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Esurance Complaints & Reviews - Esurance - is a rip-off insurance company!

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Posted:    Valerie

Esurance - is a rip-off insurance company!

Complaint Rating:  86 % with 21 votes
Senior Esurance employees scan the internet for negative comments about "their" company. These as usually full-blown zealots that will tell the public anything to protect Esurance.

I know this because I use to sit by three different zealots in the 2 years I was there. Allow me to run the scam outline by you again and explain. You take out an Esurance policy. You're required to present proof of prior insurance to Esurance - so you send it. But alas... your proof of prior insurance doesn't get processed. So the company computer rerates you for a higher amount. (The amount assessed for someone who has no history of prior insurance). And then the computer takes out a huge amount from your account to make up the difference for the rerate. You find out from your bank or cc company that a huge amount was taken from your account, and you hit the ceiling. You then call in very mad.

Is this illegal? No... but just barely. Because if you're aware that the money was taken out of your account, and you're willing to call in - Esurance might take care of the problem. Keep in mind that a significant percentage of people won't notice or call in, or want to fight it, so Esurance keeps the extra money after the rerate. (Which is a lot - taken times the total number of customers that don't call). So even if you should make the call to customer service. They tell you that the Processing Dept. checks Proof of Prior Insurance emails and letters in the order they're received, and they'll notify you when the correction is made. During the same time YOUR background can be further investigated to see if you have any speeding tickets, accidents, etc. that could lead to a justified increase. (So they can keep part the money taken from your account the second time). These games go on and on. All legal - but not the way I would want to treat people.

Then there's the issue of fees. The fees are outrageous, and the system programmers have found cleaver ways of making the fees, and other , less obvious to find for people that aren't very observant.

Want to hear more stories? Let me cut to the chase. Don't give Esurance your card number. Go elsewhere. Because if you don't. I'll be here to say - I told you.
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 11th of Jun, 2007 by   Amy Castello 0 Votes
I agree esurance and esurance.com should be sued for bait and switch tactics.

Esurance.com is a complete ripoff. I got a quote online and reported all my tickets - (2) to be exact. After I got a quote of about 1500 a year and they charged my card for the initial down payment, they emailed me after the cancellation grace period with a rate of $4000 a year! More than double the intimal quote and $2000 /year more than the policy I had just cancelled since I got their initial quote.

I called them several times and they could not figure out why this happened and they admitted that they had a system (website) glitch. I asked for an immediate refund and some sort of compensation since I had already cancelled my other policy with progressive and they said that it takes 10 days to get a refund and did not even apologize for the trouble I went through.

What a sneaky company. Avoid at all cost. I suggest progressive or all state.
 20th of Jun, 2007 by   Sheryl 0 Votes
I have had insurances for a little over 2 years not. I did not pay what was due a few months ago and was canceled. Since then I had 1 ticket. I went back to insurances after 20 days or so of having no coverage to buy a new policy. I was also told to send proof of prior insurance, and it was taken care of just fine. I was told ahead of time that if I did not, My 6 month policy would go up $40. I have had to file a claim, no problem. Been late more then not, no problem. Customer service is awesome. I think that just because you had a problem doesn't mean everyone else who has them will too. And by working there, all you did was tell everyone what ALL insurance companies do. No one like losing money, not even the big guys. You took it WAY out of context. I know this because my father was in the insurance business for 20 some odd years.
 7th of Mar, 2008 by   Sigo 0 Votes
That's not bait and switch, idiot. Bait and switch is luring someone into your business because you have a sale, and convincing/manipulating the customer into buying something else.

You're asked before purchase to disclose your prior insurance information as well as your accident history, so as long as you provide that information and it matches, you should be fine. Even if there was a change in premium, it shouldn't be large. Mine actually went down because I disclosed a ticket that had recently fallen off, and they applied the credit to the next payment.

It sounds like you don't know what you're talking about, just a disgruntled employee. All insurance companies do that.
 11th of Mar, 2008 by   Morvan 0 Votes
I'm not sure you know the meaning of the word zealot.

What's so bad about Esurance employees/management searching the internet for customer opinions? It beats phone surveys.

