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Posted:    Monty

Unauthorized charges

Complaint Rating:  95 % with 22 votes
Contact information:
United States
eMusic.com has ads all over the internet offering 25 free downloads, so I succumbed and signed up for the trial membership. Little did I know the scam I was signing up for. When I signed up, emusic required me to enter my credit card information, and with that, they automatically enrolled me to their monthly subscription service.

Anyway, I did end up downloading some tracks, but ultimately I found the music selection lacking. Since I did use the service the few weeks, and I didn't cancel soon enough, I suppose the first charge from emusic was legitimate, even though they get to do this in a sneaky, bait and switch way:

Sign up free!! Now give us your credit card number!! Now we're going to take your money for what we advertised as free!!

After I got billed the first month, I definitely wanted to cancel my account before they scammed more money out of me, so I went and canceled on the web before the subscription renewal date for the next month. But I noticed later that month that emusic had still charged my credit card for that month, which I had canceled.

And I had a HELL of a time trying to contact EMusic's customer support to resolve this. First I tried calling the customer support phone number listed on their website (866-240-9271); which never went through to a live person. Whenever I called that number, I got a recorded message saying that the number is not available!! I also tried to call the emusic number listed on my credit card statement, 866-847-0719, and got the same recorded message. But I couldn't find any other contact numbers on their website! How can they be a legitimate business and have no valid customer support line?

At the same time as I was trying to contact their telephone customer support, I also sent them an email via their web request form, asking to refund the unauthorized charge to my credit card. I received an automated email telling me they have received my request, and per the email instructions, responded to that email. I got no response after a week, so I sent another email to cs@help.emusic.com and also sent another from their web request form. After another week, still no response, so I sent another email, and then a third and fourth email and I NEVER received any response to my emails. Wow, what stellar customer service, emusic!

At wits end, I googled “emusic customer support number" and found a message board where someone had posted their head office numbers. I called the head office in New York (212) 201-9240, and finally spoke with a customer service representative . I explained that they had billed me for my canceled subscription and they should reverse the charge. The rep said they have a firm no refund policy and there was nothing they could do because the account was already canceled, and assured me that I wouldn't see any further charges to my credit card. That's nice, but I explained that they had already taken money from me AFTER I canceled my account, so they charged me for services not rendered, and I was expecting them to refund the unauthorized charge to my credit card. Like a robot, she just kept repeating their canned “no refunds" blurb, no matter how many times I tried to explain that they stole money for services not rendered. Eventually I asked to speak to her supervisor, but she said he wasn't available and he would just tell me the same thing anyways. Lucky for her I am a calm person, so I didn't blow a fit, but just hung up after asking a few more times. After all that, I got NOWHERE.

Emusic is an absolute SCAM! They use deceptive business practices, bait and switch to lure their sucker customers in, then proceed to fraudulently bill their customers.

These scammers use unscrupulous practices to steal money from their customers. I will never do business with these scammers again.
Comments United States Unauthorized Charges
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 7th of May, 2008 by   Peggy 0 Votes
Emusic is a scam. They recently charged my mothers credit card and she didn't even know what emusic was. She went to the bank and is trying to get her money back. When we contacted them, all we get back from them is she doesn't have an account. Tonight, I put my mothers email address in for a login and had them send an email for a forgotten password and blam there it was. An account with my mothers email address. So, I look under the credit card info and they had her credit card. Thank goodness she went to the bank and had the card deactivated and a new one issued. I have no idea how they got her info. Tomorrow morning, I am going to contact the BBB. Please, everyone who reads this and has been scammed by this company contact the BBB. I am including two links, one to the bbb and the other is a place where we are "supposed" to be able to cancel the accounts to emusic.
Good Luck to You All.

