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Direct Buy, All locations Complaints & Reviews - CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT INFO

Direct Buy Contacts & Informations

Direct Buy

Posted:    lcnatx


Complaint Rating:  87 % with 87 votes
Contact information:
Direct Buy
All locations
United States
Phone: All locations
I found this information when researching Direct Buy and wanted to post it where all posters alledging Direct Buy is a scam in their post. I have no affliation with this class action lawsuit, any parties who filed the lawsuit or direct buy. This is for informational purposes only.

241 days ago by DirectBuy Victim 0 Votes

DirectBuy is a nightmare & scam.
Help spread the word...
A Federal Class Action lawsuit against DirectBuy has been filed by Izard Nobel LLP. Contact information is as follows
Lead Attorney - Jeff Nobel
email - jnobel@izardnobel.com
toll free phone# - (800) 797-5499
Please contact them so justice may prevail & we can get our hard earned money aka "membership fees" back.

Comments United States Building, Construction
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 31st of Jan, 2011 by   JG1971 -1 Votes
A club is a club is a club. Like a car dealership who will try anything to get you in that new shiny car you don't need, DirectBuy is a club for people who like to shop or need to shop and save money on MOST things. My wife and I joined about 5 years ago and made back over half the membership with the savings from the first purchase. We researched the same furniture we wanted and could not even come near the price we got through DirectBuy. Sure, there are some items you can get cheaper online but you have to read the fine print...(refurbished), (reconditioned), etc.

It is impossible to buy something new at below cost...unless the seller is liquidating and does not care about profit. For those of you not educated on economics, here is a quick lesson:
Today is January 30th, 2011; a new high tech TV just came out. I (the retailer) purchase the TV from the manufacturer (or distributor) at cost. The MSRP is 30% above cost but I sell it at 35% above cost to make a 35% profit. You (the customer) purchase the TV from me at 35% above cost but only 5% over MSRP; why? because the uneducated consumer does not do their homework before shopping.

Think of it like a telephone contract. The connection from you to your mom goes something like this: You > local carrier > parent carrier > local carrier > your mom.
So, your phone bill pays for everything in between. Imagine not having to do that and just going straight to your mom: you > mom
Another example: You want a TV; you go to BestBuy to get it. So here is the channel: You > BestBuy > Distributor > Sony
If you go to DirectBuy, here is your channel: You > Sony - And where is DirectBuy you ask? Just there, providing you a direct channel to the manufacturer via your membership.
Imagine if we could do the same with buying a car? Where would the dealerships be? Probably complaining about a company like DirectBuy taking their business.

Business is business and if DirectBuy was illegal, they would have been shut down by the FTC many years ago.
 3rd of Feb, 2011 by   klja 0 Votes
My husband and I went as a shop when I was a secret shopper years ago. We had sold our house and were considering building one from scratch. Yes, Direct Buy did pull the same stunt with the minutes to get the deal. Needless to say they were convincing and we did buy into it. Unfortunately, my husband became ill, eventually dying, and we never used the membership. It was a lot of money and I could sure use it raising two boys on my own. I consider the whole episode a waste of time and a scam. Direct Buy should offer a refund of all memberships not just two months free with $200 a year membership for 10 years. Lawyers!!!
 19th of Feb, 2011 by   Larry Sullivan 0 Votes
I have had good success when dealing with Directbuy. I admit it can be tediuos work pouring over the catalog format that is currently in place when purchasing an item. Also there have been times when the staff has been no help to me at all, but no one can say they do not experience the same difficulties when buying items in retail stores. The service industry is a mess right now with companies having to hire inexperienced / unmotivated personnel. I have made my membership money back and then some since I joined (Sept 06). When purchasing a membership, I was informed on how merchandise must be picked up and for those of you who did not pay attention, you are now blaming Direct Buy for your inablity to live by the contract rules you all signed.
 21st of Feb, 2011 by   Elena A 0 Votes
We were duped into signing on "Now, because you cannot wait", we did and it did us no good. Like a lot of you said, in checking other stored, we were able to purchase items at a lower price than DirectBuy gave, without having to wait the 6 weeks we were told!! I want my money back!
 22nd of Feb, 2011 by   leotomic 0 Votes
Please I want to be part of this movement to bring dirrectbuy to its knees, they have now sent me to collection, for a service I was never able to use due to their failed promise to have better price than even whole sale stores. I have to this day not been able to afford any thing from them so I have paid them over $600 in membership fees and I want to get my money back for their lies and bad business
 23rd of Feb, 2011 by   dontgetbsd 0 Votes
We purchased a membership with DirectBuy in Chespapeake VA. Don't buy a membership! The manager has a dirty car salesman look and personality. He was very friendly and joking when getting you to sign up and the girls are just there to look cute-when i thought they were there to help. If there is trouble with an item ordered and not recieving it in a timely manner they talk to you as if concerned but then blow you off. The Better Business Bureau seems to be making it difficult for us as well. They requested "documents, " when i wrote back to get them to be more specific they didn't so that the time ran out before they "close" the file...Maybe we can just go to the News!!
 7th of Mar, 2011 by   gtscrwd 0 Votes
i say we get the dates and time of every open house and make some nice signs to detour any new members.
 10th of Mar, 2011 by   childofGodcb 0 Votes
I agree with a number of the above posts. When you factor in the shipping charges and having to drive considerable distances to pick up the items ordered and having to load them yourself, (especially if you had to rent a truck to transport them), you will probably find yourself spending more at Direct Buy. Many items are unavailable and as for buying at Home Depot, the quality is not comparable. The only bargains we got were a very few small items that were available in the warehouse. (For example: knife sets). I think it would be a wonderful idea to go to the showroom to warn prospective clients about the inadvisability of joining. They will tell you anything to get you to plunk down your money.
 16th of Mar, 2011 by   art7 +1 Votes
Wow, I am so glad I read these comments. I was due to visit the showroom this afternoon for a 90 minute presentation and the chance to get a $50, 000.00 house makeover with a key they had sent me for that purpose. They have been calling me to make sure that I meet my appointment, like a big deal. They never said anything about a $5, 000.00 fee or a 10 year contract. I had asked on the phone about fees and contracts and they just tell you that you will be informed of all the details during the presentation. Of course, I am not going to the presentation after reading all the experiences. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
 16th of Mar, 2011 by   J Loprieno +1 Votes
We joined Direct buy about a year ago and the only real saving we were able to get were on appliances, only because DB had an agreement with Rudy's Appliance and your order was handled by Rudy's. Everything else the price was raised so much by fees, shipping & handling that it is not worth it, especially with the 8-10 week waiting period. They then further insult you by putting your credit card through well before you get the item, so if there is a problem, you are screwed.
DB's latest is that they charge you an additional fee to ship C.O.M. orders and if you tell them you want to ship it yourself, they give you all these rules that make it almost impossible to ship at a decent rate.
 17th of Mar, 2011 by   arkansan +1 Votes
I am currently dealing with harrassing phone calls from Direct Buy's financial partner Beta Finance. I refused to make any payments after I visited thier members only online site and had a chance to see what I was getting with the membership. I'd like to take part in or start a lawsuit against this villainous corporation. I'll be checking back here in a few days to see if there's anyone else interested in doing the same.

