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&staineasy& carpet

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I absolutely concur with the thayers, as well as glenn rawsky. It doesn't seem to matter where you buy your carpet, just so long as it's not a stainmaster® (A. K. A. , invista, gulistan) carpet. After more than a year of research, i purchased a stainmaster xtra life® carpet from a local flooring retailer with two locations in my area. I followed all instructions and recommendations, from the diy and hgtv networks to consumer reports and various independent websites, when it came to choosing both the carpet and the pad. I relied on the fact that invista (Stainmaster®) provided accurate information about its product to retailers through which it sells its product and to customers via its website.

As it turned out, i was a sucker. If there's a sucker born every minute, then i've been born over and over in billions of minutes.

While it states on the invista (Stainmaster®) website that the carpet tufts are "engineered to retain their original appearance, " and "will hold their attractive shape and won't burst, bloom, open or lose their twist", this is not the case.

In fact, i noticed less than six months after purchasing the stainmaster xtra life® carpet that in addition to the tufts not holding their shape and losing their twist that the backing or lamination of the carpet has become very dry and brittle (Since i live in a suburb of phoenix, ariz. , surely a carpet manufacturer would expect that the weather would be dry here especially since people are constantly insisting: "but it's a dry heat!") .

Simply vacuuming the carpet (With a fairly new oreck vacuum that i used without problem on a less expensive carpet in my former home) as instructed in the pamphlet that accompanies these cheap invista / gulistan products causes tufts to come out again and again and at times even pulls up the carpet along the baseboard, where thin strips of the backing / lamination just tear right out. Only the fibers are made by invista / stainmaster®, so when i called about what was initially a tiny hole in the carpet caused by tufts coming out, i was referred to gulistan, the "manaufacturer" of the carpet itself.

Gulistan sent an "independent inspector" out here who, almost immediately upon lifting a corner of the carpet (Very easily, by the way, which was never the case in previous years with other cheaper carpet brands) and despite my pointing out to him that "hey, should that long, thin part of the back peel right off so easily?", concluded that the carpet was fine and that the peeling of the backing was "normal".

While that was great to hear then, i wish someone had told me that the carpet backing coming apart and the tufts falling out and "jumping out" on their own was "normal" before i purchased the carpet, whose xtra life® moniker i presume means "more than the average lifetime of an invista / stainmaster® / gulistan carpet, " which seems to be about three months. I live alone, am not a giant, don't go out and roll in wet mud or dirt and rarely am visited by anyone, so my carpet is lightly used.

Thanks to following expert advice (Which can also be seen on the diy and hgtv network websites, etc.) on how to easily repair the initial tiny hole in the carpet by patching it, which i have successfully done quite a few times in my life in the past, thanks to the dry, brittle backing so easily tearing, the tiny hole is now a much larger square.

Not only is this carpet definitely not made for a dry climate, as one might find in the desert, it is not made to walk on, because my lightly touching a tiny area near the small hole with my pinky finger caused the dry, brittle backing / lamination to begin to tear in a straight line and continue to tear about 3 inches out from the small hole. No matter how careful i was in trying to repair the hole according to detailed instructions, putting even the slightest pressure on the carpet in any area near the small hole caused surrounding areas to tear out in smaller strips (Which would have been longer had i not put carpet tape beneath them) as though the backing / lamination of the "carpet" was laid down like black plastic beneath desert landscaping.

I actually have a sample of the stainmaster xtra life® carpet (The size of a throw rug) that i got from a dollar store and the backing / lamination is nothing like the one on the carpet i purchased that supposedly is the same brand. I have seen photos of carpet samples that are supposedly stainmaster xtra life®, but i know they can't be because the tufts remain on the backing.

I would say that perhaps the retailer from whom i purchased the stainmaster xtra life® sold me a different type of carpet, but the inspector sent by gulistan said the carpet was definitely stainmaster xtra life®. He also related to me that it's "normal" to feel the tacks from the tack strips but that most people don't and shouldn't because the tack strips abut the baseboards, and neither people nor animals ever sit or lay down near baseboards. I haven't heard that much bull - - - - since my mother gave me a long list of pointless reasons for why i ought to get a college degree (Which was worthless) .

