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Family Dollar, Florida Complaints & Reviews - Lack of concern for employees

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Family Dollar

Posted: 2011-04-25 by    Lori134

Lack of concern for employees

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
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Family Dollar
United States
I have submitted 2 complaints to my DM and RVP regarding how the store manager treats her employees and all the policy infractions with absolutely no feed back. I have even filed a grievance with corporate and received no response or follow up. This manager should be let go or forced into retirement. I would like to start a class action lawsuit against Family Dollar for allowing these issues to continue forcing us to work in a hostile work environment. Corporate has policies to follow regarding such alligations, and if we do not follow policy we are subject to termination. So why not them, right? If there is anyone out there who would be willing to stand up for your right to be treated as a human being and respected for the service you provide let me know on this board and I will give you a protected email to contact me. Believe me when I say this is not a trick, I am in fact an assistant manager myself and am seriously f***ing sick of being spit on by managers and corporate like we are not worthy of respect.
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 18th of Jun, 2011 by   Maryisonsmith 0 Votes
I worked at Family Dollar for right over 4 months. I left, because I contacted coorperate, human resouces, and my DM. Nobody would do anything. I was treated very poorly, and when I took a stand, they wanted to fire me for no reason. They put me on un-paid suspension, and they told me they will see about my complaints. That was like 2 weeks ago. Mary Smith
 16th of Jul, 2011 by   onthedole  Best Advice +5 Votes
biteme - you are a foul mouth troll who is not helping the Op or offering helpful constructive advice. All you are doing is trying to bully anyone who's opinion differs from your biased one and you are coming off as an uneducated ass who doesn't have the skills to debate or have a conversation. Like ILC said, grow up.
 16th of Jul, 2011 by   onthedole +4 Votes
Corporate won't do squat. They protect the DM's and managers. It is the regular employees who are expendable.
 8th of Sep, 2011 by   Sick of it 234 0 Votes
Talk to me Lori134 I have been treated the same as you. I had to take a demotion and pay cut to get out of the store where I was getting harrasted by my store manager. I still work for family dollar so I will say no more.
 23rd of Feb, 2012 by   louisefla -1 Votes
Hello, I ran across this blog and was glad to see that people are trying to organize against family dollar. I live in florida and had a problem with my manager. I talked to the dm and didn't get the help I needed, I believe the dm just wanted to support the manager. So I contacted the RM and I recieved the results I desired, can't elaboate on the situation that much because I still work for family dollar and don't want to be fired. I will say though-blogs ilke this can be used to organize employees and create tactics, stratgies, to make managers treat employees better. For example say next wednesday all cashiers call in sick? And next truck day all stockers call out sick? If you understand what I mean. United we can fight back, but divided as they like to have us.. we don't have a leg to stand on. Lets hear some positive feed back on this please and I'll post some more Ideals
 21st of Sep, 2012 by   jazzy12 0 Votes
I would like to talk to you about this could i have the protected email please
 30th of Nov, 2012 by   myDMsucks 0 Votes
I work for Family Dollar also I am a Store manager been with the company for 2 years ran 2 store in my distric for 6mo I and for the last 7 mo i've been only running my store well they fired my Dm in August and i was promished a lot of things from him on august 18th we got a new DM its only been 3 mo and i have been written up 3 times already and got 2 in one day their all for recovery this new DM is a Dick i know what is next the thing that bothers me is i gave 120% to Family dollar going to other stores to help out just last week on confrence call i was ask to got to another store to help out on frieght and i said to my DM i have no problem going but will the favor be returned well this week i wAS WRITTEN up twice like i said i feel he should of asked other store managers to come for one day and help me recovery my store to the way he wanted it this is bullshit thes new D?M is new and only trying to make a name for him self i have never in my 46 years of life have been talked to like that he is a skum a cock sucker i have found out working for this company by going out of your way for them it dosent pay out your DM only come into your and put your store down this is the worst compay to work for i wish people would boycot them just for one day it would kill them like its killing me
 5th of Feb, 2013 by   Hillbilly87 0 Votes
I worked for Family Dollar for 3 years hired in as asst manager stepped down for rasing my grandbaby, hours got cut then cut some more all due to payroll cutting store managers hours.Not that Family Dollar is hurting the store I worked for was one of the many 1, 000, 000 dollar stores just in one district alone, they now how alot of managers that are in there until 3-4pm by thereselves everyday it seems like and they think this is SAFE. But the real reason I am here is because of what happened at the store I worked at DM came in done at estimated inventory where they go around count things in there head and put a figure down went and told the Manager things did not look good this was on a Wed.In which I disagree TO MANY BOXES IN BACK ROOM ALOT OF BLACK TOTES WITH PRODUCT IN THEM so she left, Manager called her Thur, and Friday was told by her DM on Friday no news is good news. So we unload truck, we go in on Sat start with freight again Manager leaves at noon. Then all h--l breaks loose Asst manager calls another store and was told they were getting ready to fire the Manager at our store. so in return he text DM and they go back and forth for a few then he(asst manger) comes to me and tells me that something bad is gonna happen. I am like dont put me in the middle of anything. So the phone rings and he brings me the store phone and says he wants me to answer it I do and I have never in my life been talked to so consending, demading manner that came from her and through her lips(DM) I was TOLD (now take it I am the cashier not the asst manager) tofind the manager and tell her to get to her store now she was on her way(DM) to this other store to straighten all this shit out. and she would be at our store as soon as possible.I said ok. God dont like ugly and she had no reason to talk to me the way she did never once apolgized she called back about 10 minutes later I was again given the phone I answered it and the DM said did you find the manager I said nomam. She proceeds to tell me in the same cosending manner ITS NOT YOUR JOB TO FIND HER I WILL. I should have never been asked to find the manager in the first place so I clock out at my time to get off work.and when I clocked out something inside me clicked and I made my mind up to never walk back in that store ever again for I will not be talked to like that. AND THE REAL KICKER was when my manager showed up to that store the DM AND THE (REPLACEMENT MANAGER WAS ALREADY IN THE STORE CLOCKED IN) so all along they knew ahead of time they were gonna fire her why BACKSTAB HER THE WAY THEY DONE I have been in managment for 6 years before ever coming to Family Dollar and I never once talked to or treated any of my employees the way I was treated Saturday. At least I know what BACKSTABBING LOOKS AND SOUNDS LIKE.Remember Family Dollar GOD DONT LIKE UGLY

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