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GOG.com (Good Old Games)

Posted:    Underdog89

No Support/ Ripoff

Complaint Rating:  77 % with 13 votes
Contact information:
United States
This summer I purchased a old pc game (Free Space 2) from gog.com, i heard it was a reputable site so for the lack of being able to find the game anywhere else i made a account and purchased the game from their website through download. The download went fine and i got the game installer with code and all, but for whatever reason after I installed the game i could not play it without it crashing immediately. I tried re-installing with no success, so i checked the support page for the game and could not find any answers, I posted for help on their forums but got no response, so I finally went through their support process and sent them a email. Two weeks pass with no response, i send another email, no response. It basically comes down to the fact i got to the point of sending them 2 emails a week for a month and a half with no response (not even asking for a refund mind you, just answers). I finally lost it one day and sent them a note telling them to $%&* OFF! Now they have deleted my account and banned my ip address so obviously someone has been reading my emails. It was only $5 but its still the principle and they have poor business practice.
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 5th of Feb, 2013 by   OldGamer 0 Votes
I had the same experience over a lousy $10. I downloaded two games - one for a MAC the other for a PC. Neither game would load. I wrote and received a gobbleygook of instructions to get the games to work. No. I'm an old guy and I just wanted to play a couple of games. Close my account and give me my money back. "You have to make the request in 7 days". I made the request in one day! "You tried to download the games." How else could I find out that they didn't work?. "Can not refund money." Keep the money, you lousy thief! The choice of GOG for this site is so appropriate. STAY AWAY. I'm sure you can find a more worthy site to provide you with good gaming. For one, I just don't understand how businesses like this survive.
 24th of Feb, 2013 by   SazFiury 0 Votes
If you want easy install and play of games generally you should stick with mac. All games on the mac app store are compatible with the current version of software the computer is running. On windows based machines it's not always the case that you can run a game, Windows users need to pay attention to the requirements, for the trade up for more selection.

In addition to that the hardware that your computer runs can also have an impact. Mac produces a product that will always run nicely, and pretty much run smoothly together, but if you try to install an unsupported bit of hardware, you may find it just work. Which is not the case for Windows based computers. So given all the options for customizing your computer's performance, there may be issues with running certain games.

Sometimes most of the issues can be settled by running software or games in what's called "Compatibility Mode" which is like virtually running a previous operating system, inside your current operating system.

If they've sent you a fix for the problem you're facing then it's likely to work, but if you're having trouble with applying what it advises, then post it and i'm sure someone could try to figure out the instructions with you. Maybe even be aware of a better way to do it!

If there's been no response, try looking up the issue on Google.com - If the game is crashing on your computer, it's likely crashed on another somewhere.

I hope i've been helpful! The same thing happened to me but on Steam, unfortunately my fix is closer to "get a different video card". But i hope you both can fix your issues, it'd be a shame to see two old gamers hang up their mice for the sake of bad customer service! Good Luck :)
 14th of Jun, 2014 by   rhardy 0 Votes
Same type of problem.

I downloaded a game, but it would not load to play because 'files were missing'.
I play several games from other sources so this was not worth the hassle - I wrote immediately and asked them not to put the charge through.

After 7 e-mails, I finally got one that said "You must request a refund within 14 days and no attempt to download can be made".

1. It was SECONDS, not DAYS when I requested and
2. How would I know it was missing a file if I didn't download it?

Preposterous reply.

Sure, it's cheap - but that doesn't forgive this sort of bizarre customer service.

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