Geico does that with prior insurance, too, as does Viking, my old, smaller insurance company. I thought it was normal.
 10th of Apr, 2008 by   toohot2touch31 0 Votes
I absolutely hate Esurance. I speak from the other side's perspective in that Esurance is not my insurance company but the person who hit me uses Esurance. I have been in limbo with them for over 3 months and the damage is not even that bad. I have had my car in the shop for 3 weeks even though it's been finished after three days. The rental company that they go through called me, not Esurance, but the rental company, to tell met that Esurance wasn't going to pay for my rental anymore even though the reason why I still have a rental is because Esurance has been taking forever to pay the supplement for the damages. They are rude and inconsiderate. I shouldn't have to go through all of this trouble and the accident was not my fault. They have the nerve to blame the repair shop because they only accept tangible forms of payment (not fax) and even suggested that I ask the repair shop to pay for a rental car until Esurance pays the supplement. Does this make sense to you because it doesn't to me? Please never get in any kind of dealing with Esurance!
 30th of Sep, 2009 by   robtal 0 Votes
Esurance is another insurance scam company my daughter has them she was rear ended put in hospital car is totaled.
this was Aug.24 2009 after 40 plus phone calls dozens of emails no help car had full coverage . Seven different people have been her agent handling accident they deduct her fee's from account she had no points or bad driving history. She has to get a lawyer they are saying she is not filling out forms sent in the mail. No forms have come in the mail but they will not email forms
Poor poor company stay away from them . If you buy a product like car insurance on line you are likely going to get taken. My company New Jersey Manufactors does everything it is a non profit so rates are inexpensive and service is great. Only had to use them once 28 years ago. Also get a refund check every year. Im going to call congressman and better business let them know what scam artists these bafoon robbers are.
 11th of Nov, 2010 by   diamineindistress 0 Votes
I thin esurance is the worst auto insurance company that I have ever dealt with and would not recommend them to my worse enemy.
 21st of Dec, 2013 by   fywajon 0 Votes
I've been a customer of esurance for like 3 years, so I never expected to be treated this way. Whatever happened to the old adage "the customer is always right?"

Anyways, I've been thinking about switching auto insurers for a while now do to rate hikes.

My premiums kept going up, so I called a esurance agent up to complain. after telling him that I got cheaper rates (nearly twice as cheap) from autoinsuranceape.com and said I was thinking about leaving esurance, the agent THREATENED TO SUE ME if I cancelled my GEICO policy. wtf?
 10th of Jan, 2014 by   whodbd 0 Votes
Esurance is a joke. Theres a reason they are FORCED to do business only online. If they had actual representatives and stores they would be shut down and/or forced out of ang decent community. Your 1st sign shouldve been the stupid commericals that have nothing to do with car insurance. When you have a silly little cartoon, or some moron voice over talking about time machines, instead of how they actually save money or offer better services...you almost have to blame yourself for falling for it...or not doing even the smallest bit of research on a company that could quite literally hold your life in their hands. Thats like buying food off of some guy on the highway, you dont know him, have no info of the food quality, and yet to save 3 bucks you risk food poisoning or worse? Heres a little hint cheap skates...its not always the best idea to save a couple dollars. I wouldnt get esurance if it was a HUGE savings. They'll tell you idiots who dont know better youre saving money...while all us smart people who either have common sense or college degrees go to farm bureau, farmers, or even geico. Next time...spend the 15 minutes you will eventually spend complaining on complaint boards...to spend the minimal amount of time researching a company BEFORE you spend a large portion of money on them...with your health and safety at risk. Im sorry to those of you who are probably good people who just got screwed by a greedy corporation...but sadly youre the type of person that keeps these scam artists in business. You hear the word "save money" and you go nuts. You wanna run to people you know and tell them what a swell deal you got...and how u saved 3 bucks a year! Only go find out when something bad happens you have "cut rate insurance"...which is so ironic because esurance actually uses this very term in some of their ads! Yet as you will attest...its true. I wouldnt blame u folks as much if it were 1930...but with access to thr internet, how could u possibly invest so much money, health/safety of both you and your family...on a company you know nothing about and didnt spend even 15 min. Researching? So...honestly...is that esurance fault...or your OWN for being cheap skates with your family's health and safety...to save a dollar or two a month? Sure I could go eat McDonald's every nite, and serve that to my kids, watch everyone in my family get fat and watch our health degrade to save myself the trouble of going shopping and cooking non-processed foods...but again in the long run...u will pay. Heres the moral of the story folks. A) do 15 min of research BEFORE betting your family's life, safety, and health on a company B) quit falling for the "we can save u money" ads that clearly are cheaper ONLY because they have ripped people off, and/or offer vastly inferior service(s) C) spend the time u eventually spend complaining, looking up information on the company u blame for your own laziness. There's a reason other countries call America the laziest nation in history.
 18th of Nov, 2014 by   wiredmama 0 Votes
After seven months of paying on renters and auto insurance, I received an email from Esurance that they cannot and will not be honoring my renters insurance because my home is "manufactured" but is on a permanent foundation. Did they not listen or read when the application and original purchase of this insurance was made????? I have given them 15 days to return ALL the funds they collected on this renters insurance and will be filing a complaint against them with the Ohio insurance commission. I then plan to take them to small claims court for taking money on services NOT RENDERED. I have had it with companies who do not do as they promise or state. Enough already. They have ten days left. After that, they go to court.

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