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Direct Buy, All locations Complaints & Reviews - CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT INFO

Direct Buy Contacts & Informations

Direct Buy

Posted:    lcnatx


Complaint Rating:  87 % with 87 votes
Contact information:
Direct Buy
All locations
United States
Phone: All locations
I found this information when researching Direct Buy and wanted to post it where all posters alledging Direct Buy is a scam in their post. I have no affliation with this class action lawsuit, any parties who filed the lawsuit or direct buy. This is for informational purposes only.

241 days ago by DirectBuy Victim 0 Votes

DirectBuy is a nightmare & scam.
Help spread the word...
A Federal Class Action lawsuit against DirectBuy has been filed by Izard Nobel LLP. Contact information is as follows
Lead Attorney - Jeff Nobel
email - jnobel@izardnobel.com
toll free phone# - (800) 797-5499
Please contact them so justice may prevail & we can get our hard earned money aka "membership fees" back.

Comments United States Building, Construction
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 24th of Jan, 2010 by   bettershopperthanmbshipclub 0 Votes
It will be a miracle and a prayer answered. I long for the day they
are prevented from doing any business whatsoever in any state.
This company is horrible, the franchise owners are filled with
greed, neglect, and dishonesty. They used their corporate dollars
to cover up quite a few things that some of us have knowledge about.
 31st of Jan, 2010 by   JustTheRealFacts 0 Votes
For all the folks who are asking about the Federal lawsuit filed against Directbuy, please note that there are now TWO Federal RICO lawsuits filed in the U.S. Federal District Court for Connecticut.

The first one was filed on August 20, 2008 and is entitled "Ponzi et al v. DirectBuy Inc. et al.
The second was filed on April 13, 2009 and is entitled "Wilson et al v. DirectBuy Inc. et al.

Here is a link where you can verify this imformation:


Good luck wiht your shopping! ;-)
 6th of May, 2010 by   DickT 0 Votes
Direct Buy is a total JOKE. I bought into there BS almost three years ago. I have tried about 20 times to buy something though them at there so called special pricing. After getting the 'Direct Buy' pricing I was always able to get a better price on the internet and didn't have to wait 3-5 weeks as they always stated in there quotes. On thing I was interested in when I joined was that they could bet the warehouse pricing on TV's and electrical products. I requested quotes on 6 TV's since I joined and they couldn't get close to getting them through Amazon.com. Don't waste your money!! I am going to sue or join a Class Action suit against them for my money.
 13th of Oct, 2010 by   vallejomx 0 Votes
 14th of Nov, 2010 by   RetiredLEO 0 Votes
We were suckered by Direct Buy too: 1) our showing ended right before closing so we only had 5 minutes to sign the unread contract; 2) they state, "...whether you need it now or 10 years from now..." when in fact they know we will be paying for years on a fraudulent contract and membership is only about 1.5 years and 3) they then close the location you were near and you are required to drive across state to acquire products. As learned in college, because they changed their name (i.e., Direct Buy Club), they "may" already be in Bankruptcy! Thank you Lord, it could not have happened to a more deserving business group of criminals!
 20th of Dec, 2010 by   suckeredclub 0 Votes
how do you get to be part of class action suit against Direct Buy?They are crooks and something needs to be done about them!
Every thing I have read is the same with me.After they get your money then they are through with you.I have wore my self out and worked my self intsuckeredo an ulcer fighting for justice trying to communicate with direct Buy .they have lied and plainly stole people's money.
 7th of Jan, 2011 by   Jeff Seb 0 Votes
I hate direct buy there a bunch of thefts who should be put in jail with the rest the the criminals in the world. I am from Canada Ontario and we were told the same lies saying were are going to save all this money if we joing and pay $5000. We look at the prices in the price books and notices it is cheapter to purchase items at the store then go there and have the steal money from us. Never join again and hope they get what is coming to them.
 9th of Jan, 2011 by   Adpro -2 Votes
I am personally a directbuy member and I find it saves me quite a bit of money. It all depends what you are buying. We just purchased an old house, so buying tiles and things like that through directbuy saves us a lot of money for our renovations, and we have saved our membership fees within a year of being a member. Also, I feel most of the posts above about directbuy are from one dis-satisfied customer. If you notice, most of the posts are posted by someone with very poor grammar skills and uses the word 'there' for 'their'.

Name me one product that you can find for cheap and I will tell you what price I can get it for at directbuy.

