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Posted: 2013-02-11 by    VATJ


Complaint Rating:  86 % with 14 votes
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Direct TV
United States
Your commercial that you hate cable as much as "AN EAGLE TAKING YOUR SMALL DOG!" is in very poor taste! I have a chihuahua, and I have to stand over her to keep the neighborhood hawk from taking her. This commercial is not funny and I would appreciate it if you would remove it.
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 9th of Jul, 2011 by   patsy Paling 0 Votes
I find that the "That's the truth, Truth!" ccommercial that is currently running on TV very offensive. It shows a child hitting a elderly white man in the stomach, for no reason! Does this promote more violence? In my mind, the answer is YES! I live 20 miles from Flint, MI> The City that is #1 in crime. Why would they show a african-american child hitting a white elderly man ? Was this a part of the ad? NO. So why was it put into the AD. What is this promoting? My view? Violence agaist the elderly! African-american violence involving children! Two things that you sure don't need to promote or show more of on TV (or elsewhere!).
 15th of Jul, 2011 by   Zoebean 0 Votes
I totally agree that the commercial is full of distaste. Not only does it promote violence, but it also promotes racism. No matter how anyone looks at it. If the races in the commercial were reversed, the NAACP would be all over it like "white on rice." If nothing is meant by the child punching the elderly white man, then why not have an African American elderly man play the part? It is so obvious that the target audience is the African American viewers and potential customers that would get a "kick" out of the African American being served by the white man and being punched. Direct TV would have a lawsuit if it was a white child punching an elderly African American man.
 13th of Feb, 2013 by   angry@DirectTV 0 Votes
The latest commercial where the small dog is taken by a hawk is disgusting and in very poor taste. I can stand some of the other off color commercials from Direct TV but this one is just plain offensive. I hope that every small dog owner in the country cancels their service. Hire an ad agency that doesn't have to use shock methods to sell your services and your sales may just go up. I'm not that thrilled with my cable service but would never switch after seeing this.
 18th of Feb, 2013 by   Malissa1 0 Votes
This commercial does NOT make me ever want to change to Direct TV. Was looking into switching to Direct but not now. Can't trust your decisions with this commercial of small dog being killed approved for airing. REALLY!!!
 21st of Feb, 2013 by   AlleyCat1 0 Votes
I also HATE the commercial with the small dog being attacked by the hawk. I have DISH and will never change to Direct. I turn the channel when the commercial is on. I'm surprise PETA isn't involved to have them remove the commercial.
 22nd of Feb, 2013 by   Do lover - stupid people hater 0 Votes
Direct TV marketing & advertising and their ad agency are all a bunch of fucking morons!!! Who would ever think a family pet being taken & killed as prey by a large bird is funny. This is exactly why I love my dogs more than most humans I know.
 23rd of Feb, 2013 by   Ssummerskelly 0 Votes
I laugh every time I see this commercial. Calm down people! I is fictitious scene. Also, I do not believe a your dog(s) are in imminent danger. The odds of this ever happening in real life? So low.

It is entertainment. (And yes...I have owned a dog and she was a family member). I still have no objection to this ad. It is hilarious!

Now...let the flood gates of debate open! Ha
 22nd of Apr, 2013 by   gettalife 0 Votes
Children are dying around the world, stolen from their own yards by real predators. Yet you guys will take time out from your day to comment on and some demand the removal of a commercial! For a Dog! That's not even Real! I'm so tired of everyone ruining something as simple as a commercial due to a complete lack of understanding. If you live in a rural area where large birds of prey are the norm wouldn't logic dictate that you get a larger breed of dog? Obviously nature and natural selection were never considered just that the dog was a little cutie you could hug like a baby and carry in your purse? A small child could be taken just as easily as a rodent sized dog! Funny how people devote so much attention to their pets nowadays and less towards their children. It would be nice if people could focus on REAL issues and less on opinionated BS.

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