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GoDaddy Complaints & Reviews - Registration RIPPOFF

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Posted:    Zappo

Registration RIPPOFF

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United States
I think GoDaddy ARE a RipOff, I have hundreds of domains with numerous registrars and GoDaddy is the only site that seems to be designed to trip you up. The site is always trying to sell you things you don't need and it uses language that would confuse new users making them think they were obligated to take certain services.

I would also WARN potential customers that GoDaddy has some RIPOFF terms and conditions and is really inflexible.

I had a domain due to expire in July 2010, I logged into the GoDaddy portal and requested a password to transfer it to another registrar. I then had do dig around to find the place where you unlock the domain. Whilst I was there I noticed a typo in my WHOIS info and corrected it.

I went to my main registar and kicked off the transfer with the auth code, but instead of receiving the email telling me to confirm the transfer I get a message saying:

"The transfer of YOURDOMAIN.COM from GoDaddy.com, Inc. to another registrar could not be completed for the following reason(s):

Express written objection to the transfer from the Transfer Contact. (e.g. - email, fax, paper document or other processes by which the Transfer Contact has expressly and voluntarily objected through opt-in means).

The express written objection may be the result of a pending or recently completed Change of Registered Name Holder. This is an opt-in process during which the new Registered Name Holder agrees not to transfer for 60-days. This domain will be transferrable on 8/6/2010.

The language alone is enough to drive you nuts, “express written objection”, well when I called to find out who had objected it turned out that it was GoDaddy itself.

I have made changes to my domains dozens of times but at GoDaddy this kicks off a restrictive practice and what is worse is that when you inform them of it they refuse to fix it. Worse still the GoDaddy rep is obnoxious, keeps you waiting 23 minutes and then tells you that you should know their full terms and conditions.

Now when you transfer ownership and usually registrar there is an ICANN rule that says you cannot transfer it again for 60 days, but RipOff GoDaddy adds it own 60 day restriction when you correct a typo, the ownership did not change and even when they were advised of this they refused to be flexible and release the hold.

So now if I don’t renew my domain will expire in July and I can’t transfer away till August. Well this is one paltry domain of over 150 that I own, GoDaddy will rip me off for less than 10 lousy dollars but they have created so much bad will. I am a domain investor, I like to use a single supplier to make admin easier, so when domains come to expire I move them to my preferred supplier. However, once a year or when prices go up (like next month) I take another look at my single supplier and compare them to the market. Well this stunt means that GoDaddy will NEVER be considered as a supplier, moreover, I warn other buyers to steer well clear of GoDaddy and I urge others to spread the word about GoDaddy.

GoDaddy, well yes Daddy I am going, you may get your $10 but I will be out of here when you can’t stop me on 8/6/2010.
Comments United States Hosting & Web Design
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 1st of Jan, 2011 by   PJ_Oker 0 Votes
Watch out when you renew thew will prolly hold you for another 60 days. Check the fine print.

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