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Yesterday I purchased several items at this store. I was in a rush and couldn't decide between three different belts to go with a dress I had at home and figured I could try them out and see which I liked best and then return the other two. I even mentioned this to the cashier, but it was only AFTER he had charged my credit card that he explained that Forever 21's return policy does not allow the items to be returned for cash or for the amount to be credited back to my card -- it's store credit only and just for 21 days. Never have I ever heard of such a policy outside of clearance sales, or stores going out of business. I even had the cashier repeat the policy to me because I thought I had misheard him. Nowhere in the store is it clearly posted that this is their policy and I thought it was quite convenient for it to be mentioned only after I had purchased the items. Today I called Forever 21's customer service line to lodge a complaint and was told after holding for 10 minutes that all complaints must be in writing via the website, where I am sure my complaint will be ignored. In exchange for my $30, Forever 21 has just guarenteed that I will never do business with them again and I will let all my friends know about this sneaky return policy.
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 8th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
After wearing a top once I washed and dried it, It shrunk to the point that I could not wear it. when I returned it to the store the manager, Cindy, at the Westfield mall told me that the return policy said the tags had to be on, and not worn or washed. I asked to exchange it for another top of the same type and she refused. Tags, off, worn, washed, no return. She was adamant. When I asked if she was willing to lose me as a customer she reiterated the policy. She stated she always line dries her clothes so hers don't shrink but this is not stated in the wash dry instructions. Forever 21 just lost a customer.
 8th of May, 2009 by    +2 Votes
are you serrious???? You cant wear something, wash it, dry it, and then expect someone to take it back. OMG. Even teenagers know this, thus the reason the 'tuck the tags' make sure not to get the item dirty and then take it back to get money back, or exchange. But serriously you shrunk the shirt, did you bother reading the tag, dry on low heat, lay flat to dry, maybe dryclean only??? You cant return it. Get a life.
 2nd of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
This just happened to me today as well. It was never posted that they would keep my money essentially giving them an interest free loan. It is common knowledge people lose or have stolen store gift cards not to mention some expire. Since there are no signs posted, this is theft. Why would I want to use the card now knowing what I know? I can't believe they haven't been sued. They are deceiving people who expect to conduct business under the normally accepted standards for the sale of American apparel and then entering them into lifetime contracts where they hold the borrowed monies indefinitely without consent or recourse. This is illegal, because companies have to say all sales are final when they sell that clearance merchandise, hence you see the sign before you buy it not on the receipt after you purchased it. They are not conducting business under the assumed and accepted standards as required by law.
 19th of Jun, 2010 by    -1 Votes
ComplaintBoard (or the person commenting above me) obviously doesn't understand that Forever 21 is a PRIVATE company and can chose whatever kind of return/exchange policy it likes. Yes, the store policy sucks, I know. But that's what it is. And to A.Jane, you should have complained to the manager if the cashier really only explained this to you AFTER charging your card.

I work for Forever 21 (UNFORTUNATELY), but I'm really tired of people complaining about the return policy. The majority of the people who are complaining about it are people who frequently shop there. All Forever 21 stores that I've been to not only have signs in front of each register explaining the policy, but the cashier also explains the policy to you AND it is printed on the receipt. I had lady come in today and complain that there was hole a dress she just bought and wanted to return it for cash back. I explained our policy to her and she grumbled about it but exchanged the dress anyway. Less than hour later she came back to my register and bought almost $100 worth of stuff. Explain that to me.

