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Poor customer service

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CVS Pharmacy
3rd Street & Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, California
United States
I have been a regular at this store on 3rd and Fairfax and time and again I am amazed at how bad customer service is at this store. Through the many years I have been shopping at this store there have been numerous managers coming and going - none could make any difference whatsoever. The employees (at least most of them) seem to hate the customers and they all look like they'd rather be some place else, but at work doing their job. Most of them walk around at a snail's pace and try to pass you on to the next person God forbid you have an question or request. Today I had an encounter with a new manager named Martha, whom I had never seen there before. She was most unhelpful and condescending. I wanted to buy a carton of Marlborough Gold 100's, but they were out of it, as usual. They have known for years that this is one brand of cigarettes that sells the most, yet they never order enough to last until the next shipment. The last manager blamed the corporate office for the occurance saying they only get so much per store and cannot get more, but at least had the flexibility to find ten packs of the same brand to make up for a carton. This new manager - Martha - said no way possible, I have to sell you the cigarettes by the pack, because I do not have a full carton - even though I told her I would take a couple of packs of the short ones. She had no business sense whatsoever, and was unwilling and unresourceful to help. I stormed out of the store swearing I'll never come back, but I still cannot get over the fact that CVS keeps hiring these horrible people to manage their stores time and again. No wonder the employees are lacking any kind of enthusiasm or drive for better customer service. With this kind of example in their face how can anyone expect better? Until CVS changes their management, they surely cannot expect any improvement in their famously bad customer service and the long list of endless complaints. My advice to CVS is to hire better managers and start showing some appreciation towards the existing employees who demonstrate their abilities in customer satisfaction. Stop hiring managers fresh out of hight school, because they don't have a clue how to service people much less how to relate to any customer issues. Pay the big bucks to deserving people and not to those who obviously hate the customers shopping in your stores.
On the last note, please take notice of the inability to resolve a simple issue demonstrated by your new store manager named Martha. She needs to find another job - accountant maybe? Certainly not anywhere where she needs to deal with real people and real issues, however simple they may be.
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 15th of Nov, 2006 by    0 Votes
I submitted a prescription for Wellbutrin to CVS on Saturday and was told to pick it up in an hour. I went back on Sunday morning to get it and was told they didn't have a prescription for me. After waiting 20 minutes, I was told they needed to get more information from the doctor before they could fill the prescription. I called the pharmacy Monday morning to see if my prescription was ready and again was told they didn't have one for me. I explained I dropped it off on Sat and they were waiting to hear from the doctor. The female pharmacist put me on hold and to my surprise a male pharmacist picked up the phone and said in a very rude manner, "Your prescription is here, come and get it!!" I responded with, "Oh really, what prescription are you referring to?" He rudely answered, "Your nasonex." I explained I didn't have a prescription for that and he put me on hold. A few minutes later he got back on the phone and said he left a message with the doctor but hasn't received a call back. I said ok, hung up and called the doctor. They informed me there was no message from him and that all requests had to be faxed which their voicemail states clearly. I called him back and told him he needed to fax it and he said he would do it at his convenience. That was at 3pm. I called the pharmacy at 5:30pm and asked if it was ready. The same rude pharmacist, Emanuel, said "Ma am, I have talked to you three times today and I am too busy for this!" I told him i wanted to talk to a manager and he said he was the manager. I went to the store the next morning to get this situation resolved. The store manager said she would fax the request herself. I told her I would be back around 5pm to pick up my prescription. I wenbt back that evening and the pharmacist said they couldn't fill the prescription because they were waiting on prior approval from the doctor. I asked if she notified the doctor of this and she said no, that I needed to do this. She knew about this at noon that day and never bothered to pick up the phone to let me get the problem resolved that day. I was furious. This was now 4 days of trying to get my prescription filled. She too, acted like I was bothering her. So I went to my doctor, got a new prescription, took it to Giant and got it filled within 20 minutes. Go figure. It's so true you live and learn. I will never use CVS Pharmacy again. It's just not worth the aggravation.
I am not sure why CVS would have these rude employees dealing with their customers. I am sure I am not the first to complain about this pharmacist and I am sure I won't be the last.
 1st of Dec, 2006 by    0 Votes
My family is through with CVS! We have been going to the same store for 3 years (TOWSON MARYLAND STORE) and you would think that by now they might recognize you. NOPE....thats because they just don't care at all about their customers. They are rude, arrogant and have the belief that you are just one customer and if they lose you its NO BIG DEAL. They have MANY more. This time they were wrong. I am the head of my homeowners association of over 200 members. At the last meeting we all agreed to never shop there again. For that one store that is a lot of money!!! They WILL definitely feel this one. After multiple complaints to headquarters and nothing changed....that is what they get....What goes around...COME AROUND!!!
