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Dr. David McDaniel, Virginia Beach, Virginia Complaints & Reviews - Unethical Medical Practices

Dr. David McDaniel Contacts & Informations

Dr. David McDaniel

Posted:    va402

Unethical Medical Practices

Complaint Rating:  76 % with 17 votes
Contact information:
Laser Skin and Vein Center of Virginia
Virginia Beach, Virginia
United States
Dr. McDaniel is widely know in the Dermatology field for his aging reserch, which is why I went to him when I heard that he was filling the under-eye. I thought that he would do this in an informed and safe manner. When I went to him for an initial consulation, he told me some of the risks, which included bruising. He also told me that he could take this out with a laser. Afterwards, I did bruise, in addition, I also had chronic pain, swelling, some ridges, tydall effect, permanent discoloration, possible hematoma, and what he called hemosiderin staining. NONE of these possibilities were mentioned on his consent forms. None of these issues were mentioned or discussed in his consultation. When I initially started seeing some discoloration, I did not know that this was abnormal, because I was not told about potential side effects. It was only about about a week, that I contacted him. At that point, I asked what I could do, and he said that a laser could not be used on my skin, as I was too dark. This was a complete reversal of what he told me in my initial consulation. I feel he was unethical in his practices and did not use a well informed consent. I have considered reporting him to a medical board, but it is also very difficult knowing that he is so well known, and when I think about consulting with lawyers or friends, frankly I am embarrassed that I did this to begin with. I have as a result gone to see an opthamologist & oculoplastic surgeon, a facial plastic surgeon, and my regular PCP to ensure no internal damage. There was no internal nerve damage, some tissue damage from trauma of multiple injections, and the discoloration does look to be permanent. I wanted to at least post this to prevent others from perhaps going to him to at least doing more detailed research.
Comments United States Plastic Surgery
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 15th of Aug, 2010 by   P. McGuire +1 Votes
I love Dr. McDaniel and have been his patient for almost 15 years. I even commute 4 hours to see him 3 times a year to maintain my roseacea. I used to live in VA Beach but have since moved to Central VA. I wouldn't allow anyone else to touch my skin, except for the surgeon and plastic surgeon he recommended after diagnosing me with skin cancer 2 years ago. Dr. McDaniel took the sample and read the biopsy personally. He is a fabulous doctor. I'm sorry the individual above had adverse reactions to a filler, but SHE should have done more homework prior to having it done. I am certain he would be more than agreeable to assist her with the discoloration she references if asked. Fillers are fraught with issues and are not for everyone. She should have called immediately if she felt there was a problem and I have no doubt he would have taken her right away. The patient was not responsible and waited too long to call the doctor. It is not his problem, but hers.
 17th of Mar, 2011 by   Ancw +1 Votes
Beware of Dr. McDaniel!! He and his staff will tell you anything you want to hear to get your business! I went to him for tattoo removal and had an overall horrible experience. I was told the price of each laser session by both the receptionist and nurse, but when I received my bill it was nearly 6 times as much as I was quoted. After getting nowhere with his incompetent office staff, I just paid the bill and found a new doctor for my next treatment!
 7th of Jul, 2011 by   gr8sk8r 0 Votes
I am an informed patient and advocate for MYSELF. I have gone to Dr. McDaniel several times over the years with positive results because I ASKED questions, reviewed everything that was discussed in the privacy of my home (allowing me more time to THINK before acting, I asked MORE questions, researched online and in via magazines such as New Beauty to compare results of people of color (I am Black, White, Indian, and Fillipino mixed). I am very sorry for your experience but believe that if you truly feel that you were misinformed, that you should have been more firm not only in your research but also in advocating for yourself prior to the treatment. There is a wealth of information that is available to you prior to going through with any treatment. It is critical for anyone, particularly women of color, to do your own research before acting.
 6th of Sep, 2011 by   Mary Feldmann +1 Votes
I believe it is the doctor's responsibility to inform the patient, no matter what color they maybe of all possible side effects. This is part of his job. You would not go to a mechicanic to have work done on your car and expect him to only fix part of the problem or to tell you later well I knew that was broken but I did fix it because you did not ask. Yet it was still part of the same problem. Would you? You would expect him to be knowledgable enough to say you have this and this and we will need to do xyz to fix the problem. So ladies, the doctor was unethical in his treatment with the first lady and I would be very leary when I saw this doctor because you might be his next victim.

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