Here is something that I've learned to do before I buy anything at ANY store I'm unfamiliar with - ASK WHAT THE RETURN POLICY IS BEFORE YOU BUY. That way, if you don't like the policy, you don't shop there. Simple. A lot of stores like Forever 21 have identical policies and if you don't take the time to learn what they are, it's partly your fault if you're now out x amount of dollars.
 9th of Aug, 2010 by    +3 Votes
How is it fair that you take their item they could have sold to someone who actually wanted it?
I know, your world is a big fashion venue and you can take and return things as you please and damn anyone you may inconvenience but perhaps you were venturing into the real world where you can't just be an entitled bitch and the world doesn't start and stop on your whim.
 17th of Feb, 2011 by    +3 Votes
This is why you should always ask about the return policy before shopping anywhere. Don't assume that everyone is the same. An you CAN get a refund from Forever 21, but you have to fill out a form and wait for a check to arrive.
 22nd of Jun, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I was only 3 days past the 21 date. I lived in WV where a Forever 21 doesn't exist. So i bought a pair of shorts in DC to visit came back to WV-where there wasn't a forever 21 available for me to return the item and moved to DC and tried to return the shorts. No money back, no return, no store credit. I asked them what I was supposed to do and they told me that couldn't do anything that that was policy and there was nothing they could do and I could give the shorts away!! I just want my money back or store credit!!!
 10th of Jul, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Well though I don't agree with trying to return a shirt that was washed and dried I went to Forever 21 yesterday and bought a skirt and a top. When I got home the skirt was not what I expected, so I went right back to return it. I spent 27.85 in cash and they would only give me store credit! That is unbelievable! I did not want the skirt or the shirt and wish I would have just tried it on. My point of view is that THEY NEED TO MAKE THEIR POLICY CLEAR to people!! CROOKS!
 27th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
I’m sure I am not the first person to say that the exchange policy in place in grossly unfair! After realizing I spent more than I should have, I immediately turned around and walked back in the store and waited in line to find out that they do not refund back to credit cards. Of course I asked to speak to a store mngr. I was disgusted to be told but what looked like an 18 year old punk rock looking KID that I could not have my money returned back to card. Disgusting! So the girl who rang me up should have told me that all sales were final because I didn’t want to have store credit! Great! This so called policy is absolutely ridiculous! These so called managers are unprofessional. I guess they only pay minimum wage and hire kids and the store reflects that 100%! Refusing to give customers THEIR money back on unused item with a receipt shows exactly what type of company were dealing with here! I would love to go on and on about the reasons why I will never be shopping at this store again and that I will be sure and tell everyone I know on every outlet I can think of but Im sure they have heard it all before and make enough money robbing people that they really could care less. To make matters worse, no REAL store manager, no customer service but a ridiculous website. Who is in charge? Who is making these ridiculous policies? Who is hiring these kids? Who is watching them running around in the store having social hour, laughing and chatting. The place is a mess, the policies are unethical and I will NEVER be back again.
 11th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
Try not to order online from them. If you do and find that you need to make a return, it will take Forever. Wow what a coincidence that Forever is in the name. It takes Forever to get and order accomplished if they decide they need proof that it is you that is actually ordering, if you are sending the items to someone else's address. It takes Forever for them to get your email and respond. I wrote an email and they don't check their emails everyday. It took a week to get a response. I had to call my credit card company to tell them that it might take 2 billing cycle to get a credit for a return in which I sent back 13 days ago, because I was worried that I would incur interest charges. Before I contacted my cc company, I tried to contact the retailer by sending them a message on their website to ask when my specific order would be credited. I got no response because like I said, "It will probably take Forever." I could not wait for that, because my monthly due date is approaching. So the credit card company was kind enough to help me with that when I called and explained this dilemma. I am very happy with my cc company, but unhappy with the ignorance of companies these days that do not have good customer service and a no care attitude.
 18th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
Eh...every Froever 21 store I go to, when I am at the cashier, they ALWAYS ask if I know the return policy BEFORE they even ring anything up. Instead of waiting until you got home to call them up, why didn't you ask to see a manager right then and there and tell he/she exactly what happened? So to me, this sounds like you'r not being completely truthful.
To kayyyyy; That's COMPLETELY your fault. You should know the exchange policy before buying anything ESPECIALLY when you haven't even tried the clothes on!
To izabelle1913; They can't change a store policy for one person, then everyone will want the same treatment.
To frantastic72; Again, that's your own fault. Before you buy anything, you should see how much the total will be before getting to the register and watch as they are being rung up and when they tell you your total, if something is off, ask them BEFORE paying. The manager shouldn't have insulted you like that (which I doubt she/he actually did), is it any better what you are calling the people who work in the store? You're just as immature.
 23rd of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
Will not buy or purchase from due to their policy. I never had an issue before until today for same reasons as stated above I found a pair of shoes made purchase and the found same pair half the price in Macy's. I called my bank the store manager and the customer service dept that they provided. I guess as a shopper you have to read the fine print on the signs behind register cause once you get receipt its too late. Either way its their loss from today forward. it's not like they are the only retailer.
 11th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
The problem with Forever 21 is the fact that they don't return cash and the reasons could be genuine. I just got my card stolen and I lost 60$ that were on that card. If only I had that money returned.

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