At this point, i want to warn others not to do as i did and waste their money, their time and their energy and just do what everyone else in america is doing, probably because carpet and carpet pad manufacturers make such lousy products for which they will assume zero responsibility: buy and install on your own wood style laminate flooring or wood flooring. Just remember that it's very slippery and that the more this trend continues, the more head, neck, back and spinal injuries will occur. But that's ok because our government can afford for everyone in the u. S. To be on disability and eventually all the carpet and carpet pad manufacturers like invista and gulistan will go out of business.
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 25th of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes

Home Depot - Customer non-service
Home Depot
United States

Last night, my girlfriend and I went to the Home Depot in Dacula, GA. I purchased some plumbing and gardening knick-knacks and went to the Garden section check out. The young lady checking us out was personable and chatty. My bill was $15.93. I gave her $21.00 in order to avoid getting $1.00 bills back. I gave her a $20.00 bill and a $1.00 bill. At exactly 8:00 pm, the cashier gave me back 7 cents.

When I called attention to the fact my change was $5.00 short, she replied, I don’t think so. So I patiently explained to her that I had given her two bills. She remembered that. So then I explained that one of them was a $20.00 bill. “I don’t think so” she relied. So I asked her how I was able to give her two bills and get back 7 cents on a $15.93 purchase.

She became a little confused and flustered trying to figure this (what she thought was an) obvious trick out.

Well then she called her Manager for help. Until the Manager showed up, she continued to check out several people behind me, but only if they had a credit or debit card. She couldn’t check out anyone with cash. They, like me, just had to suck it up and put up with the inconvenience. When the Manager showed up, she listened briefly to the cashier’s predicament, but didn’t bother to ask me what happened. The manager just instructed her to balance the register out. I wasn’t sure what that meant. But I found out. This is where it gets good.

That cashier took every bit of money out of the register. Every bill, every coin, and every penny. She tried to put all the money into a canister to air tube it (like the bank drive through) somewhere else in the building. When it all wouldn’t fit, she broke the wad down and got a second tube. Then she added all the credit card receipts and debit card receipts with the partial wad in the second tube. Swoosh. Up the tube number 1 went. Swoosh. Up the tube number 2 went. I just sort of stood there trying to decide whether or not to laugh or get pissed.

I asked how long this was going to take. I got the half-*** answer, “Not long”. When I asked the Manager, her reply was that this was policy. I asked, ‘Policy makes you shut down a register, inconvenience me, inconvenience other customers, pulls you away from whatever you were doing, open up a closed register, and have someone count all the money and receipts in the register to balance it, for a $5.00 error by your cashier?’ All the Manager said was, “It’s policy”.

FORTY-FIVE MINUTES LATER, THE MANAGER GOT A PHONE CALL, APPARENTLY FROM GOD. SHE TOLD THE CASHIER TO GIVE ME MY FIVE DOLLARS BACK. I informed the Manager that Home Depot policy had just made me and my girlfriend a LOWE’S customer from now on.

Just thought you might be interested.
 16th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes

Home Depot - The worst
Home Depot
United States

The Bloomfield, CT Home Depot is the worst Home Depot of them all. I don’t spend any more money at ANY Home depot because of the way I am treated there. I own a business and used to easily spend at least $60, 000 a year with them. I will go to Lowe’s or a small hardware store even if I have to drive further or spend more money. The customer service is a joke. I could write a book on horror stories. Every one I know has the same bad experiences there. I can’t believe that this store hasn't been shut down yet.
 17th of Jun, 2009 by    +2 Votes
we agree - we had Stainmaster carpet (of the highest quality level available, since we have dogs) installed a few years ago to replace 10-year-old polyester carpet, and within a year we thought it looked as bad as the previous carpet did when we replaced it. As you noted, it seems to be more difficult to clean, and the normal "traffic lanes" look horrible, much less actual "stain spots".