http://www.emusic.com/help/subscription.html <---- To cancel
http://welcome.bbb.org/ <----- Better Business Bureau
 18th of Jun, 2008 by   John deC. 0 Votes
emusic.com is definitely a scam and a fraud. I just started seeing charges on my credit card for monthly "subscription fees" I never authorized. I never even signed on for a free "trial subscription"! I have notified the Better Business Bureau of New York and the office of the state's Attorney General. Hopefully, these wretched scam-artists will be prosecuted soon!
 6th of Jan, 2009 by   George 0 Votes
I would advise against giving this company your credit card number. My recent experience: I followed a promotion from Flavorpill, a culture blog I trust, and created an eMusic account that offered 50 free downloads for a 10-day free trial period, after which, if I did not cancel, i would receive 30 downloads a month for 11.99.

When I did sign in to get my free downloads, I noticed that with my first download, a counter went from '30' to '29.' I checked my credit card activity online and realized I had already been billed -- before the trial period (confirmed via email) expired.

I immediately suspended my account and explained the situation via their online help form. I was sent an email with a tracking number, promising a response within a few days. No response, so I called and entered Kafka territory. Two different customer service reps followed a script, to wit: 'We are sorry you had this experience. We have a no-refund policy. I can cancel your account so you're not billed further. No, there are no supervisors to speak to. Can I assist you with something else?'

So their company policy seems to be to 'convert' free trials before the written agreement date, and then to refuse to refund money, and there is no recourse.

After going around the block several times with the second rep, I asked for the company address, and told him these practices were fraudulent, classic bait-and-switch. At that point, he said he'd make a one-time exception, but hoped 'my supervisor doesn't find out.' (Really? I thought there were no supervisors!) Looks like there are certain phrases that do get your money back. You have to be calm, clear, state dates and cite sources, and sound as though you're ready to escalate to writing. i did not threaten or talk about lawyers, but i was ready to write to the attorney general and better business bureau, and I think this guy could sense that.
 13th of Jan, 2009 by   mrs.s 0 Votes
I strongly agree. read my complaint on cancelme@emusic.com. under mrs . s. spread the news to your local area.
 25th of Feb, 2009 by   Fredo 0 Votes
My new Toshiba laptop came with a free trial of emusic.com with one free book download and 50 songs. The monthly subscription rate after 14 days was $9.99 plus excess downloads.

They stated that I had unlimited downloads of the same book or song for the period. However when I queried the $9.99 charge on my statement at the bank, they claimed I downloaded twice the books of the same name. I only had one successful download of the book.

I canceled the subscription prior to the end of the 14 days. They said they would refund the $9.99. Now two weeks later they are claiming the I failed to cancel and that the charge is for the subscription, even though the charge to my account predated the end of the free period.
 2nd of Mar, 2009 by   Brent 0 Votes
I got the same treatment from this horrible company. They charged me after I had cancelled my trail account.
I called in to complain and got the same script. I did get one of the script reading dicks to transfer my call to a supervisor only to listen to the line ring and ring and ring...

Im trying to come up with the best option of getting the word out about this companies dishonest pratices. I'm going to look at the BBC site and also see what the Feds have available as far as complaining about dishonest bussiness pratices.
 5th of Aug, 2009 by   Steffan 0 Votes
I received a few flyers with the arrival of my newly purchased Creative's Zen MP3 player... I tryed Audible.com first, and am happy to say that the Risk Free 30 day trial offer seams to be legit... I got my Audioboox I have NOT been charged to date, and DO plan to continue to do biz w/them.

Having had THAT good fortune, I decided to try the next page in the flyer... EMusic... Still, a 30 day "RISK FREE" offer, 50 free songs, no payment no fault, keep the tunes if cancelled within 30 days, $11.99 if I stuck - and the option for another "RISK FREE" 14 day trial of eboox, with a rollover to $9.99 if I did not cancel within that 14 days.

