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CVS/pharmacy Complaints & Reviews - Being falsely accused by loss prevention!!

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Posted:    Missdreiababy

Being falsely accused by loss prevention!!

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United States
So i've been employed with CVS as a photo technician since sept of 2007. Never had any complaints..no serious customer issues...established a great relationship with my customers and have even been told by several corporate employees that i was one of the best employees that store ever had. So i go into work on Monday 6/14 and get called into the office by my store manager and when i go in there the new loss prevention guy is there. Im thinking he just wants to meet with all of the employees in our store because he was new. Boy was i wrong!!! He pulls out an empty lip gloss package and tells me that they have me on video removing the lip gloss from the package..concealing the lip gloss and throwing the package down the aisle. (this supposedly happened on 6/9). So my first reaction was i laughed..and i then asked them if this was some kind of joke or training excercise of some sort...i repeatedly asked him if he was really serious. He assured me that he was. I then proceeded to tell him that i did NOT take anything from this store. Especially lip gloss. He then clarified that he had seen it on video with his own two eyes. I then requested to to see this 'supposed' video IMMEDIATELY! because this is complete and utter b.s. He kept telling me that "it didn't work like that"...and then asked me if i was "comprehending" what he was saying to me. I asked him if he was comprehending the fact that i want to see this video..not now but RIGHT NOW!!I was really beginning to get highly upset and demanding to see this imaginary video!! I started to raise my voice and began to cry because the frustration of this situation was taking its toll on me. It was like i was yelling at the top of my lungs and no one even bothered to look up. So he told me what he'd do for me is talk to our district manager to investigate this further.. i said ok whatever...then i asked him..since i supposedly stole this lip gloss where did i conceal it???????????? He said "I dont know". Im like this has to be some kind of joke. Then he made sure to tell me that i was not being written up...not being suspended..not being terminated..and that i should go in the back..gain my composure and go to work and let this blow over. Im like WtF??????????????? You're accusing me of stealing and yet you want me to go back to work like nothing happened. If im stealing why would the store put their assets at risk??? It makes no sense!!! If they have me on video...why was i not terminated??? I know why..because i DIDNT TAKE ANYTHING!!! So my store manager asked me to get myself together. I told her no...im going home and i then left...about 45 mins after i got home i got a call from my store manager asking me why i reacted the way that i did and that...(get this you guys) "I WASN'T BEING ACCUSED OF ANYTHING" . Oh so youre telling me that i was in the office for close to 45 mins being told that i stole lipgloss when i know i didnt??? But i wasn't being accused of anything? Come on! what kind of game is this??? So they have been calling my phone several times a day asking me when im coming back into work...if i would like them to put me on the sched for next week. I haven't responded to anyone. I called human resources and requested a leave of absence until this situation is resolved and i receive and apology from my manager...loss prevention...and the district manager. i also filed a report with the CVS ethics line because this is just wrong. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before...and nothing about this situation makes any sense. Im hurt by being falsely accused...no matter how small the item was.. im being accused of doing something that is completely out of my character...now THAT hurts...any advice?
Comments United States Bullying and Harassment at Work
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 26th of Jun, 2010 by   tnydncr89 0 Votes
That's ridiculous. I work for CVS too, and everyone is leaving my store because of the way they are being treated by the manager. She's young, so she doesn't have a hold on things. Tonight she asked me if I could work tomorrow because I didn't have anyone. I told her I couldn't because I had other commitments. She said that that commitment better be school work because that's what I get Sunday off for. I told her my personal days were just that...personal. I also told her I was not doing homework because I'm waiting for a new FASFA application to go through. She got upset with me and said that I should have told her so she could put me on the schedule for the weekend, but I told her she does the schedule 3 weeks in advance and I just found out about it. She stood there and actually called me a liar. "You should know when your semester is over." But I do Axia College of University of Phoenix online all year around. There are no semesters. I was just notified to renew my FASFA. Again, she called me a liar and said I (and I quote) "Have no right to be a supervisor if you can't be flexible." Firstly, I am flexible. I only ask for one day off out of the weekend. It's her pick. So how is that not being flexible? Secondly, I've worked for CVS for 5 years, climbing my way up the ranks and she has the nerve to tell me I'm a liar and I don't have the right to be a supervisor? I tried to call the Ethics Line (they're supposed to be 24 hours) but I've given up after 2 hours. I guess I'll try again tomorrow.
 28th of Feb, 2011 by   deedle11 0 Votes
Keep trying to call them. No one has the right to call you a liar, especially on the job...
 13th of Mar, 2011 by   cvscustomer 0 Votes
Hi Miss, I have been treated horribly by cvs's employees, do you mind sharing contact information of cvs' ethic line? I would like to write them a little with regard to my experience in their store.

 15th of Mar, 2011 by   tnydncr89 0 Votes
CVScustomer, the ethics line is for CVS employees only. Complaints are supposed to be phoned in to 1-800-SHOP-CVS. Hope this helps.
 23rd of May, 2011 by   btsamis 0 Votes
We have a pending complaint againts CVS for interrogation techniques, false imprisonment, etc. Please contact us about your loss prevention experiences. BTsamis@tsamisalw.com. See http://www.examiner.com/political-buzz-in-chicago/employees-at-will
 13th of Jul, 2011 by   MUMTAZ GULWANI 0 Votes
CVS REGIONAL LOSS PREVENTION should investigate the theft of CVS MARVISTA 9493, I was terminated of raising my voice against those employees involved. Why they kept those individuals if they knew they were involved in theft. Seems like these individuals knew the privacy of company, CVS donot want to ruin their reputation.
 12th of Sep, 2011 by   hjfbkibf +1 Votes
contact a lawyer. maybe you should sue for mental distress and get your job back. cvs deserves it. that was totally uncalled for
 21st of Nov, 2013 by   fuck you 1 0 Votes
-CVS have loss prevention team within their district
-check the parking lot for loss prevention/they park to the side, customer park close to store or middle.
-loss prevention get money by prosecuting customers and associate, they are not there to give you a promotion.
-if you are an associate, and not part of the management team, then the management team are your enemy.
 27th of Oct, 2014 by   soap opera store 0 Votes
my manager and fellow supervisor are dating and it sucks, , , , they think they are hiding it from everyone but half the store knows, , , , the supervisor is in the new store manager internship program . losing respect for my manager by the day, , can hardly look at either of them, , , , , they both lie...etc, , , , no one wants to do./say anything cause we are all afraid of losing our jobs, , , , we just go about our day to day duties shaking our heads, not really taking anything either of them say very seriously, , , , the supervisor gets a lot of customer complaints which the manager fluffs off, , , customers come into the store or they call, , , i am now going to start to give the customer the 1 800 shop cvs #, I have seen the supervisor walk away from customers at the c/o, just left them there, , has made a rx tech cry cuz she didn't finish her modules and was making the manager look bad, , , , , comfronted another rx tech on a customer complaint that came thru I got heart program, , , when the tech was off on that day, , , has told techs that the pharmacist isn't doing his job... they are adjusting their schedules by themselves without telling anyone and leaving the store shorthanded,
 24th of Jan, 2015 by   Cindyrai 0 Votes
I would like to know if anyone has any knowledge of someone completing Modules for someone else. Let's say a Module is to be finished and associate is not able to get it done and Manager or someone completes it for the associate.

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