We will NEVER EVER buy Stainmaster carpets again (and we work for DuPont, where Stainmaster originated!)!

-Glenn Rawsky
 21st of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes

Home Depot - Disappointed
Home Depot
United States

Home depot is not as it used to be earlier. I used to love to get my stuff from them. But recently they have forgotten what customer service is. They do not come to help you no matter what. Even if you are alone and have to load heavy stuff none of the service guys are around and even if they are they will try to ignore you and get away from there. I was really disappointed on how Home Depot is gone I mean going down hill in my aspects of their business. I wish they change back to how they were and how they cared for their customers and were ready to help them at any time.
 3rd of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
Hi this is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care; I’m also disappointed to hear about your experience with us. We are making a lot of improvements in our stores, and your feedback helps. If you would like to share more details, feel free to send me an email.
Please try us again soon.

Customer Care
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
 10th of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Stainmaster pulling out of Home Depot completely, it seems that Home Depot put Stainmaster labels on carpet that is not made of a Stainmaster fiber.
During my shopping, I’ve seen products made of olefin at Home Depot and still had Stainmaster labels on them which unusual since Stainmaster is a Nylon content type 6, 6.

It is easy to test Type 6, 6 Nylon against any other fiber since it has a higher melting point.

I have Stainmaster in my house for over 3.5 years and I have cats and after my extensive research before purchasing, it is the best carpet fiber ever existed. It clean easy and after 3.5 years it still look like new.
I'm sure Home depot sold fiber that was not Stainmaster yet it was labeled Stainmaster.

Sam Hansen
 30th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes

Home Depot - Service
Home Depot
United States

My husband and I used to frequent Home Depot until a few years ago when we realized that they were all understaffed and understocked. Apparently, likely in an effort to compete with Lowes, they have now added people and supply chain professionals to amend these issues. We were doing more work on our house and decided to give them another try. After a few successful trips, we needed a large amount of tiles, so we had to order online. I got a message on a Thursday night that the tiles were in, could I please call to schedule delivery and by the time I got to work Friday morning, I had an email stating that the shipments had been declined by owner and were cancelled. I called Home Depot, who said that it was ridiculous for the shipper to have returned it and called them directly. The shipper then said they had not returned the item and had no record of doing so. They scheduled delivery for the next day (Monday) and Home Depot said that they would work out the paperwork on their end. Monday a large delivery was deposited on our driveway - of the wrong tile. That was 3 weeks ago and every day for 3 weeks, they have claimed they were coming to pick it up and never have. The first 3 days I was told someone had to be at the house, so I left work to be there for the 4-hour window with no one showing up. I then refused to continue with that and every day there was a new excuse. No bill of lading, couldn't find your house, weren't in the area - even though they were constantly telling us "yes, we will pick up tomorrow." We are now entering our 4th week with the tiles sitting in our driveway blocking the garage. In the meantime, we had to reorder the proper tiles and wait for delivery, delaying the work on our basement by another 10 days.
 24th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree with all of the above. I paid $3700 for Shaw Stain master carpets in my Master Bedroom, a second bedroom as well as the upstairs hallway. I have owned houses for over 35 years and purchased a lot of carpet and I have NEVER seen carpet stain like this. This carpet has only been down 18 months and looks worse than the carpet I have had in my house for TWELVE YEARS! There are stains everywhere even though there are only two of us in the house, we remove our shoes when we enter the house, and we don't eat upstairs!!!

For the record, I my printed out all my invoices from the best carpet cleaner in my area as well as my house cleaner receipts to show that the carpet was cleaned professionally on a regular basis (3x a year) and that the housekeeper vacuums thoroughly once a week.

I contacted Home Depot and they said it was a 'manufacturer's issue.' They contacted the manufacturer who is supposed to send out a representative. There is no way this representative can say that this is 'regular wear and tear' or that this represents what a carpet should look like after 18 months when it has a TEN YEAR stain warranty.