 23rd of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
i was told by a staff member name ashley that the rxs i dropped off would be ready for me to pick up between 8:30 and 9:30 pm on 1/23/09. when returning at 9:30 pm. i picked up my meds at 10:00 at the drive through service. After my waiting staff member ( alley), or ( ashley ) employee number 548002. was not helpful to me at all!!! after handing me my meds, she shut the window, after conversating with a front end member, locked the window and did not give me a chance to ask any questions on any of the six rx's recieved!!! these meds were for infants and her lack of helpfullness to me really ticked me off! i would like to hear from someone asap on this matter, or willbe contacting again soon, and or returning to the store for another complaint!
 4th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have been using the CVS on Wayne Memorial Drive in Goldsboro NC. I went to fill a prescription yesterday and they were telling people it would be 3 hours to get the script filled. Then the pharmacist says that after my script she will not take any more for the day and that people can just go somewhere else. Number one- there are a dozen pharmacies around and number two- she was extremely unprofessional. I told them not to worry- that I would go somewhere else and I wouldn't be back. I went across the street to Walgreens.
It's a shame too, because I like the setup in CVS but will not return. Especially in the economy we have today, stores need to be glad to be overrun with customers because there are plenty of other drug stores willing to fill the script and be decent to the customers.
 7th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Trying to have doctor's prescribe medication pick up from your stores in palm beach county, florida should not have to be such a problem. it appears that your company has been opening stores and staffing then with less than competent staff. no doubt that they are qualified, but less than professional in their approach to customers. the medications were not ready when appointments were made at more than one of your locations. at one of your locations your manager, who said that she does not have even a business card, actually tried to justify sub-standard behavior as acceptable, by actually suggesting procedures that did not apply to despensing these drugs as the medication required was pre-packaged and the majority of the information required was already processed. this is not acceptable as the way to run a publically owned business. i can assure that should this continue i will be divesting myself of your stock as this not the way to run your business. anyone can make a mistake but to have this approach at multiple locations without any redress but to have to resort to advising your corporate office of this conduct leaves alot to be desired.
 14th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
The one Pharmacy tech, at CVS I dealt with in Ohio at their Drive-up was a snot. I go to Walgreens, their service is a lot better. One night, my little one was sick and I needed Tylenol for her, I had no choice but to take her with me but didn't want to take her into the store, I went to the drive up and told the Pharmacy Tech my problem, she gladly went and got me the Tylenol for her and I paid for it like I would have a prescription at the drive up and did it with a smile, I was so grateful I wrote to Walgreens and told them. It would be nice everyone was as kind and helpful as she was.
 10th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
My wife & I went to CVS to pick up My Meds, after we paid for thee meds, We purchased a few things went to different cashier, as we tried to check out The male cashier seemed to ignore us wouldnt ring up our items after several attempts I got his attention, My Wife asked him if he could give her 2 one dollars bills for 8 quarters, He didnt answer her I finally spoke up & he replied by saying this isn't no dam bank, I gave him a $20.00 bill he said he couldn't except my money. after I spoke to him he took my money threw my change at me & refused to give me My Reciept, I asked for his name since he didnt have a name tag, could not find a manager or other superviser, That Young Bigit was very nasty toward us for no reason at all. Is this thee kind of Employees CVS hires & do they even care how there Employees treat thee Customers.
 11th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Yes, the cashier was rude. No, CVS is NOT a bank. Sometimes small bills are hard to come by (in Canada, it's fives and tens that are hard to come by) so it's annoying when someone comes along and wants to take your small bills because they couldn't be bothered to go to the bank.
 9th of Jul, 2011 by    +1 Votes
It is amazing how everybody but you is the problem. Take a long hard look at yourself and maybe you will realize why people treat you like shit.
 4th of Apr, 2016 by    0 Votes
Saw a NP for a UTI infection. She prescribed 66.2 ML of IC Sulfamethozaole-TMP Susp every 12 hours. Got home, but I didn't have a measuring cup, and starting questioning the dosage to myself. I went to a local CVS pharmacist who told me to go back to the N. Attleboro CVS store. He said the dosage isn't correct. I went back to question the dosage, and the Pharmacist told me she 3 times the dosage. Should have been 20 ML instead. Simply frightening. I will never go to a Minute Clinic again.

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