected and she never did. We have called them several times and their suggestion was for me to BUY a copy of Windows XP and repair it myself!!! Windows XP was preloaded on the laptop, so all I have is the rescue disc. Well, if I use that, it will format the hard drive and erase all of my files. They absolutely refuse to do anything about the problem THEY CAUSED. This is a true situation.
So, I am just telling people out there not to use their service so that this does not happen to you!!! BEWARE . . .
 30th of Aug, 2010 by   martha009 +1 Votes
Alright!!! Iyogis cant speak english? dont know a freakin thing what they re sayin? well mah name is martha, 80 yrs its been on da planet so one thing s for sure that i ve seen quite a lot happening around.I am not gonna vouch for these yogis about their linguistics skills but i was more than impressed with da way they handled the computer when couldnt figure out what to do with it, lemme ask my fellow americans-what do we have as an option? Bestbuy, geeksquad? or probably any local dick or harry repair shop around the corner? and do what? pay em watever they ask for? and for something which seems rocket science to our ears?
 15th of Sep, 2010 by   jenny whitetaker +1 Votes
Who says iYogi is not a SCAM..let me assure you folks its the biggest fradulent company that you can ever come across;
Let me elaborate you the internal working of this company
a) I have read all these reviews and noticed a stark similarity in almost all off them, most said that they either called in HP or Dell or Toshiba or Sony and their call landed up at iYogi..ever wondered why? Simple..This company invests on "Ad-words in the search engines" so you type search strings like tech shupport or AVG or anti virus ..or HP or dell or any other company name quite often your call will end up at iYogi where you will be scammed off your hard earned money!
b) Virs removal something that they so proudly boast off is nothing but a cheap statement ..Why? because they have kept a dump off almost all the anti virus softwares in their database ranging from Malwarebytes to HijackThis to Trojan remover to Bit Defender to AVAS to AVG and their removal tools too and how do they take a remote connection..well they have very limited licences of logmeinrescue so many a times they end up taking agents off the calls who are not using logmeinrescue...
If you talk about manual virus removal then either they do it by running HijackThis and the log file that is generated is copied and pasted in a website named www.hijackthis.de or they google some known virus infections so spending 169$ or more on their subscriptions is pointless because these are some very basic troubleshooting (t/s) that even you can google out
c) Talking about their cool software known as 'supportdock' its a scam or a gimmick of Dell Supportdock..iYogi has a team off s/w coders who scavenge the online s/w portals search for codes and then compile it to make their own s/w..intelligent huh..i would say again a SCAM they are violating the intellectual propriety rights of the original s/w's
d) they boast of installing free security s/w well they are already free..for iYogi does not have any antivirus of their own and pls god forbid if you happen to install thier AVAS (Anti virus Anti Spyware) or CA antivirus s/w then your pc is doomed to destruction
e) You think their techies know windows installation by heart ...BS..because they all refer to a website 'www.windowsreinstall.com' to perform clean, parallel, repair or even upgrade windows reinstallation..and you call them Techies..what a misnomer!!
f)Ever wondered why they are so pathetic in English..because the company has no Voice and Accent Support staff morever they do not even have a Human Resource management in place... So in an essence your money goes in vain...
g) Recently they have tied up with Dell and they are trying their best to capture the Dell customers market by selling their subscriptions.. One off the features in their Supportdock is Push To Talk..they claim that if you click on it you will get an instant call back in 30 seconds..its all BS..why ..simple because it never works..its a Fake s/w.. I noticeed someone wrote they put in a s/w that saves computer energy..well its known as Green PC..it does not save anything..its useless..
g) The big giants like Dell are not at all concerned with their customer support they are all concerned is with money... Dell has outsourced 9% off its current call volume at this time to iYogi ..and these ppl are trying to capture their business by selling their subscriptions which as i have already elaborated ..if the answers can be googled out why do you want to invest your money ??
Now the big Question ..How do i know all this..
Because im a defector.. I am there and i know how does all this scam works...maybe now you folks also know about it..so once again i will say.."Who says iYogi is not a SCAM...??"
 15th of Sep, 2010 by   jenny whitetaker -2 Votes
Americans are dumb. and this you ask from any american they would agree on using computers half of their life but dont know anything except going online.and when they cant go online they panic.come on AMERICA that is why people like iyogi making benefits .how poor are the people in terms of knowledge in so called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA world SUPER POWER and people brainless...
 16th of Sep, 2010 by   PIPS33 +1 Votes
i spent 2hrs trying to get a refund, took 10 attempts to get them to even understand my bank details.i was promised a refund but guess what never received a penny.they are a complete and utter waist of time and should be investigated for internet fraud, biggest con ever .i never want to hear there name a gain, bloody basterds..
 30th of Oct, 2010 by   Iyogi Technician -2 Votes
Being one of the iyogi tech's myself i feel that you americans are so stupid that i wonder how you all find things around the house.i have people calling in and saying"My cd drive is not working..."and after hours find out that they put in the cd upsidedown.Then there are people who turn to us only after they have successfully managed to completely fuck up thier computer, and than ask "why do i need to repair windows?"
Dont even let me begin about printers...u'll have kids pour water into them, forget to put paper, run out of ink and even when the computer tells you that its out of paper in big bolt letters you'll still call us...
God knows which hole you'll live in that people from India have to support you with products developed by an american company...
God bless america...Without your money and stupidity, we would not be as rich as we are!!! :)
 4th of Nov, 2010 by   jim brown11 +1 Votes
iyogi is a scam. my computer never got fix .SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

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