I will let you know what the 'manufacturer's rep' has to say next week...
 31st of Jan, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I wish I had a nickel for every carpet complaint I've heard from folks who bought new carpet from Home Depot. Usually it's a problem with installation but more and more I hear complaints about carpet manufacturing defects. Regardless of the reason for your complaint, getting someone from the store to come to your home and take a look at your complaint is the first task that you must endure. Since Home Depot doesn't manufacture the carpet or install it, they will refer you to the carpet manufacturer or the company they subcontract out the installations. Until someone inspects the carpet and accepts responsibility for the problem at hand, nothing will be resolved. This can take weeks or months and a lot of time calling and waiting for someone to show up. In the end you might be lucky enough to have your carpet problem fixed or receive an in-store credit.

Home depot no longer sells Stainmaster carpets; they now sell a line of carpet called Martha Stewart. Lowe's now sells Stainmaster carpet. Stainmaster does make some good quality carpet, I know this for sure, but just like every other carpet maker, and they make many different grades or quality levels of carpet. Some carpets are designed to last for 20 years or more while others might not last more than a few years. The key is to choose a grade of carpet that is capable to withstand your level of foot traffic.

After 30 years in the business I decided to become a consumer advocate to expose unscrupulous flooring dealers, help consumers choose new flooring wisely and avoid getting ripped off. That was 12 years ago, now I’ve helped thousands of homeowners save time and money and put together a short list of locally owned flooring dealers that I recommend. Check out my free informative website to learn how to avoid common flooring scams at http://www.AbcCarpets.com
 20th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I used to work for Gulistain Carpet. Their carpet is made with very cheap materials. That is why the carpet falls apart. They are ripping people off with the prices they charge.
 27th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes

Home Depot - refused payment
home depot
United States

citi bank controls home depots credit
nothing but trouble
tried to make payment they refused because i refused to give them social security #
i informed them that it was not legal for them to demand my number to make a payment or for any other reason.
they refused to accept that sooooo.
as my lawyer told me i have no payments to make.
thanks for the free 3000 of appliances. home depote.
it seems that if they refuse payment all you have to do is record and document they refused the payment.
stands up in court every time.
and they get it again if they "citi bank, citicorp" what ever they call themselves, try to put it on your credit report.
 1st of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes

Home Depot Inc - Rep scam
Home Depot Inc
United States

from Home Depot Inc. admin@securedrecruiters.co.cc
reply-to securedrecruiters@hotmail.comd
dateSun, Nov 30, 2008

Good day,

If you have access to a computer, and have up to three hours spare time per-week. you can get paid, would you like to work part or full time online, and get paid weekly? If yes, then please read carefully.
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In fact, in the mid-1990s, Hughes Supply was distributing more than 95, 000 different products from 5, 000 different manufacturers through over 170 wholesale companies. Major suppliers to Hughes Supply included Rheem, American Standard, Charlotte Pipe, Grinnell, Mueller, and Square "D".
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We are currently seeking part or full time employees for our ever-growing Accounts Receivable Department. Through extensive demographic research, we have discovered a wealth of untapped human resources that, for one reason or another, need the freedom to work from home. If this sounds like you, please read on, and consider becoming part of our company family.as part of our ongoing Multi Level Marketing Network, we seek capable individuals to work for us as our representative.You can easily make $700-$2000 or more in a week by working for us as Sub-contractor in your geographical location, you will be in charge of collecting payment on behalf of our affiliates and Small business organizations that are registered under us. Does it sounds like your dream job? Well, it certainly for 10, 000+current members who are making $700- $2, 000 weekly online with this system.Note that no form of investment of is needed from you and this job will take only 1-3 hours of your time per week.
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Every assignment in form of payment received from clients, you're entitled to 10% which excludes the cost of processing western union to any regional office accountant Also you get a monthly salary of $1500 which comes at the end of every month, plus other incentives and benefits that accrue, which includes tax holidays.
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Interested applicants should reply with full name, full residential address, phone numbers, and email address, so that one of our Human Resource Managers can contact you through email, with an approval letter if the management decides you're a successful candidate. Please specify the best way to contact you in your reply email.