 5th of Apr, 2011 by   Cheryl Zahner +1 Votes
When I first signed up, yes bad me... I financed my membership and was not disclosed the interest... I refused to sighn the contract. I was the counter offered a lesser rate...silly me again, I signed and still paying...little did I know teh membeship was 2yrs...I thought it was a life time. I feel BAIT AND SWITCHED...SCAMMED... I'm obligated to pay the loan...but not to do business with them. I want them to buy back the loan. ScornedConsumer...
 6th of Apr, 2011 by   ljrc1961 +1 Votes
My fiance' and I were coerced into signing. A week after the contract was signed, he had heart issues and was taken off of work. I called the company and they refused to help us; avoiding our phone calls and so forth. Now, we are told we have to pay. I want to be part of this.
 6th of Apr, 2011 by   I'm Here to Help +2 Votes
After reading the zillions of complaints about Direct Buy, it should be fairly obvious that they are indeed a total scam operation. As an ex-employee, I know for a fact that all of the complaints are valid. Although I have relocated to the west coast, I worked for Direct Buy Jacksonville a number of years ago. The husband/wife ownership there want your membership fee. Period. They count the minutes until your 3 day 'buyer's remorse' period expires, after which they celebrate, process your payment, and you become a complete NOBODY to them. Their membership sales staff follow a VERY carefully constructed sales script, and are purposefully vague and non-committal about how 'the program' works. For customers dumb enough to actually join... the sales people receive HUGE commissions. Customers wise enough to decline are routinely insulted in the most vulgar manner behind their backs.

The Jacksonville ownership works in tandem with another couple who run the Orlando Direct Buy. How they became affiliated, I am unsure. Most likely at a gay/lesbian function, or a work/release program. The secondary male owner is pompous, arrogant and self-absorbed, not to mention thoroughly corrupt. His wife, who is actually entrusted to 'keep the books' is an uneducated, clueless pig. I regret stating this fact, as it is an insult to uneducated, clueless pigs elsewhere.