I will say that they use some pretty strange tactics for trying to get you to sign up. However, we were able to sucker them into letting us wait a year before signing up. It's all sales at the beginning, but you really do save when you're purchasing a lot of large items.
 10th of Jan, 2011 by   LEO SANCHEZ +2 Votes
I got sign into this company early 2008 i have the same issues every one of you have if there is a way to get my money back i atleast some of it that would be great
i am the regular type of american from pay to pay i dont have the freedom to ignore an amount that big if there is some help available i would like to know thanks.
 11th of Jan, 2011 by   dfrom 0 Votes
I joined DirectBuy a few years ago to furnish a home. My dining room set was available from both DirectBuy and a local furniture store. The furniture store had free delivery and set up and the cost was the SAME as DirectBuy without its delivery charge--something I needed since I had no means of moving a breakfront, let alone the table, six chairs and a server. Other items I ordered were never available and no one ever contacted me to inform me that the order could not be filled. I did order a butcher's rack which I picked up at the freight company which was closer to my home than the DirectBuy showroom was --the workers at the freight company at least helped me. Larger items at DirectBuy itself are a nightmare--no one will help and I, a single senior citizen woman, had to push, pull and try to move boxes into my SUV. Hooray for the lawsuit!
 11th of Jan, 2011 by   Skirough -2 Votes
Prove that the prices are cheaper in the store. I'm a member and I saved much more money than the membership fees. I think most of you don't use the service or are lying. My experience has been very satifactury and without complaint. I also see many of the complainers on this website cant spell well at all. Credibility is lost when your spelling is wrong and most PC's do have spell check.
 12th of Jan, 2011 by   runningbear11 +1 Votes
Very Interesting to all that post "positive " experiences with Direct Buy...seems that grammer is more important than the money people have been scammed. First of all I would like to send my heart felt sorrows to all that have had losses and the numerous negative experiences...and THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME FROM JOINING. I find great deals on the internet and local shopping...it is time consuming BUT Id rather spend money elsewhere. GOOD LUCK IN THE LAWSUITS. I didnt use spellcheck
 12th of Jan, 2011 by   Little Foot 0 Votes
I have to agree that they are a rip-off. The sales person told me I could add a friend and we could split the $5000 membership fee. When I came back with my friend to add her to the account, my account had been "red flagged" and they wrote "do not allow to add (friend's name) to the account." What kind of business are they running??? I purchased the membership to redo my kitchen and bathroom. I bought my kitchen cabinets from another company with better quality and pricing. I spent $2000 on a vanity, faucet, and medicine cabinet. That's more than I had dreamed of paying. So if you add the membership fee and the amount I spent on the bathroom, I paid $7000 for a bathroom. I did not even buy tile or anything. Rip-off. I would love to see them go out of business.
 14th of Jan, 2011 by   deborah mcdaniel +2 Votes
We recently got suckard into purchasing a membership with Direct Buy. We have only had it one week and already regretting it!!! On the contract it states only 3 days to cancel but you don't have access to their website for 7 days.That is shady business.As soon as we were able to look on the website we felt that the prices were high and even higher than Home Depot. When I called to speak to someone in charge I was handed off to 3 different people and basically I was told there was nothing they could do. We lost our 500 dollars towards the membership fee, which is an outrages fee of 5000. But I will not give them one red cent more.
 17th of Jan, 2011 by   Another helpless American +1 Votes
I was scammed just like everyone else in this post. They said I couldn't cancel my 'membership' because I signed a 'contract'. I feel a 'membership' is something a person should be able to cancel at any time; ie a membership to the YMCA or a fitness club. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and got nowhere. It's like the Better Business Bureau is on the side of the business and not the people of this country who get scammed. A week ago we received an e-mail for a directbuy settlement on a class action suit. When I clicked on the link they gave to get more information, it didn't work. I even googled the link my self but found nothing. I then called the phone number they gave but all I got was a menu full of useless information. They kept directing me to the website. No option to talk to a live person. Sounds like this so called settlement is a scam also. All I want is my money back but it I guess I'll just cut my losses and learn from this horrible experience.
 19th of Jan, 2011 by   victoriapn +1 Votes
To Adpro:
I can send you a list of items that I want to purchase including the TOTAL price (add the 8% Handling fee on every item & the way marked up freight cost) I will pay with my Direct Buy membership versus the total price I will pay from buying online. The savings are averaging 15% - $5500 for a savings of $825. I will have to buy well over $30K just to RECOUP my $5000 membership fee. There is not a large enough variety of items offered from Direct Buy for me to ever recoup my membership fee.
 22nd of Jan, 2011 by   Rod, Cedar Springs,Mi. +1 Votes
My wife and I were duped from Direct Buy a few years ago. We went to the meeting and they made everything sound so good. They wanted us to do a membership that night, and that if we didn't do it that night we wouldn't be eligible to join. So we joined without much thought.About one week later we went down and looked through some of their books and magazine's and found not a lot of price difference. We would have had to spend a lot of money to make up the difference of our membership fees. We tried to get our money back and told them that it was a mistake to have signed up with them. Neither my wife or myself have a job right now and it would sure be nice to see some of our membership fees come back to us. We have never bought a single thing through Direct Buy . The lawsuit papers I got in the mail Wilson v. Direct Buy, Inc says I can get two month free membership. I don't want any free membership I want money back.
 25th of Jan, 2011 by   DupedDebi 0 Votes
Papers I received stated the same thing - 2 month "free" membership extension if they win the class-action suit. But I'll send the form back anyway so I can be counted.
Debi, Ohio
 28th of Jan, 2011 by   Harriet 54 0 Votes
I felt that all of us who were coerced, lied to with fraudulant information, or forced to sign immediatly told they won't have a second chance, should receive our ENTIRE monies back. There is NO reason for any company, if they are legitimate, to have to use tactics to sell their memeberships or products. If they are not stopped now they will continue to bully others into a situation that is more harmful than good. I think we should stick together and get ALL our monies back NOW. I will send my papers back to be counted, but I do not want the 2 months free membership, I want all my money back.
 29th of Jan, 2011 by   Feng Shui 0 Votes
I agree that the 2 month free membership, and opportunity to renew up to 10 years for $200 (per year?) is basically useless since the membership is useless. We were building a house when we bought the membership and found it was useless trying to order from DB unless you had all the time in the world to wait for delivery, which we didn't. I basically used the membership to know the wholesale prices for appliances, etc., and then bought from Coast Wholesale for as close as possible to the wholesale price. It was hardly worth $4, 000 to know the wholesale price.

I say we all accept the free membership offered in the law suit settlement and then hang out in the showroom and discourage all the starry-eyed people they send in during the sales pitch process to tour the showroom. I used to do that when my membership was still active. One poor young couple were talking about using their rent money for the down payment! Can you believe that!! I'm not sure I was able to convince them not to join because the sales pitch is so effective. They seemed shocked that it wasn't a good deal.

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