We appreciate your interest in Hughes Supply, Inc.
John Morris
Human resources manager,
 30th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes

Home Depot - Consistently calling my cellphone
United States

I have received several phone calls and messages regarding a gentlemen who either had my number previously or used my number without my knowledge to obtain merchandise from Home Depot. I have repeatedly informed the credit agency, the local Home Dept and the private numbers that I do not know this man and to stop calling my cell number. These numbers show on my caller identification a few times a day, several days in a row and at odd times of the day. It is really annoying and I want it to stop. I shouldn't have to change my number to avoid this harassment. Please do something about this or I'll have to complain to my Attorney General. Thank you!!!
 16th of Jan, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Hey dumbazz, they didn't refuse you payment. they just couldn't look up your account number, that you left at home because you're a moron, without your ssn. I hope you enjoy having a negative flag on your credit.
 7th of Apr, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I also worked for gulistan and understand the problems these people are talking about. They kept trying to use cheap materials to make carpet. Employees brought the attention to management, but the only thing they were concerned about was getting it out the door. Alot of employees would not buy this carpet for their own homes. Its a shame, because when it was jp stevens you know u got a good product. With the right owner and management, gulistan carpet could be great again!!
 9th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
Home Depot's name should be retardsRus
 9th of Oct, 2013 by    +1 Votes
We just replaced our 12 year old carpet with a new and expensive Stainmaster carpet. It was installed in August and I am shocked and awed by how easily it stains. I have used the EXACT same methods that I used on our old carpet for removing spills and literally can not remove the stains. When I called Stainmaster they said I had to have it professionally cleaned before I could discuss the issue with them. I was aghast, I bought a Stainmaster carpet so I wouldn't have to have it professionally cleaned for every little spill. I could have a silk carpet that stains less than my new Stainmaster carpet. It is frustrating, disappointing but any solution is incredibly disruptive. I can't help but wonder if Stainmaster was bought by some soulless private equity firm like Blackstone or another private equity firm and is just being run to the ground. I will certainly do my best to dissuade EVERYONE I know from buying a Stainmaster carpet.
 23rd of Sep, 2014 by    +2 Votes
I purchased 2 years ago Martha Stewart Living Mount Vernon Carpet (for $6, 000). After 6 months it looked like it had been in the house for 20 years (note we do not allow shoes in the house, or eating outside the kitchen). We have spent the last 2 years trying to get Home Depot to make it right. They sent 2 inspectors from the manufacturer to look at it (a little self serving, dont you think?)

They also sent the assistant manager of the store who agreed with us and told us "we buy a lot of carpet from Shaw, we will make this right". It looked old, stained, and worn. They did not make it right.

The "warranty" is useless. They do not honor it. All I can do is warn you to buy carpet from a reputable place who will stand behind their sales. Do not use HOME DEPOT, they do not care about its customer.

From Home Depot's website, the carpet, " guarantees long lasting performance with 20 year abrasive wear and texture warranties as well as a lifetime stain and soil warranty" This is a joke! Good luck collecting on this warranty
 4th of Aug, 2015 by    +2 Votes
Please tell me the story of Guilistan Carpet. It went bankrupt in 2011. Which insurance company went to protect consumers against their carpet failure. Quickly help please, I have similar problem.
 8th of Jan, 2016 by    0 Votes
I purchased Stainmaster high quality carpet for 3 bedrooms in our house, over the last 2 years the designs in the carpet have faded do to traffic wear, I spoke to a rep from Stainmaster and insured it was professionally installed, she asked if we had the carpet professionally cleaned with in the year after we bought it, I told her no, didn't think we needed to, she then proceeds to tell me the 5 year warranty is now voided. I will never purchase Stainmaster carpet or any other products from this despicable company ever again.

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