Bottom line - if you desire to completely waste 5 to 6K, by all means, join Direct Buy. If you have half a brain, tell them to stick it. Multiple litigation is looming against Direct Buy, and their illegal activities will soon be shut down.
 9th of Apr, 2011 by   dbsuxs +1 Votes
My roommate was employed by DB Jacksonville for 9 months. She worked 6 days a week, and often when above and beyond what she was called to do. Over half the staff there did not have their own car so she would even go and pick them up and take them home. She really is a people person and was told at one point the only bad thing that could be said about her is she is too nice to people. When she 1st started there the owners did not work there often. She personally was held responsible if people came in but did not join or if they left early, but if a person join she got a 10 bonus, while the sales person got the big money. The turn over rate is so high at this location that it is hard to keep up with how many people work there at any given time. Then after putting so much into this job, she gets fired by the owner Brandon Cover (aka Randy)(his wife is a swinger with him)(so as stated by I am here to help, they most likely did meet at some type of GAY/LESBIAN party) the BS excuses there is no work. So they why did the same day there stop being work for her they hire a former employee who strips to do the same job as my roommate.When she tries to take legal action she gets told that as long as they have less than 15 people working for them it is legal. So we which y'all the best of luck at getting your money out of this company. The script that they have is very careful worded. She would get in trouble if she did not follow it to a T. And we know of times when they would process the payment before the 3 day grace period. For the person who wants to do stop signs for there show times hit me up I will tell you.
 9th of Apr, 2011 by   Cheryl Zahner 0 Votes
I've emailed and ask the owners of the Johnson Co Olathe KS location to buy my membership back or sale it for balance owed...not heard back from them yet...I did however let then know that I may owe the financing but they would not get any of my business.
 15th of Apr, 2011 by   justmeithink 0 Votes
I wish I had found this website before I got suckered. Everything I have read is spot on. I even asked if I could have a couple hours to think about it. Go have dinner then come back. Yeah, like they would let that happen. High pressure sales is what it was. Much worse than any car dealer I have ever worked with.
 29th of Apr, 2011 by   YungLadii +1 Votes
I worked at the Lancaster, PA club. Scam is an understatement and that's not just consumers, employees get screwed too. I was 19 when I started so I admit I was a little naive to the bullshit they fed me but I realized quick how horrible these people are. Every aspect, from the owner down to the lowest position in the call center, is a money hunger cold hearted mess. It took me a couple months to realize how they were screwing with my pay and commissions and all type of personal drama that should have never been in the work place to begin with. At that club, it's all a matter of who your willing to have sex with, what your willing to do when they ask and if you'll lie and bullshit and keep your mouth shut about it. I wasn't interested in any of that stuff so I of course got messed with left and right. Screwing my hours, inventory, pay and I never knew from day to day if I'm gonna get yelled and cursed at for something that I had no control over or if I could get fired because they WOULDN'T provide the proper inventory and therefore my production was what they wanted. They take/steal the consumers money and do WHATEVER they can to make sure you can't get a refund then they steal it from me and keep it for themselves and the real issue is that there isn't anyone who can stop them because the corporate office only knows what each franchise sends them. So my member John Doe gets a gold paid in full membership, I should get $125 for that but my shady manager erases my name and puts her name by it then submits the change to the HR then she pays my manager and corporate only knows what the HR sends to them. Then I ask for a copy of my commissions (member name, level, down payment, etc) and almost got fired that day because my shady manager blows it up to be a big argument and in the end I never get paid for that member and I never see his name anywhere again. They screwed themselves because I no longer work there and they will not pay me for commissions that I should have received on my last check and little do they know that I took a print out of my members info and I contacted the guy and I should have gotten paid for it and now they have a mess on their hands. I highly recommend to stay away from them as a consumer and someone looking for work. Unless your desperate and need the income that bad to where you will work under some of the evilest and nastiest people under the sun, DO NOT STEP FOOT ANYWHERE NEAR ANY DIRECTBUY EVER! I hope this steers someone from ever having to deal with these people. I just wanted a simple job while I went to school and it turned into such a mess. Please stop these people anyway you can everytime you can!
 4th of May, 2011 by   jaykaygee43 0 Votes
Is there a class-action suit that we might join to get some relief from the cost of joining Direct Buy?
We joined D.B. almost two years ago, as we were building a home after a disaster. We've also had the disappointment of hoping to find things we needed for the building project, and consistently found prices in the books that - even with the alleged discount - were lots higher than local stores. They also claimed to have, "arrangements" with local franchise building materials place/s that didn't offer better prices - or delivery terms - than either Home Depot or Lowe's or the local building supplies businesses. We finally bought, at a discount that totaled about 10% less, on Little Giant ladders, and a "very special buy" offer for two recliner-rockers that, now, won't ship for another three months !
Our membership price was a bit less than the $5, 000 many of the above complainants have been charged. But the $3600 we've incurred as a debt is still a price we've paid (on an installment contract that includes some interest) that has benefitted us very little. Access to the books has given us some perspective on price.
But the fact is, that we feel pretty exploited by a sales pitch that repeated over and over that we were buying access to "direct-from-the-manufacturer's" prices. It may be true that we would have been able to save a high percentage of the price for top-of-the-line goods such as carpeting or porcelain tile that was totally out of our price range, at the prices quoted. But our experience was never that we found, at D.B., prices for higher quality merchandise that equalled the prices for lower-quality goods in the local stores.
And, please note that this complaint is written in correct English, and correctly spelled. It's probably important to say that snobbery about grammar and spelling isn't a substitute for accuracy of the facts of this disgraceful business model.
 12th of Jun, 2011 by   Marianne Yetto 0 Votes
My husband and I were scammed into joining Direct Buy at the Jersey Shore. It was $5, ooo.00 and a total ripoff. I wish there was a class action lawsuit to put them out of business everywhere. Our $5, 000.00 might as well have been stolen.

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