I tried to download 1 MP3 tune on the Emusic site... While it played in my Windows Media player, it was no where to be found in my computer. Ok... let's go and cancel... Twas then that I saw I had ALLREADY been nailed for the $11.99... When I tried to use my 1 credit for an Audio book, the 1st 5 that I TRIED to obtain, got an 'ooops' page... Not available at this time...??? Huh??? It's DATA! On the 6th try. I saw that my 1 free credit had evaporated and my account had allready been charged $9.99, but there was no new ebook downloaded anywhere in my computer!

Peepz, I'm disabled and on a fixxed income. I choose my entertainment expenditures wisely, and while I have NO PROBLEMS with staying with someone reputable, I can ILL AFFORD to be allowing myself to be scammed out of part of a fixxed income.

This has cost me $11.99 + $9.99 + overdrafts on each $25.00 X 2, and then another check bounced due to this for $19.00 and then another $25.00 fee for that.

In return, I have ZERO--- Bupkiss, NADA, to listen to except myself, singin the blues!

These people have NO PHONE NUMBER! I usually look 4 such PRIOR to allowing myself to get screwed, It was my bad this time for not doing proper dilligent research.

I have already shot off 4 complaints to them, via their on line form, the ONLY way they can be contacted it appears... And have allready been to my bank, who will be trying to recoupe my funds... I doubt it will happen, but I've got 'em all crossed yo.

The online form says they will TRY to get back to you within a week, but there is NO WAY to get to a breathing human here.

It is MY HUMBLE OPINION that people should steer clear of this place until they either get the act togethor, work out the bugs... Something.. I really hate to want to be a hater and claim SCAM... But--- I AM out OVER to a hundred bux here, for one partially listened to tune that I cannot even listen to anymore!

What a shame Creedence Clear Water Revival can't collect the royalty on that track!.

My next stop is to put in a complaint with Creative, as they oughta know better than to taint a good product with a BAD BAD partner.
 1st of Sep, 2009 by   727 0 Votes
Here is the real emusic contact info for customer service.

Nathan Mares
(O): 212-201-9297
(C): 917-567-1140

Iswarya CR
(O): 212-201-9276
(C): 614-589-7003
 15th of May, 2012 by   ericasimons1980 0 Votes
same bullshit happened to me too im very mad wth is that company doin?
 14th of Jul, 2012 by   jonesster53 0 Votes
I too like the person who got scammed. last month I did not pay because I no longer wanted their services. like the prior month I spent the whole thing on a couple of my favorite albums. well I have not been able to receive any of my downloads. They have been down a couple days now I cannot even get on to cancel pick my music nothing. I to joined being promised $20.00 or so. I did not get it. Oh yes I sent them an unanswered email no response. Now get this. while trying to get their today I kept getting script errors. And where it said enter your country. I got a bubble in it saying something like because of licensing or some do doo like that, that they do not operate in the United States. WHAT!!!~!~!!! jonesster53
 14th of Jul, 2012 by   jonesster53 0 Votes
I had a similar problem with another company I did business with. I finally just called my credit card people to flag them and never give them anymore of my money. and that seemed to work. I will do this again. I am kind of saddened by this. Because I joined emusic a couple of ears ago with no problems. But their was a difference. My money did not get as much as it did before. I was wondering if I even had the correct store. but apparently it is because the options were very slim. anyway I wanted to add that point. good luck out there!!! jonesster53
 24th of Apr, 2013 by   ched1 0 Votes
emusic is a scam. just spoke to them and canceled an account that was being charged for over 2 years. it was going to an active CC and we just missed it. The bait and switch game is alive and well at emusic. Call the membership services number and cancel...put these clowns out of business. The free 30 day trial is the only way they make money...from fools like us.
 29th of Apr, 2013 by   sylviamarie 0 Votes
I don't get it, I'm really surprised..I've been with them for a few years now, almost 3. And I've been lucky I guess. I've always gotten a live person who went above and beyond for me. This is really weird, I'm wondering now if there's more than one emusic, seriously, I'm blown away. They have been professional, kind and just really all around decent. I have no complaints about them whatsoever. Their number to get a hold of someone is 866-240-9271. And I've always gotten someone with perfect english not that having an accent bothers me, they're usually very kind, despite having to listen a little more closely. As far as disagreeing or agreeing, we obviously have different experiences so I guess I'm just sharing mine. Better luck to those who are not happy.
 23rd of May, 2013 by   sylviamarie 0 Votes
I just called the 866-240-9271 and as always it's working for me. I called to rearrange a pay date...have to put my account on hold so they took care of it with a confirmation number and all. Still don't get it..
 15th of Apr, 2014 by   Revengebestservedcold 0 Votes
I'm from the UK, every time I try to call 866-240-9271 I am told that the number doesn't even exist! I'm really stressed out, even if I can't get a refund I need to at least contact them and try because I won't rest until I do. If anyone has the number that I could use would wou please post it in the comments?
 17th of Jun, 2014 by   Angela Leggett 0 Votes
I signed up for a free trial with EMusic. I canceled before the trial was up. I just got my bank statement and they still charged me $11.99. They are not reachable at 1-866-240-9271 or at 1-212-201-9240. No one has responded to my emails either. I am turning the matter over to the NC Attorney Generals Office. They will be put out of business in North Carolina!
 14th of Jul, 2014 by   Konnect Life 0 Votes
Oh wow this goes all the way to 2014! Anyway, I have never really had any real problems with them, with exception to their limited hit or miss music selection. HOWEVER, what brought me here is the fact that I put my account on hold due to a temporary financial issue after forgetting to end or hold it a month ago. It is a 90 day hold, and the hold was scheduled to take affect the day before my new monthly charge kicked in. I set an alarm on my phone to give me two days notice reminder to close or hold the account. I realized after a while that there would be no way to cancel my account while it's on hold without getting charged again. I did consider going to the bank and telling them to block any further charges if I needed to, but other than that, I don't really care too much. I guess in some ways I am responsible since I am the one who chose to place a hold when I could've simply canceled and restarted the account later, but at the same time, that is a very slick and clever way to keep people in. Next time I will cancel and have them bride me to stay with a free month then use that free month before closing my account if I still needed to, like I used to do in the past.

OH, and one thing I do hate is when they post music or albums as if they were new releases (for example, having a 2014 release date) when it is an old album. They should differenciate the actual release date from the actual date it was placed or renewed into their database for those of us trying to explore new music. How I sometimes get around being fooled by this is checking online to see if I can find any YouTube videos or any traces of the song being put out a couple of years before the date listed on emusic (or any other music site with incorrect dates that appear to be album release dates).

Maybe I have been unfairly charged in the past once or twice but didn't know it because I never noticed. I don't know. All I know is that they always closed my account or put it on hold when I was ready and never charged anyone else's card I used back in the day when I had to use a sister's or someone else's credit card when I was jobless. I've never tried to get a refund, so I don't know anything about that.
 24th of Mar, 2015 by   S Roberts 0 Votes
I, too, have been a member of eMusic. Until now, my only complaint has been that you lose your money if you don't spend it each month. That alone should stop anyone from joining. I did appreciate the ability to suspend the account for a few months at a time and they were good about that. And, yes, I did lose money a couple times but thought that once I knew that, it was my fault too for failing to use the funds. Now, I wish to cancel membership as I am unhappy with music selection. Was surprised at the do-loops on the site trying to find a way to contact them. Then googled and found this site. Tried every phone link I could...nothing.What a load of crap!!! I post this for anyone who is fortunate enough to have set their payment up through PayPal. Finally, I simple called them and they have put a block on my account and will no longer accept charges from eMusic. I win!! Use PayPay folks..lots of advantages...been using it for years and haven't been burned yet. Lacking that, your credit card holder may support putting a block on your card. It's worth a shot. Now all I need is a reputable site to download music from that is user friendly.

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